March 22nd, 2014

Red Prince Stephen Kinnock Selected for Safe Labour Seat


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    Wanda Ringhands says:

    He’s definitely not gay.


    • 14
      Bloke says:

      I always thought Gaydo was ‘one of us’ – until I read his pro-foxy woxy rant.


      • 72
        Anonymous says:

        Funniest thing I heard since grannie dies.


        • 214
          The Cheshire Cat says:


          The Labour Party wishes to condemn all Tory baby eating scum who support hereditary peerages and the pompous plutocratic self serving dynasties of the corrupt aristocrats and their revisionist capitalist privileged nepotism….


          Harman & Dromey & Joe Dromey
          The Miliband of bruvvers
          Wendy & Douglas Alexander
          The Kinnockios
          Tony & Euan Blair
          The Benn-Stansgates inc John, William, Tony and Hilary and Emily
          Will & Straw Man

          Working Class heroes all…….


      • 75
        Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

        Now he can be his own man… rather than a Danish Denis.


      • 130
        liam fox says:

        quite a response eh?


    • 50
      Ah! I'm off says:

      One Kinnock in a lifetime is more than enough, goodbye cruel world


      • 74
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, Green Nazis & other Wasters says:

        Will the Welsh vote for a Labour Toff? They would vote a piece of shit in if it had a rosette on it but is it a Toff too far?


        • 145
          Anonymous says:

          The man has not done a day’s work in his life. You are right- they welsh woulld vote for pig’s head if it had a red rosette stuck up its nose.God help us all.


        • 153
          cynic says:

          How Toffy are the Taffies?


    • 71
      John The Baptist says:

      Of course he is not gay, he only helps them out when they are busy.


    • 106
      telemachus says:

      This sort of charismatic genius is just what the country needs. With the charisma offered by the Kinnock family Britain will at last get a taste of the glorious socialist revolution it needs to make sure everyone cares.


    • 128
      dai labouring says:

      borrowed from wikipedia a description of what mr kinnock defines as work:

      In August 2012 he took up a position at Xyntéo in London, a business advisory company that helps global businesses go beyond the green basics and reinvent the way they grow. Kinnock is managing director of the ‘Global Leadership and Technology Exchange’,[12] a partnership which aims to bring together some of the world’s leading businesses to discuss and act upon routes that can be taken to bring about resource-efficient growth’

      as they say in denmark: ‘mon cul c’est pas d’un poulet’


      • 343
        Myfanwy says:

        Now I now that a managing director is not really a proper job, there seems to be rather a lot of those sucking on the teet of British companies, I am sure managing directors all over the country will agree with you.


    • 144
      berndt loef - the danish baker says:

      he’s doing it for tax reasons


      • 148
        dai taxing says:

        since he at least seems clear how many days he doesn’t spend in denmark could he tell us how many he doesnt intend to stay here


        • 183
          I dislike socialists intensely says:

          The Kinnocks , all socialist hypocrites.


          • Julian Gibb says:

            I accept your dislike of socialist. However accuracy should be maintained. The Kinnocks are not socialists. This is only the latest evidence of that fact.

            Now if you excuse me I have a Saltire to iron.


          • Cinna says:

            You’ll be needing that for the Socialist Republic of Scotland then.


          • Julian Gibb says:

            I do hope so. I like can I use it?


          • Vote UKIP. Get Liebour. says:

            I bet those taffs in the valleys just love that ‘Right Honourable’ shit.


        • 395
          Dai at the Back. says:

          I am happy to announce I won’t be voting for him.


        • 396
          Dai at the Back. says:

          How much committment can he give the constituency? Wife in Denmark, Parliament in London, how’s he going to divide up his time and spend sufficient of it where his constituents can get their hands on him when needed?


      • 195
        phoney welshman, phoney socialist or phoney businessman says:

        Tax reasons. Maybe. This standing for parliament is like equating girl getting preganent as a career move. Not bring home enough bacon.


    • 303
      ancientpopeye says:

      Be still my palpitating heart.


    • 337
      You know its the truth says:

      He may not be, but Iam sure he helps them out when they are busy.


      • 375
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        The Kinnocks are the original troughing scum.They are a typical example of
        a socialist dynasty that think that they are something special .


    • 372
      You know its the truth says:

      I see the twats at the BBC are at it again, the Big Question is letting racist blacks talk as though its legitimate to discuss slavery. If they don’t know their roots have a DNA test that will tell them their origins, but somehow I don’t think they be going back to the African shithole they came from.


    • 409
      No Expenses spared says:

      Lord Kinnock of Bedwetty?


  2. 2
    Les says:

    What was that about ‘born to rule’ ??


    • 54
      backhanders 'r' us says:

      How much would it cost to make sure that you were selected as a Parliamentary candidate?


    • 108
      telemachus says:

      Yes charismatic Kinnockian socialists of the Labour party are born to rule. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. We are the Borg.


    • 244
      Ah! I repeat says:

      Sizzla says:
      March 12, 2014 at 10:29 am
      He’s got a Danish wife, good to see him going for British.


    • 362
      Myfanwy says:

      ‘born to rule’ Geedes would wholeheartedly agree with whichever party the Master was supporting at the any one time. The Tories have always been a set of hereditary “baron” families constantly appearing in the Tory hierarchy and they are still there, Liebore is just trying to keep up. I do wish potential candidates of all parties were not just parachuted into “safe seat” they should be selected on merit, there is of course the other group, not in families, but in the schools and universities they went to, “the old boys network”. Constituencies should be drawn up so that the number of eligible voters in each should be equal, the fewer “safe seats” the better that should enliven election time. London because of its very fluid population should be done on a proportional basis so it truely would reflect the views of Londoners. The most important thing of all is to get people to register to vote and then to actually vote, folks in “safe seat” constituencies don’t bother to vote because they know if they vote it will have no effect.


      • 397
        Tom Catesby. says:

        It’s also important to see that all those registered to vote are actually entitiled to do so.


        • 398
          Myfanwy says:

          Spot on Tom Boy. Neithrof the big parties will take up my suggestion and yours, because it suits their purpose, if every registered voter tramped down to the polling station, the two main parties would be frightened to death as to what the result would be.


        • 407
          J Which is why we in the Labour Party applaud postal votes. says:

          It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.


