March 14th, 2014

RIP Tony Benn 1925-2014


Former Benn intern Ed Miliband recounts working for him, the Guardian obituary is comprehensive. Sir Michael White has his take on the ishoos. The New Statesman has some memorable quotes. To Guido he will always be Viscount Stansgate, the toff who shut down pirate radio stations…


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    Your either in front of Guido or in bed says:

    Ah good morning Guido glad you could join us .


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      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Nice lie-in?


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        The Cheshire Cat says:

        Benn? Another member of the Deceit Elite.

        Left wing toff with a huge house in Holland Park worth at least £5 million. His enthusiasm for the coal industry made a mockery of energy/environmental issues.

        Like so many in the Deceit Elite he ruined the lives of ordinary people whilst living high on the hog. Such people are great at supporting the Regressive Agenda but are rarely touched by the self righteous decisions they make.


        • 87
          Another Engineer says:

          Except that he closed more mines than Mrs T…


          • jgm2 says:

            So, not all bad then.


          • Aardvark says:

            I received a personally written letter from him once, in response to my letter.

            A nice man, liked by many – who promoted evil Marxist fanaticism and would have turned this country into the poor whorehouse of Cuba had he been given the chance.

            Thus the contradiction.


          • The BBC, The Grauniad, The Unions & Lefty simpletons everywhere says:

            Don’t mention the mines!

            So what if Benn closed more mines than Thatcher? She was a tory so it was only bad when she did it.


          • Rest In Peace. says:

            More than 100 million killed by communism.


        • 96
          Twampersand mk III says:

          2nd Viscount Stansford was 50 years an MP, with his little shit son following in the multi-millionaire’s very highly privileged footsteps.

          And he claimed to have done away with the hereditary principle.

          Thumper from Bambi had the right idea; if you can’t say nuthin’ good, don’t say nuthin’ at all.

          So I’ll shut up.


          • The Grim Reaper says:

            Apart from Scargill, where is Our Kenny Boy, Bliar, the Brown stuff & assorted fellow travellers with Devils Eyes…


          • Joe Public. says:

            BBC radio 4 Toady Programme having a lovefest over his death this morning.
            But they let their mask slip badly when they stated “The Party” instead of the Labour Party. Bunch of hypocrites calling on other hypocrite incompetents like Abbot and Blunkett et al.


          • anonymouse says:

            I wonder if his wealth went into a trust fund or if the estate will pay inheritance tax on the lot, just an’t wait to see the will.

            Hope the Guardian publishes it when it comes out.


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            Er, that’s “Stansgate” not “Stansford”! You’re welcome. Carry on.


        • 102
          ancientpopeye says:

          I recall when Minister for power, he had sworn to shut down nuclear power stations, because they upset the miners. Sod the nuclear power workers.


          • I dislike socialists intensely says:

            A true champagne socialist.


          • NE Frontiersman says:

            Having been mad keen for the White Heat of Technological Revolution a short while before.


          • M says:

            Nuclear power was another snap shot of “the boat that rocked ”

            A film that depicts the control pathology of socialism at the expense of the individual


          • By the way says:

            Would you like to comment on the following ‘Events’?

            Windscale: October 10, 1957

            Three Mile Island: March 28, 1979

            Chernobyl: April 26, 1986

            Fukushima Dai-ichi: March 2011

            Windscale: 2014 (‘minor’ leak)

            So in what way was Tony Benn mistaken about nuclear power?


        • 229
          Anonymous says:

          He could afford to be a socialist as he had money. The vast majority of people could not afford to live under his policies.


          • terryindorset says:

            Why the past tense? The vast majority still can’t afford to live under any policies, & this helped by the posturing aristocrat Benn.


        • 234
          Anonymous says:

          What a sign of the times as in the past it was possible someone with all the advantages of life to still value those who didn’t and work towards improving their lot.

          Now it’s considered socially acceptable to climb to the top by stamping on the faces of those below you and keep doing so to make sure they never will.


        • 236
          Bolly for Benn says:

          I wonder if Pravda-Izvestia-BBC will be passing the champs round in celebration of his death as they did with Margaret Thatcher? Or if Miliband will be wearing a hate T shirt as he did when she died or if the BBC & other assorted socialists Twits will be sending nasty Twitter messages celebrating this wicked man’s passing? Or relaying songs like Ding Dong the Warlocks Dead…


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      The most famous face on BBC Question Time. says:

      He had the gift of making complete sense when you listened to him and it was only afterwards that you realised he was talking bollocks.


    • 39
      IPCC says:

      Clearly this sudden unprescidented increase in the rate of deaths of Socialists is a product of Global Warming, so give us more tax please.


      • 60

        More tax will lessen the effect of evil toxic CO2 plant-food pollution, or so it is said. We need less tax, not more.


      • 71
        The Fifes are calling says:

        Will Gordon prove that the science is settled?


        • 103
          Gordy the one-eyed trouser snake says:

          I will be presenting my crayoned weather models to a packed room of over two people later next year. Probably.

          Got to go – I’ve messed myself.


      • 182
        Maximus says:

        Lots and lots more plant food tax please please. That way we can help the aged real socialists like The Big Zbig, Henry Kiss, George the Bronto, and that rocker fellow whats-his-name on their way to Hell.


      • 365
        terryindorset says:

        unprescidented….? Umm….? Well now I think about it it does make sense!!


    • 90
      lies damn lies and statistics says:

      Bob Crow_52_non smoker.

      Wedgie Benn_88_smoker.


