October 26th, 2010

Cuts Causing Commentariat to Exit Reality-Based Community

Polly Toynbee is taking the end of welfare-for-life badly, it has clearly pushed her over the edge, she spitefully told a fellow Guardian journalist recently that her breast cancer was exacerbated, deservedly, because she had worked for the Murdoch press.

Yesterday she claimed “the Tories have a final solution for the poor”. Yes, Polly thinks capping benefits at £26,000 a year is comparable to the genocide of 6 million Jews.

Polly has finally lost it.


  1. 1
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Frankly the ugly bitch never had it!


    • 7
      Susyanna says:

      Sing Polly wolly doodle all the day


      • 56
        aing "We're all in this together" says:


        • 97
          Anonymous says:

          That guy in the centre, don’t know who he is, but is that right hand on his hip indicative of something, might be going to see Hanky Flowered later on.


          • Disaffected says:

            Why should people on welfare get £26,000 when a lot of hard working people are on less. I thought there was going to be an incentive to work. I think the maximum should be £12,500 they don’t pay tax or NI. Having children to increase income should be stopped, no single person should live in social accommodation by themselves. Get in the real world and earn a living.

            BoE nneds to help savers and those who have paid their way. The hoon suggesting savers spend more needs to resign or dish out his money for the rest of us to spend. Perhaps we could all go on welfare, sell our houses spend the proceeds and then we would not have to pay for our care homes from our hard work. poly and he commi chums ought to go and lie elsewhere.

            Is Osborne gay/bisexual?


    • 17
      Polly Bile says:

      Jenni: ‘Why haven’t you asked how I am?’ Polly: ‘Because you work for NI. How are you?’

      Jenni: ‘Terrible actually.’ Polly: ‘I suspect you feel terrible because you work for NI.’



      • 48
        Anon says:

        Silly fucking bitch. And she gets paid to write that shit?

        Fack….. nice work if you can get it… and still be able to sleep at night.


        • 111
          Ampers says:

          The question to ask is: Is Polly brighter than the average Guardian reader?

          I think she is.

          But compared to my Rhodesian Ridgeback, I think she is a downright idiot.


      • 60
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        “Our vision is a world without religeous privilege or discrimination where people are free to live good lives on the basis of reason, experience and shared human values.” This is the vision of the British Humanist Society. Polly is President of the Society. Pity that there’s a fair amount of Old Testament thinking left in her personal vision.


        • 105
          The Watcher says:

          people are free to “live good lives” – How such creatures define “good” is fairly obvious to those who have been murdered trying to prevent such noblesse oblige being foisted upon them…………………………..
          “Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” – Satan in Genesis


    • 102
      Noise says:

      Capping social housing benefits in any way will badly affect those poor, hard working teachers and NHS staff. Who worked tirelessly, often 2 hours a day to afford their buy-to-let portfolio.


  2. 2
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either says:

    Polly never actually had it, she always has been the ultimate in anti-reason.


    • 6
      Clapham Commoner says:

      “Anti reason”

      True – and failure to give sources or to acknowledge contrary opinions.

      Toynbee failed her 11-plus and did not complete her degree.

      No surprise there.

      The Guardian is the perfect home for someone so thick – few read her, still fewer care – but her endless sanctimony grates.


      • 64
        Backwoodsman says:

        Well, the grauniad & the bbc – mustn’t forget that handy little second earner, trashing the Coalition . ( Pays for the housekeeper and the little man who cleans the pool at the Tuscan villa).
        Polly is so in with the current bbc meme, they must be considering giving her her own prime time chat show.


      • 85
        know your enemy says:

        Toynbee argues against merit because she is conspicuously devoid of same. She argues against ‘privilege’ because she was and is privileged. She argues against ‘wealth’ because she is incapable of producing it.

        She is an old-school totalitarian; a true enemy of the poor and the common man.


      • 132
        unablogger says:

        Who reads the guardian now day’s anyway???? I may have wiped my backside on a copy but heaven forbid I purchase and read a copy…


    • 69
      B Waretheendisnigh says:

      Polly Twaddle needs to be reminded that the death camps in World War II were dreamt up by Socialists as the ‘Final Solution’.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Source? Link?