  3. 3
    Captn P says:

    I’ll bet his wife is smart enough not to walk along the seaside with him …


    • 6
      Wanda Ringhands says:

      It would be a bit of a walk, she’s the Prime Minister of Denmark. Wonder if she’ll move to Aberavon? The sun setting over the steel works is quite spectacular


  4. 4
    Well I never, but they did says:

    Not what you know, it’s who your dad is, serves the constituency right if they never get anything done for them.


    • 7
      Ah Bisto! says:

      Did his dad ever achieve anything for the land of their fathers?


      • 11
        Ivor Biggun says:

        He made being gay acceptable. Father’s would say “Well you might be a woofter son, but at least you’re not bloody Kinnock”


    • 100
      you know its the true says:

      Welsh pratts will always do as they are told, that’s why welsh lamb is the best, all sheep.


  5. 5
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Waste of time me introducing him to the joys of bum sex then.


  6. 8
    Neil says:

    He’s all shite! We’re all shite!


  7. 9
    Ghost of Tony Benn says:

    Nobody likes people using privilege to get ahead


    • 49
      broderick crawford says:

      …. but it’ s okay to refute a life peerage as long as you don t relinquish the family estates for the future generations eh Lord Stansgate ..??


  8. 10
    Andy Murray says:

    He looks a bit like me doesn’t he dad? Dad?


  9. 12
    Stephen says:

    just like Hilary Benn, Ewan Blair, Jack Dromey, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Mum and Dad, I want to stamp out nepotism in British politics.


    • 15
      Stephen also says:

      The British taxpayer can fund my trips home to Denmark and my taxpayer funded second home in, emm, ah, …Dad, Daaad. What is the name of this plebian sh*thole anyway?


    • 58
      In two minds now says:

      Those names make me wonder that compulsory sterilisation for families with certain genes might, after all, be acceptable.


    • 103
      you know its the true says:

      Anyone for PIE.


  10. 13
    Mary Beard says:

    Ah another beard!


  11. 16
    Dynasty says:

    Read his biography and weep:

    He’s enjoyed an exclusive life in public policy jobs in Brussels and Geneva, a far cry from Aberavon, a hotspot of Welsh depravity.

    Why did they pick someone with such an elitist path to contest a seat so ordinary?


    • 19
      Wanda Ringhands says:

      People in Aberavon aspire to live in Swansea. That says it all.


    • 35
      Gary Bloke says:

      Aberavon depraved? Like Sodom and Gomorrah?


    • 86
      Captn P says:

      For the obvious reason that they would vote in Mr. Ed the talking horse if he had a red rosette on. Dead or Alive.

      Basically because the Labour party believes and the people of Aberavon will prove they are clearly stupid.


  12. 17
    PDubya says:

    If you subtract the union sponsorship and in this case seeming nepotism from the Labour Party hierarchy I suspect that actual working class MP’s could be counted metaphorically on one hand. If you also factor in the relative poverty of many Labour controlled areas over several decades of high spending by their authorities does there not come a point when you have to ask yourself WTF have they ever done for me?


  13. 20
    Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore says:

    I love the smell of nepotism in the morning.


  14. 21
    m’Lord Kinnockio, Welsh Windbag and LieBore Grandee says:

    I said to Glennis only last week didn’t I Glennis that that boy is gonnna do well in poltics weren’t they my words Glennis you heard me say that didn’t you Glennis that’s just what I said say what you like about the EUSSR it pays my pension well our pensions really doesn’t it Glennis they were my words weren’t they Glennis and marrying a PM well that takes the biscuit or the Welsh Cawl – or Coal – geddit????!!!! I was gonna be PM once wasn’t I Glennis isn’t that what I said? But it never happened . . and I put that down to Thatcher didn’t I Glennis weren’t they my words you heard me didn’t you Glennis? . . .


  15. 23
    Anonymous says:

    well the sheep will vote him in as always will they ever learn of course not.


  16. 24
    Ed Miliband says:

    Well All right ! Well All right ! Well All right ! Well All right ! Well All right !


  17. 25
    BC says:

    Yet another excellent example of why the land of talent and vision is but a dream.

    Best not to cross the road to place a cross on a piece of paper for any of the talentless, useless, clueless, timeserving, extortionists.


  18. 26
    Sizzla says:

    Jobs for the boyos


    • 141
      Anonymous says:

      Who were the other contenders for the seat? They must feel pretty bad knowing they did not have a chance against such outright nepotism.


  19. 27
    Dai Laughing says:

    Twll dy din di, Kinnock.


  20. 28
    Eric Joystick (Lab) says:


    • 34
      Gosh says:

      The least surprising news since Tom Swimmingtrunks came out of the closet.


    • 43
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      So Labour are going down the same eco-loony tax bombshell route the Lib Dems are and they also plan to abolish the 25% single person rebate on Council Tax if elected.

      Vote Lib/Lab for higher petrol prices

      Vote Lib/Lab for higher electricity and gas bills

      Vote Lib/Lab for higher council tax

      Vote Lib/Lab for higher income tax

      Vote Lib/Lab for more raids on your pension

      Bye bye Lib/Lab :-)


      • 87
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, Green Nazis & other Wasters says:

        Vote Lib/Lab for stolen savings.
        Vote Lib/Lab for stolen pensions.
        Vote Lib/Lab for envy taxes.
        Vote Lib/Lab for perversion.
        Vote Lib/Lab for no eu vote.

        Vote Lib/Lab for the final destruction of England.


        • 274
          ex-Conservative says:

          Vote Conservative for failure to punish Labour’s abuse of office.
          Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration.
          Vote Conservative for cronyism and weak leadership.
          Vote Conservative for political correctness.
          Vote Conservative for QUANGOS.
          Vote Conservative for more regulation.
          Vote Conservative for a bloated and overpaid public sector.
          Vote Conservative for tolerating manslaughter by the NHS.
          Vote Conservative for tolerating a corrupt police force.
          Vote Conservative for being weak on crime and the causes of crime.
          Vote Conservative for the “Big Society” (ROFL)
          Vote Conservative for UK food banks.
          Vote Conservative for over-generous foreign aid.
          Vote Conservative for foreign policy fiascos / hypocrisy (+slaphead).
          Vote Conservative for £56bn+ for HS2.
          Vote Conservative for high energy costs and toothless regulators.
          Vote Conservative for £100bn+ in wind farm subsidies for foreign companies.
          Vote Conservative for flooding.
          Vote Conservative for limp-wristed austerity measures.
          Vote Conservative for doubling national debt.
          Vote Conservative for sustaining structural imbalances in the economy.
          Vote Conservative for stealing pensions.
          Vote Conservative for tax / VAT increases.
          Vote Conservative for declining living standards.
          Vote Conservative for perversion and ssmarriage.
          Vote Conservative for no eu vote.
          Vote Conservative for overgrown school boys who’ve never had a proper job!

