May 6th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View


  1. 1
    A Pensioner says:

    Forgot to add “paid for by CCHQ”

  2. 2
    The tit in no. 10 (but not for much longer) says:

    You plebs don’t need a referendum – Dave knows best how to exploit the gravy train.

  3. 3
    Crocodile Dundee says:

    Davick Cameregg poncing about holding hands is not a coalition.

    Now BoJo and Nigel; THAT is a coalition

  4. 4
    The LabLibCon degenerate traitors club says:

    Is that the same Dave who said if we vote in a referendum to leave the EU, he would ignore that decision?

    Yer cartoonist is an oaf.

  5. 5

    I am sure there is a theory which links the number of words in a cartoon to its funniness in an inverse proportion.

  6. 6
    #useless says:

  7. 7
    filipinomonkey says:

    They should ask for their money back…

  8. 8
    geoff hoon says:

    hi gang! im still an utter hoon,bet you all forgot!toodle pip.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    “Nigel Evans: Deputy Speaker accused of rape was interviewed four years ago about ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’
    Nigel Evans, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, was interviewed by senior Conservatives four years ago about an allegation of “inappropriate sexual behaviour”.”

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    “Nigel Evans: Deputy Speaker accused of r*pe was interviewed four years ago about ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’
    Nigel Evans, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, was interviewed by senior Conservatives four years ago about an allegation of “inappropriate sexual behaviour”.”

  11. 11
    anon says:

    I presume our well connected MP had a nice night asleep in his own bed rather than on remand as would any other member of the population under suspicion of rape – and he’s negotiated time off for bad behaviour – still getting paid by us of course – whilst his mates, other MPs enjoy a recess this week and another one in two weeks time – god, it’s so difficult being a c’unt of an MP in depression hit IK

  12. 12
    David Cameron says:

    hi gang! im still an utter hoon,bet you all forgot!toodle pip

  13. 13
    ken says:

    And so the abuse of pensioners begins – just like the poor, the disabled, the unemployed – whilst criminal bankers still get their bonuses – is there anyone left in this country who would admit to voting tory?

  14. 14
    anon says:

    funny how elitist the moderation on here is hey?
    look to your friendly ‘pat on the back’ to ensure a tory |MP gets an easy ride – but you can slag off anyone else – what a fucking hypocritical bastard

    I presume our well connected MP had a nice night asleep in his own bed rather than on remand as would any other member of the population under suspicion of rape – and he’s negotiated time off for bad behaviour – still getting paid by us of course – whilst his mates, other MPs enjoy a recess this week and another one in two weeks time – god, it’s so difficult being a c’unt of an MP in depression hit IK

  15. 15
    bald old git says:

    No, it’s whether the words ‘Rich’ or ‘Marks’ appear

  16. 16
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Nigel is a breath of fresh air in a Wind tunnel

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

  18. 18
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    pPeople who deride nigel for becoming a millionaire on the back of an organisation that he detests just do not get it; end of.

  19. 19
    mary whitehouse says:

    Why this continual aggrandizement of sex?
    Why has Rich shown Farage holding a dildo?
    What is that hairy thing on his lap?
    Whose chin with stubble is placed between his legs?

  20. 20

    YES. Awful as they are, the Conservatives are still better than Labour

  21. 21
    CCHQ KW EERS R US says:

    Several of our experienced interviewers undertook practical tests to ensure that that he was a true gay, and was therefore an ideal member of the Westminster establishment.

  22. 22
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Maggie’s homeland has had enough of being run by public schoolboys and City types. Vote Ukip!

  23. 23
    Casual Observer says:

    Approx 720 days until all you gutless Tory M.P. lemmings fall over the cliff edge.

    Wake up and dump Dave now, you dozy cnuts.

  24. 24
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    So UKIP have made it to the political stage by have having a “cartoon” of our Nige by prick and dick.

  25. 25
    The Country says:

    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    We only want what’s best for him
    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    Nigel just needs this helping hand
    And if young Nigel says he’s happy
    He must be happy
    He must be happy in his work
    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    He has his future in a British steel
    We’re only making plans for Nigel
    Nigel’s whole future is as good as sealed
    And if young Nigel says he’s happy
    He must be happy
    He must be happy in his work
    Nigel is not outspoken
    But he likes to speak
    And loves to be spoken to
    Nigel is happy in his work
    We’re only making plans for Nigel

  26. 26
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    If I was a woman or batted for the other side then I would willingly. Nigel is a real man; end of.

  27. 27
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Mr Dundee, do you think that they would have babies?

  28. 28
    gramma says:

    Some will always grab the wrong end of the schtick. ;) Reply sent [63]

  29. 29
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    ‘An arm was put around her shoulder in a tentative first move.’ Thats about how we all attempt to get the first contact in a potential relationship. Would you be expected to face questioning by the Plod over that inappropriate sexual behaviour? In this case the chap took exception to Evans’s advance but not enough to report to Police. He was spoken to by his seniors. Seems to be a bit of a witch hunt under way or Press backlash against Leverson.

  30. 30
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Stop sounding like the Liebour party tribe, you common person you.

  31. 31
    gramma says:

    Perhaps even Rich realises that for Cameron to escape the prison that Europe has become he needs a europhile.
    You must admit our Nigel does soar through the bars.

  32. 32
    Owen Jones says:

    I hate myself because I am white, male and English. When I look in the mirror all I see is colonial oppression.

  33. 33
    Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

    Hi !!! and Hullo !!!! . . . it’s ME – and I’M VERY VERY RICH !!!! – thanks to Noo£ieBore !!!!!!

    My Mass Immigration Policy worked a treat!! – got right up Tory noses !!!!

    So does my boy ‘Dave’ I’m told !!!

    That’s just part of my Lagarcy !!!!!

  34. 34
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    Actually I hope Dave stays. We can then be entertained by Labour fixing the economy. They will offer unrestrained credit again so this time I will apply for five credit cards and max them out before making use of the inevitable insolvancy options.

  35. 35
    Really????? says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses, when will tribal apologist types ever learn?

  36. 36
    Hate Filled HaHaHaPerson says:

    This is a perfectly proper reaction for a brainwashed socialist.

    Be sure to keep attending Re-Education Classes.

  37. 37

    Ha! Ha!

    Wittgenstein was, of course, a lover of a great deal more but I did not read about that in his Brown Book.

  38. 38
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    I think I will wait for the facts before condemning someone. The newspaper(Telegraph) seemed devoid of any fact. If they want to sling the mud then they should have the balls to report the incident in full.

  39. 39
    David Cameron says:

    WE need a lot MORE immigration to make Britain a truly enriched country and the British to feel like foreigners in their own country.

    I will deliver that dream!

  40. 40
    The tit in no. 10 (leader of his gang, but not for much longer) says:

    Evans seems like a nice boy but I need to try him out in a different position – maybe Minister for Backdoor Interpersonal Relationships and Discipline.

  41. 41
    gramma says:

    Polyglot rules, even for those speaking double dutch.
    It’s all down to possessing a fawked tongue to reach the parts that others fail to explore.

  42. 42

    Is it too singular for you to use one ‘m’? ;-)

  43. 43
    David Cameron says:

    Quite so, it is utterly unacceptable that gay rapist types should be hounded in such a homophobic way.

  44. 44

    Wittgenstein in later life confessed that, as a teenager in Vienna, he had had an affair with a woman.

    When are we going to see an MP with the same courage to come out in this way?

  45. 45
    40 years of despair 4 days of hope(so far) says:

    Dreadfull cartoon. Farage is in it for himself is the latest example of playing the player and not the ball, and wont work either. The genie is out of the bottle now.
    It is finally possible that maybe, just maybe, we’re not completely fucked after all.

  46. 46
    gramma says:

    A life / mind now lost in translation unfortunately.
    Would love to chat but off for another 18 holes on the bent-grass.
    Even golf greens have their hangups.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    So the suggestion is we do nothing?

  48. 48
    Ah! Monika says:

    The Association of Chief Police Officers has criticised the safety gear as horse riders often wear a vest with the words ‘Polite’ or ‘Please’ written on a black panel, causing confusion.

    Just as much confusion then as those with the word ‘POLICE’ written on the back panel.

  49. 49

    A quicky then:

    There was a young fellow called Skinner,
    Who taken by Ludvig for dinner
    {not to mention breakfast and lunch and elevenses}
    Which made Cornforth and Hayden-Guest
    Cornford, Pinsent and the rest
    Go Turing thus dogging the sinner.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Is it Buster Gonad?

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Which Nigel?

  52. 52
    Crappy Cartoons says:

    Not only are these poorly drawn, but they take three paragraphs of clumsily written text to convey a facile point, all entirely without humour.

    They’re shit. They make this blog seem amateurish and lightweight.

  53. 53


    All those cornholes put me off…

  54. 54
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    I am like Nigel, one of middle England, middle aged and middle intelligence. Socialists are hateful; end of.

  55. 55
    EU Watch says:

    The collectivist institution known as the EU needs to be destroyed.

    Exiting the Euro either by referendum or force is the single imperative for the UK, and will help trigger this event.

    There is no other option.

  56. 56
    Diane Fatbott says:


  57. 57

    Apart from that, they are quite good.


  58. 58
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Praise indeed! Vote UKIP! End the libbylabbyconnie thing!

  59. 59
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    There is no other option. Said like a true democrat, sir. Maggie would have pulled us out of the EU if she had known what was to come about. Vote UKIP.

  60. 60
    Fog says:

    The Politicians don’t get it, the media doesn’t get it (or pretend not to get it) and Rich obviously doesn’t get it either. Isn’t a cartoon supposed to be at least funny?

  61. 61
    puzzled old git says:

    Have I misunderstood, or did the government just commit to stopping the GUrkha’s off the Gurkha’s family pensions?

  62. 62
    Casual Observer says:

    It’s called ghettoization.

    This is a consequence of the policy of collectivized multiculturalism, where diversity is celebrated and amplified in order to keep the various ethnic groups segregated, with some marginalized via the kosh of politically correct ‘racism’.

    Screw them.

    Best to let the problem fester and systematically lock those in the ghettos up, focusing primarily on males. This will reduce population growth and social instability as the remaining females will likely not breed outside their own group or with those males remaining, and are less likely to cause ‘problems’.

    Look to the US to see how this works. With privatized prisons, if you get on the right side of this, these ethnics can easily pay off pensions for the next few generations of native English.

  63. 63
    puzzled old git says:

    Have I misunderstood, or did the government just commit to stopping the Gurkha family pensions?

  64. 64
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Well I never, white Britons are racists and they don’t want to live in areas that’s been destroyed by uncontrolled immigration, took the Liberal crap running this sad country long enough to notice this problem.

  65. 65
    puzzled old git says:

    Echo …

  66. 66
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Both of them! Just because Mr Farage has a foreign sounding name and Mr Evans seems to be Welsh does not mean that they both might be total hypocrites. No indeed not. Mr Ambrose has a posh Welsh name, but it does not mean that he has the slightest idea of what he is talking about. 48 hours to save the euro, but the euro is dead, finished, end of! How can you save something that is dead. Vote UKIP; end of.

  67. 67
    Ernest Marples says:

    Should have asked, Evans.

  68. 68
    Dave is Not straight says:

    Stupid Cartoon. Dave has not promised a referendum on the EU , Dave has promised a referendum on his re-negotiated EU which by his new treaty change law he has to anyway.

    Dave is FULL of Make Cow Manure

  69. 69
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    The idea that someone who is ‘on the gravy train ‘ but doing his best to end that gravy train must be completely unfathomable to the Liblabcon crowd.

  70. 70
    Steve Miliband says:

    Err like Nigel Farage? Public Schoolboy, extensive city career?

  71. 71
    Ah! Monika says:

    Print your own gun.

    Wake me up when you can print your own ammo

  72. 72
    Sir William Waad says:

    Who is it meant to be?

  73. 73
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    Our ghettos are full of poor white people.

  74. 74
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    No we end the EU scam apparently by writing polite letters to our Liblabcon MPs, who are busy screwing anything that moves. And the tool they use is not a screwdriver.

  75. 75
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    No we end the EU scam app*arently by writing polite letters to our Liblabcon MPs, who are busy scre*wing anything that moves. And the tool they use is not a scre*wdriver.

  76. 76
    Ah! Monika says:

    See above. Like the rest of us you’re repeating yourself.
    But after 2 minutes…….stay away from that pathway in Liverpool

  77. 77
    DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

    Oh do fuck off Mr Unfunny , the crap cartoonist , when ark left he took the creative content with him

    Cameron promised a referendum to get elected HE LIED ! so the people voted for someone who they can trust to deliver one
    he has also “U” turned on nearly every big idea he tried to implement , and he hasn’t a clue how to restart the economy
    Ok it was only a local election this time , but it takes time to build a credible party , and that is what has got the Lib Lab Tories scared shitless , UKIP are coming , at the expense of the “big Three” that is why they are trying to rubbish them

  78. 78
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    No we end the EU sc*am app*are*ntly by wri*ting pol*ite letters to our Liblabcon MPs, who are busy scre*wing anyt*hing that moves. And the to*ol they use is not a scre*wdri*ver.

  79. 79
    Nigel says:

    I was wondering that.

  80. 80
    Pull the other one Nigel says:

    Tell you what. Seeing 55 years old Evans sat in his Ribble dale pub surrounded by 20 something homosexuals who are supposed to be his mates out for a Sunday dinner time session makes one realise how little regard MMPs have for the IQ of their public.

    I’ve been frequenting country pubs since year dot and not once have I come across an old Queen surrounded by his leather clad toy boys on a Sunday dinner.

  81. 81
    Mal Abopapuri says:

    They beat the hell out of Gordon’s colouring book efforts.

  82. 82
    Duckham Weave says:

    Can you show me a link to this referendum promised in 2010?

  83. 83
    Point of Information says:

    Perhaps the white folk are moving away from racist ethnics ?

  84. 84
    William Hogarth says:

    Nobody told me.

  85. 85
    Dave is more serpentine than Mandelson says:

    Dave has already said the government will be spending our taxes to finance a YES to the EU vote campaign

    Nothing else to add to that really.

  86. 86
    DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

    So yet again Blame the whites for moving out of the shithole ghetto’s created by immigration
    You couldn’t make this shit up
    These areas were decent working class areas 30 years ago , that have been turned into slums by people who don’t mind living in those conditions

  87. 87
    Ghosts of atrocities past says:

    Has Andy Burnham and the other murderous Labour rabble responsible for the NHS death camps been prosecuted or at least referred to the Hague yet ?

  88. 88
    Marmite Thatcher says:

    IF Nige is a Europhile then Cameron Brown Blair et all are Scots Nats, well they seem to want to give themselves FREEDOM whilst suppressing the English.I could beleive the latter not the former

  89. 89
    Whitstable says:

    Nothing wrong with working for a living, Dave Cameron and Gideon should try it. You never know, it might make them less useless than they are now.

  90. 90
    Hair of the dog says:

    Sally Bercow I think.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Q: What happens if you vote UKIP
    A: Labour

  92. 92
    2 guys in a golf cart says:

    A real pleb in fact

  93. 93
    Race to the bottom says:

    Let’s face it, the shitholes the enrichers infest, are far better than the shitholes from which they emerged in the first place.

  94. 94
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    Remind me again who destroyed the working class ethic. Someone who died recently I believe.

  95. 95
    Birmngham says:

    “We also need cheap labour to compete with the Chinese and the emerging trade blocks”

    Cheap labour to make what exactly? We have too few factories and no-one who seems to know how to make anything that would use such labour.

  96. 96
    U R Acard says:

    So that’s what Danny La Rue is up to these days.

  97. 97
    Dave das rave says:

    Spiffing art old boy I will take ten copies and Bill it to my fag would you? Expenses not quite exhausted yet….

    me what am I saying my expenses are unlimited harhar. Time to get the wisteria trimmed again methinks. As a hard working family nothing is to good for the camerons.

    oodley poo!

  98. 98
    Shrien Dewani thro Max Clifford says:

    “Go Nigel, go”

    Always use a white guy in a white taxi

  99. 99
    Steve Miliband says:

    The chap above was against the country being run by ex public schoolboys and city types

  100. 100
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    Watch out IDS, Joanna will be after you!

  101. 101
    Dave's warranty says:

    “Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations. No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum.

  102. 102
    Casual Observer says:

    More to the point, show us a convincing gay marriage one.

    If Cameron is smart he will take the country to the right and establish a credible pact with UKIP before leaving office. That way he way stand to profit after office.

    If he continues on his current path, his space against the wall next to Blair, Barosso and various other apparatchik is all but guaranteed.

  103. 103
    Clown says:

    Dave promises a referendum if he wins the next election. Dave’s a liar like his hero Bliar.

  104. 104
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    But we have a coalition not a Conservative government.

    Thank goodness.

  105. 105
    Race to the bottom says:

    Obviously you are blind. Though curiously Call Me A Liar has promised a referendum ( with many, many conditions ) for sometime during 2017 or so. Something he said was ‘immpossible’ because the Lisbon Treaty was signed, when he bacame PM.

  106. 106
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    I bet you miss being able to have a fag or three.

  107. 107
    Try it some time says:


  108. 108
    Nigel Evans' make-up artist says:

    I can make-up faces, but tiffs between boyfriends…….

  109. 109
    Marmite Thatcher says:

    Your real legacy is hundreads of thousands of kids put in danger by not having the MMR jab, now fuck of under an Air Strike

  110. 110
    Chêneless says:

    Baroness Ashton ?


    … which means it’s actually David Threlfall.

  111. 111
    A Polite Question says:

    Any chance of the private trading company which calls itself the Association of Chief Police Officers being prosecuted for impersonating the police?

  112. 112
    BSA says:

    But what is the use of a plastic printed gun? It’s only an expensive variation of an airfix kit. Would it not be better and cheaper to use the real McCoy?

  113. 113
    EU Watch says:

    Article 50 in said document is all that needs to be invoked to get the ball rolling.

  114. 114

    If Tony Blair had not been born 60 years ago today, would some other c*nt have done the same damage?

  115. 115
    Owen Jones says:

    A very happy 60th birthday to Tony Blair, Labour’s longest serving Prime Minister.

    Now go and apply for your free bus pass !

  116. 116
    The fattest python in the world says:

    Hey serpentine is good.