    • 110
      Mr Ned says:

      Go to google and type in “polly toynbee” then click on the link to her guardian page, you will see the article about cutting housing benefit, where she considers this the tories “final solution for the poor”

      The woman is truly deranged, obscene and should be sacked forthwith!


      • 121
        Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

        Ermmmm……….. The Gruaniad’s Editor and Subs let this one hit the presses and website so who do you want to fire first. They (Editor and Subs) will allow anything into the rag if it knocks (a) anything Conservative (b) anything Murdoch. Good job that it’s bleeding money all the way to administration – no rescuers and no takers; which Union will buy and run this daily? Any Russians handy?

        £26,000/year equates to £31,000/year gross for those who pay standard rate taxes, Polly.This makes the ‘capped families’ existence sit within the higher median earnings band, more than a fully trained SRN with 5 years experience, more than the majority of social workers, almost 100% more than waste disposal persons (I would have said Bin Man but since we are assured that this site is ‘monitored’ by the BBC, Political Correctness prevails) and more than the gallant ladies who arrive three times a day to tend to many of my elderly neighbours (all of whom 90 years + and all of whom pay for the service without ‘grants’).


  4. 4
    The Kraken says:

    Toynbee would surely not accept that 6 million Jews were murdered in the nineteen thirties. After all, she is of the left and the left despise both Jews and Israel.


    • 63
      Tubbs says:

      Probably because the Holocaust was in the 1940’s.


      • 72
        Anonymouse says:

        Incorrect, concentration and labour camps all began in the 1930’s. The Hebrew word for which we derive holocaust, shoah, was first used to describe Nazi persecution in 1933. Kristalnacht took place in 1938. The true wholescale horrors of the extermination camps may have only really occured from 1941 but the holocaust began much earlier.


        • 78
          Tubbs says:

          Sorry but the statement was 6 million Jews murdered – this is for the 1940’s. The real Holocaust only took place after the war began in 1939, and mainly in 1941 with the invasion of Russia.


        • 112
          Mr Ned says:


        • 118
          A Historian says:

          No, it is you who are incorrect. The concentration camps in Germany in the 1930’s were used for political prisoners. There is also a difference between the concentration camps and the extermination camps which as you rightly point out were opened in 1945. The purpose of both tfypes of camp was to do what it said on the tin… the concentration camps primary purpose was to concentrate “undesirable elements” such as trades unionists, communists, freemasons etc. The extermination camps where just that – death factories.

          The word “shoah” was indeed used by the Hebrew language press in the 1930’s, but, not to refer to any holocaust, but rather in its original meaning of “catastrophe”. The use of the term to refer specifically to the wholesale slaughter of jews didn’t come about until 1942 when it was used by the historian BenZion Dinur.

          Incedentally, before you start trying to quibble, my old man was born of Jewish parents in Berlin. He lived through the Kristalnacht and worse. Plenty of his relatives didn’t survive. Now bugger off and stop trying to score petty points when you don’t know what you’re on about.


    • 98
      Number 10's cat says:

      A fair proportion of Israelis are actually descended from Russian emigres.


      • 107
        Anonymous says:

        When Israel was founded in 1948 it was quite a left wing country who originally leaned towards the Soviet Union. A bit like Polly’s mates on the left.


  5. 5
    Hugh Janus says:

    Surely just ignoring this rabid old hag will eventually bring about her demise?


  6. 8
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Dame Toynbee of Tuscany will have to cut back a little on the champers, the smoked salmon and the beluga………if only she could cut back on her infantile pretentiousness and her ridiculous posturing….

    Isn’t time Pickles carried out his threat and stopped all government advertising in the Dead End Guardian……and then both Polly and her Quangoid husband might both have to retire from public life…..


  7. 9
    Tossflap Watch Is Back With A Vengeance!!!! says:

    So capping benefits is a ‘nazi’ thing to do, is it?

    Good grief. The woman is in the running for ‘Tossflap of the Year’ award!


    • 134
      Elgin's lost his Marbles says:

      The Nazis actually set up a welfare state in Bohemia after annexing it post-Munich. It was to keep the workers happy enough to produce arms etc. it took them a while to get really murderous.