    • 144
      Myfanwy says:

      “To Guido he will always be Viscount Stansgate, the toff who shut down pirate radio stations…” Fawkesy you must be a lot older than you say you are (belated happy birthday old cock) 1967, and you used to listen to pirate station and just born? The reception where I live had all the listening quality of Radio Luxembourg. The one thing that differs Tony Benn from Dynamic Dave, that is, we knew what Tony Benn believed in but nobody has the foggiest what Dynamic Dave stands for, never mind the money both were loaded.


      • 235
        Jack Ketch says:

        When I first read Nineteen- Eighty-Four, I always pictured O’Brien as looking and sounding like Anthony Wedgewood-Benn. Younger folk may not remember him as the leader of the “White-hot heat of technology” movement that was promised by Harold Wilson in 1964, Hover-Benn was to be the supremo of a great techno-leap forward, instead the new minister of science and technology set out dismantle as much British industry as he could and provide government support for the blocking of any innovation that might upset the Unions or annoy the USSR.


        • 255
          Celia says:

          Remember it very well. He was superficially convincing for a while. After that it was rather obvious that his real interest lay in facilitating the arrival of 25 divisions of Soviet “technical advisers” to these shores.

          I rather went of him then.


        • 261
          Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

          I remember it being reported in the press in the 80’s that he was very unhappy not to get a mug of tea on the British Rail train he was on.


      • 260
        The Critic says:

        I did not like his politics but I admire his principles. If only those who disagreed with Margaret Thatcher had the grace to admit the same.

        The left however,thrive on politicising hate and envy.


        • 366
          terryindorset says:

          ‘hate and envy’ you might have missed, is at the very heart of politics today as in the days of yore, when Kings killed for the groat in your purse if you had one. It’s this greed that fuels the state flunkeys……they love money but hate you having any.


    • 153
      A Right Fucking Bastard says:

      Another Leftie cünt gone.

      Fucking good result.


      • 159
        Evil Dead says:

        Not as good as when you die.


        • 175
          I dislike socialists intensely says:

          I am going to miss him ,the rubbish that he spouted was the reason that Labour lost so many elections.


          • NE Frontiersman says:

            176: A leathery retired copper of my acquaintance assured me that TB was an MI5 plant, poised to pop up and b4gg4r up the Labour Party at key junctures.
            Personally, I think he was quite capable of doing this spontaneously, on his own initiative.


        • 254
          Maggie the dog says:

          Evil dead fuckoff back to the BBC theirs a good chap


      • 332
        RichUpNorth says:

        A fucking toff who treated the working class like pets.


    • 183
      anonymouse says:

      Interested to see that the young Ed Miliband did work experience for him when he was 16. How did he manage that? Forgot of course that Ed’s father was a fellow traveller with Tony Benn on his unique view of Britain and socialism.

      I wonder if our young Ed came away in awe of Tony’s intellect or thought the man was dotty as the rest of us did?


      • 246
        here's an idea says:

        Why isn’t Labour asking those Five Powerful Questions about the EU?


        • 347
          Anonymous says:

          Or, why isn’t Labour (or MSM) asking questions about the m*rdering scum at Atos, or the mini-Hitlers that run JobCentrePlus? Not that IDS gives a Flying Duck.


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      Jabba Le Chat says:


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    RIP a true legend


    • 43
      Don Quijacquet says:

      What’s afoot ?


      • 54
        RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

        North Korea in mourning……..


        • 152
          Myfanwy says:

          If he didn’t he would a worst been shot or imprisoned for life


          • broderick crawford says:

            d you notice none of them were actually shedding tears — apart from possibly the soldier and he was probsbly supplied with standard issue pepper spray .

            Despite their moaning groaning and sighing no one could actually muster a teardrop .

            Obviously too terrified to show their true feelings .


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    Anonymous says:

    A great Friday already, and it’s not even 9 o’clock yet!


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    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Tont Benn dies and David Cameron appears to succumb to a nervous breakdown.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Crowe and Benn in one week. Party time, dust off the dancing shoes.


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      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      I hear Denis Healey has not been to well.


      • 195
        Myfanwy says:

        Denis Healey was the best PM the labour lot never had. There were others in the Cons which would have been better PMs than those that actually got to be PM


    • 20

      I for one am not a socialist scumbag. Let the body cool before interring the good with his bones. Wedgie contributed materially to political debate, and his influence on Labour Party policy kept their hands out of the till for a generation. Wedgie was wrong on practically everything, a legacy which is still slavishly followed by his political successors He will be sorely missed by the Right as the man who put the Champagne into Socialism.


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Yeah, let’s see if we can get a hat-tick


    • 204
      Him Upstairs. says:

      I have balanced it with the death of an Irish entrepreneur who funded charity work in Northern Ireland.


    • 269
      Dick the Butcher says:

      Yes, but temper your joy; they were both anti EU.


  6. 7
    Gerbil 7 says:

    A true conviction politician.
    Absolutely barking mad but a true conviction politician, I’ll miss him.


    • 13
      Hippo Crit says:

      In the lucky position of having a multi-millionaire wife to provide the nicer things in life whilst pontificating on what should be done for the plebs.


      • 65
        Mr Happy says:

        The more impoverished people you have in Society the more likely they are to vote for the likes of Tony Benn, a man from a privileged background who promised them the earth and delivered little.

        He had a long and well paid career in Westminster.

        He will be eulogized greatly and will always be a legend in Socialist folklore whilst the masses happily collect their Job seekers’ allowances and Family Credits.


        • 134
          Mad Jack the Jungle Quack says:

          Until the recent planned exercise in social control of mass EU immigration the British Working Class had actually proved resistant in the main the extreme socialist views and indeed responded best to a populist right wing that put their interests at the heart of policy through encouraging personal wealth creation and social mobility. Alas all three parties have abandoned this and have instead gone down the path of mass benefits to sustain poverty.
          Benn’s only contribution is that he helped keep Labour out of power by splitting the Labour party in the late 70s.


