No Deal Still Most Popular Brexit Option

Despite a never-ending series of threats from giant EU-funded corporations and even warnings that 12,000 people will die from lack of fruit, the latest Sky Data poll has found that No Deal is still the most popular Brexit option. When asked to choose between the three options, 39% of voters favoured no deal, ahead of 34% who supported May’s deal with the backstop removed, and only 27% who backed May’s original deal with the backstop. Almost three-quarters of voters prefer either no backstop or no deal…

Voters also agreed by a margin of almost 3:1 that “people who say we should delay Brexit by extending Article 50 are… trying to stop Brexit entirely”. Cooper and Boles not doing a good job of pulling the wool over people’s eyes…

Euro News

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Quote of the Day

John Mann says any Labour MPs with a leave voting constituency must back Boris Johnson’s deal, and

“I won’t be stabbing my constituents in the back by allowing a second referendum”


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