  8. 10
    They're all smug, sneering, Celt cunts at the BBC, 'cept Kuenssberg whom I wish to bum intensely says:

    I have no issue with hard line Communists such as the Soviets, or the maniac Romanians in their skull cracking pomp, but these dirty, hypocritical champagne socialists are a national disease.

    Toynbee earns a handsome living writing drivel about the travails of the poor and the iniquities of the system, is happy for her husband to do a highly paid non-job at the taxpayer’s expense, nor feels any shame in taking her shilling from the BBC for talking leftist shyte like obese Abbott.

    If she was a real redistributionist however she could sell one of her properties and give the proceeds to a homeless charity like David Gilmour did in London.


  9. 11
    Shankles says:

    I hope you are very very sure of your sources. The breast cancer thing sounds like the sort of libel someone’d sue for. And win big for.


    • 23
      David cameron's redacted message to a nation of ingrates says:

      I read about the breast cancer comment a few weeks ago in a reputable newspaper. I think Guido is on terra firma with this one!!


  10. 13
    Andy Gray says:

    Disgraceful hyperbole from the arch-hypocrite, Toynbee.


  11. 14
    Phantom says:

    What disgusting miserable language from pathetic intellectually bereft moronic wet wooly yoghurt knitting lefty.

    We’re not the miserable excuse for an apologist for Blair who lied through his teeth whilst backing the liquidisation of 180,000 innocent Iraqi cilivians.

    These deserving poor’s only crime was getting out of bed that day.


    • 114
      Mr Ned says:

      Don’t forget the ones that were slaughtered in their hospital beds in Fallujah. They committed no crime at all.


  12. 15

    Hey! That’s my OTT graphic :-)


  13. 16
    Southern Softy says:

    Polly quite subdued on QT last week – hardly earned her fee.
    Did anyone else hear George say that anyone getting DLA would be
    exempt from the £26k cap?
    That means your neighbour and my neighbour with the free new car
    and the sky subs. Yes, the ones with a slight limp.
    Business as usual then.


  14. 18
    Anon says:

    So the “Tories have the final solution”. Firstly I thought we had a coalition government. What is it about these idiot labour trolls, when will the stars fall from their eyes and they start to see all the hard measure this county is ha ving to go through has been brought about by labour. It happens every time labour come into office. They take over a healthy economy and when they leave they leave a trail of mess and distruction behind them. then it’s the nasty tories who have to put it right again. Labour in charge of the purse strings equates to leaving a 10yr old in charge of the house keeping.


  15. 20
    concrete pump says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that she said that to a fellow journalist – we all have opinions, and mine is thus….I hope you get the most aggresive cancer possible, Polly, i hope you die a slow, painful and lonely fucking death. I hope you suffer extreme agony. If i could see you every day in your last weeks of life and withhold all of your morphine, it would give me a great deal of pleasure.
    Hey, it’s just my opinion….


  16. 21
    Teabagger says:

    Spiteful & nasty comparison, I guess she has the typical left wing version of history to call on.

    The lefties are really starting to vent their spleens, must be the realisation that the free world is evolving beyond champagne socialism


  17. 22
    Polly elite says:


    • 71
      Polly's Villa in Tuscany says:

      Julie Burchill summed up the general line carried at the Guardian regarding all things Jewish…

      “Not only do I admire the Guardian, I also find it fun to read, which in a way is more of a compliment. But if there is one issue that has made me feel less loyal to my newspaper over the past year, it has been what I, as a non-Jew, perceive to be a quite striking bias against the state of Israel.”



  18. 24
    Tugboatden says:

    The woman has totally taken leave of her senses. Again. Perhaps the displaced poor will find Tuscany agreeable? If Toynbee’s ‘final solution’ scenario is how she really thinks it’ll pan out and she’s that bloody worried about them, she can look after them there.


  19. 25
    Billy Blofeld says:


    You can now quantify rabid left wing whinging using “The Gellard Scale”……….:


    …..Polly has already scored well on it.


    • 47
      concrete pump says:

      Nice, made me laugh…


    • 61
      Anon says:


      Nice one :o))


    • 65
      The big D says:

      Impressive concept. Now we need a similar way of measuring Labour’s rewriting of history.