    • 36
      Selohesra says:

      A conviction politician in a different league to the current crop from both sides – many of whom are just convicted politicians


    • 200
      Myfanwy says:

      Very true Gerb. marks him out very different from Dave who doesn’t seem to have any conviction about anything.


  7. 8
    Fuck Labour says:

    One doesn’t have to agree with someone’s politics to respect them. I didn’t agree with Benn at all, but he was a man of principle and conviction, a vocal critic of the EU and Tony Blair’s wretched government. He spoke his mind and treated his opponents with courtesy. RIP


    • 37
      Tom Catesby says:

      I agree. Honesty, integrity and decency and a man of principal these are the things I will remember Benn for, regardless of his politics, it’s a pity none of this has rubbed off on any of the conlibliebore gang of crooks, perverts, troughers and hypocrites, currently sitting in the house of lies.


    • 79
      Fidel Castro says:

      I have great respect for David Cameron.

      I enjoy reading this blog in the morning because some of the utter crap is really enlightening.


      • 139
        Mad Jack the Jungle Quack says:

        Hi Fidel,
        How’s that artificial arse hole working for you? Still jamming occasionally?


    • 247
      Anonymous says:

      He would have had us in the gulag given a chance. Unreconstructed commie.


    • 321
      Jolly nice chap says:

      Agree completey – well put. You believed that he really believed wh\t he said, unlike the current spin machines. I hated his politics, but respected much of what he said, even though I disagreed with all of it.

      The worst thing is that we’ll now get a week’s official mourning from the luvvies in the BBC, wit/h cringing syncophancy and much wailing and hand-wringing the order of the day. A well balanced and neutral organisation, then. Not.


  8. 9
    parisclaims says:

    I’m not going to sink to the level of the left when Maggie died, but if Benn believed that Mao was one of the greatest men of the last century we can all be thankful he did not achieve his political goals.


  9. 11
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish myself all the best.


  10. 12
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:


    • 172
      Socialism = Starvation says:

      Marvellous find. RIH Communist scum, although Auberon Waugh thought Mr Benn was a secret Conservative who devoted his life to making Labour unelectable in order to preserve his fortune.


    • 213
      Big Momma says:

      Fitting tribute to Benn.


    • 226
      Funambulist says:

      Apparently he hated Kenneth Williams who used to do a deadly impersonation as a party trick. Come to think of it…were they ever seen together in the same room?


  11. 14
    Peter Vintner says:

    He made a career out of being wrong on every single issue going and helped Labour to lose election after election. His time in politics was a crushing humiliation.

    He would have been good in ad land, able to polish up junk ideas with some slogans and fiery speeches.


    • 35
      Gawd Help Us says:

      Shame he didn’t help Labour lose the 1997 election.


      • 148
        Mad Jack the Jungle Quack says:

        To be honest it was the Conservative Party that won it for Labour. They lost conviction and lost trust. The tragedy was that the electorate then put that trust into the most mendacious group of politicians to lead a political party this side of the 18th C. We have a political elite that really needs to got rid of but we don’t seem to be able to do it.


        • 218
          Cor Blimey says:

          Absolutely true. Even I could not vote Conservative in 1997 though I quickly saw Blair as a charlatan and voted against him thereafter. Obama is another one.
          Strangely being brought up in a Labour household neither my family nor myself believed in Benn. They were good judges of character and believed in Colonel George Wigg and Bessie Braddock.


    • 230
      Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

      No, Peter Vintner. Wedgie was dead right on the EU, along with Enoch Powell. If that pompous idiot Heath hadn’t sacked Enoch in ’68 he might have been able to rein in some of Heath’s pro-Europe bullshit.


      • 322
        Jolly nice chap says:

        Jesus, don’t start me on Heath !
        Just when I get over my hangover from celebrating The death of Bob Crow, I am reminded of that nasty, lying, cheating, bottom-bashing shirt-lifter Heath. Aaarrrgggggg. More wine.


  12. 15
    Danger Mouse says:


  13. 17
    Will says:

    I bet the left will be praising him and having a go at any critics the exact opposite when Margaret thatcher died.

    Since he supported the miners so much should we as one commentator suggested of Margaret thatcher just chuck his body down the nearest pit ??


  14. 18
    Ghost of Pol Pot says:

    Light a candle for me. People say I was a kind gentleman.


  15. 19
    Cynic says:

    BBC described him as a ‘towering figure in politics’

    He was entertaining in the way that having old Uncle Ben at family do with his dates 1950s attitudes and beliefs is mildly entertaining for a time. But every major issue he called he got wrong


  16. 26
    john mackie says:

    MAd as a bog of frogs but at least we all knew what eh stood for. Unlike today’s career politician liars.


  17. 27
    ed martin says:

    benn was on the liverpool st to cambridge train one night in the ’70’s in front of me in the buffet queue

    ‘glass of hot water’ please orders benn
    charles the steward hands him the drink

    benn then turns to the rest of us and reveals a quarter bottle of scotch in his coat pocket
    ‘that’s the way to do it’ – he says triumphantly to us
    ‘and that’ll be 20p for the hot water’ replies charles – ruining his stunt

    benn spent the whole journey alone in his 1st class compartment – in a crowded train – no security – just no-one wanting to enjoy or even tolerate his company


    • 136
      freebies rus says:

      My mate a taxi driver told me Lord Longford jumped in his cab when he was stuck in traffic and asked for a free trip to the house of lords as the taxi was going in that direction and was not likely to get a fare due to traffic congestion. When told to f*ck *ff and give Myra his best cabbie wishes the bastard took his number and reported him to the old bill.


