Constituent Claims New Labour MP Called Her “Ugly B*tch”

Jared O’Mara, the new Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam, is having a tough first week. He has been accused this morning of calling a constituent an “ugly b*tch” during a incident at a nightclub three months ago. Sophie Evans, a pub worker from Sheffield, claims O’Mara made an ungentlemanly slur to her at a music venue where he was DJ-ing in March this year. Sophie recounted her version of events to Guido over the phone this morning:

I met him on the dating app Happn in August last year. I was chatting to him, he seemed alright and I met up with him once but it was obvious nothing was going to be going on with him. He’s the DJ for West Street Live so I saw him from time to time. In March this year I was out with my friend. There was a bit of an incident. My friend was standing in front of the DJ booth and Jared kicked her coat out of the way… I joked that the DJ had a problem with me because I turned him down… He just flipped, we were having an alright conversation then he just stepped back, looked at me and went “I wouldn’t touch you with a manky woman’s c*ck you ugly b*tch”.

Sophie also recalled how Jared talked politics on their date, and slammed the newbie MP for his alleged unsavoury conduct:

“He talked about how he wanted a political career but I wasn’t really paying attention… If he knew he wanted this position, which he’s bloody gone and got anyway, you should conduct yourself properly. I’m not that political… Him being an MP? I don’t know, time will tell what’s he’s going to be like as an MP. I do just think if that is a Tory MP or a UKIP MP they’d be screaming blue murder, but because it’s Sheffield and it’s a Labour stronghold…”

Guido would like to hear Jared’s side of the story and has repeatedly attempted to contact him to seek his response. Our emails and phone calls have alas gone unanswered. Perhaps he is busy settling into his new office. Readers will of course remember Jared was the Labour candidate who Guido exposed last week for his less than gallant song about “smashing” a woman in the face. Not the smoothest start to his career in Westminster…

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