  117. 117
    Lee Grasper says:

    ‘ …………it is the clear result of Labour’s mass immigration policy.’

    Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think-tank.

  118. 118
    On a point of order says:

    There are still lots of white people in Stamford Hill

  119. 119
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    I’m feeling really enriched in my diverse multicultural shithouse UK and looking forward to moving to a white area.

  120. 120
    Powder Puff says:

    It’s not normal I tell you, for a bloke to go down the pub for a pint, plastered in more make up than a Manchester Tart.

  121. 121
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    60 years old and £ 60 million in the bank ! :)

  122. 122
    For Chums are NOT for turning(well ok we probably are) says:

    Given Cameron and the various Cabinet members protestations and denials that they have no intention of rushing forward a bill on mandate legislation for a referendum on UK membership of EU as it upset the LibDems and they will veto it I fully expect on past form for U Turns thatsuch legislation to be laid before Parliament before it breaks for the summer recess

  123. 123

    Camerons infatuation with Gay Marriage and the Tory love for unnatural sex will ensure that he will never get a majority to become Prime Minister. The Tory faithful and others are staying away from voting for him. A referendum on the EU in this situation and political climate is irrelevent.

  124. 124
    A Reader says:

    I think you misunderstood. Either that, or you failed to write a coherent sentence

  125. 125
    A Reader says:

    I hope so. A pension for our troops and their widows is fine. A pension for everyone in Nepal is not.

  126. 126
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    Can you see who it is yet, probably not the accepted wording, but assuming it is meant to be Farage drinking his steiner of beer it probably sums it all up, Farage is on a win-win moment, he can still collect his MEP salary and all those lovely expenses, whether that comes CCHQ or not is irrevelant

  127. 127
    Politicians....Full of Shit says:

    That’s nothing. The LibDems have been calling for an EU referendum ever since they were born. Until now that is when they are suddenly against one.

    Then there are present day Labour MPs conveniently forgetting that Labour has always been agin the EU, until Blair that is.

  128. 128
    A Reader says:

    It depends if you want to bother smuggling it through customs of not

  129. 129
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    By the way my mate votes UKIP but would not be seen dead wearing purple.

  130. 130
    Gordon anywhere-but-Westminster Brown says:

    There is nothing that Dave could ever say to me now that I could ever believe.

  131. 131
    The public says:

    He is the PM and we do have a conservative government. The fact there is another party involved does not absolve Cameron of his guilt for having lied.

  132. 132
    albacore says:

    Come along, folks. That really is funny
    Our Nidge latching on to “E U” money
    The LibLabCons give it them by the sack
    As a true Brit, he just takes a bit back
    Admiral Nelson he may not yet be
    But make him P M – and then we shall see
    When all’s said and done, what have we to lose?
    LibLabCons ain’t fit to polish his shoes

  133. 133
    John Galt says:

    Yep, it’s an official looters economy now. Borrow today, bail-out tomorrow.

    Fill yer’ boots, I certainly intend to do so.

  134. 134
    Owen Jones says:

    If I wasn’t playing on my Commodore 64 in 1989, I might of intuitively realised that communism had failed and liberal capitalism triumphed.

  135. 135
    Britain says:

    Nothing needs to be ‘invoked’.

    We are a sovereign nation and can do what we want.

  136. 136
    Us native English are simply not good enough for the Liblabcon says:

    I’m sure you’d be willing to take a big wage cut to make your job competitive with the Chinese and Indians. Or is it only other people’s jobs that must be reduced to sh1te wage levels.

    Oh, and you could always f-off to Poland for your pretty women – until they turn into Babushkas.

  137. 137
    Race to the bottom says:

    26% equals hung parliament numbnuts. Try harder.

  138. 138
  139. 139
    Britain says:

    I would believe if he resigned. (But still verify)

  140. 140
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    Are you insinuating that Dave Boy is of a bovine disposition

  141. 141
    Race to the bottom says:

    +1 You missed out the word ‘corrupt’ though.

  142. 142
    Slap Stick says:

    Is it Nigel Evans before he puts his make up on?

  143. 143
    Vote Tory for (as yet undisclosed) expenses claims says:

    May: “They said we couldn’t cut immigration. They were wrong”. But still higher than 2002! Even CB (chris bryant) says
    “These figures demonstrate that the government is not focusing on the kind of immigration that worries people the most. Half the drop is down to students, while 30% of the net migration reduction is down to fewer British people. So 163,000 net migration, that’s the size of Reading or NE Lincs (Grimsby and Cleethorpes), a year who are attracted here by jobs and homes/caravans on offer. So still employers look to employ them thru sham agencies instead of putting jobs up on offer for British-born unemployed, nice.

  144. 144
    Britain says:

    I do not care about the internal machinations, deceits and contrivances of this coalition government.

    I expect them to put the interests of the country first and allow the people to express their democratic will. Now.

  145. 145
    Dan Hodges says:

    Graeme Souness is the same age as Tony Blair. Both 60 today.

  146. 146
    Rawl-dingle says:

    You might also have learned English

  147. 147
    EU Watch says:


    Just saying that article 50 is in Lisbon and provides for exit / renegotiation of membership terms etc.

    ie. Dave lied through his teeth when he said all was impossible.

    Seeing a no other mong in the loser zone plays by the rules, to your point – yeah why bother.

    If it is not invoked, or meets resistance when invoked, then as a sovereign nation it is a duty for every man to defend the liberty of their sovereign and their own and take up arms in any way possible against those who would otherwise deny.

  148. 148
    An Art Critic says:

    They have now

  149. 149
    Report immediately to your local Comintern office for reprogramming says:

    You might also have learned to speak English.

  150. 150
    Overcrowded says:

    Those figures are a gross underestimation. There are a couple of million illegals here do not show up in the stats.

  151. 151
    Race to the bottom says:

    During Thatcher’s time as PM, immigration was between 20,000 and 35,0000 a year.

    Under Labour it soared to 500,000 a year EVERY year.

    The basis of this policy was ‘to rub their noses in it’ socialist scum are evil, quite evil.

  152. 152
    Race to the bottom says:


  153. 153
    Vote Tory for (as yet undisclosed) expenses claims says:

    More horsing about… as red-top Rebekah would know.

  154. 154
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    You mean this , still that should not stop him being a good mp there are plenty of “straight” mps who you could not draw a straight line with, but this latest exposé seems to have tipped the balance against him.

  155. 155
    Casual Observer says:

    We would probably have had 13 years of the Prime Mentalist.

    Well, maybe less than 13 years and an assassination.

  156. 156
    Race to the bottom says:

    You horrible cvnt, anyone who puts on the uniform deserves a full pension, regardless of thier origin.

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    Of course it is right to wait for the facts but this does seem to be similar to the closing of ranks round Rennard.

  158. 158
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    The air in the wind tunnel is just the atmosphere around the inlet speeded up so if the inlet is near a cesspit the aroma is much more intense

  159. 159
    Libertarian-leaning floating voter says:

    When I was a Lib Dem supporter, their advocacy of a referendum was one of the things that attracted me to them. That was many years ago, of course.

    Now, unless I am exceptionally lucky in the choice of candidate offered at the next general election by the other parties, I would probably vote UKIP.

  160. 160
    Pussy Hound of the World says:

    I agree anonymous. We should have a points system and perhaps an exchange programme.

  161. 161
    L. Da Vinci says:

    My cartoons had people wetting themselves. Had to change my own pants four times.

  162. 162

    Hmmm. I used to say it was Blair’s smile that got him in. People can be that stupid so it seems.

    Gordon’s gurn did not fit the bill and if by some freakishly improbable circumstance he had grasped the crown in 1997, he would never have retained it even once, let alone twice.

  163. 163
    The Money Tree says:

    Not really. They are both utterly useless.

  164. 164
    Battery Boy says:

    And why is he holding a dildo?

  165. 165
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    Are insinuating that to become a millionaire easily you become a MEP take the wages and lovely expenses, tax concessions, create mayhem and clown about while quaffing ale while totally saying you detest and reject the hand that feeds you.

  166. 166
    Mustapha ben Effit says:

    I came to this country many years ago and then my wives and 8 children joined me. I have never worked but I am now looking forward to my pension. Thank you British people. You are very generous.

  167. 167
    Wyle Cop says:

    Yup, what the French call “communautarisme” – which roughly means the cumbersome ‘communitarianism’.

    Not only have we packed ‘em in in huge numbers but allowed them – nay, encouraged them – to maintain their own communities, their own languages and customs. Hell, Labour even created a whole fucking Ministry for these ‘communitehs’.

    If Dave and that slob Pickles meant business, they’d shut that whole fucking lot down. But no, once Eric gets his fat arse in the boss’ chair, it’s business as usual from their palatial HQ in Bressenden Place, just opposite Vic station.

    Meanwhile, the poor bloody taxpayer has to fund crap like this, FFS:


  168. 168
    Tony Bliar says:

    Impressive. I had to start a war to assure my fortune.

  169. 169
    Dr Faustus says:

    How exactly the fuck is he worth £60 million? Someone told me Harold Wilson was valued at 55p when he was boxed up.

  170. 170
    Andy "Maybelline" Burn'em says:

    Nigel needs to be a bit more suble with the foundation. It’s essential to build up the tones. Then choose an eyeliner and lashes which enhance the effect.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

    26% ? Wonder how many will look at that and think it is not a wasted vote after all.

  172. 172
    maris piper says:

    I’m noticing more and more people with London accents in the far north of England where I live. They must be truly evil to be fleeing London and by doing so turning it into a great big ghettoised mess.

  173. 173
    Race to the bottom says:

    Cameron has also said that if we vote to leave, he will ignore the result.

    That alone, really does say it all.

  174. 174
    Dr Faustus says:

    Don’t mention it. It’s a service we provide to the World.

    Just don’t fucking mention it…

  175. 175
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    You don’t stop a gravy train by waving at it from a distance. You stop a gravy train by getting on board it and pulling the communication cord, Dickhead.

  176. 176
    Village Idiot says:

    I will only vote tory again,when we have severed our ties with the EU,and the tory’s
    have a leader committed to the hopefully,United Kingdom…So probably never..So sad
    to have observed the ruination of a once,pretty good,darling buds of may,country,since
    windrush and the EU and other crazy immigration was allowed,while i stood by,powerless to do anything about it ..UKIP for me,not for any individual,but for the
    message,and by god its got the political elite in a panic,super…I fear its all too late,but ,may be wrong……

  177. 177
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    One of Nigel Evans’ bitches.

  178. 178
    Race to the bottom says:

    How did Mandelson buy an £8 million home for cash?

    How come the Kinnock’s are worth an alleged £12 million+?

    How come the police do not do their job?

  179. 179
    Confused says:

    Has Gordon Brown died? You would think there would be something in the news about it.

  180. 180
    Casual Observer says:

    Blair is an adroit orator, and exudes a certain charisma which wins confidence easily.

    This is similar to Straw’s: He uses the ‘I am so unfortunate’ line to play the emotional strings of support and empathy whilst knifing you in the face.

    These are traits of psychopathic personalities which always catch regular folk off guard. Recognize them and chances are you will still be caught out by the next one which comes along.

    It was only after I saw some u’Tube flicks of Blair being caught off guard by guys with cameras and awkward questions over in the states that the facade truly cracked for me.

    Would be unfair to describe it as stupidity, more a conditioned gullibility.

    One would expect ones leaders to look after your interests in a selfless fashion. Queue the Farage phenomena.

    Unlike Blair, my gut is telling me that Farage is quite a different story, however, I am basing this on my projection of him influenced by what I have seen. I have never met the guy nor spoken with him.

    Not getting on Farage’s case as I would vote for his party in a GE, but Blair is a good example of how things can go so wrong.

    If Blair had not got into power am fairly certain that the interventionist policies followed in Sierra Leone / !raq would not have happened, nor would the UK have so fervently supported US incursion into !raq.

    On the issue of !raq, the UK would not have supported period when it became clear that the US planned to collapse the !raqi state once Hussa!n was deposed, as we knew precisely what effect that would have, as history now can tell.

    In short UK foreign policy would have been more regular, the ‘war on terror’ less of an issue in the UK and liberty in the UK would not have been eroded so much, and perhaps less so in the US as well.

  181. 181
    Race to the bottom says:

    It’s always Nigella afterwards.

  182. 182
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    Not for long, you will be enriched at some point and join the rest of the UK shithouse.

  183. 183
    Casual Observer says:

    Another observation with Blair’s oration.

    His speech writers were somewhat clever.

    Pentameter / heptameter couplets feature heavily, almost alluding to a poetry.

    This is a subtle NLP trick (actually much older…) designed to disable the critical consciousness and allow message implanting to the subconscious. This is partly how he managed to win people over.

    If you stick some of Bush / Blair’s broadcasts through an analyzer you will find in several some subliminal messages. These are posted at a higher frequency than the main speech, but isolating and slowing down that part of the soundtrack a bit will give you the idea.

    That stuff works by the way, unless you become sensitive to it. Any strong unexplained emotional responses when you are listening are typical tell tale signs.

  184. 184
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I think Cleggy claimed up to 30.

  185. 185
    Hang The Bostards says:

    Shit Cartoon GUIDO !

    Looks like the whole establishment have their knives out for Nigel…..just because he represents the majority view and not theirs.

    Can’t have that can we …….

  186. 186
    Moron Watch says:

    Not even close to 26% and even then Labour wouldn’t need ukip.

  187. 187
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    A dangerous suggestion – at least for Parker Farage. Silvio Strauss-Johnson is known for screwing anything on two legs so Parker could be in danger.

  188. 188
    Anon says:

    Peter Hitchens on why the Tories are finished and he is probably right.

    Vote UKIP!

  189. 189
    David Camoron says:

    U-Turn if you want too.

    Because this spineless trecherous EU-loving liar is ALWAYS for turning/

  190. 190
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And all courtesy of the deaths of hundreds of innocent British soldiers used as political pawns and hundreds of thousands of innocent colaterally damaged !raqis – Oh and I am not allowed to mention Kelly David Dr.

  191. 191
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    And there’s liberal use of the whip. Still at least Nigel has got the tories on the backfoot, or should that be wiping the floor with them?

  192. 192
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Not really. The Rennard case is being pursued. The chances of that being the case with Evans are on a par with the chances of Parker Farage allowing any of his constituency organisations to choose their own chairmen.

  193. 193
    Hear all See all Say nowt says:

    I’ll go for No 19’s plan.
    Will Guido create a ticking countdown clock in the site’s headers, firstly to EU election, and secondly to UK elction day?

  194. 194
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Watch out m0ds about!!!! David .k.ell.y

  195. 195
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:


    Looks like you’ve adopted the socialist idea of majority.

  196. 196
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I must admit that I would prefer a combination of Jack the Ripper, Hannibal Lector and Nigel Evans to that odious little crook Grunt Shitts.

  197. 197
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    No more Lib/Lab/Con troughers.

  198. 198
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    And both – at their worst – are preferable to the bunch of crooks running UKIP. No problem with their views or rank and file, just their disgusting leadership.

  199. 199
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    Hang him!

  200. 200
    The australian sickness says:

    FFS. We haven’t seen the sun for 12 months and already interfering twats who think they know better than everyone else on the planet are nannying the airwaves telling people to COVER UP.

  201. 201
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    How long is a piece of string? How much can we use my outfit the BBC to brainwash the public into staying in in in, and saying otherwise we’re totally out out out and all jobs will dry up…

  202. 202
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I assume you are implying the stench of Parker is intensified, although I have some doubts that such is possible given the existing overwhelming smell of corruption.

  203. 203
    National Socialist says:

    And corrupt!

  204. 204
    David Camoron says:

    I want to be EU President thats why you fools.

  205. 205
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Sorry? A slimy little commodity broker whose only protection is the loony tune Nuttall, is a real man. It is a bit like saying Caligula could have survived without his guard.

  206. 206
    Raving Loon says:


    2013: local election triumph
    2014: 1st place EU elections
    2015: no mp’s in Westminister

    You can see it happening unfortunately…

  207. 207
    Hang The Bostards says:


    Q: Vote UKIP
    A: Get UKIP

  208. 208
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    He did not work for a living unless you count commodity scams which would be illegal today as working.

  209. 209
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    Have you tried the Burka? Mind you not so much in Hampstead ponds. Remember: use contraception unless you are in the core Labour vote class, in which case come on down, the price is right, £24,999 p/a rent paid for you by those who pay all the tax, in leafy boroughs near you!

  210. 210
    National Socialist says:

    Fuck off Amy Rutland, you foaming at the mouth Labour party Troll / shill.

    You did well in the election by the way…

    Birchington and Villages

    Election Candidate Party Votes %

    Roger Anthony Latchford U K Independence Party 2156 47% Elected

    Michael Jarvis Conservative 1494 32%

    Amy Florence Rutland Labour 649 14%

    Just crawl back down into the hole whence you came from.

  211. 211

    Interesting words: adroit orator. I can accept that characterisation.

    Others have described him to me as a good speaker but I never agreed with this even back to John Smith’s days. His responses reminded me of the Greek Sophists brought forward into the estuarine vernacular.

    The laugh and Well, you know…” were all buying thinking time and such time was used to subvert the line of questioning thus allowing himself to deliver an answer to a more convenient question which had not actually been asked.

    So I distrusted him from the start and was amazed that almost no one else seemed to notice this.

    Blair was often referred to as being presidential and that property allowed the same result as often happens with US presidents. You don’t really know what you are getting until you have got them and it is too late to change your mind. In the American’s case, they seem to have developed the masochistic habit of re-electing someone they don’t actually like, thus reinforcing the analogy in the UK.

  212. 212
    Report immediately to your local Comintern office for reprogramming says:

  213. 213
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    You must be spoonfed by the BBC / me! If Diane James swing is seen across the country that’s 34 seats you know. But don’t shout about it.

  214. 214
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Just relax and have another session of the Eton Wall Game.

  215. 215

    Apologies HTML cock up which I think is still just understandable. Must stop drinking so much milk.

  216. 216
    Parker Farage says:

    Hold your head in shame Blair. I have embezzled more from the EU than you will make in your life.

  217. 217
    Parker Farage says:

    Ah, Groper Nuttall. Doing your job as my ‘protection’ officer. Got the pliers with you?

