August 9th, 2013

Has Tory Membership Dipped Below 100,000?

Paul Goodman has been chipping away at CCHQ and Downing Street over Tory membership numbers all month. They are hiding behind spurious reasons like the Party Board not signing off the release. ConservativeHome put their estimate at 130,000, yet it could be much worse? Douglas Carswell now suspects the reason that they are stalling is because membership has dropped below 100,000 for the first time in modern history. Nearly a quarter of a million members voted for Dave. What is the point of bringing in Obama’s field genius when you haven’t got anyone in the field?

UPDATE: Jon Ashworth has written a moderately amusing letter to Jim Messina pointing this out. Another happy reader…


  1. 1
    Loony Cameroon Watch says:

    And who would join a party that supports homosexual marriage, the Nigerian Space project and the EUSSR?


    • 10
      Traditional Britain says:



      • 78
        maggie the dog says:



        • 79
          Call Me Dave says:

          Gay Marriage, Wind Turbines, Foreign Aid and lots and lots more immigration – that’s what I stand for!


          • broderick crawford says:

            dave looks as though he has just had a herpes diagnosis.


          • Vote liblabcon = vote EU says:

            Don’t forget your spiritual home, the EU


          • Village Idiot says:

            …We were not even asked about many of these things,just had it all foisted upon us in this wonderful(sarcasm) democracy,envy of the world,we live in!!! In fact it is democracy in the same vein as the Irish EU referendums,or Egypts democracy,if the powers that be do not like “IT”, do it again!!!


    • 13
      Vote UKIP get Hard Labour says:

      I wouldn’t describe the coalition as a homosexual marriage.


    • 84
      Eloc yrrah says:

      Even Liebore in their dire poll position have more than 100,000. Dave cannot be the problem in spite of gay rights and all that sort of thing, Dave is far more popular than his party, so it must be the ones he has around him, Dave seems to be in the position in reverse of Brown where his party was more popular than him.


      • 89
        Common Sense says:

        No, gay voting, windmill loving, UK hating, immigration fan and EU quisling Dave CaMoron is your problem.


        • 113
          vera says:

          How right you are. Tories need new leader. Dave ‘heir to Bliar’ is the problem.
          Pity because with another mind set, he could be a good PM.


      • 91
        Vote liblabcon = vote EU says:

        A workman never blames his tools.

        And dave is the biggest tool in the box.


    • 90
      Jim says:

      It looks like David is leading our party into the wilderness.
      It was never a good idea to allow ex members of the thuggish Bullingdon Club to lead the party.
      Nigel must be salivating.


    • 105
      JohnS says:

      No-one. Who exactly was supposed to fill the Tory coffers by enacting these marvellous, progressively fabulous CamSham Marriages? Elton John and that boyfriend whose name only the Males on Sunday and BBC remembers? Lord Browne of Madabout-the-boyley? Stephen “Arse-dribble” Fry?


    • 111
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron gives 500 million to A+E over 2 years
      Cameron gives1Biilion of YOUR mony to forign aid each month

      Unhappy, well vote UKIP


  2. 2
    Voter says:

    I’m not a member, but then I’d never consider joining any political party. I regard pretty much all politicians with contempt.


    • 9
      Huwbutts says:

      UKIP aren’t politicians – they’re just people who happen to be in politics out of principle.


    • 41
      The British People says:

      Political parties these days seem to be gathering points for criminal conspirators, hell-bent on subverting our democracy and selling us out.


      • 85
        Eloc yrrah says:

        Well you know what to do at the next general election, write on the ballot paper “None of the above”. It is one of the reasons the percentage of voters registered to vote the turnout has consistently fallen, they have always regarded with a jaundiced eye, the standard of politician has fallen over the years, too many parachuted placemen into “safe seats” jobbies for life, one way to cure that vote for a contender to the place man, get rid of the jobbies for life.


    • 42
      Anonymous says:

      As the political tide swings, we all know past membership is used against a person.

      As most fear the eventual need for a job in the council, quango etc. it just is not worth joining any party. The list will be leaked. Even voting for a party puts your future in their hands. Why risk losing your children?

      We do not know who will be in command in 2015 or even if we will have an effective command after that. Why risk your future?

      Now think how those people with that fear would vote. The fear is a necessary tool for their success. Numbers do not matter.


      • 82
        broderick crawford says:

        has it come to this ?

        being deprived of your progeny for the crime of joining ANY political party !!!


  3. 3
    The Lizzud Returns says:

    I suspect that the percentage of the population that is affiliated to any particular party via membership has dropped sharply over the years.

    The point of bringing in Messina is to appeal to swing voters, not to appease one’s core. Getting Conservative membership up by a few hundred thousand votes is pointless if, in the process, you fail to connect with millions of other voters.


    • 7
      Tachybaptus says:

      It’s mostly the core that has seen the biggest losses. Dave was all about appealing to swing voters and neglected the faithful ones.


      • 38

        The way of all politics, business, banks and others in the last two decades.

        Customer loyalty is only there to spit upon. No wonder we all get cynical and arsey.


