Project Fear Latest: No Deal Fruit Shortages Will Kill 12,000

Nutty nutritionalists are doing their best to keep us well-fed on a diet of hilarious stories at the moment, this time it’s a group of ‘public health’ researchers who have come up with one of the fruitiest Project Fear warnings yet, claiming that there will be an extra 12,400 cardiovascular deaths over the next ten years because of people eating less fruit and veg after Brexit. Totally bananas…

As Economists for Free Trade’s Edgar Miller points out, the EU’s agricultural prices are 20% higher than outside, and the UK will be able to eliminate tariffs on the many fruits and vegetables not produced in the UK after Brexit. None of the researchers have any background in trade…

When you look at the authors of the study, it suddenly starts to make a bit more sense. Take Simon Capewell, a ‘Professor of Public Health’ at Liverpool University, whose pinned tweet reads “#Brexit is INSANE” before listing “24 GREAT reasons to love #EU”, including “#Food” and “#Veg”, and tagging fellow ‘academic’ A.C. Grayling. Capewell is a People’s Vote supporter as well as the author of this hilarious slideshow about post-Brexit food policy. Heavy on Comic Sans, light on facts…

Or Martin O’Flaherty, a regular retweeter of Lord Adonis who likes to tweet about “Brexit Lunacy” and how “We are the bad guys, not the EU”. They might need to reconsider where the real Brexit lunacy is coming from…

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