      Lord Mandleson on the toady program this morning claimed that Gordon Brown’s “big decisions” allowed the U.K. to speed it’s way out of the financial turmoil in 2008.


      at 12:40


      • 77

        Would that be the same Gordon Brown who Mandleson was slagging off to anyone who would listen right up until he was re-admitted back into the government in 2008?

        When I worked for a certain government dept I had to give a wriiten undertaiking that I HAD NEVER BEEN A MEMBER, ASSOCIATED WITH, OR HAD SYPMATHY FOR ANY COMMUNIST OR FASCIST ORGANISATIONS!! Why doesn’t some clued up journalist ever ask Blair on what basis he allowed so many “ex Marxists” into his government. An utterly sinister aspect of our nations sad decline which nobody has ever had the guts to challenge!!


    • 91
      Smig says:

      Nice work Billy :)

      I’m liking this Smelly Gelly scale for odious gasbag whiners.


    • 119
      Mr Ned says:

      Polly has gone better and must surely score a 10 on that scale for her “final solution” post yesterday.

      The woman is positively hysterical!


  20. 26
    bollicky bill says:

    oh just give me the £26000 and shut-up.


  21. 28
    A Future well and truly fucked for all..... says:

    The only response to the Deficit Deniers and Doom & Gloom Merchants of the left is succinct

    “There’s no fucking money left….Brown and Labour blew it.Target your criticisms to the Labour Party and the present front bench, some of who served in Brown’s Cabinet and.or advised him for 13 years and allowed him to fuck upthe country when they knw he was a financially incompetent loon”


  22. 30
    Dack Blog says:

    Okay, I’m not a particular Polly fan, but rather than mobby screams of ‘Kill the bitch!’, how about a few answers to the doomsday prediction of claimants moving out of London (and by ‘London’ I mean pretty much most of the south east and most major cities) to… oh, I dunno. Where all the jobs are?


    • 37
      Anonymous says:

      Why would any one other than an ultra left winger wish her harm? Polly is a weapon of the voice of reason against the loony socialists.


      • 50
        Dack Blog says:

        If anyone has bothered to read the article before taking up their pitchfork there are points worthy of discussion at least. It won’t be just those on benefits but those in low paid work too. And although the ‘final solution’ analogy should be beneath a journalist of any ‘colour’, from some comments I’ve read on here…

        My friend’s daughter started at Sussex Uni in September. I went to see her the other week. She’s renting a house with three others. The rent is extortionate for a total dump. I’d like to see something be done about that side of the coin.


    • 133
      unablogger says:



  23. 32
    bollicky bill says:

    polly is just defending her worshipers , the 26k and more a year trots who always say good article polly every time she mentions taking to the streets.


  24. 34
    Albi Here says:

    Ooooh things must on the right course if Polly Perkins is whinging,now if were all in it together,isn’t it time for the MP’s,Mep’s,Lords to have at least have a 15% drop in wages or at least a 15% drop in what they can claim on expenses,all senior uncivil servants on £70,000 or over at least 20% drop in take home pay they should know the sh*t their political bosses were getting us into and stopped it,all SPADS at least a 30% drop in take home pay,they helped to get us in this sh*t with thir advice so why not,all senior ACPO officers lets degrease the slippery pole and cut their promotion paths,I did say drop in pay as the same toerags wouldn’t say cut to us proles but would have lied to us and said drop as it sounds better.


  25. 38
    Anonymous says:

    I might live up noorth but I don’t know anyone that is on benfits of more than £26,000 or anything approaching that, must be that lot darn sarth where all the jobbies are, at one time it was like that up ‘ere but was over 55 years ago, anyone approaching earning a living on £26,000 up here is on a good wage, coppers, teachers, senior local government workers its all darn sarth.


  26. 40
    Court is in session says:

    Polly, you are hereby found guilty of a particularly disgraceful example of Godwin’s Law. Your punishment is 24 hours detention in a windowless room with John Prescott right after he’s had 4 vindaloos.


  27. 44
    Down with Brown! says:

    Is it true that Polly’s husband had lost his well-paid Quango sinecure? Perhaps she will be forced to sell her Tuscan mansion? Is this why she is so grumpy recently?