  218. 218
    Herman van Rumpboy says:


  219. 219
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    Get well soon.

  220. 220
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Q: Vote UKIP
    A: Get a nasty little clique who replace any locally elected officials who disagree with them or expose their corruption.

    Bring back Marta.

  221. 221

    Thus illustrating my point a fortiori.

    How popular is he now?

  222. 222

    Just thought!

    You did mean claimed and not clammed? :-)

  223. 223
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Good try, but I believe you are thinking of Paul Nuttall – the man who is to Parker as Mad Frankie Fraser was to Charlie Richardson.

  224. 224
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    Isn’t it great how Blair had to be from an establishment background and Margaret Thatcher from the opposite, inverse of party tradition. Now Cameron is from the gentry also and Clegg is from the self-made but European elite they both chime too much with stereotypes. My reporting will be on Chuka in 2015 and I think we will see a new powerful leader, but god help those who want to live ordinary lives. Pubs and clubs will die (except in Ibiza), taxes will go more evaded by the rich and benefits will go through the roof.

  225. 225
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    No need to live in denial dearie. You can simply say Liverpool, rather than ‘our ghettos’.

  226. 226
    Anonymous says:

    Please post a picture of yourself Im dying to see what sort of “man” would make a comment like yours !

  227. 227
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Bojo is a stooge, he is a faux eurosceptic and the nasty cop in Dave’s duo.

    Bojo is a chattering metropolitan blo0dy socialist just like his awful sister who lives in a £7m Notting hill house.

    The Johnsons are not the answer. They are a big part of the problem, and Quislings the lot of them.

  228. 228
    Wyle Cop says:

    Fancy working on a production line for fresh produce in the UK?

    Fine – just make sure you can spe@k Russian or Latvian.

  229. 229
    Fish says:

    Is that the same Dave who said if we vote in a referendum to leave the EU, he would ignore that decision?

    When did he say that?

  230. 230
    She's breathing in surely says:

    That woman in the t-shirt advert is distracting me from piercing political insight.

  231. 231
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Ah, Sir Andrew Green. Arms supplier in chief to the Assad regime in the 90s.

  232. 232
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    When did CaMoron and party officials first learn of these allegations ?

    Public Statement please.

  233. 233
    Fish says:

    WE need a lot MORE immigration to make Britain a truly enriched country and the British to feel like foreigners in their own country.

    I will deliver that dream!

    When did he say that?

  234. 234
    Anonymous says:

    The cartoon is spot on ! it makes me laugh that some half wits have voted for nigel farage, he is an absolute joke.Conservatives won 1116 seats and ukip won 147. Why is this such a big deal ?

  235. 235
    2020's says hi says:

    Chuka Umunna will be Labour leader and Rachel Reeves shadow chancellor.

  236. 236
    She's breathing in surely says:

    Ach…no! Now it’s turned into one featuring a much less attractive red-head!

    People will be thinking I am some kind of sexual deviant!

  237. 237
    Dan Hodges says:

    Brown wanted to stand down candidates in 30 Tory Lib-Dem marginals to keep DC out

    Come back Gordon,all is forgiven !

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    Never mind, playgroup is open again tomorrow !

  239. 239
    Ed Miliband says:

    I love the smell of UKIP in the morning!

    Vote UKIP, get Miliband!

    Oh Joy!

  240. 240
    Neil Kinnock says:

    You gottit mate.

  241. 241
    Casual Observer says:

    You nailed him way before me. Had my doubts when some of the first utterances I heard were ‘trust me’ but being young at the time (20s) it didn’t click finally the way it should have done.

    The buying thinking time / pauses are again sort of NLP tricks. Watch some of the Julia Middleton training vids for Common Purpose on uTube to get a real idea. (She is crap at it.) The thinking time engages interest and allows the listener to project what they are suggested to perceive rather than critically analyze what they have just been told. The pauses interrupt usual critical flow – do it enough and it just becomes noise going straight to the subconscious.

    You may find with Blair that his pauses etc. are more frequent at the start of the speech. Standard practice.

    Dave really sucks at using these techniques by the way which is partly why his addresses are so unmemorable / do not resonate.

    Keep at the milk and have a saucer on me ;-)

  242. 242
  243. 243
    Vote for the LibLabCon for uncontrolled immigration says:

    Indeed, I certainly agree, but your moniker is a bit short sighted.

    Vote UKIP!

  244. 244
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Yeah us girls want to have s e x with real men like CaMoron and David punch me in the face Millitwat …

    Don’t make me laugh.

  245. 245
    Anonymous says:

    Nigel also claimed £2,000,000 in EU expenses in 2010 !

  246. 246
    Cameron is the reincarnatiion of Ted Heath says:

    Don’t vote UKIP, get Cameron….disaster.

    FFS Cameron hates Conservatives.

  247. 247
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Not so Pussy. You merely asked when we would see an MP come out as a womaniser and I gave you an example – admittedly not as good an example as if I could find a Tory with such tendencies (and I do accept that there is no acceptable proof that Gideon was ever able to do anything with Natalie after consuming the line of white powder).

  248. 248
    Gordon Brown says:

    Macho, macho man
    I’ve got to be
    A macho man

  249. 249
    Arse fuck for freedom says:

    LITW said…

    “I think I will wait for the facts before condemning someone”

    er… we are talking about an MP here. They are selected for the very traits that make them deviants when compared to the rest of society. Lets just see what comes of this.

  250. 250
    Fish says:

    Farage is in it for himself is the latest example of playing the player and not the ball

    Best laugh of the day.

  251. 251
    Fish says:


  252. 252
    Pain dans le main says:

    In French it is called une baguette.

  253. 253
    EU Watch says:

    Lots of unfunded liabilities for Germany in the Euro. Ha ha.

    It should be broken up once Germany has been forced into a sovereign default and had a radical change of government.

    In the mean time it would be wise to exit and start negotiating more realistic trade deals directly with countries outside the Loser Zone who have cash to spend, and those in the Loser Zone who are still worth trading with.

  254. 254
    Ed Miliband says:

    Vote for me then!!

  255. 255
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Ah! At least you have the front to show your true colours – UKIP and National Socialist. I always enjoyed the run ins with the NF in the late 70s. Such a bunch of blubber mountains who ran at the first sign of opposition.

  256. 256
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    You forgot to include the illegals ?
    and asylum claimers.

  257. 257
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    You have no chance with Parker unless you are Latvian.

  258. 258
    Pain dans le main says:

    Brown had no authority to affix his signature to the document as he had been already voted out of office. His signature can thus be regarded as void and of no effect. Dave can get his Ref under way anytime he wants to.

  259. 259
    Bryn Teflon says:

    Dear Mr Anonymous

    Is there anything in eternity, in the infinity of space and time which you feel would not be illuminated, amplified, clarified, altogether improved, embellished, glorified by you commenting upon it, from out of your arsehole?

    Is there no occasion or event or circumstance about which you are not compelled to comment at insufferable length? Might there ever be something happen in this world without it attracting your observations ?

    If someone was to write OH NO, NOT THAT PRICK AGAIN in letters as big as the Milky Way it would be a poor illustration of the effect you have on sensible people. You are as funny as rectal cancer. You have the insight of a cement mixer, although entirely lacking its utility. You know nothing of any value. You and elegance are estranged. There is better reading on a bus ticket. Nothing you say is witty, informative, provocative, original or scurrilous; nothing you write is worth reading, You are clumsy, cackhanded, plagiaristic, trivial, meaningless, insincere; unredeemed garbage. Even pored-over, analysed, the odd nugget is seen to be stolen from other postings, shabby, second-hand, grubby; you cannot even recycle with any distinction.

    You are a one-man walking Daily Mail. You make Iain Dale look like a revolutionary. You are the dullest, most boring, predictable, tedious, mind-numbing gabshite on the planet. Aside from that bloke with his double rrs, and he, narcolepsy in the flesh, doesn’t even merit correction. Contrasted with reading your musings, watching the grass grow is scintillating, dazzling and provocative. You are as stupid as it is possible to be and still be sentient; nay, that is a misjudgment, lumps of rock are smarter than you, a bag of sand has a better sense of humour. Living with you, even a garden gnome would hurl himself in front of a train, rather than endure one more moment of your endless, infantile commentary. You are an unspeakable shit. Why don’t you just either shut the fuck up or seek psychiatric assistance for your delusion, the one that makes you think the world cannot survive without you being its continuity announcer. Nobody on earth, not even your mother, if you have one, gives a fuck about what you think about anything. Most people would rather gouge their eyes out than read your drivel. You are an almost unassailable argument for shutting down the Internet; single-handedly you undermine the case for freedom of speech.

    The Saviour himself, encountering you on the mountain, would say Fuck me, not this fuck again, does he ever, ever, ever even for a fucking second, shut the fuck up and just be? Or does he think that he spellbinds his betters, enchants his peers and renders reality herself incomplete without his tuppence worth. This is one git and a half, lads.

    Do you really imagine that you are so perspicacious, so wise, so seasoned that your turds of wisdom, your barrel scrapings of warmed-up Daily Mail leaders, your worthless sweepings-up are indispensable to the world? Do you think people tune in to Radio Four in the morning and exclaim: I can’t wait to hear what Mr Anonymous thinks about copper smelting in Zambia ; gosh I hope he posts quickly?

    It may be argued in your favour, although I wouldn’t, that crass as you are, your heart is in roughly the right place; you head, however, remains, inextricably, cemented up your arse.

  260. 260
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    But entirely sustainable. Parker’s misdeeds are well documented and about to be exposed to a wider audience in a TV programme.

  261. 261
    Fish says:

    No it doesn’t.

    First of all UKIP will not get 26% in an GE. Secondly they will not get anywhere near enough votes to reach the critical mass needed to actually WIN SEATS, numbnuts (the people voted against PR, remember?). All of this means that Miliband will probably get in with a landslide, his 30% of the votes will probably give him a working majority, all courtesy of liar Farridge.

  262. 262
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    Keep watching dull boy, all will become clear, even to you, eventually.

  263. 263
    Pain dans le main says:

    Turpentine is even better – it gets rid of unwanted stains and things easily.

  264. 264
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I might draw the line at scousers, but otherwise I agree with you.

  265. 265
    Pain dans le main says:

    Oh bugger! Try again:

    Pain dans le main says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 6, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Turpentine is even better – it gets rid of unwanted sta**ns and things easily.

  266. 266
    Arse fuck for freedom says:

    He aint stupid then!

  267. 267
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    If Miliband gets hold of the technology we could be in trouble. Plastic MPs are bound to be more realistic and impressive than his current mob.

  268. 268
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    Vote Tory, get Miliband.
    Vote UKIP, get our country back.

  269. 269
    time for change says:


    The LibLabCon party is a busted flush. they and the BBC believe they know better than the people they rule.

  270. 270
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Good lord. You can buy them in bakeries in France? It makes the decline of Rome into degeneracy almost acceptable.

  271. 271
    Arse fuck for freedom says:

    Aye…and buy physical gold and then hide it, otherwise the gubbermint will take it off you one way or another.

    QE…inflate awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  272. 272

    I always used to watch Margaret Thatcher’s PMQs live. In fact the broadcasting of them started with her, first on radio and then on TV. That was a fantastic learning curve and she was the best of people to have launched these sessions on live media. Well briefed and succinct.

    That spoiled things for me because it set a benchmark. John Major did surprisingly well in content but without the panache. Blair seemed amateurish by comparison.

    Cruel to say but true, Tony Blair’s reading at Diana’s funeral was just really hammy acting. It is something which does not improve with time.

  273. 273
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:


  274. 274
    The People's BBC says:

    Shut up.

    We run the political agenda and have moved on to the millions of people dying as a result of the Tories privatisation of the health Service and the absolute shambles that the privatised 111 emergency line is.

    Comrade Derbyshire has run an expose of failure on her 5 Live special when the phones where white hot with activists ringing in to report the thousands of deaths of loved ones.

    Tory bastards

  275. 275

    Good point. I love poetry but am inured to political pentameter.

  276. 276
    Ah! Monika says:

    The world’s first gun made using a 3D printer is successfully tested in the US by a group planning to make the blueprints available online.

    Spent an hour looking for the ammo blueprints. No luck :)

  277. 277
    nU KIPs on the block. says:


    2013: local election triumph
    2014: 1st place in EU elections
    2015: 200 UKIP MPs in Westminster, Liblabcon form coalition to stop UKIP government.

    You can see it happening unfortunately…

  278. 278
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    If all new legislation had to appear in a party manifesto we would be in trouble.

  279. 279
    Pain dans le main says:

    Interesting. Oh and by the way, the word is ‘cue’ not ‘queue’.

  280. 280
    David's Eye says:

    If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise.

  281. 281
    Point of Information says:

    With this puppy you just need to get a laptop, printer and plastic for the printer.

    No need to smuggle – email it if you can’t pull from somewhere in the cloud. Or pop it on a memory stick.

    Ammunition is the problem though.

    Printed crossbow may be a bit more practical.

  282. 282
    Danny La Rue says:

    Only if you play your cards right.

  283. 283
    Point of Information says:

    Already been done: Dave Cameron is the prototype.

  284. 284
    Fish says:

    “Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations. No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum.

    Subject to Lisbon not being ratified.

    Lisbon was signed and then ratified by Gordon Brown in defiance of his promise of a referendum and an impending election.

    Once again the Tories get shit for Labour wrongdoing.

    UKIP and Farridge have built their party on this lie. When confronted by this, Farridge, on Friday laughed and described the truth as a ‘mere detail’.

    No wonder people call him a clown !

  285. 285
    Isla Ava Banana-Split says:

    Chuka – one face for each of the two Labour parties.
    You know, it just might work.

  286. 286
    Pain dans le main says:

    … and of course Owen will be the Economic Secketrtree

  287. 287

    I think we are arguing from the same basic position – if I may put it that way.

    Given that everything has been stood on its head, I thought about the shock that would ensue if it were to be found out that a politician was straight, by that I mean not bent, by bent I mean what I am not allowed to say in this politically correct world. OMFG!

    I will go and have another glass of milk and start again…

  288. 288
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Just corrupt on the Kinnock scale.

  289. 289
    Pain dans le main says:

    or by derailing it.

  290. 290
    S Pitt-Rhöst says:

    Not long until you’re done on both sides.

  291. 291
    Gordon Brown says:

    When was the last time I was seen in public with Sarah Macauley? Here’s a hint. It wasn’t this year. Can you blame me? It’s not cheap to pay her even for just one event. Since her contract ended in 2010, she only works on a per-public engagement basis. So I limit those events to about three a year to keep up the pretence we’re a married couple. The rest of the time I’m in Fife and she’s either flying first class to America to do her charity work in 5 star hotels or in Canterbury.

  292. 292
    JabbaTheCat says:

    The dear leader loves you, the UKIP useful idiots that will help to keep him in Brussels so he can turn his 14 year stint at the €uro trough into a 20 year marathon of UK taxpayer funded wealth…

  293. 293
    Troll Hunter says:

    You’d think that somebody with such a grand title as “Labour Party South-East Policy Co-ordinator” would have been able to secure a safe seat to fight.

    She really is full of shit.

  294. 294
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    But you’re gay, right?
    That should count for something in your point-scoring Leftie universe, yeah?

  295. 295
    Britain First says:

    What concerns me is that the LibLabCon party are all libertarian especially since Old Labour became New Labour and ditched clause IV. All we have ever had since then is libertarianism with a yellow/blue/red flavour. And low and behold, UKIP are also libertarian. UKIP would not have been allowed to rise if the elite establishment did not want it to.

    UKIP and farage are a just a shill party for The City to protect its interests against EU financial regulation. If there is any threat from the EU then UKIP are the mechanism to protect those interests.

    Only nationalist (socialism-in-one-country) policies will get us out of the dreadful mess we now find our selves in.

  296. 296
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    No matter how hard you searched?

  297. 297
    Pain dans le main says:

    So plenty of time to get the pitchforks sharpened and the barrels of geedopowder in.

  298. 298
    David Jones says:

    A vote for UKIP was shown to be a vote for UKIP in the local elections.

    Sign this petition so UKIP can take part in the 2015 General Election TV debates

    Almost 10,500 signatures

  299. 299
    The neo nuts looney toons says:

    Another murdoch mong bites the dust….cant report actual news, nor drive speed boats

  300. 300
    Glennis Kinnock says:

    I’ll buckle up tonight Neil, you’ve been a very good boy.

  301. 301
    Diane Abbott says:

    I’m going to sue Slimfast. I’ve been drinking 25 milkshakes a day and I’ve not slimmed fast.

  302. 302
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Happens every lunchtime with Parker after a session with Miss Latvia.

  303. 303
    Anon says:

    The only landslide Milibland will get will be full of cheese.

  304. 304
    Michelle Dubois says:

    A novel way of passing notes in class, perhaps ?

  305. 305
    Pain dans le main says:

    Firefox with adblock is good for your blood pressure!

  306. 306
    Pain dans le main says:

    But if you look back up there ^^^^ to Herman’s post, the EU and its funny money is about to implode. Who do we turn to now?

  307. 307
    Fish says:


    Lisbon was signed by David Miliband on 13th December 2007 (and then by Gordon Brown who crept in , in the dead of night to sign Britain’s rights away out of the sight of prying eyes)

    It was ratified on the 15th July 2008 – nearly 2 year before the election, eventually becoming EU law when the Czechs ratified in 2009.

    Labour promised a referendum and reneged on it. Once signed, Cameron’s promise of a referendum became meaningless.

    Farridge should be attacking labour not the Tories, but he knows most of the growth of his party will come from tory voters.

  308. 308
    Anonymous says:


  309. 309
    Pain dans le main says:

    … using bullet points of course…

  310. 310
    Casual Observer says:

    @SC: Political pentameter best treated gently – +1000% on what you said about Major / Mrs. T above. Maggie didn’t really need any of these tricks.

    @PLeM : If I could edit would switch.

    Thank you for reading critically :-D

  311. 311
    Future Labour Shadow Cabinet says:

    Owen Jones and Eddie “we must fight against fascism” Izzard as well.

  312. 312
    Wyle Cop says:

    George’s brilliant ‘Help to Buy’ scheme:

    “Had we been asked to design a policy that would guarantee maximum damage to the UK’s long-term growth prospects and its fragile credit rating, this would be it.”

