No Deal Fears Nuked

Despite the numerous fears put about at the time of the UK announcing it was withdrawing from Euratom, the UK’s nuclear sector is now entirely no deal ready. The Nuclear Industry Association has emailed all of its members with a March update confirming that all the agreements are now in place to keep the industry running smoothly in the event of no deal:

“BEIS in its most recent update on Euratom have confirmed the final international agreement with Japan is now in place, which means the UK now has all the international agreements required to ensure that civil nuclear trade with our key international partners can continue following withdrawal from Euratom.

“The accountancy and monitoring system for a domestic safeguards regime is now up and running in parallel with the Euratom system, and safeguard regulations have now been approved by Parliament.

“This means the core part of the industry’s day to day business, would be unhindered in the event of a no deal Brexit.”

It’s no deal fears going up in smoke, not the UK’s nuclear power plants…

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Quote of the Day

Julie Burchill on the bigotry of remainers…

They have felt free to indulge in the forbidden taste-thrill of bigotry for once in their self-censoring lives. The parasexual kick derived from hating the old and the working-class has energised a supine and smug ruling-class who have outed themselves as the true enemy within.”


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