March 20th, 2014

WATCH: Clueless Chris Leslie’s Bedroom ‘Tax’ Bungle

Poor little Chris Leslie always gets given the gigs no one else wants. Yesterday Guido noted that Labour did not include the bedroom ‘tax’ on their list of Tory tax rises, well on the Daily Politics today Andrew Neil asked him why:

As Brillo said, this was an implicit admission that it is not a tax…

Via @liarpoliticians.


  1. 1
    Jimmy says:

    It’s a new tax, not a tax rise.

  2. 2
    Margaret Thatcher says:

    The Poll Tax didn’t do me a lot of good.

  3. 3
    Max Clifford's Tiny Penis says:

    I enjoyed looking at those big pricks on the Labour bench yesterday but Ed M seemed to have trouble getting it up

  4. 4
    still walking into darkness says:

    Miliband has to be a practical joke, must be a candid camera Jeremy Beadle type of thing, it’s the only explanation

  5. 5
    Richard Webbfoot says:

    “Born in Keighley, Leslie went to Bingley Grammar School. He gained a BA in Politics & Parliamentary Studies in 1994 and an MA in Industrial and Labour Studies in 1996 from the University of Leeds.

    From 1994 to 1996 he was an office administrator, going on to become a political research assistant in Bradford from 1996-97. He was elected to Parliament a month before his 25th birthday”

  6. 6
    Larry LowTax says:

    Nonsense. Labour’s list contains so-called New Taxes…

    Try again

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Morons all — and the moronic British electorate are going to elected them again.

  8. 8
    A button mushroom says:

    Oi don’t you go trying to steal my thunder!

  9. 9
    George Osborne says:


  10. 10
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  11. 11
    Red Ruth says:

    “Austerity” is an assault on the poor. Tax cuts for millionaires is not austerity, austerity for the poor is selective austerity.

    And as it is becoming clear, Trident, HS2, the Royal family, eye-watering welfare dependency for rich landlords, farmers and useless welfare-to-work companies. Etc, etc..but especially the 11% wage rise for MPs – for those who blow the trumpet the most about the “need” for austerity.

    There is no austerity for the rich.

  12. 12
    Richard Webbfoot says:

    Apart from big rises in Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty on million pound houses, reduced pension relief etc. Don’t let these facts spoil your nonsense.

  13. 13
    Fat Pang let Maggie Down says:

    And the minister responsible for introducing and implementing the community Charge was non other than Christopher Patten, Secretary of State for the Environment.

  14. 14

    The only true “bedroom tax” is Stamp Duty Land Tax – taxation on aspiration itself, as advocated by all political parties.

  15. 15
    way-hay! says:

    Coburn showing a good bit of thigh throughout!

  16. 16
    RickB says:

    You forgot to mention that he is also a wanker of the highest order.

  17. 17
    American English says:

    Coburn …pronounced “Cockburn”?

  18. 18
    Grant Shapps says:

    Housie housie

  19. 19
    Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

    Don’t forget inheritance tax. Just because the Miliband brothers got away with it, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

  20. 20
    You can't trust people to spend their own money sensibly says:

    So two years of doing something for a living was too much for him hence he joined the political set.

  21. 21
    Silly Beercow says:

    When will the sex tax be introduced?

  22. 22
    Way-hay! says:

    It is now, I was wearing fishing socks.

  23. 23
    Way-hay! says:

    Of course in reply to #17

  24. 24
    George's Boss says:

  25. 25
    Slough twinned with Krackow says:

    It’s a shame she didn’t introduce a Pole Tax!

  26. 26
    @riboflavin says:

    Presumably “office administrator” is code for making the tea in some Labour or union crony job back office.

  27. 27
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Try and keep up Guido, I’ve already covered this in the last blog.
    Remember you are either in front of or behind Guido.

  28. 28
    Ed Moribund says:

    Surprise Surprise!
    I will be the next PM.

    Coz luckily for me most of this country is too thick and lazy to pay attention.

