February 22nd, 2013

BBC Release Redacted Pollard Review

The redacted transcripts of the Beeb’s Savile inquiry can be read here. The black pen is particularly noticeable over Paxo’s evidence

UPDATE: Here are the top lines:

  • Paxman says it was “common gossip” at the BBC that Savile liked young girls
  • Jim’ll Fix It special suggested as “homage” to Savile, and “Christmas treat”, in October 2011. Entwistle described it as a “great idea”.
  • 8 out of 19 pages of Paxman’s evidence redacted.
  • Entwistle nicknamed himself “Gold Commander”.

UPDATE: Big thanks to @Tent101 for producing searchable PDF versions of the Pollard files:




  1. 1
    James says:

    You’d think they would know how to spell “Savile”. It isn’t difficult.


    • 6
      The BBC are cunts says:

      ‘Sovile’ ?


      • 21
        F5 says:

        Why did you post this on the previous thread 10 minutes after it appeared here. You are a bit 8illyesque and I claim my five pounds.


        • 23
          Hi di hi says:

          Did you like my report


          • Interesting... says:

            “Gold Commander” is an anagram of “insipid useless cock”


          • Gold Commander says:

            That comment needs redacting.


          • JP’s conclusion on the last 5 pages is worth reading as he reveals a management culture unable to grasp it’s purpose, assets or direction.

            The most interesting part starts at the bottom of page 56, where a shadowy central editorial policy department run by David Jordan appears to have all the power.

            It is worth asking what involvement David Jordan’s department had in the original decision to spike the first Newsnight program


          • Aunt Mat says:

            Have you tried to read them.

            They are sooo dull!

            I would rather read my laundry list.


        • 176

          Why did David Jordan have a solicitor with him for his interview when he says he knew nothing of the Savile Newsnight inquiry until November 2012, but his staff were officially asked very early on in October 2011.

          This doesn’t smell right


    • 10

      Paxman has the opportunity to speak out and prove himself a man of conscience.

      Or not…


      • 66

        Good point. He can unredact himself. Truth is the defence.


      • 167
        Peter Grimes says:

        I don’t watch Al JaBeeBa much nowadays, my stomach isn’t strong enough, but do I detect the absence of Pax recently? Although not unwelcome, if so is it and such drastic redaction sign of employment hostilities twixt Pax and Al JaBeeBa?


    • 15
      rick says:

      If you are really sick of the troughing scum that is the BBC, stop paying the TV tax. It really is that simple.


      • 132
        We have detector vans! says:

        And we can tell exactly what you are watching from the emissions your T.V. is making. I see you have one of those new colour receivers, and you watch the all-new channel four. Ha. We subsidised that with tax money too. With four channels on the gogglebox, and the A-team on saturday afternoons, it almost feels as though we are living in America. Now pay your fucking license.


      • 134
        We have detector vans! says:

        And we can tell exactly what you are watching from the emissions your T.V. is making. I see you have one of those new colour receivers, and you watch the all-new channel four. Ha. We subsidised that with tax money too. With four channels on the gogglebox, and the A-team on saturday afternoons, it almost feels as though we are living in America. Now pay your f**king license.


        • 137
          We have detector vans! says:

          Where is Mary Whitehouse when you need her. There was a moderator who could tell a second test post when she saw one.


          • NE Frontiersman says:

            One wonders how many of those rather supercilious people at the Beeb who fended her off at the time had an idea what was going on behind the scenes at Light Entertainment. They all knew about Uncle Mac by then, after all.


      • 135
        In a nutshell says:

        BBC censor much of the report because it reveals they are incompetent pricks engaged in a cover up.


    • 169
      Nation SHall Redact Unto Nation says:

      You couldn’t make it up. BBC collectively: Oh yes we can!!!

      Shame on them all. The beeb is dead.


  2. 2
    Fishy says:

    It’s a BBC blackwash


  3. 3
    J. Paxman BBC Bully-in-Cheif says:

    I’m just of to bully a nervous student


    • 48
      Gob-on-a-stick says:

      Notice they haven’t redacted the self-referential ” gob on a stick ” comment


      • 71
        Anonymouse says:

        Esther Rantzen was always banging on about childline. She and her husband where well placed in the bbc.
        A lot of people like them need to start answering questions


  4. 5
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Redacted. Righto.

    Another BBC cover up.

    No-one is to blame, no-one will be held accountable, no-one will lose their £200,000 a year taxpayer funded job.

    Corrupt to its very core.


    • 12
      FrankFisher says:

      Lessons will be learned.


    • 14
      genghiz the kahn says:

      For an organisation which bangs on and on about openness, and cover ups by others, today is another blatant piece of hypocrisy from Al Beeb.

