Polly Slammed By the PCC

Polly final solution for the poor” Toynbee has been slapped down by the Press Complaints Commission for her remarks comparing the government cuts to the murder of six million Jews:

“The Commission understood that readers may have found the use of the phrase “final solution” in the context of an article about benefits cuts unnecessary and offensive.”

Nice to see Polly’s exit from reality has been officially noted.

Red Ed's Silence Boosts Labour Polling (As Guido Predicted)

Guido noted with a wry smile that Labour’s poll standing increased when they were leaderless. Ed Miliband was also the first Labour leader since polling began not to get a bounce when taking over, and now he’s gone on paternity leave you’ll never guess what’s happened. As Guido predicted, Labour have risen in the rankings…

Funny how Labour have their highest poll rating since before the-election-that-never-was when the leader they did not choose, or want, disappears from public life for a week. David must be smirking…

David Laws Slams Savage “Slash and Burn” Tory Cuts

The once shining star and former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws, who was set to oversee the most dramatic overhaul of public spending in a generation has unleashed an out of character scathing and savage attack on the “slash and burn” cutting approach being undertakenBy Somerset County Council’s Conservative administration…

With the tell all book out-of-the-way and television appearances beginning again, many expect Laws to be back in government soon. Punters are still betting he’ll be back before the end of the year

Wrigglin' Piggin' Wiggin

Jim Miller is a constituent of Bill “Piggin” Wiggin, has been scrutinising the David Cameron’s close friend and fellow Old Etonian for many months. He has published a recording of a meeting where he grills the expense fiddling Tory backbencher over the fact that, as regular readers will remember, despite claiming to the Fees Office that his main home is in Herefordshire, he told Hammersmith and Fulham council that his London home was his main home so he could get a parking permit. Wiggin felt it necessary to bring his lawyer to the meeting.

Wiggin told the local papers before the general election that he was “cleared” over his  expenses in reference to the Legg report, but was in fact later found to be in the wrong by the Parliamentary Standards commissioner and had to repay thousands in false claims. Miller met Wiggin to challenge him over what he says are his lies. This recording (made by Wiggin) is long but worth a listen. Wiggin wriggled around the points, but admitted he has not one but two parking permits that are apparently essential for his work – in Parsons Green, where Wiggin’s family home is, those permits are like gold dust. Wiggin now claims he was entitled to the permit because his kids are at school in the area – when the Sunlight Centre contacted him he previously claimed it was a misunderstanding. The rules don’t seem to confiem that though.Wiggin confesses he told two different authorities (H & F council and the Fees Office) that two different properties were his main home:

Having listened to the recording Guido has a few more questions for Wiggin:

  • If Wiggin and his wife have two parking permits from H & F council, why was the one he claimed on expenses in his wife’s name?

  • Could it be that Wiggin didn’t want the Fees Office knowing that he was telling H & F council that his London home was his Main Home not his second home?
  • Since he and his wife live together with their children at school in London, in what is clearly his family home, how come he told Parliament that his “main home” is in Herefordshire? Anything to do with the Second Home Allowance perks?
  • Also why can’t Wiggin travel the nine stops on the District Line from Parsons Green to Westminster like everyone else? Why should we pay for him to drive into Westminster which probably takes longer anyway. He can’t wriggle out of that one.

The tape proves Wiggin is a regular reader of the blog and very, very good at dodging questions… If he is prepared to answer any of these then do get in touch

See also : Cameron: Wiggin Has To Go, Piggin’ Wiggin’s Permit Porkie Pie, Beginnin’ Diggin’ into Piggin’ Wiggin, Piggy Wiggin and Khan’s Moranic Receipts

PMQs Live: Harman AGAIN Edition

[orderorder-live-event altcast_code=”dd07cde023″ height=”700″ width=”480″]

Quote of the Day

John Redwood blogs

“If Ireland does not wish to take any EU money, the UK should be Ireland’s ally. The stated Irish wish to see their own way through their own deficit problem is wholly admirable.”

What is Ian Lavery Covering Up?

Labour’s Ian Lavery (Wansbeck) shouted “object” last night to the proposed publication of details of dozens of ‘secret’ deals struck by MPs who broke expenses rules. MPs were considering a motion to the allow Standards Commissioner John Lyon to disclose information on fast-tracked ‘rectification’ cases dating back more than two years – covering the shaming “expensegate” period. Ian Lavery’s cry kicked the proposal into the long grass.

The ‘rectification’ process allows MPs caught fiddling their expenses to merely say sorry and pay it back (sometimes, as in the case of Jacqui Smith, only in part) without the Standards Commissioner doing a full investigation. Imagine criminals being able to do that – crime would become risk-free!

Lavery objected despite MPs on parliament’s own cross-party Standards and Privileges Committee recommending the proposal earlier this year, he also objected to a second motion giving the Commissioner the power to initiate an investigation an MP may on his own initiative. Ian Lavery was first elected in May so he can’t be accused of wanting to cover up his own misdeeds. So who put him up to it? Well the Labour Party has six former and current MPs in the dock or under police investigation. Ian Lavery is PPS to Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader and Chair, Labour Party…

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Quote of the Day

Radio Derby: “Do you know what a mugwump is?”

Theresa May: “What I recognise is that what we need in this country is strong and stable leadership.”


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