  29. 29
    SUPER BUNGLE says:

  30. 30
    Gordon says:

    Seventy two, in for a poo.

  31. 31
    Ed Moribund says:

    What year of your PPE course are you on?
    Would you like a job as an unpaid intern to Ed Balls? He needs all the help he can get.

  32. 32
    We're Labour and we have a monopoly on compassion ! says:

    EXACTLY. How can a reduction in housing benefit because you have more rooms than you need be a tax. Only Labour could come up with this gem.

  33. 33
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I believe he once stuck one of Brown’s nokia phones back together.

  34. 34
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    PS – Send Money

  35. 35
    Contempt doesn't cover it says:

    That cùnt Patten has been responsible for one shambles after another…..a serial bungling toughing pig face.

  36. 36
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Jimmy, you really are a plonker.

  37. 37
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Hey Sally, will you pay it, put it on John’s exes or claim a rebate, you munty old slapper?

  38. 38
    Labour millionaires policy for the plebs says:

    I should pay more tax to ensure someone else who isnt working can live in a nicer house than me

  39. 39
    A fresh faced young boy says:

    I’d love to but I’m already promised to the Deputy Speaker

  40. 40
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Labour Bingo calls

    Two fat ladies – Need a handout
    Legs Eleventy – 109
    Gordon’s Eye – blind zero.
    Garden Gate – puts you in band E council tax
    Unlucky for some – Ed Miliband
    Death’s door – Andy Burnham’s NHS
    two and two – 7

  41. 41
    The BBC PR dept says:

    but we think he’s warm, cuddly and turns water into wine

  42. 42
    The Old tricks are the best says:

    Bedroom tax, Pasty tax, Granny tax, Poll tax. It works every time and the BBC always bite.

  43. 43
    Gordo Brown says:

    Och aye

  44. 44
    Mini Clifford says:

    What is “Cock burn”?

  45. 45
    J.M Barroso says:

    How’s the Euroreich project coming along H?

  46. 46
    Nigel (Good) Evans says:

    My favourite was Zippy.

  47. 47
    SUPER BUNGLE says:


  48. 48
    This made me smile lots, so, thank you Bill Q says:

    lol :)

  49. 49
    white dee says:

    I could study labour and industry, I cud watch it all day…oh wait

  50. 50
    Jackie Dromey says:

    Never had him in my back office.

  51. 51
    Santiago says:

    Hi Jack, I have a new video out.

  52. 52
    Skeleton Bob says:

    No need for austerity when there are all those magic money trees to pluck money from,eh?

  53. 53
    The BBC PR dept says:

    You paid your licence sonny?

  54. 54
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    He also acquired a internal ‘party beard’ of a wife in order to look a bit less gay – didn’t fool the voters of Shipley, who promptly ejected him and got themselves a real MP again, Philip Davies.

    Whether the voters of Nottingham are as bright remains to be seen but, once the Co-op money runs out as it surely will, they too may start to realise what a complete wanker they got.

    But it’s still rather cruel exposing him to Brillo – it’s like the boss of Mensa against a special-needs kid, utterly brutal but great fun to watch.

  55. 55
    Brillo is brill says:

    I’m surprised the bbc haven’t tried to ditch Brillo. He’s the only one in the whole of the bbc who’s genuinely impartial and doesn’t lick Labour’s arse. I suppose the fact they put him on daytime and late Thursday nights is their way of giving him minimum exposure while being able to say they’re fulfilling their impartiality remit.

    He’s the only bbc presenter who’s torn Abbott, Chucky, Balls, Foghorn, Owen Jones and now Leslie to shreds. If Labour win the next election, they’ll probably have him replaced with Campbell or Mandelson. They’ve already got most of Campbell and Mandelson’s friends working on Newsnight.

  56. 56
    Skeleton Bob says:

    Why can’t those mutton-top Labour supporters stop bleating and learn some basic maths instead?

  57. 57
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Get Labour and no referendum.

  58. 58
    Cam Bourne says:

    And there never,ever was. Money does have its advantages. Your point is?

