March 21st, 2013

Clegg Says Scrap MPs’ Booze Subsidy

Clegg initially tried to deny the existence of the Commons booze subsidy on LBC this morning, but when presented with the facts by Nick Ferrari the Deputy PM gave in: “I haven’t seen the prices, but my knee jerk reaction is why should MPs be subsidised for drinking in the House of Commons?”

The £5.8 million subsidy would be a good place to begin, but it is also worth pointing out that since parliament’s watering holes are inside a Royal Palace, many of the bars pay no rent or business rates whatsoever. Research by the ASI calculates that they are saving £1.4 million-a-year as a result. All at the taxpayer’s expense…

Here are some of the other posts on the issue Guido has put out over the years:


  1. 1
    News Bot says:

    Rowan Atkinson has written to the BBC to complain about himself.


    • 8
      NAAFI says:

      Your Logic is flawed though Guido as why should a Royal palace pay business rates?

      Given that every military base in the UK has Officers/NCOs/ratings messes, all with their own bars, do you want to see them pay business rates too?


      • 17
        V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

        Yes but nobody minds if the military have a bar. It’s the political class cockroaches, who are robbing us blind, that must be made to pay the economic rate.


        • 37
          Anonymous says:

          Looks like another omnishables.

          1) No child benefits if you earn over £60k but £1,200 per child if you earn up to £300k.

          2) £130bn deposit for houses, no need to pay interest for 5 years on it. Interest subsidy over 5 years will be £40bn. Where is the money coming from?

          3) Osborne is saying “cheque in post”. This is how Osborne is cutting deficit.

          4) Seems departmental underspent for this year include March 2013 salaries. Is Osborne not going to pay March salary.


          • Steve Miliband says:

            So glad your leader Hugh Grant bought all of this up in his response to the Budget – I mean it would have been a bit pathetic to say nothing and just repeat pre-scripted insults


        • 42
          Maq­boul says:

          Exactly ! The military risk their lives for their country. Members of Parliament do not (unless Eric Joyce is in the House).


        • 89
          Jumbo says:

          Bang on! I’ve no problem supporting the services who do more for this country in a day that bunch of scrim shankers in the HOC do in 50 years.


      • 19

        Council owned car parks and cemeteries in the UK pay council tax.


        • 25
          2 Hymns and a Prayer, that's your lot says:

          Both of those are big businesses that charge big money for a basic service.

          When will Dave introduce gay cremations and gay parking spaces.


    • 11
      Count of Monte Christo says:

      Ed Ball can’t count properley


    • 20
      Lordy Lordy says:


    • 100
      Jim says:

      Why the fuck are we paying for the scumbags booze?


  2. 2
    Ah! Monika says:

    Guinness or Bitter?


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    The 6 pints you had look like they would be a legitimate expense claim in the pursuit of a relevant story


  4. 4
    Suggestion Box says:

    Make Strychnine subsided and give them that. All of them


  5. 5
    Vince Cable says:

    I’ve checked my records and can confirm I’ve never had a subsidised drink.


  6. 6
    Ibbo says:

    Nick Clegg called “Moonshine” a pint of Larger.

    Its not its actually a Pale Ale.

    An it is a nice pint as the brewery owns the pub next to his office…..



    • 24
      Anse Hatfield IV, West Virginia USA says:

      You should try some of the “moonshine” we and the McCoy clan cook up– it isn’t lager OR ale, it’s more like vodka that hasn’t been wussified!


  7. 7
    Alcoholics Ananymous says:

    It must have been a heroic pub crawl to get all those prices Guido

    All you alive this morning?


  8. 9
    Rasta Bob, your friendly supplier says:

    The real question is

    Do these scrougers get a reduced rate on the white stuff as well?

    Especially the Leader of the Oppositions Office?


  9. 10
    Old Nick says:

    I often have to eat my own words. So why not drink your taxes.


  10. 12
    Michelin Guide says:

    The Westminster Arms are a little expensive nowadays it seems

    You made them too famous Guido…


    • 51
      Wyle Cop says:

      Typical Shepherd Neame (over)prices – and they aren’t much less in their home county of Kent.


  11. 13
    Just asking says:


    Can you tell me where all the shirtlifters gather among all these watering holes?


  12. 16
    JacLibDem Lord says:

    I miss Bryony’s tits


  13. 21
    Just Asking says:

    So where can one buy this 20p can of Lager that Dave likes to speak of?