  18. 28
    RIP Tony Benn says:

    “Compared to this, the pressure brought to bear in industrial disputes by the unions is minuscule. This power was revealed even more clearly in 1976 when the IMF secured cuts in our public expenditure. […] These [four] lessons led me to the conclusion that the UK is only superficially governed by MPs and the voters who elect them. Parliamentary democracy is, in truth, little more than a means of securing a periodical change in the management team, which is then allowed to preside over a system that remains in essence intact. If the British people were ever to ask themselves what power they truly enjoyed under our political system they would be amazed to discover how little it is, and some new Chartist agitation might be born and might quickly gather momentum.”


    • 42
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      The IMF was called in by Callaghan after years of financial mismanagement particularly caused by capitulation to miners’ pay demands. We were bailed out by them. If Brown had been re-elected (correction: elected for the first time) and was in power now, we’d be going back to the IMF cap in hand.


      • 44
        jgm2 says:

        The IMF would have been in by June 2010. They were only holding off for the election.


        • 207
          memory bank says:

          They also gave that one-eyed idiot enough warnings over the years that his policies were taking the UK over the nearby cliffs. Sound advice (for once!) which the Scotch tw@t totally ignored (or it was hidden from him by the other half the comedy duo, Balls.


        • 225
          Ivan Agenda says:

          If Loony Brown had got into power then the leaking roof over the UK would have fallen in and the £ reach rock bottom.
          Strange that neither the BBC nor Liebor discuss this obvious effect of the last election.


  19. 30
    Radio 4 says:

    We have stopped all normal agitprop for a one hour EUlogy.


  20. 33
    Working Class Hero says:

    …..I worked in agriculture in the 70,s,doing horny handed toil to provide food and ale for the country!…Then,i worked as a welder doing stuff that went down the pits,the coalface cutting machinery,it was a literal “Dantes’ Inferno!
    …Then I chose to be a navvie,working for one of the utilities,working my way up in the company!..Real work,real men,Mr Benn and I have nothing in common!R.I.P


  21. 34
    Sky high says:

    But what about the Great Leap Forward? Fuck all democracy there so shut up Benn you tit.


  22. 38
    Tel E. Caster says:

    I see the Spectator site has closed all comments on this, just as they did with the death of Bob Crow.
    What’s wrong with those wusses? Even the bloody Telegraph is allowing comments on this story.


    • 149
      Clickless option says:

      Perhaps blog visitors should refuse to read posts that are not accompanied by comments.

      In the Spectator’s case that would mean ignoring pieces that signal “0 comments”.

      Could have an interesting result.


    • 219
      davemcwish says:

      They probably don’t trust that lefties won’t put anonymous comments to stir up trouble.


  23. 40
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    All these mad socialists snuffing it has brought us some glorious early spring sunshine here up north.

    Keep ‘em coming Mr. Grim Reaper :-)


  24. 41
    Andrew K says:

    De mortuis nil nisi bunkum


    • 78
      ed martin says:

      yes – it was the same with david frost

      he wasn’t viewed as a serious journalist in the ’70’s – however seriously he took himself


  25. 46
    Danielle Stevens says:

    Sad when anyone dies, & we are not the sort to engage in the disgusting celebrations that the left did when Lady Thatcher passed on.

    His views on the EU are the only ones I agreed with.


  26. 47
    Tony Benn says:

    I bet you all thought i was already dead, well i am now.

    I closed more coal mines than Maggie Thatcher.

    P.S. Did i tell you that nuclear power will be too cheap to meter.


  27. 48
    Streatham Crew says:


  28. 50
    ss says:

    Crow, Benn, the IQ of the UK has jumped up by 10% this week.


  29. 51
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    This man was another stinking left wing hypocrite, gave up his title so he could sit in the HoC but conveniently forgot to hand back the house in Holland Park and the County Estate in Essex.

    He had about as much in common with the working man as Blair, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg i.e. nothing

    Along with Harold Wilson closed more mines that Maggie

    Can anyone here list anything constructive that he did or any piece of significant legislation that improved the lot of the common man


    • 142
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      The most constructive thing he did was dying.


    • 163
      Mad Jack the Jungle Quack says:

      Split the Labour party and kept them out of power from 1979 – 1997.


    • 165
      Twampersand mk III says:



    • 291
      Prince Rupert says:

      My grandfather worked for Benn in the late 60’s early 70’s, as a senior civil servant. Said Benn was mad, he had destructive ideas, seemed keen to push the UK towards the Soviets and hated the US. He was anti EU, and had an odd detached a frankly a mad look about him. He also said he was unpleasant to work with, and not a team player. He achieved nothing in the end, was proved wrong on all the big ideas of our times, all of them, and had no positive plans for people. The media liked him because he was controversial, even Labour thought he was weird. Listening to him recently, he would churn out statistic, which if investigated were always misleading, and he had no positive plans just criticism. To summary, he was a loner, contrary, destructive, slightly bonkers, a bit stupid, destructive and of no significance to the running of this country. Not really worth a long debate. Also, closed more coal mines than Mrs T, now that is worth discussing.


      • 302
        Nigel Armstrong and Binky Aldrin says:

        And he closed our Space Programme !

        I always considered him typically left-wing petty minded because he refused to share a platform with Enoch on the EEC Referendum and thus caused a split in the No campaign.


      • 324
        Jolly nice chap says:

        won’t be long before we read that he was paid by the Soviets, like many union officials and MPs.


    • 329
      Sqeezing Pimples says:

      When the English Coastal path was set up thousands of people who had gardens or land on the coast had the land virtually taken off them so ramblers could walk the path. It is no surprise that the Benn seaside mansion had a dispensation so the working class plebs have to walk around the property. Lovely thing is socialism and the people from the monied class that pretend to follow it. Being a Benn guarantees a safe Labour seat, his son and his grand daughter for the next election.