      • 114
        vera says:

        Dave was a better option than Gordon, that’s all. He did poorly considering what a disaster Gordon was, couldn’t even get a majority. Now he alienates his core voters who couldn’t care less about gay marriage, but care a lot about useless wind turbines and EUSSR.


    • 8
      Dillygaff says:

      UKIP up to 31,000 from 2/3 of that just two years ago.


    • 14
      The UK Public says:

      We’re all fucking broke FFS!!!


      • 44
        The British People says:

        We would be less broke if the government stopped wasting our money and sending it abroad


    • 96
      Common Sense says:

      Analysis paralysis…

      The simple fact is the Conservative party no longer have “conservative” policies.

      No amount of Aussie or American political spinners is going to change that very simple fact.

      The tories are left of centre liberal socialists now. The lack of ANY idealogical political debate between the LibLabCon and their cosy Westminster love in is all the evidence you need.

      You want conservative votes, adopt conservative policies. End off.

      If you don’t, other parties including UKIP will fill that space.


  4. 4
    Wee Tam fae Falkirk says:

    I’ve got boxes of unused Party membership cards here in bonny Falkirk.

    I’ll just scribble-out Labour and write Conservative and jobs a good ‘un.

    Ya bas.


    • 31
      Ripping the arse out of the public purse says:

      Falkirk ? I used to think that was somewhere north of the Arctic circle. To be fair I was basing that on a perusal of Eric Joyces travelling expense claims mind you.


  5. 5
    Dillygaff says:

    With the mess that the Merlin software has wrought, how could they tell? Sub 100,000 membership is probable. The irony is that if the Conservative party were a trade union balloting forindustrial action rather than Eurocandidates thenthe entire selection process would have been declared invalid.

    Without voting figures in the public domain the suspicion remains that Cameron and Shapps have slipped in their preferred candidates.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    You may find it’s even worse than Carswell thinks.Dave has a boundless ability to destroy membership.Someone has knocked up a 190 plus score over on CHome. membership blog.


    • 97
      Common Sense says:

      If you want to vote for Conservative policies, you wouldn’t vote for Dave would you….


  7. 11
    Dillygaff says:

    Dave was elected as leader when the membership stood at about 250,000. He’s done well, hasn’t he? If there are no footsloggers to deliver leaflets etc. how will he mobilise the swing voters he has so assiduously sought?


  8. 12
    Taking Conservatism out of the Conservatives says:

    If Scotland is anything to go by even if the membership fell to zero Cameron wouldn’t stop re enforcing failure.


  9. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Put it in perspective: they could all fit into the remaining telephone boxes in this country.


  10. 17
    Cameron is a Loony Lefty says:

    Cameron couldn’t even beat Gordon Brown outright.

    That’s call anyone needs to know.


  11. 18
    Dave should resign now says:

    Foreign aid funding of space programs is indirect funding of ballistic missile programs.

    Has a plan to establish N!geria as Afr!ca’s first nuclear armed state with the means to project those weapons just been leaked ?

    The bomb material is available from Niger / Gabon, and the !slamists down there certainly know those who have the know how.


    • 30
      NASA says:

      What is the Nigerian space agency called? Niger S


      • 45
        The Hackney Hippo says:



        • 116
          Me says:

          Actually yes that is. That was the point of his post. Unless you’re serious going to claim that the n word isn’t a racial slur.


    • 64
      Out of Africa says:

      Long history of ballistic missile development in Africa usually under the cover of ‘space programme’ OTRAG in the 70s worked in Libya and Zaire. Nothing came of it mainly because the technology was not up to it and the South African/Israeli security services kept a close watch. Only a matter of time before someone has them in Africa and puts a Nuke on top. Given the quality of most African leaders I’m sure they’d use them pretty quick most likely on the local tribe across the road.


    • 95
      Village Idiot says:

      …..Gabon???? Bongo?????? Sounds familiar!


  12. 19
    Raptor says:

    Cameron and the rest of the Notting Hill Noddies have set out to appeal to “swing voters” by antagonizing their own core members and traditional Tory voters, and adopting policies designed to pander to the BBC/Guardian mentality.

    The latter types merely pocket the concessions and carry on voting Labour or Lib Dem. Hence the rise of UKIP, and the collapse in Conservative Party local membership.

    Well done, Dave !


  13. 20
    The Conservative Party says:


    £25 (standard membership)


  14. 22
    G'day cobbers, it's Lynton Crosby says:

    Oh dear, seems no-one heard my dog whistle :(


  15. 24
    Den's point is? says:


  16. 25
    Jimmy says:

    And if not, why not?


  17. 33
    Ministry of Magick says:

    And at least 6,000 live in Chipping Norton.


  18. 35
    Marine Le Pen says:

    Is Zanzibar part of Bongo-Bongo Land?


  19. 46
    Owen Jones says:

    The tories should use postal voting like we do in the labour party and they would have 10 million members.


    • 76
      Owen Jones's boyfriend says:

      If you’ve had ten million, how come you squealed and cried the first time we did it?

      BTW not long before conker season!