    As hard as I have tried I have yet to find it.


  14. 22
    Ah! Monika says:

    Clegg says he knew not of any subsidy.

    Surely he reads this blog.


    • 33
      Que? says:

      Standard Cleggism

      “I Know nothing, ask Vince”

      Vince will reply.

      “I don’t remember”


      • 44
        Oh Lordy Lordy says:

        That sounds like the bankers and the Murdoch Mob

        Standard Operating Procedure nowadays

        And lawyered up the gunwales…


    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      Exactly right Ah! Monika – just shows how out of touch they really are, or that they are just bare-faced liars – take your pick.


  15. 26
    Bless their pointy little heads says:

    Let them eat Horse!


  16. 28
    Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom says:

    Reblogged this on stoleninnocence2012's Blog.


  17. 29
    Charles Kennedy says:

    For Gods’ sake Clegg! Not content with ruining my country and destroying my party, you’re now trying to bugger up my social life as well!! I’m starting a new radio phone in called ‘Cull Clegg!’


  18. 29
    Commie purpose says:

    Does Prescott shagging his tax payer funded secretary count as a ‘boob subsidy’?


  19. 31
    gramma says:

    If Joyce is a prime example of Westminster riff-raff, then the subsidy seems a worthwhile cost to keep them seperated from frequenting more sociable watering holes.


  20. 32
    Hear no Evil, See no Evil Clegg says:

    I am a bit of a monkey aren’t I?


  21. 34
    Only if it is armed with Napalm, dear. says:


  22. 35
    Only with Napalm, dear. says:


  23. 36
    Gideon says:

    Are those prices before or after my budget?


  24. 38
    Maq­boul says:

    I think they deserve the subsidy. At my local one can drink it perfect safety free from the risk of getting a right ol’ kicking from Eric Joyce. So I don’t mid paying a little extra for that peace of mind.


    • 47
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      He gets really, really nasty when he’s had a drink apparently., cup of Earl Grey tea.


  25. 39
    Boozer says:

    That Wetherspoons price seems rather high. I’m sure their beers (real ales, not pseudo-lager fizz shite) are less tham £3 a pint out here in the real world (i.e. not London).


  26. 40
    Lord Hippo of hypocrites says:

    A DPG officer banged some bird on duty and got 9 months in the clink. The Rt Hon wobba has it away with his sec, god alone knows how many times, and he’s made a Lord. Oh how I long to drink cheap beer, knob my secretary and finish the day by head butting a Tory!!!


  27. 41
    Wot no women! Harriet well have something to say, won't she? says:


  28. 43
    Another fine mess says:

    From Iran to Zimbabwe and New York to Sydney, the world’s media has reacted with astonishment to the assault on a free Press in Britain.

    As plans to shackle newspapers with state regulation were unveiled, the French declared it a ‘sad day’, the Canadians said it was ‘a mess’ and the Australians branded it ‘scary’.

    Even the Russians are aghast, with Britain’s humiliation complete as newspapers in Moscow and authoritarian regimes such as Ukraine accused the UK of censorship.


  29. 49
    Good news from BBC says:

    BBC staff are to stage a 12-hour strike on Thursday, 28 March in a continuing row over job cuts.


    • 53
      Got a life says:

      Who will notice?


    • 58
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      Doesn’t sound like they are too confident of gaining any sympathy, 12 hour strike?, thought the minimum these days was 24 hours (one day strike).


      • 78
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion says:

        They are so bone idle and fat with tax payers money, that they can’t even do a proper days striking. LOL


    • 59
      Sack the lot of them says:

      GOOD. Let’s hope they strike more often. Then more people will realise that they are over staffed, over paid and over the top.


      • 64
        Screwed Taxpayer says:

        How much have the fuckers spent on the new News Room?

        Dave — cut the TV Licence Fee by 10% year on year indefinitely.

        You won’t of course, because you are a useless gutless tosser


        • 80
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion says:

          Better still just stop paying it. I haven’t paid it for 8 years ;-)

          Organise (via twitter etc) a mass telly tax payers revolt using the ‘not known at this address return to sender’ and cancellation of any Direct Debits.

          The Aussies did it in 1974 before the internet even existed.


    • 98
      Geordieboy says:

      Good a 12 hour refund on my license fee please.


    • 99
      Geordieboy says:

      Prick Clegg says ” I love butter and jam on both sides of my bread.”