  30. 52
    RIP says:


  31. 53
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Does anyone know why was Benn never elected to the House of Lords? ;)


  32. 56
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    RIP Tony Benn. He was never the same after that second fight with Chris Eubank.


  33. 58
    Any Mouse says:

    Has he not a relative who used to be a boxer?


  34. 59
    Jack and Harriet says:

    benn and Crowe in a week can we hope for the treble Sinner? the BBC are going into wankfest mode about to declare a National day of mourning.


    • 325
      Jolly nice chap says:

      Ok, how about bets on the last of the 3 evil ones to die this month?
      I vote for

      Blair (him)
      Blair (her)
      Shirt-lifter Mangle-bum
      Useless tub of lard Prescott

      Place your bets please.


  35. 63
    Barraco Barner says:

    I was a great fan of Boney M.

    ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ was a classic that will live on in the annals of history whilst ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’ was just sublime. He’ll be missed.


  36. 64
    Will says:

    Tony benn people’s hero that’s why his offspring have had a got a safe labour seat in parliament nothing like promoting your own children.
    Also being wealthy he could afford to renounce his hereditary seat inthe House of Lords and pretend to slum it. Mind you never did a days hard manual work or had to sign on but wanted to lecture to the workers like some male polly tonybee


  37. 66
    A Hampstead Socialist says:


  38. 68
    HoC is now full of thieving troughing piglets says:

    Alas. One of the few remaining political characters gone. Regrettable, in spite of his misguided beliefs.

    Unfortunately the rise of the self-serving career spad Eton Oxford PPE clones continues unabated.

    Weak, vacillating, posing little cnuts like Camoron, Nickelarse, and Millitwit


    • 73
      jgm2 says:

      Unfortunately the rise of the self-serving career spad Eton Oxford PPE clones continues unabated.

      Benn was Westminster (same as Clegg) then Oxford PPE.

      Plus ca change.


      • 116
        Garfield says:

        He was a spitfire pilot during WW11 he may have been a bit of a knobhead but I cannot see one of our present crop of troughers in the HoC fighting for their country. They would take the path Quisling did.


        • 128
          jgm2 says:

          According to wiki during the war he was a pilot in South Africa and Rhodesia. Not quite the Texas National Guard.

          But close.


        • 177
          RickB says:

          Any proof that Benn saw combat ? I read a long time ago that he only served (probably training) in Southern Africa. Not many Messerschmitts were seen there.


          • Sqeezing Pimples says:

            Yep only did training not a fighter pilot at all but he did join up and serve like millions of others at the time.
            His brother was the one who was killed in combat.


        • 179
          Twampersand mk III says:

          Never saw action, served after being conscripted, 4 years after war started.

          Boy’s Own stuff of legend. I bet Rommel was pissing his pants.


        • 288
          Jack Ketch says:

          Some creative biography here.
          1850035 AC2 (aircraftsman 2nd class) Benn ANW, was called up to No 1 Squadron Training command at Manchester in March 1943. He was selected for pilot training and potential officer training and shipped to South Africa in January 1944. He travelled through SA to Southern Rhodesia to Hillside Camp, Bulawayo arriving on 25 Feb 1944, here he did square bashing and caught up on basic training until April when he commenced flying training. He trained on PT-26A Cornells. He only received his wings in November 1944 (a rather long time in wartime) and was appointed acting Pilot Officer.
          In March 1945 he was posted to Palestine where he had a jolly good time exploring and partying until after VE Day when he was posted home. He transferred to the Fleet Arm temporarily, by with the surrender of Japan was sent home on permanent leave.

          The RAF Empire Air Training scheme was mainly staffed by instructors who were too old for combat (over 27), had some injury or had been administratively admonished (i.e. they were fucking idiots). There were no operational Spitfire squadrons in either Southern Rhodesia or South Africa before the end of hostilities. Spitfire OTC for SAAF squadrons took place in Syria and 10Sq Southern Rhodesia (Ian Smith’s squadron) converted in Egypt before leaving for Italy.
          Benn never did any OTCs, nor did he serve in South Africa (he just passed through by train). He did however meet Noel Coward in Bulawayo.


        • 296
          Anonymous says:

          Or Straws’ father


  39. 72
    Raving Loon says:

    Good questions, but he still wanted to make the state all powerful. It’s a shame he didn’t believe in freedom. Democracy and freedom are not the same thing and I don’t think he ever realised this.


  40. 76
    Tony Benn & Bob Crow says:

    We have just shown that the only good socialist is a dead socialist.


    • 104
      Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Mrs Thatcher, General Pinochet says:

      The only good rightie is a dead rightie.


      • 224
        Che, Mao, etc. & etc. says:

        And when the people don’t agree with the great socialist plan we made (for their benefit), then they must die. All in the name of progress for the people you understand.


  41. 77
    Hugh Janus says:

    Crow, then Benn – this is an excellent week.


  42. 80
    Fuck Labour says:

    While most here are being respectful, to those who are celebrating his death, I must say you have a twisted logic, because you’ve said many times that when it comes to Mandela/Crow and now Benn, you’re doing it because some of the left danced on Mrs Thatcher’s grave. In effect you’re saying if it’s good enough for the left, it’s good enough for you.


  43. 83
    Anonymous says:

    And nothing of value was lost.


  44. 86
    HRH the queen says:

    One is pleased you have fucked orf Mr Benn


  45. 89
    Garfield says:

    Rip Tony Benn. After listening to him over the years I was the under the impression that he thought he was always right and everybody else was wrong.
    Let us not forget that Milliband Jnr was his protege .


  46. 91
    Barraco Barner says:

    The greatest President Englandshire never had


  47. 95
    jgm2 says:

    First Crow, now Benn.