  313. 313
    Anonymous says:

    There is no liblabcon. That’s lazy ukip guff.

  314. 314

    A for Horses
    B for Mutton
    C for th’ilanders
    D for mation
    E for brick
    F for vescence

  315. 315
    Anon says:

    Maybe not in 2015 but if the Tories implode there could be a chance in 2020.

  316. 316
    Fish says:

    Dave has already said the government will be spending our taxes to finance a YES to the EU vote campaign

    When did he say that?

  317. 317
    Anon says:

    Butt your farts cure cancer?

  318. 318
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I was just getting into your way of thinking Observer, when I realised you were juxtaposing a generous assessment of Parker with a suggestion that Straw can create empathy. Having met Straw several times I can assure you that he is the most odious little shit, on a par with Parker (which may explain your comparison).

  319. 319
    Anonymous says:

    He isn’t stupid. His voters are.

  320. 320
    !!!___HMP___!!! says:

    We’re only making plans for Nigel

    (the other one)

  321. 321
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    But you were only five years old back then. It would be natural if you didn’t grasp everything at the time. Probably the only thing you DID have a handle on in those days, you still do, as witness your writings; only now, it creates a bit more of a mess when you’re finished.

  322. 322
    Owen Jones says:

    Spent an hour fighting fascists on Southport Beach. All I could see was an elderly man reading the Daily Mail, but he looked a bit tasty.

  323. 323
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    I don’t believe you CaMoron

  324. 324
    Fish says:

    Opponents of same sex marriage are they themselves in a minority – those opponents frequently representing less than 20% of the population. The Tories are showing leadership on this issue.

    Same sex marriage? It’s not compulsory! – Get over it, as they say!

    A June 2012 YouGov survey shows highly accepting attitudes of the British population toward LGBT rights. The report found that 71% are in favour of same-sex marriage.

    Two YouGov polls in December 2012 found that 55% of the population was in favour of introducing same-sex marriage.

  325. 325
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    You go back to sleep like a good little boy, mouthing for you to worry about here. We will wake you up when we’ve saved this country from quislings.

  326. 326
    Fish says:

    I have to say, Hitchens knows a fruitcake when he sees on

  327. 327
    Anonymous says:

    Did UKIP vote against the FTT? If not then the expense trousering loons can fuck off.

  328. 328
    A chance says:

    A fart in the wind.

  329. 329
    Alex says:

    Seriously, why do you use this wanker? His artwork sucks and he’s about as witty as a dead rat.

  330. 330
    Gordon Brown says:

    Invest my chocolate factory.

  331. 331
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    We knew that they would turn against us. We saw it coming. Be a good Christian and turn the other cheek and Vote UKIP for Christ’s sake.

  332. 332
    Arse fuck for freedom says:

    Libertarians = Arse fuckers

  333. 333
  334. 334
    Fish says:

    In the council seat where I live, we have just lost an excellent Tory councillor, who came second by around 100 votes to the shiftless gobby Labour, trougher who manages to find herself on this, that or the other public body – never having done a honest day’s work in her life.

    I can’t help but think that the of the 700 odd votes that the UKIP candidate (who came third) polled, enough of these would have ensured that we would still have an outstanding councillor.

    But of course Farridge, who’s party is built on a lie, can say anything he wants that strike a chord with people – he doesn’t need to deliver or ability to do so.

    This will be repeated in 2015. And we will get Miliband. The prospect of this Communist spawn and idiot in the highest office in the land fills me with utter dread.

  335. 335
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    We can’t afford to make anything because electricity is more expensive here and will soon be double the cost of leccy in other manufacturing nations.

    Why ?

    Because of the EU carbon tax.

    Working class people have already woken up to the fact that LibLabCon hate them and have ruined their job prospects with uncontrolled immigration and a race to the bottom with wages. This makes UKIP an increasingly attractive option for former labour voters.

    I’m sure there are plenty of Bulgarians who would like to drive a tube train for £60k pa… Unions had better watch out, labour is pulling the rug from under them with its open door uncontrolled immigration policy.

    This labour support will only increase when they realise they can’t afford their electricity prepay card and granny freezes to death, and they make the link to the EU.

    Granted, there will be a labour underclass of rampant benefit claimants and turkeys don’t vote for Xmas, but the real bennie claimants probably won’t vote anyway… They are already too disenfranchised to vote especially if strictly or x faxtor are on the HD wide screen.

    Marginal bennie claimants on tax credits have the work ethic and will see through the labour spin and the damage then EU is doing to their long term prospects.

    Thus Labour support for UKIP ? The only is way is up !

    Goodbye LibLabCon, hello UKIP.

  336. 336
    MSM AWOL as usual says:

    The only question is em eye V or most sad? See eye hay had too much to lose I think to carry it out.

  337. 337
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Indeed! Fortunately we are in a much better position than them.

  338. 338
    Cameron is a socialist Liberal says:

    It’s Cameron you should be blaming Dude.

  339. 339
    Kronos says:

    And I don’t suppose she’s going to pay tax on that, seeing as it now of value and by the logic of lefty thinking anything you own of any value must be taxed . So cough up .. tax avoider

  340. 340
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Every time that loser save opens his mouth.
    The same loser Dave who said that he would campaign with all his heart and soul to stay in the EU.

  341. 341
    Nigel says:

    Nom nom. Slurp.

    As if.

  342. 342
    National Socialist says:

    Q: Vote UKIP
    A: Get yet another libertarian party

    National Socialism is the only answer now. The situation we find ourselves in now is exactly the same that Germany found itself in he 1930’s. Look up the 25 point manifesto that the National Socialist German Workers Party drew up in order to rescue Germany from the monied elite.

  343. 343
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Ed Milliband, the face that even a mother would want to punch really hard.

  344. 344
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    I heard a really good joke the other day,

    David Camoron.

    Haaahaaaaaaahahahaha hahahahahaaaaahaaa haaahaahaaa

    So I said to my mate, I’ve got a joke for you too.

    Ed Millitwat.

    Haaahaaahaaaaaaahahahaaahaa haaahahahahaaaaahahaaa

    By this time the whole pub was roaring with laughter and the cash in hand Spanish barmaid said – ive got a joke too.

    Nick Clegg.

    No one laughed, no one knew who he was.

    We went home.

  345. 345
    Cameron set to lose in 2015 and it'll be his own supporters and not Labour that do it says:

    I suggest you complain to Conservative Central Office and nobody else The problem is of Cameron and his chums own making. If you treat your core vote with contempt then you shouldn’t be surprised if they come back and kick you in the gonads

  346. 346
    Jimmy says:

    Many happy returns of the day my reactionary friends

  347. 347
    Dump Dave Now! Dump Dave Now! says:

    The ONLY chance the Tories have is to……Dump Dave Now!

  348. 348
    Sir William Waad says:

    A stein with the lid hinged opposite the handle would not work. (Rich and Mark don’t know this because they use training beakers.)

  349. 349
    Yeah ! Yeah ! Whatever !! says:

    Nobody cares about your sexual orientation whatever it is…. just your incompetence that caused the “Crash”

  350. 350
    F the liblabcon says:

    Sorry, but you’re ‘vote for us or the other fellow will sneak in’ bullshit scam no longer works.

    Why can’t you thick Liblabcon party tribalists get it. YOU are the reason this country’s in the mess it’s in. YOU are the reason we’re becoming a minority in our cities and towns and heading towards civil war within a generation.

    YOUR fcuked up parties, YOUR fcuked up policies.

    You can count yourself damned lucky we’re only voting UKIP for now.

  351. 351
    Ed Miliband says:

    Vote UKIP!

  352. 352
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    UKIP are anti-socialists.

    It’s part of their success.

  353. 353
    Vote for Labour to finish the job says:

    Good move.Miliband and Labour will complete the job of fucking up the UK Economy and I give it 2 years max before the IMF imposes fiscal control. In the meantime the Tory Party can ditch “Dave”, rebuild under a proper Conservative leader and win in 2020

  354. 354
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    I do agree, but the point I’m making is that the Conservative party in its own right is pro immigration, pro illegal immigration, pro legal immigration and pro EU.

    It offers no alternative to Labour or Lib Dim, just more of the same with a different coloured sh1tty wrapper.

    Conservative voters should not forget that.

  355. 355
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    You’re getting pathetic in your desperation.

  356. 356
    Daniel Hannan says:

    Keep it up, G!

  357. 357
    Moby Dick says:

    MATT makes this cartoonist look like a German comedian

  358. 358
    Only judge them by their behaviours says:

    He didn’t…but please be minded that he is a liar. Therefore we can only judge him and his type by their behaviours and judging him by that simple technique he is for unfettered immigration.

  359. 359
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    The game is called “victimhood poker”.

  360. 360
    Jack Haig says:

    It is I, LeClerc.

  361. 361
    Alan Rustberger says:

    Hope you don’t mind if I pop in for a little tinkle.

  362. 362
    Ed Miliband says:

    Please vote UKIP in the south but not in the North……some of us are scared you see.

  363. 363
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Really, are you sure ?

    Conservative policy = more EU, pro immigration, more windmills, more debt, higher taxes.

    Labour policy = more EU, pro immigration, more windmills, more debt, higher taxes.

    Lib Dim policy = more EU, pro immigration, more windmills, more debt, higher taxes.

    The only way to end this farce is to vote UKIP at each and every opportunity.

  364. 364
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    >who destroyed the working class ethic?

    Aneurin Bevan and his entitlement schemes, also the guys that invented income tax (and thus created low productivity unemployment).

  365. 365
    Anon says:

    @ A Chance

    Is not what the Pink Tories have in 2015. Labour have a small chance of getting a slim majority only problem with that is people don’t like Milibland or trust Labour’s economic policy.

    Hung Parliament is here to stay.

  366. 366
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Your a bigot and that’s racist.

  367. 367
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    I’ve said it before, but it seems followers of the marxist faith believe, quite wrongly, that putting a bad apple in a barrel of good apples will make the bad apple good, rather than the good barrel bad.

  368. 368
    Laugh? I nearly shat myself! says:


    Lead by Ed Miliband no doubt.

    Get real dickhead.

  369. 369
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Do you mean those expenses that every other Euro MP is entitled to claim ?

    If you don’t like the expenses policy then blame the EU.

    Play the ball instead of the man.

  370. 370
    Fish says:


    Complain to Cameron that a snake oil salesman, EU trougher, clown has appeared on the scene?

    Cameron, with one hand tied behind his back, is having to what he can, pragmatically. with liar Farridge , the BBC and labour jeering from the side-lines.

    Farridge said some months back he could do a deal with Miliband. That tells me all I need to know about someone who would put self before principle.

    Want less Europe (like me), a vote for Farridge means exactly the opposite.

  371. 371
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Your comments really are facile.

    Blair is an evil Cnut who took this country to war and opened the floodgates of immigration and who sells his soul to the highest paying African dictator.

    Nigel Farage is honest and straight talking, standing up for the UK.

    That’s why people vote UKIP and are leaving the legacy LibLabCon in droves.

  372. 372
    Alex says:

    You’re a LibLabCon stooge mate – wake up and smell the coffee!

  373. 373
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    No Mandelson has got them, he left them in Nigel Evans cottage.

  374. 374
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    But will the church be forced to use their facilities to bless unions their teaching do not approve of?

    People suspect this is another law-fare attack.

    Unless venues are clearly allowed to discriminate against customers for ANY reason. I would be against it.

  375. 375
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    You really are a joke, everybody knows the only reason CaMoron or any of the LibDems became politicians is to get a job in the EU after they have done their time in the UK.

    LibLabCon make me sick.

    Vote UKIP to get rid of the legacy parties.

  376. 376
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    “we must fight against fascism*”
    with more state control of everything…

    *Everything in the state, nothing outside the state.

  377. 377
    A lying, cheating, no-good, stuck-up, big-headed, shit-for-brains tosser (no, not Gordo) says:

    Moving, – as one does, – in refined circles, one is aware that one is rather special. And I don’t feel I live in a white minority neighbourhood, – as Common People do, – so why would I move to a different place?

  378. 378
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    People will vote UKIP because they are sick to death of of the Faux Conservative party and pro EU liar Dave.

    If the Conservative party didn’t have the same policies as the socialist LibDims and Labour, people might actually vote for them.

    Quislings always get what they deserve.

    Vote UKIP.

  379. 379
    Purple Army says:

    “Dave promises a referendum”

    Have you started your list for Santa yet?

  380. 380
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron neither hears nor gets the message. Nobody believes a word he says. The promised referendum will not be `in/out` but `I`ve got a deal do you approve or not`. Eurosceptics will vote `yes` because it is an improvement and `no` would not mean exit anyway. Crafty Cameron thinks he`s got it sewed up by offering a phoney in/out referendum where either result means we stay in.

  381. 381
    Nigel Evans says:

    You sure got a pretty mouth.

  382. 382
    Anonymous says:

  383. 383
    Owen Jones says:

    Last night I was pushed off my bike and robbed by demonised youths. If only we had a housebuilding programme and more public sector work.

  384. 384
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    We’ve had no referendums on the way in.

    We need no referendums on the way out.

    Just invoke article 50 and leave.

    Vote UKIP.

  385. 385
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    He needs to drink lots of coffee. He’s certainly well-pissed.

  386. 386
    Castlewarts says:

    Some rats jump into the water, others climb up anything that’s higher than the bilge pumps. They’re still doomed eventually to swim or sink. Let’s hope the poor blighters have enough money to move.

  387. 387
    Dave says:

    Vote Tory in 2015 and not only will I give you a referendum on the EU but a free bridge of your choice. Choose from any of the Thames bridges – London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Battersea Bridge. How about Blackfriars Bridge? What a fine addition to your garden it would make. Well, my garden in Oxfordshire anyway. Some of you may find your properties slightly too small, but you can always eBay it.

  388. 388
    Steve Miliband says:

    But Gordon then signed the Lisbon Treaty before Cameron became PM. FFS.

  389. 389
    Anonymous says:

    Agreed – its obvious! Nobody believes a word he says – on anything!

  390. 390
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    I think the treacherous Dave will come out with some form of Referendum along the lines of ‘Do you think we should seek to renegotiate the terms of our EU membership’? Some fluffy get-out that will fool nobody but the Liblabcon thickos.

  391. 391
    Gerry Mandering says:


  392. 392
    Gerry Mandering says:

    But he is a clown and a fruitcake – and the potential next leader of the Conservatives.

    Oh, the irony

  393. 393
    The walls come tumbling down says:

  394. 394
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    A rather relative success.

    Uk is fucked
    EUSSR is buttfucked

  395. 395
    Barry says:

    Who is the character in the cartoon supposed to be?

  396. 396
    LOL What a TWAT says:

  397. 397
    Life Up Uranus says:

    Nigel Evans MP was PPS to William Hague when Hague was secretary of state for Wales.

  398. 398
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    LibLabCon have to make cuts to indigenous Brits pensions otherwise they will not be able to pay housing benefit and bennies to the millions of immigrants in this country.

    Tax the ever decreasing number of workers to pay for the worlds dregs.

    Thats the LibLabCon EU way……

    If as the goverment has claimed, benefit increases are below inflation, and if, immigrants will all be working hard and don’t come here to claim bennies, then we should see a drop in the cost of the welfare state and an increase in tax revenues shouldn’t we ?

    We all know this is complete and utter nonsense….. Immigration is occuring at a far higher rate than jobs are being created.

    Which is why we get the anomaly of increased numbers of people in employment, but unemployment going up……. Do you get it now.

    Immigration is higher than job creation !!!

    There will be a massive increase in welfare payments. All we have to do is sit back and watch.

    With any luck, we should have the perfect sh1t storm just before the general election in 2015 proving the conservatives have lost all credibility once and for all.

    Vote UKIP to end this destruction of the UK and to leave the EU.

  399. 399
    Polly at Breakfast says:

    R U Blind?

    It’s Polly before she puts her slap on

  400. 400

    Here is an interview with Bertrand Russell. On the rare occasions that I would watch television as a child, I would often see him appearing as a panellist on Brain’s Trust or in interview on other BBC programmes.

    He was completely opposed to me in political outlook (including his CND stance) but, nonetheless, I was immensely impressed with his knowledge, his ability to present complex ideas with clarity and with an intellectual honesty and lack of pretension.

    He has influenced my thinking and philosophical development more than any other human being but I have taken this and to some extent moved on from that stage. Indeed, our paths have gone in opposite directions. He started off as an Idealist but became a Skeptic. I have reversed this pattern.

    (The interview proper starts at about 3:30 minutes in.)

  401. 401
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    The unearned income from falls in land-affordability acts like a form of privately collected taxation.

  402. 402
    Chuka Trash Can says:

    All? Including the trash?

  403. 403
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    Hopeless attempt.

  404. 404
    Lordy Mandlescum says:

    Well thankfully in the new post-democratic Europe, the opinions of the people don’t count.

  405. 405
    Castlewarts says:

    That smell is not UKIP. It’s Dave’s incandescence.

  406. 406
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    He needs a backbone though, he is prett unconvincing without one.
    Maybe Evans can oblige with a stiff bone.

  407. 407

    Einstein does not throw dice from beakers.

  408. 408
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

  409. 409
    Intimate friends says:

    Yep…they are bum old chums.

  410. 410
    Anonymous says:

    No deals with Toxic Tories:

  411. 411
    Evaporated says:

    Well a cat would like ideal milk.

  412. 412
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    Our gracious host’s surname is a modbot word.

  413. 413
    Anonymous says:

    When the chips are down it will be hopeless for the haves when the have nots come for them.

  414. 414
    Tori Spinner says:

    Referendum results and what they would mean:

    51% – 100% say “In” – Hurrah. Britain stays in the EU and the prime minister continues to stand up for Britain. Sorry Mrs Merkel, what was that? Oh. Correction. The state of Anglia stays in the United States of Europe and the state governor continues to stand up for Anglia’s interests when they do not clash with Mrs Merkel’s. Oh and since we’re now getting the Euro, income tax will go up 5% to help us afford our share of the bailouts.

    50 – 66% say “Out” – OK, clearly the people have spoken and the government will listen. But obviously it would be wrong to jeopardise Britain’s economic future based on what only a small majority of you ignorant, non-London-based, state-educated, tattooed, permatanned, terrier-owning, lager-swilling, Fast And Furious 6-enjoying, Majorca-holidaying, football-obsessed peasants think, so we’ll take note of this and then ignore it.

