January 9th, 2013

George Osborne’s Benefits Swindle

George Osborne has been getting it in the neck after the Daily Politics unearthed this old footage of the Chancellor allegedly advocating tax avoidance back when he was a mere MP and Brillo’s “parliamentary doctor”. Not quite, George was actually advising hard-up Bill on personal care, a benefits swindle rather than tax dodging. Once again Labour deliberately confusing benefits and tax. And as for the eyebrows…

Vid via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1
    The Stilton Eater says:

    It’s not the tax dodging, it’s the smug grin.


    • 6
      Hollande says:

      He looks so trust worthy; none?


      • 51
        Anonymous says:

        Osborne is like a hunter who ends up trying to set a trap for an animal and ends up caught by his own trap.

        There wasn’t any need for 1% benefits increase to go for a vote. He ended up taking it to a vote and blowing it on the face of the government. He should learn to take a helicopter view rather than going for petty political traps without spending enough time on how its going to come out at the end.


      • 96
        arse fuck for freedom says:

        A sniff of black minge and a couple of lines and he’s anybody’s


    • 8
      Standard Procedure says:

      Ever since Mrs T said the state could take a charge on a person’s home who need care. Every sensible person has transferred their property to their children with obvious legal safeguards in order to prevent the state grabbing their inheritance. Bloody Common Sense if you ask me.


      • 25
        stun says:

        Certainly worked for the Milibands.


      • 58
        Anonymous says:

        Its not that simple. Someone transferred their house to their son to avoid paying for care. Son sold the house and went on a world trip. Son sold it for around £400,000. He hasn’t returned even after 2 years, his dad is still in care home.

        Hopefully, one day son might return and see his father.


        • 131
          Mr Boswell says:

          It is very simple as long as the solicitor writes things like for the rest of natural life etc into the conveyance.


        • 244
          RusbridgerFan says:

          The rich don’t need their houses/most of their wealth to pay for their old age as they’ve still got enough. They can take advantage of trust funds, deeds of variation and all the rest of it. As you point out, normal people can’t take the risk.

          So it’s a tax avoidance measure that is really only available to Milibands, Hodge-the-Dodgers, Benns, Toynbees, Umunnas and other rich people.


      • 98
        Anonymous says:

        Of course it is, everybody does it to be honest.


      • 210
        rood says:

        fk clan


    • 147
      Piggy says:

      Smug grin? Bet that’s difficult for Andrew Marr to say with a straight face.


      • 172
        Crabwaladr Moonpatch says:

        Jesus H, I wouldn’t like to be someone relying on your sympathy or general decency ….


        • 231
          Piggy says:

          As I don’t actually know Andrew Marr, and as I imagine him being a pretty robust sort of fellow, he wouldn’t – I imagine – have to rely on my sympathy. As for my general decency, I’d politely ask you to mind your own f-ing business. I make no apology if I offended your sense of decency, you’re entitled to your own parameters, and so am I. You’re probably from Tunbridge Wells, and more than likely part of the Twitter police that is rapidly eroding the U.K’s sense of freedom, humour and individual thought. Go feign your outrage on Mumsnet you pansy!


    • 196
      david m says:

      Anyone can do this by putting a protective property trust in their Will


    • 198
      david m says:

      anyone can do this by putting a property protective trust in their wills


  2. 2
    Bob Crow says:

    George how can I leave my council arse to the little uns?


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Bob, just leave them the money you have saved by living in subsidised accommodation for the last 20 years, you must have bucket loads tucked away with your salary !


  3. 3
    leetay says:

    Sounds like sensable advice to me


  4. 4
    Common Practice says:

    Everyone does it. You would be mad not to sign over the house to the kids rather than have to sell it and give the money to the state.


  5. 5

    Limited liability companies don’t die.


  6. 10
    Tom says:

    The same clever products enable benefits swindling and tax dodging.
    Once again Guido deliberately confusing.