  28. 45
    BBC gets it wrong again. says:

    There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth at the BBC. All morning there has been great rejoicing in their news bulletins that George is leading the UK into double dip recession land.

    Alas for the BBC this is not the case and we are on track to the promised economic land. They will now have to rewrite all their scripts for the rest of the day.


    • 55
      Down with Brown! says:

      0.8%!!!!!! Shove that up your arses you white-city, leftie gloom merchants.


      • 96
        Smig says:

        Playing Devil’s Advocate, why should I trust the current ONS figures?

        I didn’t trust them when the ONS was under the control of New Liebour, why should it be any different now?


    • 95
      Smig says:

      I particularly liked the chap that put Simon Jack in his place on BBC Breakfast this morning.

      The feller being interviewing in regard to UK growth had to remind him on several occasions that it was the Private Sector that pays taxes in order for the Public Sector to spend it.


    • 101
      Twunt Watch says:

      BBC – British Broadcasting Cuts


  29. 46
    Pete. says:

    When the ex & I were together under the Tory government we had shit loads of money. As a lower middle class blue collar couple we saw our living standards eroded under the labour government. it’s Toynbee & her ilk that create poverty not a bite on the ass from reality which is what the current incumbents are attempting.

    It’s a shame that the right always seems to lose the propaganda war.


    • 53
      BBC finds an old warehouse says:

      No they won’t they are sticking to their pre-planned trashing of the coalition. ow cutting to an outside broadcast from an old dilapidated warehouse in Geordie Land


      • 103
        Grammar School Boy says:

        …send them to the Boro.

        Question Tme were keen to go there with Bullingdon Boy (with a third) Dimbleby when they thought a few easy Coalition kicks could be had.


  30. 49
    Anonymous says:

    “Polly has finally lost it”

    Ug – when did she ever have it ?


  31. 51
    The Watcher says:

    The difficulty for those who “know better” than we do, is that when they die, they will criticize God as he too is not quite “U” – and so they will spend eternity in darkness, removed from all sentient beings who had those attributes that made them all too human. The ability to love, to laugh, to admit we are at times pompous and horribly wrong in our assessment of others. No companionship, no laughter, no light, no ease, awaits the great and the good, the Illuminati of the left; just their own company, for ever, and ever, without sleep, without rest, and more importantly, without an audience.


    • 75

      Interesting observation Watcher! I once heard Christopher Hitchens once say something to the effect that even if God did exist, he obviously wasn’t as moral as a Socialist and therefore should be shunned. A certain degree of arrogance can be useful once in a while but I agree with you the left lay it on a bit thick!!


  32. 52
    Down with Brown! says:

    0.8% growth in the last quarter!!!!!

    The BBC forced to admit we are not experiencing a double-dip.



  33. 54

    You know that haggard old bint Polly Toynbee ?

    Thats your mum that is !


  34. 57
    Another legacy of Labour says:

    Turns out that fucking mong faced Filipino agency nurse who switched off a patient’s life support system by mistake had NO training in dealing with patients in intensive care and NO training handling the equipment. But at least Tony Blair and Slotgob are rich, right, Labour trolls? That’s what’s important. And where’s your economic messiah, Gordon Brown? The man who ended boom and bust? Why hasn’t he turned up to the HoC to tell the coalition what they should be doing to cut the deficit? Or is he spending his days shitting in his pram and drinking fizzy orange?


    • 76
      Airey Belvoir says:

      At a foreign hospital (Thailand I think) it was noticed that patients in one particular bed tended to snuff it far more frequently than the norm. A camera was set up to monitor the position and soon all became clear – the cleaner was unplugging the life support equipment to plug in her hoover. This case sound rather similar.


  35. 58
    Engineer says:

    The impression I have is that the current government are trying to simplify the benefits system. Anybody who has even the mildest second-hand brush with the system (I fortunately haven’t, but a member of my family has, for quite legitimate reasons) knows that it of byzantine complexity, slow, utterly arbitrary and administered by people who really are out of their depth.

    Any benefit system has to strive to be fair; fair to those in need of benefits, but also fair to those paying out – the taxpayers. Polly and her reality-insulated ilk would be better employed suggesting ways of simplifying the bureaucratic nightmare of council-paid benefits, DWP-paid benefits, state pension complexity and tax credits. The sooner, the better.