    Arthur Scargill must be shitting himself.


  48. 99
    bergen says:

    I suppose that I disagreed with him on nearly everything (except Blair) but he was old school in the way that he would address public meetings “on the stump” and not rely on being fed friendly lines on the sofa of a TV chat or breakfast show.

    He lived such a long life in politics that he must have despaired of the quality of modern politicians when he thought of those he had known in the past.


  49. 101
    Alan Douglas says:

    Benn ? The man who quoted Mrs Thatcher so out of context I consider him evil. He said, after there were some Falklands casuaties “Rejoic rejoice rejoice”, which Mrs Thatcher had said earlier, on retaking I think South Georgia WITHOUT casualties. The essence of nastiness. I never fell for his benign uncle schtick.


    • 349
      Anon says:

      After listening to No 10s Statement on the retaking South Georgia the press asked:

      What happens next Mr Nott ? What’s your reaction …?

      Thatcher: Just rejoice at that news and congratulate our forces and the marines.

      [MT answers emphatically then turns towards the door of No.10]


      [Begins walking back to the door of No. 10]

      Press: Are we going to war with Argentina Mrs Thatcher?

      MT: [pausing on the doorstep of No. 10]



  50. 105
    Wally says:

    Two good men lost this week, sincere condolences to his family and friends.


  51. 108
    Lord Bumwatch says:

    A Socialist that could speak the Queens English!


  52. 109
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    Owen Jones is right: Osborne should cut the basic rate


  53. 110
    Sugar coating fuck all says:

    Friend of the IRA
    Fuck him.


  54. 112
    Garfield says:

    Crow and Benn in one week, the tin foil hat brigade will be going batshiit with conspiracy theorists having a wankfest .


    • 155
      Blowing M­a­­­­q­bo­­uls says:

      Mo­ssad poisoned Benn’s Three Nuns (Ready Rubbed).


      • 311
        Sid Viscous says:

        None Nicer! I still remember how my cries of joy woke up my missus in 1983 when Benn lost to Sayeed in Bristol East. She went back to sleep and Wedgie went to Chesterfield – chiz.

        Vote UKIP.


    • 237
      Lard Prescott says:

      I think I will try a diet this month, just to be sure.


    • 318
      Blowing Whistles says:

      You and B Maqbs – are obssessed – well done keep it up.


  55. 114
    Tony Benn & Bob Crow says:

    Let’s hope that good news like bad news comes in threes.

    Watch out Scargill.


    • 127
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      ….or fours. Add Healey.


      • 157
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        …or fives. Add Skinner.


        • 176
          jgm2 says:

          Skinner is just a fucking joke.

          Crow, though an intransigent c*unt, was single-minded in making sure his members got outrageously well paid for work that could be done by a fucking canary.

          Benn did manage to save hundreds of thousands of miners from working in dangerous conditions by giving them all the incentive to find a new job. Ie he shut the fucking mines.

          Skinner has achieved fuck all.

          His contribution to the body politic consist of bed-blocking a safe seat and shouting abuse during PMQ. As Yosser Hughes would say – Gissa job. I could do that.


          • Barack Obama, POTUS, says:

            “Benn did manage to save hundreds of thousands of miners from working in dangerous conditions by giving them all the incentive to find a new job. Ie he shut the fucking mines.”

            Or, as we say in the States, they are no longer “job-locked.”

            (And T May can fuck right off with “Yankee Go Home.”)


  56. 115
    Reconstruct says:

    RIP David Wilkie 1949 – 1984


  57. 124
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    He was excrement. A hatemonger that was mentally deranged. Even the Labour Party hated him. He lost them a lot of GEs.


  58. 125
    Not in my name says:

    Oh God another opportunity for leftist Grief Monkeys.

    Benn was a decent bloke but in his political lifetime like so many who believe ùtterly in their beliefs caused untold damage.


  59. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Who will now wear the symbolic cardigan of the champagne socialists? Owen Jones MP?


  60. 131
    Spodd says:

    We will not see the likes of Mr. Tony Benn for a very very long time! An absolute gentleman and genius, he will be missed by so many of all political persuasions. I’m sure history will prove him to be one of the true greats of Britain.


    • 135
      Tony Benn says:

      I can’t understand the Chinese building all those coal-fired power stations when nuclear power will be too cheap to meter.


      • 345
        A Quote to Note says:

        In 1954 Lewis Strauss, then Chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission told the National Association of Science Writers that:

        “Our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter…”

        Yet another in a pro-nuclear lie – but not from Tony Benn.


    • 137
      History says:

      Tony who?


  61. 138
    Jack and Harriet says:

    So sad to hear about Benn is his little friend Bill passed on yet or their mate the Little Weed?


  62. 143
    Ed (Too Fat must Fast for Flat Waistline) Balls says:

    Typical BBC going into ultra-fawning and overkill mode for a politician who only created a generation of Liebour spongers and whose actions cost thousands of jobs whilst Dr Edward Haughey (Lord Ballyedmond) who created businesses and thousand of jobs barely gets a mention!!

    Oh I remember now, Lord Ballyedmond was a Conservative!!


  63. 147
    Thor says:

    Another Socialist hypocrite gone to the Socilist Valhalla to join his mates Crow and Madiba,it will be intresting to see how much geld he leaves in his will.if is eveer published


    • 305
      Anonymous says:

      Bound to be in the millions, just like fellow socialist man of the people Donald “Three Millions” Dewar.


  64. 151
    Len Mc says:

    I think we should have a national one day strike so the working class plebs can show their respects,I move seconded block vote carries 7million to 1


  65. 168
    Scum says:

    I’d like Gerry Adams to die next.