  30. 54
    Gordon says:

    That’s the way to do it. Stand for election when no one else will. It’s the right thing to do.


    • 70
      Ma Supial says:

      Ruddy ‘ell. {geddit?}

      Load of frit wombats. Mind you that Julie bird is a real tough cookie. Welsh rugger player wasn’t she?


  31. 56
    stun says:

    “The deposit freeze imposed in Cyprus this week is a de facto restriction on the free flow of capital. If other forms of capital controls are introduced as part of a programme agreed between the Cypriot authorities and the EU-IMF, Fitch would review the ‘AAA’ Country Ceiling assigned to all eurozone countries (other than Greece, whose Country Ceiling of ‘B-‘ reflects the risk of a euro exit), which is premised on the free movement of capital across the eurozone.”


  32. 60
    pissed off voter says:

    Excellent! So we can expect Clegg to get this subsidy removed tout de suite? Or will it go the way of promises on tuition fees, member recall, lords reform, boundary change, etc.

    WTF does Clegg actually do other than a radio show


  33. 62
    Vote UKIP -- Get rid of the LIBLABCONNERS says:

    LibLabConners effectively stealing from the taxpayers as usual.


  34. 63
    S.B.S. says:

    Bars paying no rent or business rates.
    Rather than charge them, Drop the rates and rent of all bars in London.
    A better idea, starve the councils, Better still they should all pay only 50% of their dues. They can not jail them all.


  35. 65
    Could you please just explain to me why says:

    Nick Clegg?


    • 68
      Vin Scable says:

      Sorry I can’t help you. I have checked my personal records and I have no record of ever knowing why Nick Clegg.


  36. 67
    Fannie and Freddie says:


    • 74
      Mitch says:

      It only applies to new purchases. But, yes, those mortgages will in turn become sub-prime.


      • 94
        thick people in power says:

        Magic…the market for purchases of existing homes will now take another knock as first time buyers look to new builds instead. Well done Gideon, you fucking bollocks


    • 75
      Curly says:

      Obviously. You appear to have forgotten the 800 million new walls that will require papering.


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      It is a clear step change in house prices.

      This is a gain for all house owners only. It has nothing to do with house buyers as the market will still target itself to the available purchasers.

      All those stupid to buy in the boom will be able to move now. This government rewards stupidity. I suppose like minds do look after one another.


  37. 69
    Broadwsword isn't ever calling that bitch Danny Boy again says:

    Fuck you Brillo.


  38. 83
    Laurie says:


    Have run out of boxes


  39. 84
    Don't get me fuckin started says:

    Yeah but that prick Clegg says loads of things he then doesn’t do or does differently


  40. 86
    Who needs cheep energy says:

    “From April 2013 the carbon price floor announced at Budget 2011 will come into effect, providing a clear and credible long-term signal to support investment in low carbon electricity generation.”

    Gotta save the EUs ETS, while screwing the consumer and business more.


  41. 88
    Guess what says:

    I deny everything.


  42. 90
    Penfold says:

    Perhaps we might Eric Joyce his opinion of publicly subsidised bars for MP’s.

    With our elected representatives increasingly at odds with the realities of living costs faced by the electorate, how can the subsidy be justified.

    This subsidy just makes the disconnect all the more tangible.


  43. 92
    charles kennedy says:



  44. 93
    Anonymous says:

    A pint is £2.90-£3 in the HoC, not £2.20.


  45. 97
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    From now on, the old saying of “running with the hare and hunting with the hounds” will be replaced by the word, “Clegging”.


  46. 101
    lojolondon says:

    Clegg is a born liar – to claim he never realised the HOC pub was subsidised – really!!


  47. 103

    Another knee jerk, like that and Cleggy will spill his beer and go home clegless!


  48. 105
    Anonymous says:

    A considerable proportion of the drinks sold in the Commons bars are consumed by the constituents of MPs i.e. taxpayers, who aren’t allowed to pay themselves. The last pint bought for me cost more than £2.20 from what I could see. But I didn’t see Clegg propping up the bar.


  49. 106
    Red Barrel says:

    Can tell you’re a Tory, Fawkes. Most drinkers in the Commons bar are Labour. Nothing is too good for the representatives of the working classes


  50. 107
    Stuart says:

    It’s about time the subsidy was ended for all food and drink, the price for food should be at whatever the true cost is… as far as booze is concerned I see no justification for alcohol to be made available in the legislature, shouldn’t they be sober to do their job?


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