          Vote Conservative for moral, economic, and social decline…

          Oh, and I forgot military decline… But perhaps that doesn’t matter so much any more as there is so little left to protect…


      • 95
        The Great British Public fed up with being swamped by unwanted multi culteral diversity says:

        This will be Fully endorsed at the ballot box

        & Goodbye to ConsLieLaborLebDims Evil Alliance

        and there ingrained mantra for Mendacious Manipulation for

        there own nefarious ends.


  21. 29
    The Danish Long Distance Parachute Company says:

    We’ve got an order here for a parachute to Wales. Do our products have that sort of range?


  22. 30
    John The Baptist says:

    The pen coc would never get selected here in Carms


  23. 31
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  24. 32
    John The Baptist says:

    their accountant had told the tax officials that Mr Stephen Kinnock was ‘bisexual or gay’ to explain why he did not spend time in Denmark, and was not, therefore, liable for unpaid taxes.


  25. 33
    Moley says:

    If there is any justice in this world, he will lose to Plaid Cymru, who now have a seat they can win.

    What was all that about Labour overthrowing the ruling class ?

    The Labour party is no longer a beneficial political medicine, it is a scrofulous political disease.


    • 69
      John The Baptist says:

      I have voted Plaid for years but Leanne Wood who heads Plaid is a complete Phuckwit so its UKIP for me.


    • 113
      south of the M4 says:

      I work with guys from this constituency. For them the fact that the son of a working class hero has sacrificed his life to learn to live like a toff was the only way to understand the Tories so that he can best represent the people and beat the capitalist
      pigs. Kid not I you. With attitudes like that we really are *ucked.


    • 402
      Myfanwy says:

      “Plaid Cymru” not if young Kinnock does not speak Welsh, south Wales is not Welsh Wales.


  26. 36
    bergen says:

    Were they starstruck by his Mrs, thick as s*** or simply nobbled ?

    Probably a combination.


  27. 37
    M103 says:

    What does ‘Genelex’ mean FFS?


  28. 39
    nell. says:

    Aren’t we all voting ‘Independent’ at the General Election anyway?


  29. 40
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Stephen Kinnock’s wife looks like Sally Bercow :)


  30. 41
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Posters on PB note that there was only one vote in it. 106 – 105.


  31. 46
    Haguewatch says:

    Foreign Minister William Hague deceived the House of Commons about the legitimacy of the new regime in Ukraine in a statement on 4 March 2014. He led the House to believe that the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, had removed President Yanukovich from power on 22 February 2014 in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution and that therefore ‘it is wrong to question the legitimacy of the new authorities’.

    It is simply untrue that the Rada followed the procedure laid down in the Ukrainian constitution to impeach and remove a president from power.

    This procedure, laid down in Article 111 of the constitution (see text below), is not unlike that required for the impeachment and removal from power of a US president, which could take months.

    Thus, Article 111 obliges the Rada to establish a special investigatory commission to formulate charges against the president, seek evidence to justify the charges and come to conclusions about the president’s guilt for the Rada to consider.

    Prior to a final vote to remove a president from power, it requires

    (a) the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to review the case and certify that the constitutional procedure of investigation and consideration has been followed, and
    (b) the Supreme Court of Ukraine must certify that the acts of which the President is accused are worthy of impeachment.

    The Rada didn’t follow this procedure at all. No investigatory commission was established and the Courts were not involved. On 22 February 2014, the Rada simply passed a bill removing President Yanukovych from office.

    Furthermore, the bill wasn’t even supported by three quarters of the members of the Rada, as required by Article 111 for the removal of a president from office – it was supported by 328 members, when it required 338 (since the Rada has 450 members).

    Justifying UK support for the new regime in Kiev in the House of Commons on 4 March 2014, William Hague said:

    “Former President Yanukovych left his post and then left the country, and the decisions on replacing him with an acting President were made by the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, by the very large majorities required under the constitution, including with the support of members of former President Yanukovych’s party, the Party of Regions, so it is wrong to question the legitimacy of the new authorities.”

    That is a calculated deception of the House of Commons, designed to give the impression that the procedure prescribed in the Ukrainian constitution for the removal of a president from office had been followed, when it hadn’t


    • 53
      new cronies on the block says:

      absolutely not calculated and in no way demonstrates any intention to misguide .. the ukranians know the president’s intentions were largely self serving and clearly the regime had no hesitation in shooting protesters.


      • 88
        Have fuckwits like you never heard of agent provocateurs? says:


        • 98
          C O (Ξ7g) says:

          Why, yes.

          R’ussia has a long tradition of turning guns against its own and then blaming others in order to advance it’s agenda.


        • 122
          kissing Putin's ass says:

          Has the fuckwit not heard that the doctor mentioned in that telephone call has stated she only saw demonstrator casualties so congratulations on swallowing more Russian propaganda bs.


          • Brillo is bought and paid for says:

            The only voice of reason which has been broadcast throughout this whole affair.


    • 83
      History says:

      August 1941 – Churchill & Roosevelt sign the Atlantic Charter guaranteeing the right of peoples to self determination and stand against aggression on mainland europe.

      March 2014 – Cameron & Obama ignore the Atlantic Charter and deny the right of Crimeans to self determination and encourage aggression on mainland europe.

      Ongoing – Shower of Shit in Westminster ignore the Atlantic Charter and deny the right of Uk citizens to self determination from the EUSSR..


    • 168
      MI6 says:

      It was calculated illegal reqgime change o qrqganised from Washington using neo nazi storm troopers, trained by the CIA ib Lithuania and Poland

      It is all recorded on TV footage and Victoria Nuland telephone calls

      Terror has reigned since the putsch in Kiev

      Of course Hague knew all of this and Cameron

      It is the DODGY DOSSIER all over again

      The Britisg Government lying to the British People again


  32. 48
    George Nobsore says:

    Let them eat Lamborghinis


  33. 52
    Stephen Kinnock says:

    I asked the leader if he had any idea where Aberavon was, because I don’t. He said he didn’t. He also said he wasn’t too sure where Doncaster was either.