    PS love the idea of playing with Cornish town names….

  59. 59
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Er, TV tax surely?

  60. 60
    Cam Bourne says:

    They normally add the words Ashcroft/Thatcher/Coulson

  61. 61
    Cam Bourne says:

    Two fat ladies – Dainne Abbott and her shadow surely?

  62. 62
    Benn'd Over says:

    I don’t wish to speak ill of the dead, but Tony Benn portrayed himself as a man of the people while living in the lap of luxury and privilege for all his 88 years, he said Mao was basically a good man, someone who caused the deaths of over a hundred million people, he told anyone who’d listen that he was anti-war but was strangely silent when it came to his cabinet minister son Hillary voting for the invasion of Iraq, and his daughter Melissa is a self-proclaimed feminist who spent her early 20s as assistant to Patricia Hewitt at the NCCL, which campaigned alongside PIE to have the age of consent reduced to 4 and to have incest legalised.

    What a legacy.

  63. 63
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    Chris Leslie is a typical example of a programmed Labour plonker ,who just
    parrots the Ed Balls crap. He could not give a straight answer to save his life .
    A real gift to the Conservative Party .

  64. 64
    James Purnell says:

    Don’t forget little old me

  65. 65
    Mr Nobody says:

    Labour aren’t out of it yet but Ed is dead in the water now. If they replace him that would be a game-changer, but have Labour left it too late now? They’ll lose badly if they go into an election telling us Ed should be PM.

  66. 66
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    We have plans to move him to a prime time news slot. The actual 10 O’clock news slot and a Newsnight style follow up program.

    On BBC 3.

    As soon as that goes to online only.

  67. 67
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    No wonder Miliband and Balls try and keep away from Brillo .

  68. 68
    More Labour bingo says:

    25 – Duck and dive (expense claim)
    43 – Down on your Knees (Prescott’s delight)
    49 – PC (community grants for Lee Jasper)
    58 – Make them wait (for a doctor)
    65 – Old Age Pension (pence per week increase under Gordon Brown)

  69. 69
    Blowing a Gale says:

    Why could you not get anyone else to join you when you had a coup against Gordon?

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    To be fair, there is not a lot between Milliband and Dave.

    They are two ends of the same shitty stick..

  71. 71
    Legs Eleven says:

    Ed Balls. 25, Duck and Dive

  72. 72
    Bluto says:

    What a smarmy git. Typical Labour.

  73. 73
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    She is definitely past her sell by date.

  74. 74
    Rajar Gupta says:

    That’s why he’s on at lunchtime when only old crones and the idle unemployed are watching.

  75. 75
    the general public says:

    Guido, is it not a bit churlish to keep going on about what is effectively only a nick-name?

    Lets give this debate some substance and talk about the merits of the (let’s give it it’s proper name), The Spare Room Subsidy.

    By it’s very nature it targets ONLY those on income so low they qualify for housing benefit, so it is the poor subsidising the rest of us, the less well off being punished financially because they have a bedroom they don’t use. Many got there simply because they were allocated their home by councils, for others it is the family home where children have moved out. Many would like to move but consistently poor housing policies i.e. not enough housing let alone appropriate housing being built, means this is a remote possibility for most of them.

    The idea that people should live in a property that matches their needs is fine to a point, but this government has not factored in the practicalities e.g. it will never work as a “blanket” policy but may if targeted appropriately, or included any degree of compassion when putting it into practise.


  76. 76
    Anonymous says:

    And the difference between Dave and Leslie. in terms of work experience and w@nkerdom is what exactly ?

  77. 77
    Mr Nobody says:

    Not a hope of that under Ed Miliband, he’ll be lucky to scrape 230 seats. That Labour poll lead isn’t what it needs to be at this stage in the cycle.

  78. 78

    I am still awaiting details from HMRC about how this mysterious bedroom tax ,is going to be collected will it be through my salary on pay as you earn , is it through the local council , will I receive an annual statement , can I claim a refund, and if so, under what circumstances?