  20. 47
    Jizzlam says:

    Is it just me or does the latest gallery of tax evaders seem to have a rather high number of followers of the religion of peace?


  21. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Extract from Swindon Advertiser “reporting” a local council election result:-

    “The new Tory councillor for the ward stole 1,376 of votes compared to Labour’s Maura Clarke who received 887.”

    Tories now STEAL their votes, but Labour graciously receive them!


  22. 57
    The Racist Van says:

    I’ve been put on a zero hours contract.


  23. 62
    how about this one? says:

    Prof.Richard Dawkins has said Muslims haven’t contributed anything since the Dark Ages.


    • 66
      David Cameron was my fag at Eton says:

      What about mass murder?


    • 99
      Annoyed about foregn aid says:

      …..They are good at job creation though,GCHQ,MI5,MI6,Police,DHSS,Social Services,Experts on genital mutilation,Illegal shagging,the military is also kept busy,Machette manufacturers,Undertakers,Emergency services,bomb disposal,Legal profession and the Home office,so be thankful for the contribution to society muslims selflessly make,thank you!!!!


  24. 63
    Jeremy Zeid says:

    What’s the betting that very soon the spectre of Taxpayer/State funding of political parties will raise its ugly head again. And what are the odds that it will be stacked against smaller parties while bolstering failure. 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile


  25. 67
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    “Traveller leader accuses politicians of ‘open season on ethnic minorities’

    Eric Pickles is accused of reinforcing negative stereotypes about Travellers following Home Office’s ‘go home’ campaign”

    Is no one safe from Eric Pickles?


  26. 70
    dai laughing says:

    then along comes mr galloway offering to return london to the caliphate

    that’s about as funny as the london jury finding derek bentley guilty of murder

    wakey wakey electorate!


  27. 72

    Same Sex Marriage — Dave’s personal responsibility — it wasn’t in the 2010 manifesto — goodbye to 50,000 or so members and activists that were conned into campaigning for the Conservatives by the deceitful lying Conman.

    Oh yes. By the way, that manifesto did state that the Tories would get rid of the bulk of the Deficit by 2015. DAVE’S FAILING TO DO THAT — incompetent bastard.

    Not giving circa £60 billion to Bongoville during this Parliament would have helped.


    • 94
      Dave/Tony Cameron/Blair says:

      Look chaps, its goodbye nasty party, and hello caring tory party with a tree to hug for a logo.


    • 120
      Tom Catesby says:

      The way things are going, by the next G.E. The entire Tory membership will be able to fit comfortably inside the capsule of’Bongo 1′ the new Nigerian rocket.


  28. 73
    Alex Salmonds says:

    We will lower the voting age for pandas.


  29. 80
    Patriot says:

    I reckon a lot of these are just people who have not got round to cancelling yet. I can’t believe there are 100,000 of my fellow countrymen who are still so fooled by Cameron.


  30. 83
    viagra bimb says:

    Bet He hasn’t seen it for years.


  31. 98
    jrkslinky says:

    The party does not actually know how many members they actually have because of their crappy membership system. Individual branches are struggling to know who their members are as the lists are often out of date, or just plain wrong.

    Like Labour individual membership does not matter as long as you have big donors in the background, for the tories its business, for labour its the unions. UKIP is picking up disaffected members from the Tories, but most of them are older and not up to the hard work of running a campaign.

    The real story is what’s happening with the Lib Dems. Their strength has always been their grassroots. If they lose that then they have nowhere to go.


  32. 102
    Mark Wouters says:



  33. 103
    Jim says:

    Hear Hear.


  34. 104
    Statistician says:

    “Nearly a quarter of a million members voted for Dave.”

    Er, no. 134,446 members voted for Dave and 64,398 voted for David Davis.


  35. 107
    NE Frontiersman says:

    What on earth does Jon Ashworth think ‘insurgent’ means? He uses it three times. Even if he meant ‘resurgent’, it’s wrongly used. And how do MP’s ‘book’ trends?
    Was he using one of those awful Speak-‘n-Type programmes, then not even bothering to read what came out of the bottom end? If he can’t be bothered to read his copy, why should we?

    And did he not forget to tell us what the current membership of the Labour Party is? A strange oversight, since obviously the comparison would benefit his own party.


  36. 108
    Taxfodder says:

    Empty seats at the Theater = Rubbish Show

    Empty seats in the Restaurant = Rubbish Food

    People vote with their feet…a turd is still a turd even if wrapped in a pretty ribbon and no amount of spin will make it otherwise…


  37. 110
    You're crazy if you think politics even matters anyway says:

    Numbers falling because nobody believes in the importance of politics any more, which is the same reason we end up not even with a majority for one party, party leaders all being the same bland visionless clones (or nutters), a global crisis that reveals the utter impotence of national governments, global communication tools that daily demonstrate how starkly politician’s can’t meaningfully influence them. We’re heading towards idiocracy. We should turn government over to scientists and get shut of the whole vacuous, thieving, useless lot of the rest of them.


  38. 117
    Tom Catesby says:

    Cameroon should be volunteered to test fly the Nigerian rocket.
    Vote UKIP.


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