  34. 55
    Mornington Crescent says:

    So, does he live in the UK, in Denmark or are he and his wife not really a couple?

    I think we should be told – not that the terminally thick denizens of Aberavon are likely to care.


    • 91
      Captn P says:

      He will live with Brown in First Class … The denizens of Aberavon will never see him after he gets his ticket to the gravy train.


      • 129
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, Green Nazis & other Wasters says:

        They will never see him anyway as the Kinnock tribe are sucking tens of millions from the eu teat.


        • 149
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          His wife is despised in Denmark for her slavish sucking on the EU arsehole, she has already openly expressed an interest in a job in Brussels .


  35. 56
    Handypara says:

    17 cases of tuberculosis in two Cambridgeshire vegetable packing plants since 2012:
    Of course the BBC avoids any reference to the demographics or the epidemiology of the outbreaks.
    Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with uncontrolled immigration!


  36. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone else dive across the room to kill the radio whenever his hypocritical, slimy, gobby daddy starts talking?


  37. 63
    invisible handcuffs says:

    another name… rob jamieson.

    this is the total and utter fucking piece of cun.t that i trusted over almost the last 9 years with the depths of my illness. one thing over the years that came up in our therapy sessions was how some people suffered from delusions pertaining to the sort of threats being presented on the news. and how those perceptions changed when certain groups were no longer a threat. one example he cited several times was the i r a. in that after the peace process was completed people stopped having delusions that the i r a was persecuting them. however in a session as it was coming to a close at the tale end of last year as i mentioned that delusional sense of persecution in relation to the fear pumped out on tv news in particular the i r a and rob responded incredibly curtly that he had never ever mention the i r a.

    what else?

    well there was a period of 5 years where sessions were conducted in a meeting room at a local gp surgery. the first time we met and occasionally repeated over the years he would say how the room resembled a police interview room.

    then there was the recent time i had to cancel a session due to a dentist appointment. i got his work voicemail and explained why i was cancelling and that my mobile number had changed but i didn’t have the number to hand so could he write me a new appointment date. i hung up. decided it was rude to have not given him the number, seeked said number out and rang his number again and got his voicemail so left my number. he never contacted me with a new appointment but i did have an appointment a few weeks later with my consultant. i regaled her with the voicemail stuff and asked her to get rob to contact me. after the appointment walking out of the hospital i bump into jamieson. “this is fortuitous” were his first words. he offered to get me a new appointment and brought out his dairy from his bag. whilst doing that i asked him if he got my voicemails. his response… “dunno”. not yes i got your voicemails or no i did not get your voicemails but “dunno”. he then said “where did i put my pen?” and made a big play of searching about for it. “there it is! it was in the wrong pocket”. the emphasis on “wrong pocket” highlighted by looking meaningfully in my direction. the inference being i had used that new mobile to occasionally surf the web and post political comments. and that i should only be doing that on my home computer or my public library account.

    people with my condition are incredibly sensitive to stress, and to have a nurse who you trusted so much basically fire out a couple of psy-ops to fuck with my head is beyond disgusting. it would not surprise me in the slightest if rob jamieson was a member of common purpose.

    here is his work contact number 01224 557218. i would appreciate it if people reading this could call it and leave a one word message on his voicemail. that word is “dunno”.

    finally it would not surprise me in the slightest if this message gets back to rob. and i have this to say to you. you are a vile disgusting c untbag who should be struck off the nhs, bundled into a van, taken out into the countryside and beaten to death with iron pipes. and that goes for all your aberdeen common purpose vermin who’ve fucked me over the last 9 years. soon i will start mentioning other names and putting scanned letters on the net.

    ps why is it when i relogged into a new email addy on my new mobile phone last night a message about an incorrect certificate came up and why is it today whilst in town when i tried to log onto the net using the new moblle a message came up saying it couldn’t connect to the proxy. when i changed to another browser i was able to connect to websites easily. what are you common purposes cun’ts using my identity for? and where is your warrant to do so and where is your warrant to spy on me?


  38. 64
    Anonymous says:

    why are my frozen peas blood splatterd


    • 82
      A Hairy Biker says:

      AS I say to the wife, not bloody peas again.


    • 288
      Anonymous says:

      interesting that you posted your message the same minute that “invisible” handcuffs posted theirs.

      if one were conspiracy minded it could be inferred you were making a veiled threat. namely the suggest of peas (some reference to an adult who finds kids attractive) albeit frozen which would mean dead. oh and the reference of blood. then the initial reply to your post from a hairy biker mentioning “the wife”. again is that another threat to the wife or family of invisible handcuffs?

      in the long distant past an email was sent fro one to another. the one said they had found out some evidence about the soham case that pointed conclusively to the fact huntl3y had been fitted up and he was going to publish it on the net when the moment presented itself to do so. the next day the beslan atrocity happened. just another one of those coincidences hey?!

      i remember putin’s talking about the intelligence they had garnered after it had happened. that they were very surprised at who had green lighted the attack and that there would be retribution. i wonder if any one eu oriented is familiar with the initials l and s and m? in reference to the ukraine. i think the eu knows full well who the funding behind those 3 initials and i think the eu knows how the people of ukraine would react if they knew the truth.

      you are a bunch of disgusting beasts.


  39. 76
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Were any of them ever educated at all? I know the old man cannot string to words together in English


  40. 77
    Isaac Hunt says:

    Alex Jones Re-issues Challenge to Box Piers Morgan

    “You know, Morgan, that I will literally beat the hell out of you”


  41. 81
    Kinnochio says:



  42. 85
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    So we’ll be paying for the twat’s second home (a palace in Copenhagen) I suppose ?


  43. 89
    Stephen (to his wife) says:

    Hey Blondy; what is “WE’RE AAAAAAWWWIIIIGGGGGGHHHHTT !!” in Danish?


  44. 90
    nell says:

    so kinnochio’s son is following in his father’s footsteps for 2015 – kinnoch led labour to disaster in 1992? so is his son planning to be part of a labour debacle in 2015?


    • 102
      Not a fan of Labour says:

      Perhaps time to remind folk how D’enmark collaborated with the Nazi’s during WWII. The wife’s looks are testament to racial purity.