  79. 79

    There was no such thing as poll tax, it was the community charge!

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Cast Iron has said he would vote to stay in the EU …..

    LibLabCon are all pro EU and Cast Iron will always. lie and deceive on the EU.

  81. 81

    If there was austerity for the rich then they wouldn’t be rich you silly cow!!

  82. 82
    From Hades says:

    They mis-heard, I said “Prole tax.”

  83. 83
    Bill Quango MP says:

    He survived politically just through longevity. He was a joke in his own time in the 1970s. A divisive malcontent who wrecked his own party in the 80s. By the time the 90s came along people just assumed he was wise because he was ancient and didn’t like Blair

  84. 84
    JH-230912384590231 says:

    Benn is already forgotten.

    Who is the most respected figure on the left now?

    No one seems to know the answer.

  85. 85

    The general public are beginning to realise the true cause of the housing shortage ,the xenophobic racist bastards!!!

  86. 86
    Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

    Now you are just criticising Liebor’s Education policy. It’s not their fault.

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    The point is, whilst it would be lovely and nice to let people live on benefits all their life, and keep their council house for life like Bob Crow, in reality we just can’t afford it.

    A) we expect people to get on and get a job. Unlike a dog, a council flat isn’t for life.

    B) we need all those council houses and bedrooms for low paid immigrants who have over double the number of kids that Brits have.

    C) it’s r@cist not to let mussies have big houses for their 2 wives and 7 kids.

  88. 88
    JH-230912384590231 says:

    what is effectively only a nick-name

    ..and faithfully parroted by the Guardian and its uniquely-funded broadcast wing.

    The only person being punished financially is the taxpayer. Someone who cannot pay for the roof over their head can take whatever they are fucking given.

  89. 89
    Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

    Yes – and it was a damn sight fairer than the bloody Council Tax, which favours multi-earners living in a single property.

  90. 90
    No Win Jones says:

    Obviously, it’s me.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:


  92. 92
    Yvette Cooper says:

    I’m once, twice, three times a ladyboy.

  93. 93
    Victoria Nuland says:

    Fuck the EU

  94. 94

    A nick name yes, but one calculated to cause misunderstanding and anxiety , as I posted yesterday about the elderly lady who was convinced that she would be forced to pay tax on the spare bedroom in her own home, and was genuinely worried .
    I have also overheard conversations between people often elderly, expressing concern about how they will pay this new bed room tax out of their pensions .
    This nickname was no accident just vicious socialist dis information !

  95. 95
    malachi 2:16 says:

    a few years past 40 years ago the messiah was born, that is to say the second coming and he was put into the care of the catholic church, albeit in a covert fashion. the church manipulated his entire life until he turned 33 years old, whereupon they unleashed their plan to stitch him up. it went wrong and ever since then the vatican has desperately been trying to cover their tracks by associating the messiah with terrible acts… in the hope they can still manage to stitch him up lone gunman style. just as the first time round the romans have used the law (that is to say the torah) as a psychology handbook, as that is what it is. it documents the biology of a human being both physically and mentally. but this time it has failed and the vatican are gearing up to try and wipe out all life on the planet so that the return of the king is thwarted.

    one front of their internal assault has been to have the messiah labeled as mental unwell, via the use of the torah in conjunction with sonic weaponry. the irony of this is that mental health laws, like all laws, are foundated on the bible… i swear by almight god, “god et mon dieu (god and my divine right) as the crest in all courts of law in the uk for example). when you talk to god it is called praying but when god talks to you it is called schizophrenia.

    president bush let slip with wisdom when he taled about the internets. because another thing these catholic agents have been doing is feeding the messiah with false web comments and then transposing the messiah’s comments to other people whose internet is “special”. and from there those special targeted individuals combined output gets put into the main internet… so that the whole world can be lied to about the messiah.

    talking of the mainstream most have been brainwashed and conditioned into believing that god and gods do not exist. this is a falsehood. the vatican is also banking on the messiah not turning their city into rubble because of the collateral damage in terms of unconnected human beings. in the grand scheme of things the innocent if innocent in all matters are gifted with heaven- so it does not matter. another banker for the vatican is the “priceless” artifacts they store in their vaults. again the messiah does not give a shit about historical items because all knowledge is within the messiah and he will bring peace for all time.

    most catholics are innocent in this affair. they will will not be sent to hell for the crimes of the vatican.

    your days are numbered benedict and francis- not even two of you could usurp the king of kings. this is your final chance to repent.