    67- 83% say out – Right. You want us to renegotiate again. That is crystal clear. We will send a crack team of negotiators to Brussels, led by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary, to ensure that we get the best “Piss off” out of Mrs Merkel possible.

    83% – 100% say out – You obviously didn’t understand the question. We will repeat the referendum just as soon as we have arranged for one of those clever Russian hitmen to deal with Nigel fucking Farage and make it look like cancer or a suicide.

  415. 415
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Dave CaMoron and the Conservatives are impotent to make any changes to policy that the public want, because he is straight jacketed by EU law. The Tories want EU law, ergo they do not want any policy changes the public want.

    Ditto the LibDims.

    Ditto Liebor.

    The sheeple are waking up, they are slowly realising a combination of EU laws, and the LibLabCon wholesale acceptance of those EU laws and ideology, means that

    A. The LibLabCon Do not have the power to enact policies demanded by the public.
    B. LibLabCon do not even want to enact those policies even if they did have the power.

    Sheeples are now increasingly realising UKIP are the only party offering an alternative the legacy LibLabCon. That’s why people are voting for them.

    Bring it on in 2015.

    Vote UKIP.

  416. 416
    40 years of despair 4 days of hope(so far) says:

    Don’t think so old boy, you might be a cynical defeatist, but some of us are inspired by the fellow. If he was in it for himself he could have sold out to Tony, Gordon, or Dave but he didn’t. He earned far less as a Euro MP than he could have in the city, and until very recently had no right,other than conviction,to believe that the success that now seems likely would ever happen. Farage had paid his dues as a politician many times over.

  417. 417
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Every time he opens his mouth and lies spew out uncontrollably.

    He said most recently – I will campaign with all my heart and soul – to stay in the EU.

  418. 418
    green ink says:

    you’re such a perfectionist in semantics SC .. just a shame your echos BW and CO don’t similarly engage.

    I’ll resist the temptation to ask moniker what his weathers like.

  419. 419
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    CaMoron is damaged goods, end of.

    No one believes a word he says apart from the other quislings in government.

    Earth to 1922 committee, are you receiving ?

  420. 420
    The neo nuts looney toons says:

    Another murdoch mong bites the dust

  421. 421
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Do you get paid double to troll on a bank holiday.
    I’m sure there is a Bulgarian who would do it for half the price.
    Better not tell your boss, you might be out of a jobby…

  422. 422
    I'm in Evan says:

    Agreed, Farage is acting as controlled opposition….
    He’s helping prop up the system for another few years…

  423. 423
    The neo nuts looney toons says:


    Will nick be trying to offload his speeding fines

  424. 424
    Owen Jones says:

    I have bloody loved my trip so far! Dublin, Cork City,and Skibereen all NAILED MATE NAILED NAILED.

  425. 425
    Dr Faustus says:

    If you liked, I could introduce you to a German cannibal chum of mine…

  426. 426
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, then one of them could have bricked you.

  427. 427
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Do you get paid double to troll on a bank holiday ?
    Give up and go home to your same sex marriage.

  428. 428
    Only judge them by their behaviours says:

    Russell was an early activist for LGBT rights and a male feminist. That’s all you need to know about this dead fuckwit!

  429. 429
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    Only for a bit.

    The produce-nots will starve rather quickly.

  430. 430
    Only judge them by their behaviours says:

    What’s the betting he’s a closet pillow biter?

  431. 431
    Anonymous says:

    Who cares. It’s the referendum that counts. You must be an idiot.

  432. 432
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    CaMoron is damaged goods.
    He is permanently damaging the Tories.
    Keep him there I say…

  433. 433
    The neo nuts looney toons says:

    The london metro set who invade cornwall, and snap up second homes are not popular in that part of the uk.

    However a second property has now become available

  434. 434
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    It’s Ingerlish actually.
    65% of Londoners will vouch for that.

  435. 435
    The EU says:


  436. 436
    Peter Hitchens says:

    It is now just a matter of time before the Tory Party dies. This is not a moment too soon. For far too long this futile and fraudulent body has stolen the votes of conservative patriots.
    For far too long Tory leaders have secretly despised their own supporters.

    When David Cameron described UKIP voters as ‘fruitcakes and closet racists’, he was actually giving his true opinion of the men and women who have kept his own party alive.

  437. 437
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Raise you “disabled.”

  438. 438
    Anonymous says:

    That’s lovely. Did you write it on a beer mat?

  439. 439
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    No, it’s only the English who feel like foreigners in their own country. The people in the ‘United’ Kingdom’s other nations have no worries on that score.

  440. 440

    Fanaticism is the danger of the world. It always has been and has done untold harm. No, I think fanaticism is the greatest danger there is. I could almost say I was fanatically against fanaticism. Bertrand Russell – 1959

  441. 441
    Fruitcakes and closet racists? Cameron's talking about YOU! says:

    If there is ever a monument to him, it should be made of cast-iron, brittle and prone to rust away, like his broken pledges.

  442. 442
    The EU says:

    Couple of problems I’m afraid chaps…..

    “He challenged Mr Cameron to adopt a plan which includes scrapping the gay marriage Bill, freezing the overseas aid budget, opting out of the European Convention on Human Rights, cutting immigration and holding a prompt EU referendum, The Times reported.”

    Gay marriage – this an EU law so you have to do it, no choice I’m afraid.

    ECHR – this is an EU law so you have to be a member, no choice I’m afraid.

    Cuttting Immigration – sorry, you guessed it… EU law, not allowed.

    EU referendum – we don’t approve of these as you know, and if you support one, none of you will ever get a tax free EU job ever or EU pension, so you better do as we say, or else…..

    Now, freezing overseas aid…. Thats a crumb you could throw the plebs, but why not abolish it or cut it…. Rather than freezing increases to it……

    Oh, by the way, vote LibLabCon for uncontrolled immigration. Cheerio

  443. 443
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    Cameron has already gone on record stating that if the referendum delivers a leave the EU vote, he will ignore it.

    What part of that do you not understand?

  444. 444
    The EU says:

    You see, an EU success story.

    But by the way, why didn’t you settle in Greece or Portugal or Cyprus or Spain ? Much warmer than here ?

  445. 445
    The EU says:

    We support the establishment.
    And piss poor immigrants.

  446. 446
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    I’d rather a fruitcake than an Eton Fcukin Mess.

  447. 447
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Very good…

    And also a countdown to bi elections in disgraced constituencies.

  448. 448
    The EU says:

    Cannot compute, cannot compute, c o mm p u t e

  449. 449
    UKIP Insurrection says:

    Tighten the zimmer frames. Empty the colostomy bags.
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

  450. 450
    The EU says:

    Don’t worry she’ll be wearing a burka in a couple of years when we’ve finished with you.

  451. 451
    Dave's "Dirty Tricks" Section says:

    We’re making a list,
    and checking it twice;
    Gonna find out
    Who’s naughty and nice…

    We see you when you’re sleeping
    We know when you’re awake
    We know if you’ve been bad or good
    So be good, for goodness sake.

  452. 452
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Hitchens is an old Labour commie traitor. How dare he or his ilk lecture Conservatives on patriotism?

    Much like all the ex-Labour twats who infest the comments on here, and there new found love of blighty and UKRAP. Lecturing everyone else on patriotism!!!! FFS!


  453. 453
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    I think you are right, the only whites left in immigrant areas either can’t afford to move or are trapped by age or infirmity. The Government should create a fund for them as it is unfair if they have to live and be terrorised in an ethnic shithouse.

  454. 454
    Nigel Farage says:

    I have always maintained that if a Tory’s lips are moving, he’s lying.

  455. 455
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    CaMoron is your problem.

    Anyway, tough titty, serves you right.

    This is happening all over the country, thank god.

    Get your self down Starbucks and take a deep breath in for several minutes and the come back and tell us what it think.

  456. 456
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    Clearly you are too stupid to comprehend that the LabLibCon troika, are an anti-British conspiracy, who WANT to fvck the people of this country and are totally subservient to the EU dictatorship / corrupt moneytrain.

  457. 457
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Because he is a quisling.

  458. 458
    Purple Army says:

    If you Tory fuckers actually wanted out of the EU, or even to hold a referendum on it, why didn’t you put it in your 2010 manifesto?

  459. 459
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration. says:

    Did they ever share a room to save money ?

  460. 460

    I cannot accept in any way that BW and CO are my echoes. They have strong ideas and opinions of their own.

    In the former’s case, I believe him to be passionately interested in certain aspects of the law which he holds to be wrong. I am to a certain extent in agreement with him but I think that his approach is sometimes problematic, possibly done in order to create an effect, and does not always possess clarity. But he appears to be appreciably younger than I am and so maybe I do not always cotton on to his method of expression in the way a younger person might do.

    In the case of CO, he has given a clue on this page that he is in a similar age bracket to that of our host. I find his breadth and depth of knowledge astonishing and his method of expressing it very clear and accessible. We do not agree on absolutely everything, indeed it would be surprising if we did, but I would estimate we broadly concur on over 80%, a very high degree of correlation.

    If I have any ability in semantics at all, I must praise my educator in this field, Bertrand Russell and his work On Denoting from 1905.


  461. 461
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Typical bigoted prats. You assume anyone not attuned to your narrow world view is a socialist. I suggest you see my other posts about Minibland and Straw before tagging me as a Labour supporter.

  462. 462
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    Indeed, the established party faithful trolls are shitting themselves. And their collective desperation shows.

  463. 463
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    No. I just have friends in UKIP who have seen the machinations of Parker and Mussolini (Groper Nuttall) at first hand. UKIP is not the problem. Their corrupt leadership is a problem.

  464. 464
    The EU says:

    We don’t allow referendums.
    Please stop.

  465. 465
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    So you want me to be kind about Kinnockio?

  466. 466
    Pain dans le main says:

    Mais oui! and some come already full of cream too…

  467. 467
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    The anti UKIP trolls are a desperate bunch of failures. They are a pathetic bunch of serfs, who imagine by sucking EU cock they will ‘free’ themselves.

  468. 468
    Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:


  469. 469
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Silly boy. Most UKIP members are straight and well meaning. Parker and his henchman, Groper Nuttall, are bent as a £2 note. The forthcoming TV doc on them will show this beyond doubt.

  470. 470
    The EU says:

    We do not allow referendums.
    Please move along.

  471. 471
    Pain dans le main says:

    Mr Fish, the Treaty did not apply to the UK until it was ratified, an act performed by Brown a couple of days after he was voted out. He had no legal authority to do that.

  472. 472
    Nigel Farage says:

    Evans is claimed to be an arch Eurosceptic. I wonder whether that’s why the current grouping that passes itself off as the Conservative party and their hangers on has assisted in the smears?
    It could be that he had made approaches to us.

  473. 473
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Except that he didn’t earn his money in the City. He obtained it by running dirty little scams.

  474. 474
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    Clearly you understand markets less than you understand people. Marxist types are like that.

  475. 475
    The EU says:

    He is one of ours.
    We like him a lot.

  476. 476
    An honest Tory says:

    I do so hope the NF reemerge. In my 50s I would regard the lardbuckets of the pink Nazis as minimal opposition. I still remember them running from a tiny policewoman in the late 70s.

  477. 477
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    They dont claim expenses in the EU parliament. Tehy are given allowances and every MEP is given the same amount. What of course you fail to mention is Farage gives his allowance to the party. You know, when you are desperate and digging a hole for yourself, sometimes you should stop digging and look less of a cvnt.

  478. 478
    The EU says:

    There is only one policy allowed in the Uk, and that is EU policy.
    Protest is futile.

    Now let me get on with important business like Clegg and Camorons job applications.


  479. 479
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Not a problem dearie; I have already made my money.

  480. 480
    Curly wonders says:

    Is not the ECHR a toy of the Council of Europe and thus nothing whatever to do with the EU?

  481. 481
    The EU says:

    We do not authorise use of the words, EU cock.

    It should be – ” EU gender neutral genital.”


  482. 482
    Dopey little twit says:

    So, it was the Syrian rebels who were using the chemical weapons……any word form Hagie yet?

  483. 483
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    My God. My wife is a man? My daughter will be so shocked when I tell her. Now go back to your hole Groper Nuttall.

  484. 484
    Anonymous says:

    That’s the plan

  485. 485
    Curly wonders says:

    No jobs [probably!].

  486. 486
    albacore says:

    How right you are, Bert, you silly old tart
    Fanaticism – it’s The Devil’s art!
    Why, it will collapse the whole universe
    Or, maybe, p’r’aps, even do summat worse

  487. 487
    Some are born thick, some have thickness thrust upon them, some just become thick says:

    That documentary, it wouldn’t be on the bBBC or channel 4 would it? You know the desperate lefty prats who despise any notion of a free society that can choose it’s own destination. Expect all the UKIP rejects to make a bile filled appearence.

  488. 488
    The EU says:

    No further discussion on this subject is authorised under EU law 123.453.6753.1


  489. 489
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Me, I’ve always been partial to custard pies, myself.
    Let’s watch the original Three Stooges (as opposed to those pale copies Dave, Nick, and Ed nowadays) show how it’s done– soitenly, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk, woo-woo-woo-woo-woo:

  490. 490
    Anonymous says:

    As a professional troll, do you get paid double on a bank holiday ?

  491. 491
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Give me strength. The ECHR has nothing to do with the EU (Oppose it by all means but get the facts right). There is nothing in either European treaties or law requiring gay marriage (which may explain the accession of Romania etc. If you really want to keep eastern Europe out of the EU just suggest they have to allow gay marriage).

  492. 492
    Anonymous says:

    As a professional troll, do you get paid double on a bank holiday.

  493. 493
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Just as long as Rachel Reeves has only one face. The one she has is bad enough – I could not bear a second.

  494. 494
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    For one moment I read it as ‘build up the tories’. On reflection both versions work.

  495. 495
    Owen Jones says:

    After watching 2 seconds of Spongebob I already know what episode it is.

  496. 496
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Or if you are Groper Nuttall, by getting on board and announcing ‘stop the train (but leave all your cash with me)’.

  497. 497
    Curly says:

    That’s just what that lovely lady from Hampshire was saying after she blamed her ejection from the council on the corrupt elites at Westminster.

  498. 498
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Ah, Groper. Wondered where you had got to.

  499. 499
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    It won’t happen under UKIP. Groper Nuttall prefers pliers, cattle prods and many helpers to hold the victims down.

  500. 500
    optional says:

    He must be HUN gry…..

  501. 501
    Perse O'Nally says:

    What an absolutely fucking crap cartoon. Time you sacked those twats Guido.

  502. 502
    optional says:

    …. and likely nicked your bike too…

  503. 503
    The EU says:

    Weve got a £300k pa tax free job waiting for Camoron as soon as he wants it.

  504. 504
    Down Shep says:

    Sometimes the names bestowed by our ancestors come back to haunt us. :-)

  505. 505
    A keen collector of crappy structures with flowers says:

    I am very interested in your offer. Does Kew Bridge come with the tropical gardens attached?

  506. 506
    The EU. says:

    The money has been sent, hope you got it ok.

  507. 507
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ever noticed how without fail Chukka and Di fatbutt “ALWAYS” make a reference to ‘my constituents’ and then they spout thier garbled rubbish. e.g. Both of them on QT and elsewhere. There’s something of ‘The Desperate’ about the pair of them.

  508. 508
    Dr Faustus says:

    Here in Australia the Government gives us our cigarettes in plain packages. I think it makes them healthier – or something.

    Who is Ken Clarke and why is Andy Burnham?

  509. 509
    Danny Alexander says:

    God does enjoy an occasional game of snooker.

  510. 510
    Streatham Common says:

    We need to see the actual figures as most ‘winners’ get elected on a small minority of the local population, most of whom voted for the rest of the candidates.

    A trash posting; must do better. Would you like a new watch perchance?

  511. 511
    Dr Faustus says:

    Boom tish!

  512. 512
    Anonymous says:

    Your wife’s a man…
    I feel sorry for him / her.
    You sound confused, best trot along to your troll cave,

  513. 513
    Streatham Common says:

    He’s using the chemical toilet at present but will be with you shortly.

  514. 514
    The EU says:

    Err your both wrong.

    New members of the EUnhave to be a member ECHR.

    France also implementing the gay marriage directive.


  515. 515
    Anonymous says:

    Troll alert.

  516. 516
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    Two YouGov polls in December 2012 found that 55% of the population was in favour of introducing same-sex marriage.


    First, consider the source; YouGov – highly suspect.


    Second, was any significant proportion of the population actually pushing for same-sex ‘marriage’ ? No, they weren’t. Gay ‘marriage’ is an agenda set somewhere far beyond our shores.


    Third, tolerance is one thing but acceptance is quite another. The British have been very tolerant, but that’s as far as it goes.


    The truth is that gay ‘marriage’ is all about undermining the meaning and value of real marriage.

  517. 517
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Britain’s got trash political talent!!!

  518. 518
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Obviously a normative statement that does not include itself, like “nothing to fear but fear itself” (Francis Bacon, famously used by Franklin Roosevelt) and is a wonderful rhetorical flourish, in that we know what it’s supposed to mean, but it’s ultimately meaningless taken literally (“I hate hatred”; “I denounce denunciation” and the like– pick any boo-hiss word).

    I prefer Marcus Tullius Cicero– “Extremism in defence of Liberty is no vice, and Moderation in pursuit of Justice is no virtue.” (Famously used by Barry Goldwater, who at first thought it was from Abraham Lincoln, who was himself quoting Cicero.)

  519. 519
    nU KIPs on the block. says:

    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair.

  520. 520
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair.

  521. 521
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    As above.

  522. 522

    I sincerely doubt that he screws off the top cushion.

  523. 523
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Well said there RCVU.

    I will add that much more ‘light’ needs to be shed upon Tatchell and his Stonewall organisation; such that it Stonewall – was Evans’ first main port of call for him to seek ‘advice’ on his coming out (D Mail today). Who really is ‘controlling’ Stonewall and what is its real agenda … because its agenda has certainly changed into some political [Militant] movement of its own?

  524. 524
    Innes L Emment says:

    Gordon Brown was always happiest as a number two.

