Labour Campaign for Human Rights Uses Dozens of Unpaid Interns

Labour’s flagship human rights campaign – which has attacked low-wage jobs and argued in favour of banning zero-hours contracts – is using unpaid volunteer interns to carry out its work. Labour Campaign for Human Rights has recruited dozens of ‘volunteers’ over the past five years. Despite the roles being unpaid, the ‘volunteers’ are required to commit 2-3 hours per week, and there are only a limited number of positions available. LCHR’s advisory board includes Sadiq Khan, Keir Starmer (who has appeared as their guest of honour), Stephen Twigg, Andy Slaughter, Catherine West, Clive Lewis and Corbyn adviser Katy Clark.

Work undertaken by unpaid ‘volunteers’ includes roles advertised as ‘Communications Officer’ and ‘Activism Coordinator’. This February six were taken on to “help us run our campaign on Brexit & human rights”. In January two ‘recent graduates or students’ were asked to help with events, write articles and liaise with MPs. These are clearly jobs that merit payment. Apparently the Labour Campaign for Human Rights isn’t so big on the right to be paid for your work…

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