      Shame she muddied the blood line with this useless mongrel.

      Perhaps a case of politics above pedigree ?


  45. 99
    nell says:

    Following in Daddy’s footsteps may get his bottom wet!


  46. 104
    The Loony Left says:


  47. 110
    Diane says:

    You see Jimmy, this is what happens when you can afford to send your kids to private schools. Those kids can become Labour MP’s exhorting everybody to send their kids to state schools, whilst sending their own kids to private school. Clever, eh?


  48. 111

    Glad the House of Lords Act was a matter of principle, Labour. Now to get the Earl of Burford selected as Conservative candidate for Aberafan…


  49. 112
    Vlad says:

    You want gas? Then pay the fuck up bitchez, otherwise bend over…


  50. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Protester interrupts BBC to warn of international p@edophile rings.


  51. 118
    God Help Us says:

    Our ruling elite are taking the piss. This country is neither a democracy nor a meritocracy.

    We can’t be surprised if the UK ends up with radical groups seeking to pursue class war – and given that our electoral system is pants, they will quite possibly consider doing this by violent means.


  52. 123
    In other news says:

    Islamic teacher who sexually abused girl, 11, spared jail because he’s on benefits | Mail Online

    “He was later convicted of five counts of sexual activity with a child but on Monday he was handed a 40 week custodial sentence suspended for two years after the court heard that he was now on a benefits with a family reliant on him.”

    How are they reliant on him when the sponging git is on benefits? More like reliant on the state!


    • 138
      Jihad Watch says:

      Sounds like a nonce-terrorist.


    • 280
      Early bird says:

      So wtf were they not all put on the first plane to Damascus or Karachi then? These bloody idiot magistrates all need chucking off the end of the nearest pier.


  53. 125
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Lord & Lady Kinnock’s £10m Euro gravy train


  54. 126
    The Parachute Boys says:

    A safe seat for Kinnock, a safe seat being lined up for Euan Blair and a safe seat being lined up for Will Straw. Aah, Labour democracy at its best.


    • 142
      The Benn Dynasty says:

      Don’t forget me !!!

      In July 2013, Benn was selected as one of three candidates to stand in the West Thornton ward of the London Borough of Croydon in the 2014 local council elections [1]. Close to where Benn lives, West Thornton is considered to be a safe Labour ward, although Croydon Council had been under Conservative majority control since 2006.


  55. 131
    Tony Benn says:

    My admirers say I was an influential politician. So influential, I couldn’t even influence my own son Hillary not to vote for the invasion of Iraq.


  56. 132
    Movie related jokes says:

    What do you call Labour’s candidate selection process?

    Muppets Most Wanted


    • 137
      nell says:

      What you can say for certain is that labour’s union dominated selection process is in no way democratic!


  57. 133
    nell says:

    doesn’t he live in switzerland or somewhere to avoid paying taxes in uk and denmark?

    he obviously has the right attitude for an mp.


    • 184
      UK tax inspector says:


      He in fact workx for the Davos banksters gig, full of kleptomaniacs

      Ask him during the election where he has paid his taxes for the last 10 years

      He is non dom…and a major tax fiddle

      So we are likely to have non dom MPs now, like we have non dom Peers


  58. 146
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



  59. 147
    RT says:


    • 191
      MI6 says:

      Not to speak of the Chinese..

      Obama would be well advised to move very carefully now that his out of control neocon underlings have conducted a putsch in Kiev


      • 231
        C O (Ξ7g) says:

        P’tin has really got nothing – and only those who have been successfully duped think he has: Except for a murderous secret police and a few nukes that is.

        His primary income streams are from Oil (~50%) and Gas (~20%).

        The problem is he is a bit overpriced in the market, and there is a lot of central As!an supply coming online:

        In fact – his little monopoly is being carved up quite nicely, by the SCO. Ch!na and others are not particularly interested in his little E’urasian Union imperialist project either.

        Dig around a bit to find out why T’urkey recently opted for Ch!nese missile defence system also.

        R’uss!a is actually a bit stuffed at the moment, which is why it is acting out.


  60. 151
    Brillo toes the establishment line says:

    Remember, the phrase “we are all in this together” was a warning to rest pf the establishment to toe the line during the difficult times during the oncoming Depression II.


  61. 152
  62. 157
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Some need to ‘remind themselves’ of an ‘establishment placed stooge’ in the EU – who ‘covered up’ the whistleblowing of EU Accounts being rather cooked and unaudited … surely it was that Neil charachter wasn’t it?

    After all he has been ‘rewarded’ with so much by his establishment controllers hasn’t he?

    Is the EU really controlled from the capital swirling around in the Capital City of The worlds laundry services … which might just explain why the accounts have remained unaudited for … is it 17 years or more?


    • 197
      bleeping gaydar says:

      You are tedious and self obsessed, like most lonely homos.


      • 213
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Evening there Mr Peter Tatchel – is your fucking dirty militant politicised homo agenda still going down like a lead baloon?


        • 240
          bleeping gaydar says:

          You love Tatchel. You wish you could do dirty bumsex with him. Shame he doesn’t go for fat old losers. Maybe you could borrow one of Rev. Flowers’ rentboys.


  63. 158
    Jack the Ripper says:

    Nice to see merit and hard work triumphing, whatever the odds. This has restored my faith in politics.


  64. 159
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Nice to see the UK’s shyster brigade ‘FINALLY’ getting a bit of a bashing for their fee creation at public expense – bastards all of them.


    • 169
      ! says:

      Comments being well modded, BW, twats.


    • 179
      A lizard says:

      BW you are so deep in the closet you’re opening next year’s Christmas presents.


      • 208
        Blowing Whistles says:

        i have so many of the bastards on the run they just dont know where the next lawful attack is coming from – It could be the Law Society or the Lands Valuation Tribunals (LVT) for all i know and then again it could just be tiny, tiny little Local Council issue OR something else?


        • 246
          nurse! more lithium! says:

          You have so many of the bastards on the run? Ha ha ha ha ha. You really are a deluded loony.


    • 205
      Anonymous says:


      • 210
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And that crossed with the post i just put up … well well …

        And anyone who dares to call them crafty corrupt fuckers – ‘a criminal’ is deemed in their word to be “a rude man” …

        No, no, no it’s not a form of secret code at all / whatsoever …


      • 223
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Message to COBar 7g – its a conspiracy by the Z’ists, the masons AND Common Purpose – aginst the People – you twat.