  96. 96
    Spot the Dog with the Dirty Balls Ducking and Diving in the Trough says:


  97. 97
    Labour Sheople says:


  98. 98
    Dorkass says:

    The Left does respect? I thought they were all just psychopaths. Who knew?

  99. 99


  100. 100
    Index Finger says:

    Good point.

  101. 101
    Fredo says:

    I think he meant European Third World countries

    Greece, Spain, etc…

  102. 102
    Fuck the EU says:

    Well said.

  103. 103
    was it something I said? says:

    That’s a pretty meteoric rise from Leeds (LEEDS FFS!!) university post-graduate at 24 to MP by the age of 25.

    Some serious strings must have been pulled to get this kid a seat. Whose son is he?

    There’s a story there.

  104. 104
    thostids says:

    Seeing that SDLT is simply a tax on inflation as caused by Governments printing money or giving money to people to buy houses they can’t afford, it’s a neat idea.

  105. 105
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    How does he get away with four paragraphs and four sentences?

  106. 106
    Shift key says:

    Having a lovely time in the sun, wish you were here.

  107. 107
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Ok, I’ll try again one last time!

    Read slowly ten times “A change in housing benefit entitlement is NOT a tax”

  108. 108
    Garfield says:

    It makes you wonder if Labour HQ have a “Beard Dept”?

  109. 109
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Enjoy it’s pissing it down here :)

  110. 110
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Actually that sums him up perfectly…what did he achieve, apart from ensuring the great lady’s time at No10?

  111. 111

    They pulled the same trick with the ‘POLL TAX’ although in fairness it was a charge that had to be paid. IF I’m not mistaken it was coined TONY BENN .

  112. 112
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    and wine into what is passed in the Gents.

  113. 113
    Garfield says:

    Just heard that the funeral of Bob Crow will be on Monday. Will the BBC have a Mandelafest and will Milliband be sobbing at the grave?

  114. 114
    Sally says:

    Actually my John is hung like a rogue elephant and between ourselves, his trunk is all I
    need. The rest is horseplay. ( and I can aready hear the comments).

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    I have a friend who is bright and honest but not that clued up on politics or current affairs. He owns and lives alone in a modest house that happens to have 3 bedrooms. He simply accepted that it was ‘just yet another’ tax that he would soon be forking out for.

    The most worry thing is that we have become conditioned to accept that we will be taxed and taxed to support the other half of the country’s sky subscriptions and pay for their fags/booze and politicians pet projects, HS2 etc

  116. 116
    Leftie says:

    £230,000 for a series of community cohesion diversity outreach cultural enrichment concerts is money well spent!

  117. 117
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    Nope, not for the past 15 years either, so WTF do you reckon you are gonna do about it?

  118. 118
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    Must be Rumpy then.

  119. 119
    Chris Smith says:

    Amen. Just how has this serial trougher and talentless waste of space kept his snout in the top jobs trough?

  120. 120
    Red Ruth says:

    Me too.

  121. 121
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    En passant and apropos of nothing, where was little Mr Shortarse yesterday? Should he not have been in the Chair for such an important Parliamentary event? How was he permitted to delegate the duty to an underling?

    PS: To whom exactly is the Speaker responsible? Who is his line manager?

  122. 122
    Curious says:

    Will he fall in? Or will he be pushed?

  123. 123
    How to not be ruled by minorities says:

    White majority needs to get out and vote.

    Perhaps UKIP offers a reasonable choice / motivation.