  66. 169
    OnBenefits says:

    A man with principles, who wasn’t afraid to say what they were – no Cameron/Clegg PR bullshit behind him. We need more men like him


  67. 170
    The left are on a roll says:

    Don’t stop them now – more of it.


    • 251
      Anonymous says:

      Where to begin. The list is endless. Pollyfilla, Bollocks, Millipede and on and on. So many leftie cnuts to pick from.


  68. 171
    Shooty* says:

    BBC have gone mental, obv. “Labour… left wing… labour… labour… labour… left wing… left wing… nasty tories… left wing…”

    While also trying to slip the obligatory comedy “freedom of speech argument in a mosque stifled by stone age mentality but nevermind that feel the enrichment” story under the radar as much as possible.


    • 266
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      They were exactly the same over Michael Foot…another “dangerous”left winger


  69. 174
    nell. says:

    How about a state funeral for Tony Benn?

    If there was one for a significant figure of the right-wing, Thatcher, shouldn’t there be one for a significant figure of the left-wing?


  70. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Another dead trot. Result.


  71. 187
    PhD says:

    We will never forget you Terry Benn


    • 199
      domino says:

      Nor will we forget the fun times as children seeing you in your Bowler hat and Black Suit as you visited the Fancy Dress shop ready to start another exciting adventure as you left through the magic door.


  72. 190
    domino says:

    While Crow and Benn maybe be gone from this Earth, their families and friends can rejoice in the fact they will not be forgotten, as they will still be voting Labour in 2015 (courtesy of Postal Votes).


  73. 193
    Convict says:

    This business about being a conviction politician. Why is it a such a good trait if your convictions are completely, hopelessly, utterly wrong?

    Anyway, respect to Wedgie. Far more class than Bob Crow.


  74. 196
    Skeleton bob says:

    You have to respect someone who closed down more coal mines than Thatcher.


    • 206
      Tony Benn says:

      Quite so.

      I can’t for the life of me understand why the Chinese are building all those coal-fired power stations when nuclear power would be too cheap to meter.


  75. 205
    Prince Charles says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have written those letters saying Crow, Benn, Blair and Brown would be better off dead.


  76. 210
    new labour says:

    When Benn wrote to the Guardian in 2010 calling for opposition to Tory welfare reforms and austerity cuts, just TWO out of 258 Labour MPs signed his letter.


    • 275
      Liars Damn Liars and Socialists says:

      Meaning he was such an old has-been that not even Labour MPs could be bothered with him, you mean.


      • 343
        Anonymous says:

        Meaning that Blair and his (light-blue) mates had taken over the ‘Labour Party’ by then.


  77. 216
    tony benn vs john bolton says:


    • 287
      No hero he says:

      “I was on my way home as a pilot in a troop ship,” says Benn.

      Bigging up his war credentials, without being honest enough to say that he was homeward bound from southern Africa, as far away from the action as one can imagine.

      While he was posing in southern Africa, there were many from there (and other distant parts of the Commonwealth) actually engaged in the ugly theatre of war.

      Always big on talk, ideally at a safe distance.


      • 334
        Sid Bonkers says:

        Surely, a pilot on a troopship would be navigating the vessel through the dangerous waters.. I didn’t know he had nautical training?


  78. 217
    Enamel mug as used by the workers says:

    The photo of him above bears a striking resemblance to the old codger in the Wonga advert-both in the business of screwing the poor. Could they be related?


  79. 221
    Brezhnev and the politburo respond to their useful idiot says:

    What power have you got?

    Unlimited power.

    Where did you get it from?

    From the barrel of a gun.

    In whose interest do you exercise it?

    Our own for the most part

    To whom are you accountable?


    How do we get rid of you?

    You can’t.


  80. 227
  81. 239
    Sid Cleverbollocks says:

    Striking difference in BBC coverage between Benn’s death and Maggie’s less than a year ago.

    Haven’t yet heard anyone being invited on to gleefully tap-dance on HIS grave in the name of ‘Balance’.


  82. 242

    Everybody! Please start singing “DING-DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!”


  83. 249
    Round the Bend says:

    Harold Wilson said of him ‘he immatures with age’ : showing the true nature of a socialist, unable to grow up and stay thinking like a child that you can have everything with no cost.


  84. 258
    Frank says:

    “champion of the powerless”? Ironic? I don’t recall him being much of a champion when we had 3 day week and blackouts in the 70s. We certainly were powerless!


  85. 262
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    Thank God he never got to be Prime Minister…his policies were extremely dangerous. Nobody should have been fooled by his “avuncular” persona of his later years. Undoubtedly he was a good speaker. I visited one of his “one man shows” when he was touring the country and he was certainly good entertainment but totally out of touch and his policies would have ruined the country


  86. 263
    Anonymous says:

    The Labour Postmaster general who brought in draconian legislation to shut down the pirate stations.

    The left have never been too keen on free speech if you don’t agree with them.


    • 273
      Liars Damn Liars and Socialists says:

      he was only protecting the BBC’s monopoly!.

      Makes me laugh thinking how old Trots like him, tried to convince people that the BBC was tool of conservatism!!!
      When really they were protecting it’s interests because they knew it was actually being run by people sympathetic to the likes of Lord Stansgate.


    • 293
      Jack Ketch says:

      When he was PMG it took nearly a year to get a phone installed in Richmond.


  87. 264
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Mod bot gone mad. Mod bot needs tweeking.


  88. 265
    Displaced Brummie says:

    I agree, Guido. He thought Radio 1 was an adequate replacement for Radio Caroline North and South, Radio England, Britain Radio, Radio Essex, Radio City, Radio 390 (which was closer in format to the the Third/Home services and home to Radio 4 stalwart Edward Cole) Radio Scotland, etc.