        • 229
          C O (Ξ7g) says:

          Would like to see the reports in a bit more detail.

          PressTV is an !ranian state propaganda organ.

          Think about that before jumping on what otherwise appears to be a reasonable report.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Governments lie to their people; it’s what they do when there are no proper checks and balances especially legal ones – on those atop.


  65. 160
    Reality Cheque says:

    Labour slipping away now like a Stafford patient in the night, hopeless front bench full of clowns and oddballs, no policies except echoes of Tory reform, eg foghorn Reeves today in pensions, absolutely fackin clueless. Good for mass immigration of factory fodder and greasing bankers arses.

    A couple more classics from George in the next twelve months and the limps will be left behind too to a Tory majority and continuity of the repairs long overdue and essential.


  66. 161
    Edward Snowden says:


  67. 166
    • 171
      Nigel and willie says:

      Seems like a nice boy.


    • 173
      Judge Dreadful says:

      She’s also a tax-fiddler. Why aren’t these people doing time?


    • 178
      Dr Freud says:

      That explains why the Minikocchios live apart

      I was wondering whether he was a weekend wanker like our Cathy Ashton’s hubby

      It seems he is just a weekend shirtlifter

      But I sppose Labour and the Tories have a quota for these perverts


    • 190
      Hot Dog says:

      Where is that silly sausage Jimmy ? He has is hands firmly around the throbbing cock of Labour and could finish this right now.


    • 250
      Ah! possibly but says:

      No doubting his father was queer tho


    • 253
      Ah! possibly but says:

      Ah! possibly but says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      March 22, 2014 at 11:58 pm
      No doubting his father was que er tho


  68. 175
  69. 188
    David Minibanana says:



  70. 199
    RED LEN says:


  71. 203
    Tony Blair is a war criminal says:

    So Labour suddenly decide to support Tory pension reforms and guess what? yep the BBC do an about face and stop all the criticism of the policy.

    Funny that. NOT!


  72. 204
    Nepotism by the sons nearly in all cases says:

    With Nepotism by senior members of the Labour rife, another sqandle is emerging. They appear to be for the benefit of the sons. Tristan Hunt, Stephen Kinnock, Blair, Dromley, Mandleson, David Prescott (tried but failed),…..


  73. 209
    Honourable lady says:

    Kate Hoey….please remove yourself from that shower of shit.
    You demean yourself by remaining a Labour MP.


  74. 211
    Anonymous says:


  75. 212
    Anonymous says:

    And the thicko Labour voters will vote for him…


  76. 215
    Anonymous says:


  77. 222
    domino says:

    Sing it to the tune of Bow Wow Wow “I want Candy”

    “We’re Britain’s Ghandis”


  78. 225
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Kinnock Snr and Jnr



  79. 232
    Anonymous says:


  80. 234
    Anonymous says:

    EU Launches Antirust Case Against Natural Gas Giant Gazpromia

    When it comes to who controls Europe, the answer is simple – hint: it is not Goldman Sachs via its puppets Mario Monti or Mario Draghi. Nor is it Angela Merkel. No – the entity in charge of the continent of 300+ million is the nation-corporation known as Gazpromia, which also happens to be is the holding company of the new and somewhat improved USSR, aka Russia. Why? Because if Gazpromia decided to play the vengeful god role it is known to embrace now and then, it could simply shut down the gas pipeline to Europe and millions of people would realize that heating in deep subzero temperatures is far, far more important than having a (un)stable currency or wheelbarrows full of money. As such, it is always better to let sleeping gods lie. Oddly enough, Europe decided to not do that, and moments ago the WSJ and BBG reported that the EU has decided to bite the hand that warms it and has launched an antrust case against Gazprom.


  81. 236
    C.O.Jones says:

    Thank goodness Gordon does not support English football anymore, the two faced liar is trying to curry favour with Scottish voters now. Moral compass, whats that?


  82. 237
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 282
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Pro EU LibLabCon on 67%
      Anti EU UKIP on 23%

      Time for UKIP to face reality and call it a day and wind the party up if they can’t get more than the LibLabCon combined in a Euro election.

      Bye bye UKIP :-)


      • 324
        Gerry Mander says:

        The public who don’t actually vote for any of these parties: probably around 67%. Time to arrest everyone in Westminster for stealing our democracy from us.


        • 374
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

          Well we keep hearing from the NOT voting fraternity that they don’t vote because all the parties are the same and there is no one else to vote for.

          Well now they have an alternative in UKIP they are still not voting, proving what a bunch of lazy liars they are.


  83. 238
    Talking of Wales says:

    The People’s Republic of Wales: Soaring NHS waiting lists, plummeting school standards, jobs for the boyos… but still Red Ed hails it as his blueprint for Britain

    Sums it up perfectly


    • 254
      Anonymous says:

      “The people of Wales deserve better. And the people of the UK should examine life here and remember that this is what Ed Miliband would like to emulate. “


  84. 241
    Cake thief says:

    It only took 273 comments on the Guardian before they pulled it. Under no circumstances will the Guardian allow accusations of money grubbing nepotism.


  85. 242
    Number 10 Cameron's Den says:


  86. 243
    Anonymous says:


  87. 245
  88. 248
    5 and 8 Make them Wait says:


  89. 263
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC hate the fact the polls are closing. They haven’t bothered to report the trends since early February despite a number of polls


  90. 269
    A well attended Public Meeting says:

    The crowds gathered


  91. 276
    domino says:

    An interesting little gem of a video, see if you can spot who affirms and who swears to god when making the Oath..try it as a game.


    • 310
      Contemptible scum says:

      Time they changed it to reflect reality by declaring their traitorous allegiance to the EU


  92. 283
    The mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    What is happening to the country ?
    We are supposed to be protecting basic rights, not colluding with abominations and fuckwit expansionist Europeans


    • 286
      knock knock says:

      Should not Big Ears be writing to Dave about all this – or is he in it up to his scrawny little neck? What do his sons think about this momentous change to their futures?


    • 312
      Spongebarry Nobrain says:

      You slimey limeys will do as you are told.

      Look at me, fuycking Russia and Europe up both at the same time;

      This is the American Millenium, so just shut the fuck up you commie basturds

      Sharia Law that you will be forced to believe in!