  124. 124
    Mitch says:

    But, your friend won’t lose any money. Sounds like he’ll be conned out of it eventually, anyway.

  125. 125
    Curious says:

    It is hypocritical of Labour to complain; they removed the subsidy from private tenants. The Tories just applied the policy to everyone.

    Being good socialists, Labour believe that all tenants are equal, but some tenants are more equal than others.

  126. 126
    was it something I said? says:

    No. He won’t lose any money. But the deliberately propagated lie has him in fear of losing money. he might even decide that this ‘bedroom tax’ is a tax too far and vote for Labour.

    Because they’re against this ‘bedroom tax’ you see.

  127. 127
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Have they found that fucking plane yet?

  128. 128
    We're Labour and we have a monopoly on compassion ! says:

    If they get in and they abolish what THEY CALL the bedroom tax I can’t wait for housing benefit claimants in the private sector to be moving into bigger properties and then demanding the rate for 2 bedrooms instead of 1 (assuming they are single or a couple). Have the Labour party thought this through. Like everything with Miliband and co, they haven’t a bloody clue !

  129. 129
    Japanese carmaker says:

    He created the British Motor Corporation which ensured that British cars would be so outdated and ill-equipped that everyone would buy our rusty old bangers with push button radios and expensive parts. Thank you Tony Benn. we luv you long time.

  130. 130
    Hans Ard says:

    Deputy Speaker always chairs Budget speech. Similarly, Leader of Opposition always replies. No idea why.

  131. 131
    Point of Order, Mr Speaker says:

    The Speaker is NEVER in the Chair for the Budget Debateit is is always the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee(the Senior Deputy Speaker presently that being Lindsay Hoyle) which historically used to all bills relating to taxation although this is not now the case.

    Therefore Mr Speaker always withdraws ahead of the Budget Speech. As to who The Speaker is responsible to I can do no better than quote the eminent Mr Speaker Lenthall during English Civil War… “May it please your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as the House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here”.

  132. 132
    RagingBull says:

    Don’t think they will lose it in spite of Ed’s best schoolboy efforts. He will be PM as UKIP will split the Tory vote (the Tories won’t win back many of these) and enough ex LibDems will vote Labour. It’s a truly frightening prospect but he will be our next PM unless he’s hit by a meteor or something…might knock some sense into him.

  133. 133
    What did Benn actually achieve? says:

    When a prominent figure dies, one can usually point to their achievements, whether you agreed with them or not. I wasn’t a fan of Bob Crow but I could say he did a lot for his union members. But what did Benn achieve? That’s what I noticed in all the coverage of his death. None of them, even the bbc, were able to actually point to anything he did. All the tributes were dressed up in the language of “iconic figure”, “veteran Labour politician” etc, which just underlines what a singularly insignificant man he was.

    His years in government were before my time but from what I’ve read there was nothing of note about his time in office. It appears he spent the last three decades just writing his diaries and making speeches. How does that make him a towering figure or iconic? People who are easily impressed regard him as a great man. All I see is a privileged man who just talked a lot and wrote diaries but didn’t actually do very much.

    By all accounts, a nice man to deal with, so I’m not attacking him personally, I’m just questioning whether the status that’s been heaped on him, both in life and death, is justified.

  134. 134
    Gordon Brown funster says:

    77 – legs eleven

  135. 135
    C.O.Jones says:

    He achieved nothing.
    I have asked a few times here for his achievements but the leftie trolls cannot come up with ONE. That is after a lifetime in politics. He was a waste of space and his taxpayer funded salary and public pensions were a reward for a lifetime of spouting leftie dogma and bullshit IMO.

  136. 136
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    Just wait and see my meteoric rise!

    BTW – I really hate the bedroom tax, it makes me cry. I want all Tories dead.

  137. 137
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Bugger a Priest! Seems Faisal Islam’s got the Sky Pol Ed’s job. That’s a bit rum. Where are the pigeons and the cat?

  138. 138
    Bad Huhne Tax says:

    Not so fast. I thought it said Vroom Vroom Tax.