    That’s the problem with socialists. Well meaning folk with simplistic solutions to complex issues. That just make things worse.


  89. 267
    Tigerowl says:

    Two of the bastards in one week, could it get better? I hope B LIAR is next, soon and in agony for a long time.


  90. 270
    Tv Viewer says:

    oh fuck not another lefty death, can’t watch the bbc news for another 2 days now while they stage the Grief athletes olympics


  91. 271
    Mrs Plinge says:

    This man buggered up the Labour party. He wasn’t particularly clever in power and seemed to have the knack out of it of saying what a large percentage of the population wanted to hear: balls. Ultimately he was a failure and a Left wing loonie. And then he became a national treasure. hey ho!


    • 274
      Liars Damn Liars and Socialists says:

      the London media make people like Benn “National Treasures”

      Please don’t confuse London media sentiments with what everyone else actually thinks.


      • 341
        Anonymous says:

        Anyone noticed how they only call someone a ‘National Treasure’ when they are out-of-power – and no longer a danger to the powers-that-be?


  92. 276
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    What with the lovely weather, all in all it’s been a good week!


  93. 279
    Engineer says:

    Politics will be a bit less colourful and gentlemanly for his passing. His views were in the main ill-thought though or plain dotty (apart from his opposition to our membership of the EU), but he was always eloquent, passionate and interesting to listen to. He never seemed to feel the need to bad-mouth others and would never resort to political smearing. Perhaps his biggest mistake was his support for ‘the workers’ without any real understanding of working people. Sincere, but somewhat misguided.

    My condolences to the Benn family. They have lost a true gentleman and devoted family man.


  94. 282
    cigpapers says:

    Good ridddance to a self-indulgent faux superior champagne socialist who denied British Workers a real choice and voice.
    I hope Dennis Skinner is next!


  95. 284
    Working class hero NOT says:

    I feel your pain brother.


  96. 294
    Anonymous says:

    After a private telephone conversation, with my late father about a local industrial dispute, Tony Benn said, “I hope you don`t mind but I`ve tape recorded this conversation”. Not the actions of a proper gentleman.


  97. 295
    The BBC says:

    There will be a compulsory month of mourning – anyone found smiling will be send to the gulags for re-education.


  98. 298
    Anonymous says:

    He didn’t get rid of the country pile only the title!


  99. 299
    Sad days for free speech says:

    Six out of the Telegraph’s top 10 blogs right now are closed to comment.

    (Top 10, as in most recently published — i.e: top of their current list).

    It has become normal for the MSM (and others like the Spectator) to shut out comment on articles they feel might be contentious.

    A field day, almost every day now, for Leveson.


  100. 303
    Richard Burton says:

    Total loony tune (apart from EU and parliament) but ultimately a like able figure (except for his Labour colleagues in Cabinet who hated him). He was the father of the SDP and so allowed thatcher to reign for a decade – good one Tony.

    Interestingly enough, I remember in the 70’s listening to the news and wondering what the guy in the funny outfits in the cartoon was doing in Parliament. Ah, happy days


  101. 304
    Maimed Codger says:

    Not a good week for the Communists…Benn and gone, sounds reasonable


  102. 307
    R.I.P. says:

    R.I.P. Only one in Labour who was decent.


    • 309
      Gulag Kommanda says:

      If you can call a communist who tried to sell out his country and the western democracies, to the Soviets, decent?


  103. 327
    Austi, Morris, Wolseley, Riley, Triumph, Daimlar, Leyland et al says:

    Thanks for creating the British Motor Corporation and damning us all……


  104. 328
    RIP, Tony Benn says:

    Tony Benn supported Harlow’s Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. He stayed true to his beliefs and didn’t sell his soul for votes. He was a rare, honest politician.


  105. 331
    Ed Midibland says:

    He was our Hugo Chavez and our Francois Hollande (sans crumpet) and given the opportunity, he would have screwed our economy with the panache of those two losers.
    Soon I will do it for him.


  106. 335
    constituency trainbound says:

    extraordinary parliamentarian whose ability to communicate with the normal working man was legendary … unfortunately his actions did much to hinder the progress of his supporters.

    whilst many including myself believe he was misguided none of us can say he didn’t say some things we wholeheartedly agreed unfortunately his openly radical thinking ultimately merely helped the left pervert the course of the socialist cause.

    however one views his role no-one should doubt the genuine contribution he made to the house

    condolences to his family and friends


  107. 344
    Anonymous says:

    Most of his politcal beliefs were designed to attract young people. He spent most of his life rubbing up against immature adolescents. I suspect this could be a Jimmy Savile event.


  108. 352
    Equilibrium says:

    Charming, intelligent, approaching ‘national treasure’ status, consistently wrong on everything.


  109. 358
    A Quote to Note says:

    “…The other tack that the UK media has taken in recent times is to condemn leaders such as Crow and Benn as out of date and their ideas as irrelevant.

    The BBC’s uber-establishment, right-wing interviewer, Jeremy Paxman, just a month ago tried to portray Crow as a “dinosaur” for his stubborn insistence on fighting for the working class.

    Crow’s reply summed up his common-sense approach to trade unions, and showed how absolutely necessary fighters like him and Benn are for the 21st century: ‘They were around for a long while,” Crow said of dinosaurs, “People join a trade union for job security, being safe, best possible pay, best possible conditions, decent pensions and a world that lives in peace. That’s what we strive for. And we’re not going to put that on the agenda, who else is going to? Is the Labour Party? Who’s going to be the people on the street holding the banner if the trade union doesn’t?””

    No more heroes anymore? UK media hypocrisy on death of socialist leaders Bob Crow and Tony Benn – Russia Today


  110. 361
    Anonymous says:

    The most insincere man ever to walk the planet, with a breathtaking lack of integrity.


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