  525. 525
    Bob Fleming says:

    The EU is not the only thing the Swedes are having problems with – a rape epidemic courtesy of another imported menace

  526. 526
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Most sad get my vote for always being too fucking clever at arms length. Their paymasters always seem to benefit what with all these oddities that happen in strange and bizzare ways. Even when the die was cast under a bridge one suspects their hand was not far away?

  527. 527
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I understand markets very well, and the changes in their regulation even better, having worked in the finance sector for 35 years. And, by the way, I am neither a marxist or socialist. I do, however have several friends in UKIP who know what a shit Farage really is.

  528. 528
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Anyone know what Stephen Byers is up to these days?

  529. 529
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    For the record; I was not referring to his allowances. If you want to know about corruption in UKIP ask Dr Eric Edmond.

  530. 530
    Billy Fagg middle class left wing twat living in 100% white Dorset says:

    I fink itz terribul dat U white scum are refuzing to liv in da multi cultural paradise created by da socialists.

    Up da workers!

  531. 531
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I believe it is being produced for ITV.

  532. 532
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Not a troll. An honest man with contacts in UKIP.

  533. 533
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    You only expose your own stupidity by accusing everyone with a different opinion to your own of being a troll.

  534. 534
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    New members do not have to accede to the ECHR – read the treaty. France have chosen to go down the gay marriage route. On your basis since the Bundestag voted against a Green (wally) proposal allowing gay marriage in 2012 you would suggest that Germany cannot be in the EU.

  535. 535
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Ah, bless – nursery school is out.

  536. 536
    albacore says:

    But remember that Bert was the “almost” man
    (Keep teasing the suckers as long as you can)
    Imagine the turmoil in which his fans got
    Waiting for him to piss or get off the pot

  537. 537
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    That will teach you to be out on the same night as the Bullingdon.

  538. 538
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, the chicken counting.

  539. 539
    Another of life's losers who voted UKIP says:

    BBC will now hold a separate enquiry into Hall. I wonder if it will recover the BBC film equipment.

  540. 540
    Anonymous says:

    Vote UKIP get heir to Lenin.

  541. 541
    Comical Ali says:

    There are no chemicals in the Middl Eest

  542. 542
    The €USSR (on Reflection) says:

    On the other hand, we sometimes do allow referenda until the Correct result is produced.



  543. 543
    rick says:

    ++ millions

  544. 544
    Why says:

    Why are the main parties so keen to give away power to Europe?

    Is it because of a promise of an easy high-paid job for life (see Kinnock, Blair etc.)

  545. 545
    Anonymous says:

    Have you seen the arses, on the female- African,s– which abide around here?.

  546. 546


    The statement is cast as a negative, two of them in fact. So we know extremists and moderates only in terms of what they are not. Null hypothesis strikes. Never proved but capable of being proved false.

    I would suggest that today we know intuitively that fanaticism is the danger of the world.

    Do you have a source for the amusing Lincoln connection? Goldwater is recorded as attributing it to Cicero and has claimed …and I have been able to trace it rather faintly back to some of the early Greeks.. However, there is certainly nothing in Plato or Aristotle to support this, indeed liberty was not listed as one of the latter’s virtues.

    Whilst across the pond, perhaps we had better look to Thomas O’Hagan, born in Toronto and who moved to Ontario:

    Demosthenes had silvery tongue, and Cicero knew Greek,
    The Gracchi brothers loved old Rome and always helped the weak;
    But there’s not a Grecian hero, nor Roman high or low,
    Whose heart spake braver patriot words than ‘Gee!’ ‘G’lang!’ and ‘Whoa!’
    An Idyl of the Farm

  547. 547
    Alchy Edna says:

    You can make your own explosives out of Guinness, a set of brake pads for a 1993 Ford Focus and a tin of Pringles, as any fule kno

  548. 548
    Magaluf Engerlander says:

    Yeah – I think they said that about Mosley’s dad’s lot as well – just remind me how that went?

    I don’t want to be in the EU – it’s now crap and poast it’s sell by date.

    I want unregulated immigration halted and in some cases reversed.

    I vote Tory.

    Dream Farage is just a mirage, for the angry and disaffected. I can fully understand that anger. Still think Farage is an unprincipled chancer who should not be trusted to sit the right way on a lavatory, let alone a sittingTory.

    A vote for UKRAP is a vote for Militwat at the next election. You have been warned, because yes, it can get much, much worse.

  549. 549
    fish is a wa.and.a says:

    .123or 4.
    act…..a number.
    ….act like an inteja
    internal grit starts with the ninja.
    don’t gaze at it
    4 it lives in the navel.
    do not stroke it….. use it to make the act fizzika.
    go mad on the fizzika.
    the fizz is in the cum.
    cum or get switched on.

  550. 550
    The MOD says:

    If we could print some submarines and a few Trident missiles, that’d save us billions

  551. 551
    Owen Jones says:

    The best right wing political bloggers spend Bank Holiday Mondays at dog-shows, children’s football & gigs – not hectoring us on economic gloom. That’s for tomorrow.

  552. 552
    Nigel Farage`s crystal ball says:

    Ha ha ha its all UKIP’s fault Britain will never leave the EU? Wheres cast iron Dave nowadays?

  553. 553
    fish is a wa.and.a says:

    z is split.
    bcum fearless.
    they all need anoth….w,d or 4.
    is the fight over the zero?

  554. 554
    Dan Hodges says:

    Cull Tories not custard creams :)

  555. 555
    Nigel Farage`s crystal ball says:

    Mate on a very serious note you are so so wrong, the next few years will show that, for the sake of our country I ask you to keep an open mind on the subject.

  556. 556
    Gooey Blob says:

    I have to say I’ve often pondered the possibility that UKIP might actually be a europhile venture to split the anti-European vote and let the pro-euro socialists in to sign us up to everything under the sun. Today’s cartoon sums that up nicely.

    As much as I agree with much of what Farage says, a vote for him is effectively a vote for Ed Balls as chancellor. Frankly, I value my life savings, pension plan etc enough to want to keep the Eds away from Downing Street in 2015.

  557. 557
    maris piper says:

    This is why UKIP needs to become a populist party run by and on behalf of its members instead of being the one man Farage band it has been so far. Then, whatever Libertardian policies it wants to bolt on doesn’t matter so much and we can all start to have some trust in them.

  558. 558
    Nigel says:

    Payment received with thanks.

  559. 559
    Ed Balls says:

    I didn’t want it, it was a girl’s bike. He was only carrying 3 quid anyway, and I lost that when my tip for the 2.30 at Kempton came in second-to-last.

    Miliband should be along in a bit, and he’s usually carrying his dinner money with him. Fatty Watson and I will be waiting for him behind this bush…

  560. 560
    Guido Fawkes Tipping Service says:

    Bookmakers have slashed odds on Everton manager David Moyes joining Manchester United in the summer.
    The Everton manager is out of contract at the end of the season and Paddy Power slashed his odds on becoming next Manchester United from 7/2 to 1/2 favourite after what they called a “flood of overnight bets.”

  561. 561
    Anonymous says:

    Coffee? That’s like foreign init? Traitor.

  562. 562
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    I have no allegiance to any political party, although I do abhor the hypocrisy and lies of labour, but there is something that I find worrying about Farage and UKIP. To my mind UKIP have been “bigged up” by the media without anyone knowing what UKIP really stand for. A referendum on EU membership, yes, but where is the detail of what UKIP will offer and do?

  563. 563

    Super cartoon. Nige, has of course, got a nice little earner going for him and all those lovely little extras, lobby freebies, expenses, expenses, expenses! This geez is coining real money biting the hand that feeds him. So long has he doesn’t over-do the biting!

  564. 564
    Airey Belvoir says:

    O for the wings of a dove

  565. 565
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Breaking news – The world of Psychiatry otherwise know as the world of Quacks selling Snake oil potions and solutions is further to be Cracked open.

    The judiciary have been having an easy life for far to long such that they have been using, as a convenient ‘tool’ – the ‘false disorders’ dreamed up by quacks to get convictions and steal peoples’ children from them. [The Family SS of the UK included]

    Don’t subscribe to the Times – but chanced upon it today. Section 2 page 2 and 3. A book to be released Thursday written by James Davies “Cracked: Why Psychiatry Is Doing More Harm Than Good”

    And why don’t but more importantly “haven’t” [past tense] the free press been attacking the shrinks that the judges have been using to silence and imprison unlawfully the public?

    Sir Prof Roy Meadows and his acolytes [Raj Persaud / David Southall and the wigged bastards of the Family courts] – ‘Accomplices’ can get fucked – they’re being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century – bastards all of them.

  566. 566
    It's a K.O. says:

    I well remember listening to XXXX’s late night radio show in the early 80s, hearing him moaning and groaning between tracks, assuming that he was in receipt of a grade 1 BJ from some aspiring female singer songwriter or band member who was trying to get some airplay for a record.

    Sorry I didn’t report my suspicions at the time, but somebody in the studio must have seen what was going on, and done the right thing, surely, or did the studio staff get a share too?

  567. 567
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Inky is a pinky sort of pitiful excuse merchant – you can’t change a greenies mind-set – they suffer from Cognitive Dissonance and will never admit that they just don’t have what it takes. Correct SC I have my opinions and yes you and I and even CO do differ on occasions.

    Inky – do toddle off to some lefty marxist website where the likes of pat condell will appreciate your inverted logic.

  568. 568
    The wizz says:

    Signed with heartfelt thanks. Lets hope it happens or will Cameroon get cold feet as is the norm? Lets face he hates debating with us plebs.

  569. 569
    ManInAPrius says:

    Obviously the only way to stop this total waster of mney and farage’s scam is to make him prime minister.

    He cant claim EU expensea as well can he?

  570. 570
    Blowing Whistles says:

    BTW do see my comment down at 551 – Re: The Law and how the wigs have ‘used’ shrinks & Quacks as all to convenient tools to get convictions. Lazy duplicitous bastard judges.

  571. 571
    Jan says:

    ‘tasty exotic totty’…you mean like Diane ‘lardy’ Abbott, ‘ja no wot I mean like’ June Sarpong,”all white people are waacist’ Yasmin Alibhai Brown and last but not least Jimmy Cranky lookalike Shami Chakrabati????

  572. 572
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Usually find these cartoons quite funny…. but not this time ! Nige is actually trying to bring down the very edifice that employs him !! He’ll get my vote before the scum that want to keep us in the EU……. And what’s the betting that Clegg’s next job is with the EU ????????

  573. 573

    Q for song
    R for mo
    S for Williams
    T for two
    U for me
    V for La France

  574. 574

    65 for a bus pass, shurely?

  575. 575
    UKIP or bust says:

    Seems to me they, or rather he, is the only politico talking about how bad the EUSSR is for the British, and certainly the only person to say it to the faces of the vile cnuts who run the stinking thing. His is also the only political party to be talking about stopping imports into this butt-fucked land. He is also the only one from a political party who gets a word in about the green / global warming scam, and there are other things like PC bollocks, red tape, smoking bans, in short he is the voice of many who just don’t have a voice.

    The rest might just be business as usual, but it will be something if he forces the hand of one of the shit parties to do something on any one of the above, which they will most likely have to do.

    And as for him being a plant by whoever, pure toffee from the liblabcon who are not a little scared that he is going to get them all tumbled.

  576. 576
    Frasier says:

    Watch it, mate. Niles and I made a good living for 10 years out of it. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
    And I know a mother near me, who’s under psychiatric care, and whose child would be much better looked after without her, but there has been no intervention…

  577. 577
    Intelligent Person says:

    This would be to do with the working class football ‘game’, the one for all the thickos, would it?

  578. 578
  579. 579
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    Yes, and at an ask lots of them are in London, no wonder Cams is moving the known ones out to the provinces where there are fewer jobs so he can get more in. The last lot were the same and actually encouraged people to come here. “Students” are an other lot that swarm in on the pretence that universities need the money, if Cams is enthralled by all things US why not ask former student to contribute towards a fund to provide bursaries, a lot of US universities are very, very rich. I do not see why university students should get a relatively free ride, mind you it is not so free as when Cams, Haguey and a lot of the cabinet were students

  580. 580
    Anonymous says:

    Did you read this bit of your article:

    “I think he (Farage) is a charming charlatan myself, and his party a rickety jalopy bolted together in a garden shed.”

    Not wrong.

  581. 581
    fitz fitz says:

    Email your MEP today, lads , and ask for a list of his successes … if you know you your MEP is …

  582. 582
    Anonymous says:

    What is the point on the “seen elswhere” links, having items from papers you need to subscribe to ? its a waste of time adding them to the list.

  583. 583
    Anonymous says:

    Speaking of “gravy trains” did you hear about Nigels £2,000,000 expenses from the EU ?

  584. 584
    Axe the telly tax says:

    I see the BBC are launching a separate enquiry into their latest sex offender

    What’s the point they redacted the last one and they will do the same with this one. Meanwhile anyone else try to do something like that the beeboids would be howling at the moon about a cover up.

    End the BBC now

  585. 585
    Anonymous says:

    “laugh i nearly did”

  586. 586
    Millimuppet says:

    Only 45 minutes to. Thave the NHS I demand an enquiry

  587. 587
    Des Ignertica says:

    One of Chuka’s major constituents is obviously his watch.

  588. 588
    Des Ignertica says:

    “bigged” up by the media ?
    Seems to me the MSM has been doing everything in its power to prevent UKIP being taken seriously. That’s certainly what Dave wants – he has clearly stated that he won’t do a TV debate against Nige.

  589. 589
    Alan Rustberger says:

    Close the BBC ???
    But think of my organ !

  590. 590
    Fruitcakes and closet racists? Cameron's talking about YOU! says:

    UKIP seem to be having an effect on all sorts of government policy now!……

    Foreigner pension crackdown

  591. 591
    cotedebeaune says:


    Do not confuse Psychiatry with Psychology.

    Remember, one is is science and evidence based and the other is predominantly based on conjecture, rhetoric and practiced mainly by women (and those with feminised brains – think about that statement very carefully).

    I like a lot of what you write. But on this footing you need to be (must be) a bit more precise.

    Science does not lie. Think of psychology as akin to economics. Economics is not a science, despite some in our community demanding that it should be considered thus…and even be worthy of a (pseudo) Nobel prize. It is yet another J*wish construct. Note how they like prizes. Think Hollywood, think Freud.

  592. 592
    Raving Loon says:

    There are parts of the country that would vote for a donkey if it wore a red rosette, don’t be too proud.

  593. 593
    Fuckwits can lose an argument with a simple spelling error says:


    It is “their” and not “there” you fuckwit.

    Otherwise it was a good point…but lost to oblivion due to your crass grammar.

    BTW – I came from the worst of the worst council sink estates…but at least I learnt to spell correctly.

  594. 594
    Down Shep says:

    Unfortunately, after having read the small print, you just know that another ‘U’ turn is not far over the horizon, who was Dave & co recently calling Clowns?.

  595. 595
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    For all those ‘Vote Tory get Labour’ bollock-talkers it appears that UKIP took more votes from Labour than they did from the Tories.

    Did you hear that?

    _________ 2012 2013 Change

    Conservative 31% 25% -6

    Labour 38% 29% -9

    Lib Dem 16% 14% -2

    This is unexpected, because all previous evidence is that UKIP draws more of its support from the Tories than from Labour. But UKIP has also always had a strong appeal to working-class Labour voters;

  596. 596
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    Sorry that should have read ‘Vote UKIP get Labour’ bollock-talkers. It appears talking bollocks is catching.

  597. 597

    Ray Monk, author of the excellent and definitive Russell autobiography wrote it in two parts. The first part covered all the serious works. The second covered the remaining period which was from about the late 50s. Anyone who has read these two volumes could be excused for thinking they were about different men. They would also notice that the publication dates are quite far apart.

    This gap serves to indicate the struggling time when the ideas were brimming from his mind to the state of being established and not having to try too hard. Writing populist claptrap for magazines. It was still done in his lucid style but it had no profundity. It was potboiling stuff compared with his previous work.

    To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive RLS

  598. 598
    Dame Helen Mirren says:

    I am a fuckwit who dared to question libertarian individualism and freedom of expression when that very systems endows me with a plethora of sychophantic prizes.

    How dare these types disturb my neighbourhood.

  599. 599
    Nikola Tesla says:

    If only I could a way to harness Dave’s endless U-turns I could solve our energy shortage at a stroke.

  600. 600
    The Dinosaur That is Kenneth Clarke says:

    err…I think it was me that perpetuated the clown myth.

  601. 601
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    The way the mood of the electorate is changing your first version will be the correct one before long.

  602. 602
    Down Shep says:


  603. 603
    The voice of fucking common sense says:

    Thankfully this non-driver has nothing to do with transport policy any longer.

  604. 604
    Down Shep says:

    I did say ‘& co’… does nobody take collective responsibility any more?.

  605. 605
    UKIP or bust says:

    How is it that whenever the TV do a vox pop on why do these plebs vote for UKIP, that always seem to speak to people who are not that articulate?

    Who always allow the interviewer to put words into their mouths, and invariably only manage to say something like “It’s the im migrants”.

  606. 606
    Casual Observer says:

    You were in Caligula – the XXX version – and don’t like to be reminded of it.

  607. 607
    Jimmy's Rightie Of The Day says:

  608. 608
    Casual Observer says:

    In the absence of a proper EU audit – who knows ?

  609. 609
    cotedebeaune says:

    Do not underestimate them as trash.

    That is their intention.

    Do you understand to devisiveness of libertarianism?

    Do you know what are the tenets of libertariansim? Remember, this is a libertarian website!

  610. 610
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Karl Hess, a Goldwater speechwriter before going rogue, is the source of the Lincoln part of it– Barry Goldwater liked Hess’s use of it and asked its provenance, and Hess told him Lincoln (as Hess believed it to be, having come across it somewhere– yeah, I know, it’s turning into Chinese Whispers here). Goldwater may later have been corrected and that’s what you are reading.

    As for the substance of your discussion: C’mon, you’re taking the piss, not just me. You know full well that the two statements are enthymemes; “Extremism, which is thought to be a vice, is not one when Liberty is that which the extremism is applied in favour of” is the purport of the statement. “Moderation, thought to be virtuous, isn’t, when one pursues Justice only in moderate amount/at moderate pace” is the purport of the other. Whatever else they may be, we now can know pretty well that universally, they are not unalloyed goods. This, I submit, is a positive statement, as it directs us into a new line of inquiry.