      Boaden – promoted?
      Rippon promoted?
      Entwhistle – sacked.

      For some reason this pattern reminds me about the Mid Staffs Hospital stuff, the managers are promoted above their level of incompetence.


    • 18
      The BBC, Common Purpose & the EU says:

      Well that’s all right then.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      No change. Same old tax supported parasitic corruption.

      Just how many peoples lives are needed before action is taken against those that cover up and actively ignore whistle-blowers?

      All I need is a number. How many normal victims lives are equivalent to a single one of these irresponsible people?

      We all need to know our value in life.


  5. 7
    The BBC are cunts says:

    BBC accused of acting like ‘secret service’.


  6. 8
  7. 9
    Sarah says:

    Open & transparent as ever BBC.

    How many of the BBC nonces who protected Saville are still in their jobs?

    This absoluely stinks.

    Just close the cesspit.


  8. 11
    FrankFisher says:

    Mark Thompson’s statements read like a badly fabricated crock of shit. Does the NYT really want this guy?


  9. 13
    Cliche overload says:

    It is important that the BBC now moves forward with the lessons learned and continues to regain the public’s trust.”

    I’m surprised they didn’t also say “At the end of the day, lessons have been learned from this full and comprehensive review, and going forward, we will act to ensure the highest standards.”


  10. 16
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    The BBC should have relocated to The Vatican, not Salford.


  11. 17
    Fat greasy fuck invites you to come says:


  12. 22
  13. 24
  14. 25
    Jury Foreman says:



  15. 27
  16. 29
    Abolish the bbc says:

    Without the slightest sense of irony, acting director general Tim Davie actually said that by releasing the transcripts, the BBC was being “open and transparent in its handling of this unhappy chapter in our history”.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking obscene.


    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      He probably believes what he said was completely right. That is the problem with these institutions, they only associate with themselves, and their grasp on reality is tenuous.

      Without any real trustees to hold them to account, there will be no improvement. A trust is something held in trust for “others”. The victims are the “others”.

      Further, an organization that has “got away” with this sort of crime will easily now cover up similar incidents. To reward their failing is to make sure they become more protective of their future. There is only one way to ensure openness and that is to use elected, or otherwise, external random observation.

      We put undercover police into suspect private organizations, but yet we will not observe our own public organizations by outsiders.


    • 147
      Anonymous says:

      The fact that Tim Davie is acting Director General says it all, he looked like a complete fool, in publicity, when he started.They seem to have kept him out of sight since !


  17. 31
    EU Watch says:

    In Germany, Zoophiles protest proposed banning of beastiality:



  18. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, it’s FOI time.


  19. 36
    Penfold says:

    BBC clearly rattled by Paxo’s comments, which must have “libelled” someone.

    But, in protecting the individual, they show an astonishing self interest, and a complete failure to act responsibly towards others wronged by that monster Savile.

    The overarching message? Lawyers run and control this country……!


    • 42
      Surely says:

      Paxo’s comments and opinions are covered by “fair comment”?


    • 188
      Same As It Ever Was says:

      Give some of the comments here, someone must be protecting this site – nice to have friends in high places? For they, not Lawyers, are the people that REALLY control this country.


  20. 38
    This is an interesting tweet says:


  21. 43
    Moussa Koussa Mark 6 says:

    PAXO…. isnt that the bloke who Dave NEVER accepts interview invites from

    To busy arranging his appearances on DayBreak


  22. 44
    The BBC says:

    Watch Eastenders and shut up.


  23. 45
    Anon says:

    Two leads from the BBC web page to parts of the report show ‘no link’.

    Appendix 11 in two parts has part one linked twice and no part two.

    BBC at its best.

    Anything numeric or technical seems to confuse most of the employees.


    • 47
      Anon says:

      And the many items at the rear end are photocopied pages of electronic documents – ie no searching possible. This is usually a lawyer’s trick to slow down or frustrate search in many pages. It all has to be done by hand.


      • 97
        Anonymous says:

        Yet they state: “using keyword searches against those emails(sic) accounts”

        Maybe they do understand the principle of never using written text. Good way to cover anything is to substitute words. This way only the innocent are investigated.


      • 110
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Lawyers are very good at “Stitching up” things/people/thetruth etc

        with Needles in haystacks of documentation!


  24. 50
    Gob-on-a-stick says:

    BBC Repeat

    Notice they haven’t redacted the self-referential ” gob on a stick ” comment.


  25. 52
    Silent Bob says:


  26. 56

    Paxman is very close to me in age so he will have known and heard similar to what I did.