  139. 139
    White Dee says:

    Don’t be silly. I don’t get out of my filthy pit until 4 in the afternoon.

  140. 140
    Banned says:

    My 1985 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas is still working beautifully actually.

  141. 141
    Phoney Benn says:

    Read my drearies.Volume 7006 is out soon.
    I’m dying for a cup of tea.

  142. 142
    Anonymous says:

    the clue was probably in his name – wedgwood – a man from the aristocracy wedged in to spend his life pretending to be for the workers whilst weaving about fucking up true labour values. he was a bit like jon snow… public love and respect him unlike those who really knows the duplicitous spunker for what he truly is- a complete c u n t.

  143. 143
    Gravediggers Union says:

    Everybody out!

  144. 144
    Honest View says:

    Yes, it always annoys me that the “Poll Tax” has entered mythology as a cruel and unfair imposition that the sturdy populace protested about and defeated. It was a logical tax that meant everyone should have contributed to the local services that they used.
    Basing your share on the size of your property is totally illogical, and like so much in this state comes down heavily on single people or a couple with a single earner who have to pay for services used by large families, or I suppose people who crowd out small properties….

  145. 145
    Cinna says:

    Pretty much the same way as you. Incidentally, I’ve been out in Asia for the past three weeks and not kept up with this blog, so are you still around? Have you not had the balls to resign yet?

  146. 146
    Pattaya girl says:

    You no girly enough.

  147. 147
    Cinna says:

    Pity Bercow doesn’t have the same attitude.

  148. 148
    Jack Ketch says:

    Is he really another of those Homopathologists? He looks like one; he talks like one; he walks like one; he dresses like one—but he may just be a paedal-cyclist.

  149. 149
    Graham says:

    Chris Leslie another limited intelligence fucking drip. Another Hunt with a PPE Oxbridge degree ??

  150. 150
    Graham says:

    As I surmised, Chris Leslie is yet another useless arsehole with a mickey mouse degree in poltics ( surprisingly not Oxbridge) , never had a real job in the real world and an ineffectual overpaid fucking wanker. Seems to be essential qualifications to be a Liebour MP.

  151. 151
    broderick crawford says:

    Catheribe the Great ??

    ( and I m not talking about her communing with Rasputin! )

  152. 152
    broderick crawford says:

    chavs do not only shop at Tesco s .

    They shop at Iceland too.

  153. 153
    In A Flap says:

    he has very hairy nostrils

  154. 154
    Labour Loather says:

    You probably won’t but should feel sorry for Leslie & Chris Bryant too because they are regularly fed to the wolf that is Brillo.It is striking how he always shreds the pair of these utterly useless nonentities.

  155. 155

    OF course they have thought it through, they welcome anything that leaves the indigenous population subsidising their immigrant voting fodder through their council tax and income tax, the assumption being that any future social housing that is built will automatically be allocated to ethnics , gays and singool muvverz innit.

  156. 156

    I can’t wait to line the route with head bowed, sobbing uncontrollably into a tear stained handkerchief ,it’s as if a part of me has died, things will never be the same again.
    I think he deserves no less than a state funeral after all he’s done for the country, that’s the least we can do, we will never see his like again THANK FUCK !!!

  157. 157
    RightwinggitRedux says:

    That’s funny, they all want you dead.

    I don’t think they are alone… :)

  158. 158
    RightwinggitRedux says:

    Another hole in the ground he’s going to deny access to…

  159. 159
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    Thank you folks, most enlightening. Glad somebody knows their way around this ancient bloody mumbo-jumbo web weaving.

  160. 160
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    The real Wedgwood (china makers to the gentry) went bust thanks to McMental’s wonderful support the workers’ policies.

  161. 161
    Queen Victoria's postman says:

    hey man, a guy’s gotta eat….

  162. 162
    CorbyJock says:

    I always understood that he secured Concorde production in the ’60s and ’70s! Might just be an urban myth, in which case agreed he achieved F. all!

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