    Fanaticism, i.e. unthinking ferocity in advocating and spreading one’s beliefs, IS dangerous, I do believe– and I do believe Lord R was going for a cheap punchline as well, boom-tish.

    And unless Mr O’Hagan moved to Ontario, California, it would be hard for someone born in Ontario to move there (check to see where Toronto is). An infelicity, perhaps? Somewhere between brain and screen the words got lost, eaten by the keyboard?

  611. 611
    BBC says:

    Ukip is the great satan.

  612. 612
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Which would you trust more, a free-standing investigation or an independent judicial enquiry?

  613. 613
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I read the long description of you above blue anonymouse and thought yes that was a very good description – so I thought I would move on. Then I came upon this blather of yours and thought – indeed that description cum destruction of you was quite apt.

    btw the above vid is of that mongrel Brown who is actually the only person along with the david bananaman who is beholden under the fucking Lisbon treaty – because the pair of clowns ‘signed it’ – but they did not sign it in my name or the british publics name – neither of the useless fuckers had any lawful mandate to sign it. But don’t tell the free British press ‘cos they’ve been selling it to the public as if it encompassed us all legally & or lawfully when it dont – and of course the free British press rely upon advice from the The legal fraternity of shysters don’t they? Ho hum who has the balls to call the shot on the shysters?

  614. 614
    Casual Observer says:

    UKIP: Stand for center right libertarian conservative politics, and a rationally patriotic approach to national security and sovereignty.

    They are not anti-Europe, however are rightly anti-EU.

    On an economic footing they believe in more sensible and simplified taxation, and that the UK should negotiate its own trade deals with countries rather than get the $hit end of the stick from the EU mongs.

    On the immigration front they simply believe that allowing in economic migrants who have zero skills or benefit to bring to the UK economy / society is wrong and should be stopped. They also believe that those awaiting deportation should be sent back quicker rather than left to rot in detention centers.

    On social policy, they believe the UK tax payer should not be funding welfare to new migrants (nearly everywhere else in the world you have to be resident and earning for 5 years to become eligible…) and health tourism should stop. The cuts to child benefit would very likely be reversed immediately. Do not think they have stated their policy towards family per se, but it should see a massive reversal of some of the ‘progressive’ developments which have taken place over the past 20 odd years.

    Think putting England first for the English, and in the more balanced and fair way which most should be able to recall from the pre-Blair era, and you have it in a nutshell.

    The bitter pill for some to swallow may be the restoration of a moral fiber within the country, which the MSM describe as radical right wing concepts, but when people look at UKIP this is another aspect which has a lot of appeal.

    Liberalism has drifted into farce territory. There is as much a backlash against that as there is against immigration. The festering EU failure is the primary bone of contention as most identify quite rightly that it is a direct threat to what is left of an English way of life, and should be terminated.

  615. 615
    Nikola Tesla says:

    Eureka ! The missing link ! :-)

  616. 616
    Mohammed the Prophet says:

    No…the US is the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan…though some will have you believe it’s the other way around.

  617. 617
    Raving Loon says:

    And your offshore trust fund is probably worth £8,956,080, what else is new?

  618. 618
    Harbourmaster says:

    You are right. I never saw that Joanna Lumley on the BBC when she was campaigning on behalf of full pensions for the Gurkhas!

    Not once!

    PS The Mid-Staffs thing. Yes, the Labour Party did make a mistake in aping Tory dogma and ‘devolve decision making’ in the NHS. If you do this it is those ‘local decision makers’ who are responsible for mistakes, no one else. FFS, this is not difficult to understand!

    A bit like ‘competition’ in the NHS. Those that swim, great. Those that sink? Well there’s you answer.

  619. 619
    Raving Loon says:

    I hope UKIP get 200 MP’s, but I can’t help thinking the MSM will go into overdrive to stop it happening.

  620. 620
    Dame Helen Mirren says:

    But I do have nice tits if I may say so!

    And I like every other women, like to parade them for male dilectation. That way, I am sure to secure the the most virile male. Despite feminist protestation!

  621. 621
    BBC says:

    Ukip is the great satan.

  622. 622
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ughh actually it’s Great Satan Israel – and in the ongoing spin over in Syria – two parties are currently being blamed for using chemicals.

    However there is a “third party” – who none dare mention its name who “cannot be totally discounted” as having thrown some chemicals into the ring themselves for a purpose – ISRAEL … oh yes … and don’t they seem to be the overall beneficiaries of the spin and spats that are ensuing …?

    n.b. to any of you lumpen trolls – Read the strapline atop this blog – do not be an excuse merchant / smearer if you do not have the ability to be able to think beyond being conditioned by the free press!

  623. 623
    Harbourmaster says:

    IF Labout stick to Osborne’s spending plans for the first two years, how are they going to ‘mess’ it up, as you’ve colourfully described it?

  624. 624
    David Cameron says:


  625. 625
    Village Idiot says:

    It’s the message and not the personality that is UKIP at present….

  626. 626
    Bank balance says:

    That was a funny Monday morning wind-up and, by the levels of response, it worked – yum yum

  627. 627
    Harbourmaster says:

    That is true.

    Down to parliamentary maths. I voted Lib Dem in 2010; we’re three years into the Coalition and I would vote for a donkey with a red rosette next time, no fear.

  628. 628
    Harbourmaster says:

    Don’t know if it’s from the same interview but:

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell’

    That’s why I’m a pragmatic Blair-ite third-wayer :-p

  629. 629
    Socialism = starvartion says:

    You get Labour policies with Coalition faces at the moment now anyway, so you are no worse off.

  630. 630
    Moishe Boy from NYC says:

    Boston Bombing….it was then darned moslims I say ..them darned moslims

  631. 631
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    No dear. The one for thickos involves odd shaped balls.

  632. 632
    green ink says:

    nicely put SC .. whistles you just can’t resist biting and given when the rationale of what you say on many subjects along with CO is spot on thats a shame.

  633. 633
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    It really is not very complicated at all. UKIP (as opposed to most of its members who are honest) stands for lining Parker’s pockets and providing Groper Nuttall with unlimited opportunities for violence and vengeance.

  634. 634
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I favour the Norman Wisdom solution. Is Albania still looking for a new king?

  635. 635
    cotedebeaune says:

    Here’s an article in the telegraph about the similarities and differences between Judaophobia and Islamophibia.

    As one reads it (and the not too happy comments plus author’s replies), bear this in mind, along with the often made point about scotoma, classes and quantifiers in psychological/private contexts because of this domains relative inaccessibility to the public, correcting community.

    Judaism, Catholicism and Islam have ALL had very strong rules prohibiting the lending money for interest. All three groups also have their SECULAR rebels, their Non Conformists, the mark of which is some form of Libertarianism. All these Non-Conformists have done well in banking. All are treated as more successful in the Libertarian world.

    All are treated as “spiritually” impoverished. Some are described as “snakes in suits”. Is this mere coincidence? Why is it that privately educated children are often seen as having ben groomed/selected as “superior”? As “Chosen Ones”?

    Is the solution to this “problem” to recognise that all three major religious groups have varying frequencies of the Identify Disordered in their midst, i.e. those who prey upon others, and at the expense of the rest? Is the solution to acknowledge that these rebels have formed dissident groups throughout history as a function of their inability to get on within their own group? Orthodox J*ws, traditional Christians (Catholics) and devout Muslims tend not to be very wealthy for a basic and easy to grasp explanation – their religion/group ethic leads them to eschew Libertarianism. Most of our incumbent politicians seem to be taking us ALL in the opposite direction, i.e. towards conflict and economic excess/disaster..

  636. 636
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    I do find the far right response to this story odd. Pensions are meant to be purchased by NI contributions, much like insurance, and are not a benefit to be granted. Yet people who would squeal wildly about theft of rights which have been purchased seem very happy to make this an exception. Are such people now saying that pension rights should be like welfare benefits and granted and changed at the whim of whoever is in government?

  637. 637
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    It’s like that old joke, “Who put the five bullets in Mussolini?” “A firing squad of one hundred Italian sharpshooters!” Of course, no well-spoken thoughtful proponent of the UKIP position they’re liable to find out there in doing a few dozen interviews is going to air. They separate the wheat from the chaff and show the chaff. (“Qu*eer”-y: new OJ book, “Chaffs”?) That’s what fits the “Narrative,” of UKIP being this inchoate ineffable inarticulable hatred for all that is holy.

  638. 638
    green ink says:

    on the first para I couldn’t agree more … unfortunately there are several ‘anon’ posters

  639. 639
    Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

    Stop messing around – if you don’t like him just say so.

  640. 640
    Truth is Not Tolerated says:

    Looks like the EUSSR, the Yankers and Billy boy Hague can’t face up to facts, that the Syrian Rebels are using Nerve agents.

    I bet the UN woman who spilled the beans won’t be working for the UN much longer.

  641. 641
    Truth is Not Tolerated (moded by Guido bot) says:

    Looks like the EUSSR, the Y@nkers and B1lly boy Hague can’t face up to facts, that the Syrian Rebels are using Nerve agents.

    I bet the UN woman who spilled the beans won’t be working for the UN much longer.

  642. 642
    A Guardianistaphobic says:

    The Country has gone phobia mad.

    Don’t like someone then stick a phobia label on him.

    Me, I’m a Chukaphobic

  643. 643
    M102 says:

    @ 503 Correct. Why the hell does he bother with them. They’re shit. Get Gerald Scarfe or just drop the Monday moning view.

  644. 644

    Yes. I know of Karl Hess but I could not find any source so still I put you to proof!

    Re: enthymeme. I am sure you have read Aristotle who noted it was rhetorical (see his Rhetorics). Inference without bothering about all that inconvenient proof business. So to claim it is a positive enquiry sounds like sheer sophistry, not something I should expect from someone as intelligent as you clearly are.

    Now you admit something which I thought was obvious. I could almost say spells it out as tongue in cheek. He was a cheeky chappie. Even more so than I. As for you… I could not possibly comment.

    Yes. I ballsed up. I should have said Bruce instead of Ontario. I do make the occasional deliberate mistake to show that I am human. :-)

  645. 645
    Lefties force masn ton apologise for telling the truth says:

  646. 646
    HenryV says:

    “UK Minister for Europe David Lidington has warned that an escalation of tension with Spain in the waters row could damage Gibraltar’s prosperity and wider UK interests and pointed out that the incursions were not “an armed attack or invasion” and that the response to them must be proportionate.” – MercoPress

    What do we pay them for again?

  647. 647

    Well, Mr Harbourmaster.

    That was a wonderful start…

  648. 648
    Only just though says:

    More boys have been buggered on BBC property than in MPs lairs.

  649. 649
    Aunt Hilda says:

    she has the yvette sneer off to a tee

  650. 650
    Ed Milibans is only 2' 4" tall in real life. says:

    What about Teresa May’s lips moving then? She’s a she (I think)

  651. 651
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I know exactly the difference between Psychology and Psychiatry. My attack if you read my comment was at the psychiatrist quacks who the judges have been using because they are lazy bastards. E.G. Sally Clarke – I know all about her case and more than most do in the public arena.

    I refer you to The tavistocke Institute – Dirty batsards as well. People over the pond have twigged – here in smallsukville – the bastards think thay they will cover it all up – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    HOLLYWEIRD! Read Behind Communism (The book)

  652. 652
    Fitbad the Tailor says:

    That apart, I think even Russell would have had difficulty writing someone else’s autobiography, unlike Ray Monk. Apparently.

  653. 653

    Judaism, Catholicism and Islam have ALL had very strong rules prohibiting the lending money for interest.


    Nor does Landes claim this.

    Where are your sources?

  654. 654
    EU IT Consultants says:

    don’t worry that’ll only be E1bn to reset your system tomorrow sir – oh you’re free under contract – ah sometime next year any good ?

  655. 655
    Binymein says:

    For that you can be shure moisher freund!

    Carla Del Ponte is toast… marke my kosher ords

  656. 656
    Aunt Hilda says:

    thats a tough call in 5 years let alone 2

  657. 657

    Well he did write several histories of philosophy which surely, as thinking, must rank above autobiographical detail, interesting though that might be.

    At the approximate time of writing, only Copleston provided a more encompassing approach. I have just today set out his marvellous volumes on my shelves.

  658. 658
    Blowing Whistles says:

    UKIP – HAVE NOT been ‘bigged up’ by the media – The media have ‘cottoned on’ to the FACT that in the IT age “The Public” are damned well disgruntled with the current 3 stooge party system of systemic liars that THE MEDIA have been ‘foisting upon us.

    The media are the sob’s on the run – to catch up with the Public disgruntlement. Do Not paint it any other way. FURTHERMORE The media have been selling gay marriage and the Public ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE IT. Hence the media and the stooges are on the run themselves.

    The days of the Media Moguls running the show for the political pygmies are over.
    Blair and Cameron – have both DESPICABLY PANDERED TO THE LIKES OF MURDOCH – Don’t tell me that Cameron or Blair dictated matters to Murdoch. They did not.

  659. 659
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Fuck off with your isms etc. I do real life – fuck off with all isms’nologies. They are divisive.

  660. 660
    Black Mask says:

    I’m a great admirer of that movie, especially the scene with the killing machine. I can’t post a youtube link of it (not on a family-oriented blog such as this) but if anyone searches for Proculus vs the Killing Machine, you’ll get an idea of it.

    Would be a great way for the liblabcon to exit life’s great play, once and for all.

  661. 661
    what next .. says:

    am suprised they are not producing a plastic bullet to use… shape and velocity could still make it lethal without protective covering…wouldn’t resolve casing and propellent procurement obviously.

  662. 662
    hand to mouth says:

    Pensions – ” changed at the whim of whoever is in government?”

    You mean a bit like Gordon did?

  663. 663
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And his tailor perhaps and his travel agent – he’s also good at butchering the english language – so his butcher as well eh?

  664. 664
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaacist !!!

  665. 665
    Doddgy says:

    I asked mine why she removed her expenses list from her website. She never replied. Isn’t that right, Diane?

  666. 666
    cotedebeaune says:

    Freedom makes them easier to exploit i.e. profit. How many people glibly say “people are smart enough to know and if they are stupid, more fool them”. If people were smart enough; why would the retailers bother? If they are not smart enough, do they not deserve protection? Would one say children deserve to be ripped off because they can’t count, or are very trusting? This advertising plays on the days long gone when it WAS illegal to mislead. Most people, alas, don’t change with the times and don’t want to believe there are predators out there. That wouldn’t be nice – thinking badly of others is wrong ………..isn’t it?.

  667. 667
    priceless.. says:


    ‘I do make the occasional deliberate mistake to show that I am human. :-)

    Do you sit on the right or left of god SC ?

  668. 668
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  669. 669
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Hey GI – I have my way and that’s that. When you work out the difference between me and SC then you can claim to be more knowledgeable than both of us. Age wise – Older men should not diss younger men – a subject which SC and I have argued about previously.

    n.b. I have experienced worse treatment at the hands of the state ‘for throwing the dirt at it and its frontmen’ than SC would ever dare acknowledge or even be partially aware of.

  670. 670
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Good example. So you agree with the principle of stealing purchased pension rights?

  671. 671
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    The other answer is ‘any five members of the UKIP rank & file’. Groper Nuttall is so reviled that even his own members in UKIP generally refer to him as Mussolini.

  672. 672

    Truth to tell, it barely matters as He does believe in me.

  673. 673

    That is all very well but I have asked you a direct question.

  674. 674
    hand to mouth says:

    All pensions, where the contributions have been made by the individual themselves should be sacrosanct.

  675. 675
    Moby Dick says:

    jimmy tarbuck

    UK gold wiped out

  676. 676
    Saffron says:

    When oh when are the sheeple of this land going to wake up as to what the various financiers supported by politicians of all colours have done to the world and in particular this country.
    Find me a truthful politician and I’ll call him or her a liar,politics to me is the art of lying.
    All of them and their backers are interested in only one thing and it is to dictate to the masses what they must do.
    Today we see it endlessly churned out in spin and more spin which does not do anything for the majority of people on this earth,they are merely pawns in a worldwide game of power backed up by warfare.
    Can anybody put a stop to these power mad ass–les well probably not in that they are making sure that we conform to their dictat.
    IMHO I think that we will see an end to civilisation as we know it by violent means because these warmongers will not back down.
    I would love to hear comments on my blog whichever way they go.

  677. 677
    Down Shep says:

    Shit stirring again Diane?.

  678. 678
    HenryV says:

    Wider UK interests Dave? I hear you ain’t going to China. How much is that going to cost us? Your dare not upset a bankrupt 3rd tier country, but a rising superpower? Yep you piss all over them.

  679. 679
    Blowing Whistles says:

    If your rabbi told you – then you’d have to believe him wouldn’t you whether it was the truth or not?

  680. 680
    Anonymous says:

    What a fucking useless cartoon.

  681. 681
    green ink says:

    Wouldn’t claim better knowledge than anyone least of all fellow political opinion writers … we all have individual styles thankfully.

    Judging by what you said earlier about your recollections of hearing Blair I suspect you are younger than me and I’m younger than SC.

    Unless its Owen Jonesesque and just plain irritating its difficult to know what age posters are when arguing a particular point so it has never occurred to me not to diss something I disagree with on the basis of age. I must have missed yours and SC’s theories !

  682. 682
    Aunt Hilda says:

    When the arguments spent or even just plain weak the troll charge comes up … love your candour and the comment about your wife and daughter.