    • 106
      Cheese Lover says:

      All under one roof would be a good start, none of the benifits departments know their arse from thier elbows, nor do they know what the other departments are doing…it’s quite shocking realy.

      I am unfortunatley on JSA, and have been for 2 months, and it’s trully shocking how poor the people working in the benefits offices are.

      Hopefuly, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as I have 3 seperate companies interested in my services.

      “No jobs in the private sector”…is that right?


      • 120
        wasp says:

        engineer and cheese lover: you are right re the complexity of the benefit system. Also, the amount some people get is staggering. I recently worked in a medium secure unit for mentally disordered offenders. The patients had all committed serious offences; many had a drug habit, and most had hardly done a days work in their lives. Most had spent more time in hospital or prison than ‘in the community’. None had any outgoings such as rent – the state was keeping them. And their benefits? between £60 and £90 per week. Of course, they spent it on cigarettes, top end trainers, and other luxury items bought from catalogues. (the ‘long term hospital allowance’ used to be about £14 per week but the last government generously increased it to these levels in 2005, so as not to discriminate against the recipients)
        The cost of the bed was around £3,000 per week.
        and don’t get me started on Disability Living Allowance – I know someone who is the deputy head of an academy school on around £50,00 who is also in receipt of DLA. IMO if people are well enough to work, they should not need DLA.
        ?how can this level of benefit possibly be justified? I have no time for the witterings of people like Polly and Tristram


    • 109
      Number 10's cat says:

      Wholeheartedly agree. I’m of the opinion that the minimum wage, rather than being a sop to the unions should set at a rate that one can realistically meet all the expenses one encounters in life, with a little left over. Benefit could then be one single payment that is proportiionately lower.
      Think of all the jobsworths that could be dispensed with.


  36. 66
    Anonymous says:

    Lost it? She never ever had it, she;’s just a champagne socialist, just like the many innthe labour party. They only ever wnat power so they can tell you how to live your life; but it won’t apply to them.


  37. 68

    So Polly gets more hysterical just as Richard Murphy is doing likewise*.

    Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together?

    * with credit to Tim Worstall for egging him on.


  38. 79
    License to Fee says:

    The dried up old slag should have a pillow put over her cronish face.


    • 86
      Alex says:

      Far too quick and painless if you ask me – surely there’s some horrific virus hidden away in a CIA storage facility somewhere that could find it’s way into a bottle of mineral water in her fridge?

      You know the kind of thing I mean – symptoms to include complete bodily functional collapse, skin falling off like the Nazis had happen to them at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark etc, and all taking place very slowly over a period of months if not years of agonizing pain.


  39. 88
    Disco Biscuit says:

    You should probably have not excluded the other 5 million holocaust victims from your figure – it’s 11 million in total, in addition to the Jews.


  40. 122
    oldpompeygit says:

    Wanted – a final solution to Polly Toynbee.


  41. 125
    Schrodinngers, (neither dead or alive), cat says:

    Polly is only slightly less madder, and a lot less dangerous than Brown and Blair !!


  42. 126
    /1/ says:

    this place is full of spotty toryboy twats


    • 127
      Schrodinngers, (neither dead or alive), cat says:

      I think those tory boys in the pic should rule the world, (maybe they do !), then you commies would be getting our tea !!


    • 131
      /2/ says:

      Aww diddums i’m left wing, how is that for shattering your preconceived construct of reality? stop whining if you can’t handle free speech as insults are the last refuge of the out argued /1/


  43. 128
    Lomax says:

    Talking about potential cuts in Meals on Wheels on Anglia News, some council clown just said “this is the end of civilisation as we know it” I did not hear if his name was Cpl. Jones or not.


  44. 129
    The left and right are no good and evil says:

    Seem to remember Stalin having final solutions and death camps as well.


  45. 130
    Johnny says says:

    If Polly thinks the Coagulation’s plans for welfare are a final solution to the poor Gordon Brown’s economic masterplan (if he ever had one and I suspect he didn’t) was an attempted extermination of work ethic and the productive economy.


  46. 135
    Dolland Aitcheson says:

    Stupid bitch should stop over at Auschwitz on her way to her Tuscany villa.


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