    In the late 60s and early 70s it was common gossip that Savile was openly bedding underaged girls. It was even stated in the music press at that time. I have many old press cuttings of concerts and album reviews. I will look at the backs of all these when I can and there is almost bound to be something there.

    If jgm2 ever looks in, I found that letter from Sue Inglish to which I referred late last year and will post it up. It concerns the Paxman-Galloway interview.


    • 62
      Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

      No wonder you needed more ” book shelves “


    • 115
      Blowing Whistles says:

      SC – I need to make something quiet clear to you and others inc the pratt on last nights blog (SOP) who tried to label/tag/smear me as a lefty.

      I stand firmly on the middle ground and throw dirt at both the left and the right. Lefty and righty trolls – take note.

      And to the saddo pillock who ‘invoked’ the oven mantra – read up on your history ‘cos history does exist before 1939.


      • 127
        Judith Charmless says:

        Are you allowed to use the sixth form common room’s computers to access this site?

        Oh yeah I nearly forgot, fuck off you Wolfie Smith c’unt.


      • 146

        I know that BW. As I mentioned the other day, we agree to a greater extent on intentions but differ to a degree on means. Nothing wrong with that. I have praised you where I think you have been right and you have kindly repaid the complement where you agree with me. Neither of us feels diminished by this. It is quite a proper approach.

        At other times we may tear each other to shreds. So be it.

        Where we may also differ is that I am, in the old fashioned sense, right wing in view where, as you state, you are more middle ground. But there are some things where I am surprisingly not right wing. Bank regulation is something I want to see done effectively so that people like Fred the Shed never get their hands on the tiller again. If some want to classify that as left-wing then they can be my guest.

        My principle is that someone should be able to walk into a bank, deposit money and expect to get it back at some stage in the future. They must be careful to chose a good bank though as a bad one will be allowed to go bust.


    • 121
      SP4BS says:

      The one good thing they did was keep him away from “children in need”.


  27. 58
    Moussa Koussa Mark 6 says:

    Dont worry mon*gos !!!!!

    The p*aedo at No 10 during The Witches reign story is still very much alive…. Several attempts going on to try and scupper story…but will be to NO avail.. Watch and learn Murdoch Mo*ngs


  28. 61
    Charlie says says:

    In context this is an excellent report, far higher standard than I would expect from someone best known for playing Peggy in Hi-de-Hi.


    • 88
      hi di hi says:

      I wonder if this comment is related to comment 23 above

      You are 8illy and I claim my five pounds


      • 128
        Charlie says says:

        Great minds must think alike, didn’t see your comment above but you clearly wrote it first.

        No I’m not 8illy.


  29. 70
    steve smith says:

    Surely as a public corporation they can be forced to publish an unredacted version. After all we do actually own the scum its time to move against the cosy clowns and sort the mire out


  30. 73
    Anonymouse says:

    Esther Rantzen was always banging on about childline. She and her husband where well placed in the bbc.
    A lot of people like them need to start answering questions


  31. 74
    Reaches the parts etc says:

    Redactions only

    (….where a genuine and identifiable interest of the BBC is at stake).


  32. 82
    Calamity Clegg says:

    What do you call a drip under pressure ? A squirt.


  33. 94

    The BBC have been very sneaky here. The PDFs are done in picture format, not text.

    *Thus no ability to search*

    The quality has been downgraded and it has been placed within boxes.

    *Thus impossible to scan*

    That is point one. There will be more.


  34. 98
    Rightoes do the funniest things. says:

    Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats received a boost from a pair of byelection victories. Lib Dem candidate Andreas Yiasimi won the district council seat in Cromer with 558 votes – a 22% swing from the Tories, who were pushed into last place by Labour and Ukip.

    The seat was up for grabs following the death of Conservative Keith Johnson, who is believed to have shot his wife before turning the gun on himself last year.



  35. 104

    Second point.

    Whatever the BBC has published, and redacted here, there is one hundred times more out in the public domain.

    Look out for old Melody Makers, Sounds, New Musical Expresses etc.. If your parents downsize or move into rest homes, look at what they have before consigning it to the tip.

    Somewhere in this lot there will be stuff that will prove to everyone what a cover-up this has so predictably turned out to be.


    • 149
      Sorry says:

      I would love to help you out in this urgent task but unfortunately nobody in my family was sad enough to buy, never mind keep, that sort of crap.


      • 153

        Drink your Endemol up, it’s getting cold.


        • 155
          Anonymous says:

          Seriously, did you keep old copies of those music magazines or are you just trying to flush out people that did?


          • Of course I kept them, and I am now glad I did. Unlike Private Eye there are no special binders, but nonetheless it is not difficult to keep them if you have a proper archiving system.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – I have an original copy of the Gruniad and its G2 supplement from Wednesday January 29th 1997. Its very interesting – but I have mentioned it before.