    • 314
      Spongebarry Nobrain says:

      You slimey limeys will do as you are told.


    • 319
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Don’t knock it.

      If your wife decides to divorce you in order to get half your assets you can convert to Islam and she’ll get fuck all :-)


  93. 287
    jason says:

    Yay. Finally a proper local candidate I can get behind in aberavon. Oh wait. No. He’s only been here 3 times. Once to see if he could get selected, twice to get selected and the third to celebrate his selection. Looking forward to his visit for when he wins the seat. #democracyinaction


  94. 295
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Perhaps now is a good time to raise the question of Welsh Independence.


  95. 301
    Nobalot de la France says:

    * So the newspapers only pay beer money but somehow all the good leads still go to Rupert Murdoch’s outfit.
    * MPs expense scandals involving sums under £3:50 get posted here plus an assortment of Spad and Media appointments dirge.
    * Facebook bollocks FFS!.
    * No one can post under their own moniker any more without fear of instant deletion.

    What is happening? This place used to be fun. Now it is as trivial as Kim Kardashian’s haemorrhoids.


  96. 306
    Guy News Room says:

    Suggestions that Labour could enter a coalition with the Liberal Democrats after next year’s general election have been dismissed as “nonsense” by the man in charge of Labour’s election strategy,Owen “I’m the Daddy” Jones.


  97. 313
    Spongebarry Nobrain says:



  98. 321
    Anonymous says:


    Kinnokio and Abereravon.
    If ever there was a reason to support Scottish Independence – bringing an end to the Labour. This is it


  99. 322
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    I say bring back hunting with hounds.

    Hear ! Hear !


  100. 323
    The Kinnock dynasty says:

    Well awright!


  101. 325
    Fuck off Chucky says:

    That smarmy c-unt Chucky is on Marr’s show evading every question and recycling tired Labour soundbites.


    • 326
      Fishy says:

      Did you notice how he keeps calling people ‘THEY’. But of course they’re probably trash and wannabes

      Chucky was hugely condescending…can’t wait for the Twitter storm to start.


    • 339
      Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:



      • 358
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        So Labour are going down the same eco-loony tax bombshell route the Lib Dems are and they also plan to abolish the 25% single person rebate on Council Tax if elected.

        Vote Lib/Lab for higher petrol prices

        Vote Lib/Lab for higher electricity and gas bills

        Vote Lib/Lab for higher council tax

        Vote Lib/Lab for higher income tax

        Vote Lib/Lab for more raids on your pension

        Bye bye Lib/Lab :-)


    • 368
      Whiffler says:

      Anyone else notice Marr highlighting Amanda Platell’s comments with a sort of “people, don’t forget she’s a Tory apologist”

      I’ve never heard him temper his own views with his political outlook, nor those of most of his guests ….. I wish he’d tell me Polly Toynbee’s political slant.

      Marr out !


  102. 327
    Vlad the G(r)8 says:

    Morgan Borgen. Dunno what the Danish PM’s going to make of the kebab shop down Port Talbot High Street.


  103. 329
    Kinnock Troughing Cooperative says:

    Welcome to the trough boyo! Eat your swill. These Welsh retards voted for me so they’ll vote for anybody.


  104. 330
    P l e b says:

    “When your family relies on the NHS all of the time – day after day, night after night – you know how precious it is. So, for me, it is not just a question of saying the NHS is safe in my hands – of course it will be. My family is so often in the hands of the NHS, so I want them to be safe there.”

    David Cameron, 2006.


  105. 331
    pigs turn into men says:

    WTF? George Orwell was right.


  106. 333
    P l e b says:


    • 383
      Fishy says:

      It keeps giving because wankers like you keep reposting the same tweet…originally re tweeted by a lefty who is struggling to respond to the substance of the budget.

      I suggest to watch Umunna’s effort this morning…or the condescending Labour line that ‘THEY’ cannot be trusted with their own pension pot.


  107. 334
    Silly old fart says:

    Did I just hear John McCain talking about putting new missile defence systems in Czechoslovakia?
    Fuck me.


    • 342
      Warmongers RUs says:

      Probably. They are pushing Russia to the limit. Tis odd that Nobel peace prize winners Obama and EU are trying to start WW3


    • 344
      Kill Vlad says:

      He also wants to put troops into Ukraine.

      Having all these former USSR states in the EU has turned it into a vehicle for their revenge and western money is making the most of it.


    • 348
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Ignore the old neocon fool.

      The Russian Bear and Chinese Dragon are bearing their teeth and ushering in a post US-EU-UN-BBC-NATO-Neocon world and long may it continue :-)


      • 379
        Silly old fart says:

        It’s the fact he said Czechoslovakia that got me.
        How many years now, twenty?


        • 386
          Don't read too much into it. says:

          That’s how I think too so doesn’t bother me. It’s what the brain was taught. I still think Ceylon and Malaya as I have friends from those two countries and drink Ceylon tea I call Kenya Keenya as well.

          When did VD clinics become STD clinics, the Spastic Society become Scope and the mentally handicapped have learning disabilities?


  108. 336
    One Man One Vote says:

    Aberavon had an electorate of a mere 51,233 voters in 2010, which is less than half of that of the Isle of Wight with 110,924. It is a total disgrace that the Welsh votes cast there are given, in effect, a weighting of two votes to one English vote.

    The people should be given proper democratic representation, with one man one vote meaning an equal franchise in equal sized constituencies.

    The winner of the 2010 election in the Isle of Wight in 2010 polled 32,810 votes, which was more than all the candidates in Abervon recieved put together. (Total turnout in Aberavon was 30,958). The runner-up in the Isle of Wight polled 22,283 votes, which was 6000 more votes than the MP for Aberavon achieved (16,073). It is time that some of these rotten Welsh boroughs were abolished (there are several constituencies which are even smaller, like Rhondda, Ys Mon and Arfon) especially as Wales also has its own assembly.


  109. 345
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Can’t we go back to the wonderfully good old days of droning on endlessly about the granny tax and the pasty tax ?


  110. 346
    Drop a daisy cutter on David Cameron says:

    I attempt to censor speech through politically correctness, but ironically support free market libertarians like Assange and Snowden.


    • 370
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      Having viewed acts of barbarism committed by those Russians on my TV I am surprised David Cameron has not yet called in the Russian Ambassador and told him to “sling his hook”.