  7. 12
    George Osborne says:

    I am morally repugnant


  8. 13
    Every one does it says:

    Chuka: Trust Fund
    Margaret Hodge: Trust Fund
    The Miliband Bros: Trust Fund
    The Blairs: Trust Fund


    • 45
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Don’t forget the Blairs’, Gordon Brown’s and Dave Miliband’s “the Office of……..(relevant name) into which all their income gets paid – 20% Corporation Tax instead of 45 – 61% Income Tax.

      Barefaced hypocrites the lot of ‘em!


  9. 15

    The weather in Reading is part cloudy with a temperature of 4°.

    But it feels like 2°.

    Forecast: Getting colder. Likely deluge.


  10. 16
    Hollande says:

    Tut Alors !!

    I would tax them at 75% and have them committed to the poor house after confiscating the house.


  11. 17
    Jimmy says:

    To be fair to Gideon he was only advocating benefit fraud by homeowners, he’s always been rock solid when it comes to the poor.


  12. 20
    Plantagenet says:

    I rather liked the honesty, truth be told.


  13. 22
    Rolled Up Tenner says:

    Gideon always was an unreliable bullshitter……particularly after an hour’s hoovering with his honker.


    • 26
      VoteUkip says:

      Obama is now TELLING the UK not to have a referendum on the EU. Will this have the same impact on the anti-democratic media as when Romney failed to lie about his certainty about the readiness of the British Olympics?



      • 33
        Pot Pol says:

        Trust the BBC to come out with any old tosh to try and protect the image of their beloved EU, key phrase “it is the interests of America” says Obama. Fuck U!, is he going to join?.


      • 36
        EU Watch says:

        Branson was scare mongering as well.

        Business man telling you it will be bad for business hardly impartial in his case.

        When it does break up, wonder how long it will be before the muzzies reclaim what is now Spain / Portugal… :)) Crusade time a cometh.


        • 40
          Pot Pol says:

          Old Moors Anorak.


        • 42
          Andalucia says:

          They will all be going back to the Alhambra Palace to get the caliphate started again


          • World Watch says:

            Have a careful look at what is going on – the old Caliphate is returning.

            Also – the MB mob setting up shop in Egypt have already been stating that they have designs on Spain…


        • 108
          Anonymous says:

          Richard Branson really gets on my nerves.


          • Anonymous says:

            A judge has said the decision to select Richard Branson’s Virgin Care to run Devon’s children’s services was illegal, but it can still go ahead.

            The firm was chosen by NHS Devon and Devon County Council. The deal will see Virgin take over about 1,100 staff employed by NHS Devon and Devon county council, which currently oversees about 2,400 children with disabilities, children’s mental health services and school nurses and health visitors.


          • Question time says:

            Does that include the staff pension provisions – or do these just disappear into the mist like one of Branson’s trains?


      • 126
        fruitcake says:

        Yerrs and the Groiniad is on it as well, quelle suprise


      • 155
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        Even better reason to leave!

        The Zero is steering America into EUSSR style economic collapse.

        Best to be nimble.


  14. 24
    Ed Millibland says:

    Sounds like a good idea. If only Pappas house wasn’t in trust.


  15. 27

    What to do in Reading

    St Giles-in-Reading: Medieval church where one may atone for one’s sins.
    St Laurence’s: Medieval church where one can pray again.
    Pincents Hill: Interesting tower lacking windmill sails but for how long?
    Minster Church of St Mary the Virgin: With chequerboard tower in St Mary Butts.
    Reading Abbey Ruins: Where one may reflect how things might have been.
    Stratfield Saye House & Estate: See how a real winner lived.
    Museum of Berkshire Aviation: Many wonderful old contraptions which will never take to the skies again.
    Beale Park: Ghastly place where they celebrate the steam era and stuff still runs on coal – urgh!
    Silchester: Ruins of once important place.
    Museum of English Rural Life: See how nice it can be to live in rural places.
    Museum of Reading: Bayeux Tapestry Replica where someone got one in the eye.
    Weekend Warriors Paintball: Where you get points for hits and not the other way round.
    Kennet & Avon Canal: A pleasant place to end the day.


