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Theresa May went to Strasbourg and pulled a unilateral declaration rabbit out of her hat. Stage-managed? Perhaps. At least Juncker was on stage with her and agreed that this was the last double act in which he would be appearing with her. You got the sense that this really is finally the end of the show. If it doesn’t work the curtain will come up on either a Second Referendum farce, Article Extension pantomime or General Election tragi-comedy…

May’s statement is here, the EU’s here – review them yourself. We await Cox’s legal review and the decision of the DUP critics tomorrow. If the DUP give it the thumbs up most Tory rebels will follow suit. The ERG’s lawyers are unlikely to be enthusiastic – that is already priced in. Guido suspects those Tory MPs that want to avoid the hell that will follow a delay to Brexit – for whatever reason – will choose to believe the rabbit is real. Some will reluctantly accept the possibility of the existence of the rabbit for fear of the Brexit terms being further diluted by the remainers in parliament, or worse still derailed altogether. If however the DUP reject it and there is no further last minute revision forthcoming – perhaps after a third vote – the show comes to an end with the current line-up. May will come under intense pressure to magically disappear from the stage…

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