      All David Cameron does is wave his finger in the air and try to think of as many soundbites as he can ending in the word “kalashnikov” whilst his wife orders takeaway pizzas and looks at her brand spanking new kitchen we have all paid for in our taxes.


  111. 352
    LabourBlist-er says:

    We at Labourblister say “Well, done, Steve”. as Ed says we are a one nation party that doesn’t believe in nepotism, or doing favours for chums and friends, and even though you haven’t lived in Britain for 20 years we know Lord Sainsbury will soon explain to you what has been going on with the common people so that you can go slumming, er, we mean campaigning with the knowledge of an expert


  112. 354
    CIA mercenaries in Ukraine says:


  113. 355
    Anonymous says:

    I hear that the ‘Badger Spotting’ is particularly good in Wales.


  114. 364
    Reuters: Official UK policy says:

    So London is banking on continuing as the criminal money laundering centre of the world

    Get used to it…

    It’s official UK Government policy

    “Criminals of the world you are welcome in London, expecially your money”


  115. 365
    Keir Hardie says:

    More Labour party dynasties – more like the old Soviet Union nomenklatura!


  116. 366
    The Loony Left says:



    • 369
      Ginger Rodent says:

      You can’t ! So Ed Balls and I will tax their @rses off under any future LibLab governemnt


    • 382
      Fog says:

      These and most of the smug commentators who hate this freedom, are people who have ‘final salary’ public ‘servants’ perpetual payouts for the rest of their lives, paid for by the private tax papers who have to fund their own pensions.


  117. 367
    UKIP for me says:

    Getting ideas above their station, giving themselves airs and graces. An uppity middle class family trying to make it into the blue blood upper classes.

    Social climbing parasites who siphoned off millions to provide the wealth needed to advance up the social ladder as far as they can.

    Mrs Bucket type social climbers on steroids, a new dynasty is being created where their silver spoon brats will get the very best of everything, the new establishment.


  118. 373
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Perhaps our children will never know what a true democracy is – ‘cos there sure ain’t one around here at present.


    • 377
      Honest taxpayer says:


      Blair, Brown and Cameron sold out to the banksters and oligarchs years ago

      And they rule the UK and have bought the British political parties as we know

      Just look at the immunity from sanctions of all the Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs at this very moment (not to speal of mafia bosses, drug cartels etc who launder their mponey through London)

      And immunity from prosecution of thousands of criminals bankers despite tens of billions of “fines” (paid by the shareholders, not them)

      Everyone knows what has happened

      Noone is acting, for the moment

      The only hope of democracy in Britain is regime change

      In the meantime we pay for their bail outs, public services etc


      • 391
        Blowing Whistles says:

        i have noted the pathetic IMPOSTER comment over on GF’s Rupe Sunday blog.

        Oh dear – i seem to have annoyed the militant politicised homo brigade – so much so that they make idiots of themselves.


  119. 376
    Reuters: Official UK policy says:

    Two leading Ukracriminals funding Blair and Clinton to launder their ganster backgrounds

    Still untouched by sanctions, of c ourse


  120. 378
    Owen Jones says:

    Off to play bingo now !!! :)” ha!


  121. 380
    Fishy says:

    Why has Brillo got three left wing journalists together for his Sunday Brillo show;

    One from the Guardian, one from the FT, and another from the Guardian the over-privileged and odious Toynbee.

    And of course they’re going on about the ‘THEY’ word on Shapps poster…not mentioning that the Slimy Umunna used the ‘THEY’ word repeatedly on Marr this morning


  122. 384
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    Who’s he standing for? The Selfie Party?


  123. 385
    003½ says:

    Sт℮ρhℯη K Ѧmøs


  124. 387
    Nemesis says:

    Sorry to digress but how about this. And will we ever know which ‘celeb’ it is? It cannot be Jimmy Savile this time!

    TV comic ‘groomed’ tragic overdose teenager: 18-year-old’s mystery death after star ‘showered him with gifts then made sexual advances’
    Ben Cowburn was studying a fashion course in London, an inquest heard
    He met comedian ‘Mr X’, who made advances and bought gifts
    True identity of TV star has been protected after agreement with coroner
    Ben was due to work as Mr X’s stylist, but this was cancelled
    But he later admitted the relationship made him feel ‘dirty and used’
    He was found dead in his bedroom in 2010 with a plastic bag nearby
    His sister told the inquest: ‘We had concerns about him being groomed’


  125. 389
    Anonymous says:

    Stephen Kinnock: definitely not gay and definitely not a hypocritical shit stain for sending his daughter to a fee-paying school.



  126. 392
    ffranc says:

    Pity about the spelling mistake in that announcement. There is a double-L in Bedwellty –


  127. 405
    Peter Ellis says:

    I’d love to know how someone married to the Danish Prime Minister, with a wealth of Danish commitments, can possibly serve the people of Aberavon in any useful way.


    • 410
      I've got a little behind with my orders says:

      ‘twould be rasher not to bring home the bacon, don’t you think ?


  128. 411

    Oh God, I hope this doesn’t mean visits from the Buffoon-in-Chief wanting more selfies with the beauteous blonde bimbo bombshell PM Mrs Stephen Kinnock. Groan.


  129. 413
    John says:

    Well they ARE desperate to find someone to replace Ed Miliband. They could do a lot worse than another fucking Kinnock couldn’t they?

    And before you laugh, he has some qualifications for this. His daddy and Mummy is now mega rich Eurocrats (so he fits the modern Labour cabinet profile of cosseted rich kid) and he’s not Ed Balls.

    I wrote that last bit and thought about it. It must be fucking awful being a Kinnock child but at least you can console yourself that you are not one of Balls’ children. I fucking pity them.


  130. 417
    Roger Luffman says:

    Hereditary socialism should be confined to North Korea


  131. 418
    EyeSee says:

    Let me get this right, a nobody, the son of over promoted nobodies as been selected as a potential Labour candidate. Whoopee. Similarly (though actually more important) my local pond has lots of frogs in it.


  132. 420
    Fabians are EVIL says:

    Socialists make me want to VOMIT.

    How the fuck can they beat the drum for ‘equality’ when they so blatantly favour their own families. Where is our Anders Brevik?


  133. 424
    The Critic says:

    I misread the Kinnock’s announcement – Lord Kinnock of Bedwetty? Then I remembered – he’s taking the piss,not giving it.


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