  683. 683
    Feri says:

    Rich – your opinions are as shite as your scribblings

    no wonder mark split da scene

  684. 684
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Cat @ 9:22 pm

    Enthymemes are not wrong, Cat, in fact it is pretty much the definition of them that they are right, but that they do not follow, and are elliptical statements that count on the listener to “do the maths,” i.e., fill in the blanks. It is, of course, rhetorical, in that it is meant to engage the listener in what is being said; the subtext is “I know you know enough about the subject that I need not engage in tedious point-by-point rigorous academic Euclidean proofs.” On a “pleb” level, it’s blokes-telling-jokes in the pub by starting off “OK, ‘Farmer’s daughter’– so the father says…”

    Obviously I’m being enthymematic and elliptical when I argue that it is a positive statement prompting a new line of inquiry; what I’m leaving out, and I hoped you would fill in, was: “Because something cannot and should not be generalised universally does not therefore mean it cannot pertain in the specific instance, hence we may wish to see whether extremism might be warranted in limited situations” and “An otherwise generalisable principle may fail, in a specific instance, ‘on its own terms’ (as La Jackson MP might put it)– moderation is good, in moderation, i.e., some instances do not (and cannot) call for it, and it is important we identify these.” Specious argumentation it well may be, if listeners aren’t connecting dots as I hope they would do. But sophistry implies I’m setting out to do verbal sleight-of-hand mountebankery, something of course I would never do nor accuse you of attempting. Now just apologise for that, Cat, and we’ll say no more about it, there’s a good puddytat.

    Now, somebody’s being cheeky here. I wonder who…

  685. 685
    You farking nonce says:

    If you are someone who votes UKIP, you see no difference between Cameron’s pinko tories and labour. It makes no difference which of them gets in.

    Vote tory or labour – get islam

  686. 686
    Jimmy Fatfuck says:

    The news is reporting that “TV funnyman Jimmy Tarbuck” has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

    I’m absolutely disgusted by this kind of coverage. Tarbuck’s never been funny in his life.

  687. 687
  688. 688
    Sally - she of the Alley - says:

    I love a good leathering!

  689. 689
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    HO-HO, can you see it now?

  690. 690
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:


  691. 691
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    Arse bandits to the left of me, arse bandits to the right of me, which way shall I turn?

  692. 692
    Dr Faustus says:


    Nonce Alliance Youth Club?

  693. 693
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    Go up the centre you say? Ah well, might as well, but prefer to pot the pink rather than the brown.

    Well done ROS by the way. Glad he has sorting his noggin out, to a degree – tidy performance.

  694. 694
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

  695. 695
    doctor death says:

    amidst all the shit being talked about the efiicacy of ukip, this report has been neatly buried by our wonderful media, including the sun:

    tory’s – good health care – oxymoron

  696. 696
    Anonymous says:

    CaMoron lives in Notting Hill and is another champagne fcuking socialist.

  697. 697
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    Nancies At Your Command

  698. 698
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    NHS and Torys is like mixing oil with water – they will never come together. So which one of them shall we bin?

  699. 699
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    where’s me jock strap?

  700. 700
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:


  701. 701
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Tory, get socialism

  702. 702
    Anonymous says:

    Vote LibDims, get socialism

  703. 703
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Liebor, get socialism

  704. 704
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:


  705. 705
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    bollocks, who stole 700?

  706. 706
    Anonymous says:

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP and get rid of the legacy LibLabCon

  707. 707
    Anonymous says:


  708. 708
    Jimmy says:

    Prof. Ferguson: the Australian years

  709. 709
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

  710. 710
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    I give up

  711. 711
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    try this one thens shall I’s?

  712. 712
    Anonymous says:

    Gay marriage EU law is adopted in 2014, so Germany have a couple of years to ‘get the right answer’. Clearly with the UK general election in 2015 CaMooron didn’t want the GE dominated by gay marriage so he cynically thought to push it through now.

    France pushing it through early as well.

  713. 713
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    RIBs should be driven by experts only, not Islington London living feckhead amateurs that think they know everything,

  714. 714
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

  715. 715
    Anonymous says:

    ECHR have increased rights over UK and Germany as EU members.

    “After the European Union’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights the EU will become subject to legally binding judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and participate in statutory bodies of the Council of Europe (Parliamentary Assembly; Committee of Ministers) when they act under the Convention. Convention rights and their interpretation by the ECtHR will be directly enforceable against the EU institutions and against Member States when acting within the scope of EU law.

    This will vest the ECHR with additional force in a number of Member States, including Germany and the UK.

    All Member States will further be subject to additional constraints when acting under the Convention system. The article considers the reasons for, and consequences of the EU’s primus inter pares position under the Convention and within the Council of Europe, and the likely practical effect of the EU’s accession for its Member States.”

  716. 716
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    Get them in, more the merrier, I am getting quite bored with these polish and Hungarian ladies, need something different now, to sit on my plums and biscuit.

  717. 717
    Anonymous says:

    There has been a concerted effort by the political establishment to maintain that the UK’s signature to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is a quite separate subject to our membership of the European Union. 

    The EU and ECHR are joined together by two distinct bonds:

    1.  In addition to being members of the EU, the UK is also a member of an organisation called the Council of Europe, which has a membership of about fifty countries, (several of which are not in continental Europe). Membership of the Council of Europe is dependent upon being signed up to the ECHR and, if the UK withdrew its signature from the ECHR, we would be obliged to leave the Council of Europe.  

    However no country can be a member of the EU unless it is already a member of the Council of Europe.  Therefore, if we wish to withdraw our signature from the ECHR we MUST leave the EU.

    2.  Under Article 6 of The Treaty of the European Union (This is the Treaty that consolidates all the treaties), once the Lisbon Treaty was signed, we have given the EU the power to decide on our behalf whether or not we remain signatories to the ECHR.

  718. 718
    Anonymous says:

    That gets you exited does it.

  719. 719
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    “Some” of you might be confused by my name, but not when you think of it – seems that are my team, these days, in Britain. A bunch of shirt lifers in power. Ivor, what do you have to say about it?

  720. 720
    Anonymous says:

    I am just suprised it has taken the labour mongs this long to realise that uncontrolled immigration is lowering wages and taking jobs away from them.

    Ironically it is labour voters who are general lower paid, who are hit hardest by uncontrolled immigration, yet they still vote Labour who are pro EU and pro immigration.

    This is a rare example where turkeys do actually vote for Xmas, the only explanation I can think of is that labour voters really are that thick, or that they have some kind of Stockholm syndrome relationship with labour and thus are attracted to their abuser.

    Notwithstanding some labour voters after having tried Starbucks in the shopping centre thinking it was a McDonald’s, are now beginning to smell the coffee.

    Labour voters do run in packs or herds, so once the trickle starts, expect a flood to follow. UKIP support by former labour voters is only going one way, up..

    The LibLabCon legacy parties know this and are sh iting themselves which is highly amusing to watch.

  721. 721
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe he is right ?

  722. 722
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    Most people, alas, don’t change with the times and don’t want to believe there are predators out there.
    That particularly applies to the elderly, I would suggest, who were raised in a time before the snake-oil salesman Blair set the moral collapse of this country into its present downward spiral.
    Change is indeed more difficult to deal with as you grow older, but in no way does that mean that the elderly have got it wrong – quite the reverse, in fact.


    I believe the ‘silent majority’ still know what is morally right and are longing for a return to honesty, decency and common sense, which is pretty much what CO is describing above ( as being what UKIP stands for. That is why support for UKIP is growing so rapidly.
    Our country is under attack from within by a totally corrupt ‘establishment’ which has been deliberately and progressively subverted over many years.
    The whole stinking rotten edifice needs to be swept away and replaced, and the sooner the better.


    An example of exploitation of the elderly :
    there’s a whole army of unscrupulous people out there who practice psychological targetting on the elderly to con them out of their precious life savings. They play on memories from their youth in order to gain the trust of good people who cannot bring themselves to believe how evil some sections of society have become. This is achieved primarily via junk mail; indeed, the postal service would most likely collapse if it wasn’t for this vile industry – that’s how bad the situation is.
    Many of these exploiters operate from outside the UK (but often within Europe) because they know that what they are doing is fundamentally wrong and are seeking to avoid justice being brought to bear. Nonetheless, the government could act to stop this if it wanted to, but, of course, it does not. After all, those in government share the same mindset as these con men.

  723. 723
    albacore says:

    Manipulation – that’s the name of the game
    Got to keep the sheeple all dumbed-down and tame
    It’s not that LibLabCons have got
    Owt at all that’s worth the selling
    Close your eyes to the patent lies
    And ignore the stink you’re smelling

    (Sorry, Bobby)

  724. 724
    Burn the Lisbon Treaty - NOW says:

    More lies about the EU :


    Remember, the EU is NOT Europe – this con artist is deliberately trying to confuse the two in our minds.
    The EU is an evil parasite designed to suck the life out of entire countries and condemn their peoples to perpetual slavery.
    European countries managed to trade with each other just fine before the EU was conceived.
    Europe can recover, but only once the EU virus has been stamped out for good.

  725. 725
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    Tramp the dirt down

    Ey Dennis?

  726. 726
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    My 1981 with the witch about,

  727. 727
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    put in present times music – thank you Vikki Hesketh from Blackpool for doing it, vid set in 1981,

  728. 728
    Gowly says:

    Oh, the hockey cockey – in/out shake it all about?

    That one?

  729. 729
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    Grandfathers told me, due they said of lack of maintenance on said mines by the owners, carting said dead miners out on that trolley, when their head and upper body was crushed to mush, like a dead cat on the road, guts squiriting out from everywhere, so much so, the wives and children were advised to see them, to say their goodbyes. The tory “managers” will never change. They are in it for shares and money for themselves, and not for national interests. It is quite remarkable that during WWII, deaths in mines was at it’s lowest, since then we really needed the coal, for national survival, and not to feed greedy tory shareholders.

    Sermon over!

  730. 730
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    “NOT advised” even

  731. 731
    Shirt Lifters United is the team I play for says:

    gawd get this right before I die – “advised NOT” even

  732. 732
    ManUfan says:

    A Scouse louse?

  733. 733
    Nighthawk calling CCHQ, Nighthawk calling CCHQ says:
       DDDD   U   U  MM   MM  PPPP       DDDD     A   V     V EEEEE
       D   D  U   U  M M M M  P   P      D   D   A A  V     V E
       D   D  U   U  M  M  M  PPPP       D   D  AAAAA  V   V  EEEE
       D   D  U   U  M     M  P          D   D A     A  V V   E
       DDDD    UUU   M     M  P          DDDD  A     A   V    EEEEE
                  OOOO   RRRR            DDDD   II  EEEEE
                 O    O  R   R           D   D  II  E
                 O    O  RRRR            D   D  II  EEEE
                 O    O  R  R            D   D  II  E
                  OOOO   R   R           DDDD   II  EEEEE

    We really shouldn’t have to state the bleedin’ obvious but the Conservative party seems to have developed a deathwish. It is clearly very sick and is having trouble understanding the message.

  734. 734
    Anonymous says:

    Three women missing for 10 years found in Ohio that’s the good news

    Bad news

    You are going to get days and days of the fucking McCanns on the TV now.

  735. 735
    Anonymous says:

    Your trolling is amateurish

  736. 736
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:

    Mark, learn and inwardly digest, Anonymong, retard!

  737. 737
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:


  738. 738
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:

    Not a fan, then, Bryn bach?

  739. 739
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:

    + several thousand!

  740. 740
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:

    Well said that man!

  741. 741

    Cats don’t bark to order.

    There you are. You can Google that (using quote marks) and you will find that no one on the internet has said it before.

    I have no wish to bathe in the fallacy of exclusive premises.

    Apologise? You are at it again. What for? I said sounds like.

    Sir, I served with Samantha Fox. I knew Samantha Fox. Samantha Fox was a friend of mine. Sir, you are no Samantha Fox.

    And BTW where is that link you promised?

  742. 742
    Children should be seen and not heard says:

    A little Wisdom is a dangerous thing.

  743. 743
    Jonah Brown says:

    I met Tarbuck once.

  744. 744
    Nighthawk calling CCHQ, Nighthawk calling CCHQ says:

    Do you talk to your mirror every morning, Anonymong ?

  745. 745
    doctor death says:

    you’ve gotta larf at the news values of skynews – once again there is reporting from the usa , this time of a couple of women found after 10 years with all the attendant hystrionics when regularly, repeatedly skynews fails to report on the number of disabled people dying in this country due to government policies. the tide of fascism continues to drift into the uk

  746. 746
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah. Go back to troll school.

  747. 747
    Village Idiot says:

    Superb rant and very impressive……enjoyed it….

  748. 748
    Voice of sanity says:

    What a sensible comment amongst a lot of idiocy from fruitcakes. Vote Garage, get Balls, no referendum and stay in EU. These people are clowns.

  749. 749
    Anonymous says:

    The investment in that comment suggests he is indeed a fan.

  750. 750
    Nighthawk calling CCHQ, Nighthawk calling CCHQ says:

    The EU pays trolls like you well, does it ?

  751. 751
    The Labour Party says:

    If we get in we’re going to make sure UKIP has a minimum percentage of muslims. Kisses.

  752. 752
    Owen Jones says:

    It’ll be 22° today which is obviously down to the Tories ignorant policy on climate-change. It also doesn’t agree with my pasty skin. :(

  753. 753
    Cum grano salis says:

    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled bum sex with 20yr olds,and,you can marry them and have their ba…oh,you can adopt and screw up a childs mind….

  754. 754
    Ed Miliplank says:

    Vote UKIP, get me. Woohooo.

  755. 755
    Dave Cameron is That Silly Man says:

    We should not be arming these so called ‘rebels’ they are an uncontrolled mob of Islamic fundamentalists who have long ago hijacked whatever ‘western liberal’ element there was to the opposition to Assad. All we’ll do is arm someone we’ll later end up fighting FFS don’t we learn? Dave and his bi-sexual Foreign Sec. should leave well alone. Bet we’re training the f_ckers as we speak!

  756. 756
    Lord Tebbit of Semtex says:

    Lord Lawson: David Cameron must lead Britain out of the EU

    David Cameron must lead Britain out of the European Union, according to former Tory Chancellor Lord Lawson of Blaby.

  757. 757
    Owen Jones says:

    Tomorrow, I’ll be lunching at Hezbollah restaurant with comrade Galloway. We’re working on an exciting fusion of radical Islam and class war.

  758. 758
    Anonymous says:

    So why does Nigel keep saying ukip is basically a libertarian party?

  759. 759
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    I very much doubt the figure of disabled dying for whatever reasons even comes close to the numbers who were murdered by NHS staff at Stafford Hospital under vile Labour.

  760. 760
    Vote purple get red says:

    Calm down, dear.

  761. 761
    Vote purple get red says:

    Are your posts above building up to some sort of joke – “how many posts does it take a UKIPper to make his point” or something?

  762. 762
    Aunt Mat says:

    Its RyanAir and EasyJet wot done it.

    Cheap travel has made the world more diverse, yet at the same time, made it more the same.

    Love it or Loathe it, it is what we have.

  763. 763
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    So you are fine with British citizens, who are the wives of British citizens and have lived here all their lives, having their widows pensions – which have already been purchased by their husbands NI contributions – taken away? Keep digging.

  764. 764
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Thought I would send a frisson of excitement up the frames of the UKIP zimmers.

  765. 765
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Total rubbish. There is nothing in any treaty or directive requiring members to adopt gay marriage. There would be no chance of it getting through in Italy, for example, where it has been rejected several times.

  766. 766
    Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

    Nice debate chaps. I have to disagree about older men not dissing the young. Anyone sending down the buffet bowling I faced on Sunday deserves all the dissing they get.

  767. 767

    I try not to get into dissing at all. We all have brains. We all have points of view. It makes not a scrap of difference whether we are old, young or in-between, male or female, straight or homosexual, black, white or khaki.

    It is the idea which matters and anyone can have good ideas and anyone can have bad ones. If there is one thing I have always held my ground on, it is this. The argument matters, not the person.

  768. 768

    How many times can one be wrong?

    1. Never
    2. Seldom
    3. Sometimes
    4. Often
    5. Frequently
    6. Mostly
    7. Invariably
    8. Unquestioningly
    9. Gordon Brown

  769. 769
    Canon says:

    two thirds of the electorate didn’t vote and UKIP failed to gain control of a single council 147 out of 2000.. pathetic.

    We can confirm that a documentary exposing Farage is now near completion. The success of May 2nd will ensure that it will now be broadcast. And you can expect other revelations regarding Farage from certain sources – including from his former colleagues.

    The spotlight is now firmly on UKIP. The leadership of the party was frankly surprised by the hostile press campaign waged against them – they haven’t seen nothing yet!

    Ten years ago, many of us were arguing with the man that UKIP needed to develop a credible exit plan.

    Ten wasted years later, the party still does not have a credible exit plan. Furthermore, last Thurday’s “success” brings us no closer to getting one. Nor indeed does the party have a strategic plan to secure our withdrawal from the EU – other than perhaps getting the anointed one to Number 10 where he can wave a magic wand and lead us to the sunlit uplands.

    Yet, to point out that a possible (and likely) outcome of Farage’s long-term dereliction is to lead us blindly into a referendum contest that we cannot possibly win is seen by is growing band of acolytes as heresy and even worse.

    But, without a plan, without a strategy, we lose. Farage’s disparate bunch of amateurs are up against real professionals. Confronted with the might of the media, the political establishment, the wealth of corporate business and the power of the EU, our chances of winning a referendum always were slight. For all the energy and funds expended on the Farage folly, all we might have achieved is one step closer to annihilation.

  770. 770
    Best served hot says:

    So you’re a tax-avoider, eh ?

  771. 771
    Burn the Lisbon Treaty - NOW says:

    Why wait for 2017 ? Just do it now.

  772. 772
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    Q: What happens if you vote Tory?
    A: Continuation of Metropolitan elite Socialism

  773. 773
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:

    See you “gay” and “coloured”!

  774. 774
    Chilli Bom-Bom says:

    Unlike Hannan and Carswell: telling us all how ghastly Tory policies are and doing absolutely fuck-all about it!

  775. 775
    green ink says:

    thoroughly admirable sentiments SC .. concur save to say putting a
    witty remark can be seen by many as dissing but I don’t view it as
    such… humour whilst sometimes totally inappropriate is so woven
    into our society it is a real pleasure to exercise and read.

    of this site … the endless mindless video postings and ravings of a few are a irritant but perhaps inevitable if we are to be free to say what we really think.

  776. 776
    Aunt Hilda says:

    in your dreams !

  777. 777

    Thanks and agree with your thoughts, green ink.

    Humour is often all the more appealing when it is inappropriate giving it a unique value in our lives. It can be cruel but is very seldom evil.

  778. 778
    tigerowl says:

    Good point. the cartoon says it all. Farage likes the publicity. Likes being an MEP.But he is being paid for doing nothing like all other UKIP meps

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