  16. 28
    Kebab Time says:

    “Your either in front of Guido or behind”

    I Had this up at ten past one, even Eoin Clarke had it up before you.




  17. 34
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    For anyone to say that, although provisions in the law exist, yet, people ought not use them, is patently ridiculous. Why have the law, then?

    “I’m shocked– SHOCKED!”, that people comply with the law!?!?

    Although– given that the Giddy One now stands to benefit, if people forgo their opportunity to take advantage of favourable laws, to prevent Government from getting its grubby little paws on their dosh– that vid IS quite amusing.


  18. 37
    genghiz the kahn says:

    BBC and tax avoidance :- news readers, presenters, advice from within the Corporation on how to turn free lance leave PAYE behind.

    Income Tax is for the little people.


  19. 39
    Meanwhile, the moral hazard and flaw to communitarian dialectic says:

    Anyone noticed that AIG are intending to sue the US Govt. over the terms of their bailout a few years back ?

    Wonder if any of the useless institutions here have the same ideas brewing…


  20. 44
    Bob Crow says:

    If youse freaten me mate Eddie Balls, I’ll bring the bruvvers aart and cut yer subs off.
    So you’d better leaf im be innint,milliband..you stuck up ponce.


  21. 46
    rebekah says:

    ah for debate ; should we the little people take advantage of tax laws to minimise our taxes?

    Or should we give most of our income to the government so that it can spend it on subsidising food and drink for mp’s and lords in westminster and paying them endless expenses?


  22. 55

    It is precisely our relationship with the EU that is holding the UK back, until it is sorted, we can’t go forward


    • 62
      Anonymous says:

      Which was why it became important to the Marxists at the EU that Britain should join. Couldn’t have a truly global trading presence right next door showing them all up.


  23. 60
    Anonymous says:

    So so many reasons now, as a life long tory voter, never to vote tory again while Cameron is leader.


    • 69
      Engineer says:

      You are a shameless fibber, Anonymous. You are not a life-long Tory voter. Until you were 18, you were not allowed to vote at all.


    • 144
      rebekah says:

      Youn vote for militwit anon – I’m sure that will meet all your aspirations? Not!


      • 243
        Celary says:

        Cameron and Miliband are both collectivist, politically correct ( social Marxism ) big government, tax and spend, EU muppets, merely millimetres apart philisophically.

        They do not have a free market or small government bone, between them.


  24. 61
    Cheeky says:

    Andrew Marr hospitalised with a stroke.
    Not connected with JimmyS.


  25. 63

    On a lighter note
    Andrew Marr has had a stroke !


  26. 68
    Anonymous says:

    “Andrew Marr was taken ill yesterday and taken to hospital. The hospital confirmed he has had a stroke. His doctors say he is responding to treatment. His family have asked for their privacy to be respected as he recovers.

    “We will continue to broadcast The Andrew Marr Show and Radio 4’s Start The Week with guest presenters in his absence. His colleagues and the whole BBC wish him a speedy recovery.”

    Acting Director-General, Tim Davie, said: “I am very sorry to hear the news about Andrew. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back at the BBC soo


  27. 77
    Owen Jones"The Cheekie Chappie" says:

    What do you call a country where everyone is pissed? A urination.


  28. 85
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Gordon Brown has couriered some tables down to Andrew


  29. 92
    EU Watch says:

    It isn’t just the Brits who are getting fed up with EU by the look of it:


    “I have no desire to be governed in a language which is not my own and which most Europeans are incapable of mastering,” : Jean Quatremer – French journalist for Libération


  30. 132

    Obama administration warns Britain to stay in the European Union.

    A Ugandan with a false USA passport tells the British what they must do. I imagine that will go down well with the British.


    • 137
      Greengrocers get criminal records for selling by the pound says:

      EU says we can not deport terrorists or sell bent cucumbers.


    • 160
      Barack Obama Snr says:

      I was born and raised in Kenya, FYI. I don’t know where you’re getting this Uganda nonsense. Papa Oom Mau Mau!


    • 162
      Ah! ffs says:

      Makes it even more important that we get out of the EUSSR, if another clown like Brown tells us to stay in.