          • @Anonymous and ignoring the troll below (the link is the clue):

            My stuff is an archive of my rock music interests, which goes back to the start of the Beatles.

            I do have a few complete magazines but many more clips. Often these are full pages.

            My interest in Savile at the time was zero. But, by dint of accident, it is amazing what you find on the back of stuff you saved. My resource is huge and I do not have the time just to look through it on the off-chance of finding something.

            But every time I refer to these, I shall now look at the back just to make sure.

            I am asking that anyone who finds these things, maybe in an attic or boxes, should look just in case.


  36. 106
    just saying says:

    if you had 5 million missile equipped drones we could create mayhem somewhere and all from the safety of your armchair. Mind you, you would need an army of armchair soldiers, any volunteers.


  37. 111
    George Galloway says:

    I will only debate with muslim terrorists. Allahu akbar.


  38. 117
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    ‘entwistle nicknamed himself Gold Commander – well he wasn’t wrong there was he – he walked away with that huge sum of money at the end – his personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and all that!


  39. 125
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    How dare the BBC redact any part of the report. Who does the BBC think pays for it all. How dare the faceless wonders at the BBC do this, what gives them the right.


  40. 129
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC makes Stalin look like a libertarian.
    At least the Commies didn’t force the population to pay for their own indoctrination.


    • 161
      Ctesibius says:

      Actually they did. They also (Chinese variant do anyway) charge relatives for the cost of execution.

      Socialism is not nice.


      • 177
        Haribo Halfwit says:

        At the risk of reigniting the ‘were the Nazis actually a kind of Socialist?’ argument, so did the ‘right-wing’ regime in Brazil (the source of the name of Terry Gilliam’s film).


  41. 130
    parrot says:

    I’m feeling a bit sick


  42. 142
    pissed off voter says:

    BBC and Trust executive are revolting … time the people revolted too.


  43. 148
    War Criminal + BBC says:

    Look …

    we’re straight kinds of guys

    let’s just draw a line in the sand, and move on

    OK yah?


  44. 150
    Venu says:

    so, we pay for the bbc, we pay for the investigation, we pay for the government but we cannot see the whole report – fuck this shower of imbecilic elitist bastards


  45. 151
    Election Watcher says:

    Why has the Oscar Pistorius case been leading the news for the last several days? He is a foreign athlete who has allegedly shot dead his girl friend. I can understand the initial incident being reported but to give wall to wall coverage of the bail hearing is quite ridiculous. I am sure that many people will think it is the trial when in fact it is just a bail hearing. How can a bail hearing lead the news for so many days?
    The BBC need to get a proper sense of priorities. At the Mid Staffordshire Hospital up to 1200 patients died due to the neglect of the NHS but nobody has been brought to account and the BBC are not pursing it at all. There have been repeated calls for Sir David Nicholson, the head of the NHS who presided over the Mid Staffordshire Hospital disaster to resign, but the BBC do not report that. At the Winterbourne House in Bristol six out of 11 care workers who admitted a total of 38 charges of neglect or abusing patients were rightly jailed. At the Mid Staffs Hospital 1200 actually died ( nobody died at Winterbourne) but none of the Mid Staffs Hospital staff have been even been charged, let alone jailed. I can only assume that this is the public sector looking after its own. If Mid Staffs Hospital was a private hospital the BBC would be all over the case demanding prosecutions


    • 156
      Curly wonders says:

      If Nicholson and Burnham were charged with the murder of 1200+ folk would they be granted bail at a pre-trial hearing?


  46. 152
    The truth will out says:

    You BBC scum-bags may think you can get away with this, but out there somewhere is the original electronic copy and that will find its way out to the public domain sooner or later.


    • 191
      Anonymous says:

      Since the BBC State-run, they will allow people to attack it – for reasons of control – but would they do away with it?


  47. 154
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    BBC = Arrogant self-serving leftie wankers.


  48. 160
    Tory voter says:

    Why not put in an FOI request for the unredacted version? Just email foi@bbc.co.uk.


  49. 165
    Wyle Cop says:

    Can we stop describing the report using the trendy “redacted” – which means “putting into suitable literary form”.


    Let’s describe it as it really is: CENSORED.


    • 180
      Tiny Tom says:

      You have got it right.
      Why spend huge sums of our money on the report and then Censor it.
      Because they can and Patton will not stop them


  50. 170
    pete says:

    The Guardian doesn’t want readers comments on this story.

    Proabably doesn’t want its computer system overwhelmed by people saying they’d willingly pay double the current licence fee for quality programmes like Eastenders and Flog It.


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