      • 166

        Have you tried this? Copy and paste:

        Аh! Моnіkеr


        • 185
          National Socialist says:

          “Makes it even more important that we get out of the EUSSR, if another clown like Brown tells us to stay in.”

          Disengenuous….cos it’s not Brown saying keep in the EUSSR…it’s the chosen one, Mandelson that is pro EU.

          The J ones are funnily enough all libertarians. Why might you think that is?

          Could libertarianism be good for business and short term profits?

          Brown was too stupid to think for himself, just as Thatcher was.

          Check out how consistent the libertarians are on matters of social justice, equalitarianism, wimins rights, ethnic minorities rights and even gay rights and gay marriage.

          Just who invented libertarianism for their own groups’ advantage?


          • Anonymous says:

            are the chosen one and the special people destined to have the planet to themselves. They certainly behave as if nothing else matters.

            from debt slavery, to division between man and woman, having the view that children are the same as adults and the rest of us chipped and pinned to become their pets…their world is unique..to them. They pose a fundamental challenge.


  31. 135
    Herman Lectures a Table says:


  32. 138
    Brown out and pay me damages. Respect my rights and stop treating them like garbage. says:



  33. 145
    rebekah says:

    Very sorry to hear about andrewmarr’s stroke . He is only in his 50’s. I hope it will focus attention on how many young folks do have strokes. There is too many !!


    • 176
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      Lots of white powder city folks seem to have early onset high blood pressure problems…


    • 206
      EdButLookBalls says:

      Seen on the Al-Beeba Web Site

      Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee tweeted: “Andrew Marr, renaissance man, polymath, wise commentator, painter, runner, brilliant cook – and ace editor. Get well soon. Needed in public life.”

      Well that’s you fecked up for good then ‘Further’!!


      • 241
        worried resident says:

        She meant: “jug-eared middlebrow extreme leftist dirty old man” Typical Guardian typos


  34. 153
    Mr R Harris says:

    ComRes/ITV News: 18% say Coalition understands concerns of people on low incomes, 70% do not http://ht.ly/gG90E


    • 171
      rebekah says:

      Comres hasn’t got a clue.

      They need to look at labour’s £millionaires.

      militwit with his £multi million london home and weekend cottage.

      hattyharpic with her £multimillion priveleged background , suffolk weekend home and £600 weekend brunches for backstabbing plots against militwit and

      chuckusyamonies £millions stacked away offshore.

      And that’s not to mention margarethodge and her ‘little little little’ £multi million inheritance or

      kinnochio’s £millions troughed from the eu or

      bliar’s £milions troughed from the tragic middle east that he helped to trash or

      mandy’s £milllions that came from his mysterious time spent in the EU

      labour know how to make money for themselves even whilst they leave the rest of us impoverished by a trashed economy. Have to give them that!


      • 178
        A fucked off fuckwit says:

        So what’s your fucking proposal to fix this then?


        • 182
          rebekah says:

          Well obviously militwit needs to call for an Inquiry into labour’s front bench £millionaires!!



    • 175
      Pol Pot says:

      Lol, what concerns people on low incomes is the fact that they are fucking skint, not to difficult to understand is it?.


      • 187
        rebekah says:

        Well it is impossible to understand if you are one of labour’s £millionaires .

        You really don’t expect kinnochio, bliar, militwit , hodge, hattyharpic or chuckusyamoney to connect to those of us who live on less than £15k pa!!

        Don’t be silly!!


    • 209
      VoteUkip says:

      None of the Liblabconner politicians understand the concerns of the ordinary person. If they did they would give us a referendum on the EU that they promised us.


      • 212
        albacore says:

        Those bleeding hearts would grab the coat off your back
        Coddle immigrants while you slept in a sack
        And laugh themselves silly – there’s sod all you can do
        Between LibLabCon connivers and the E U


  35. 174
    O. Jones says:

    A Bumper List Of The Tories 100 Greatest Failures Since 2010″ | By Dr Eoin Clarke | http://www.labourleft.co.uk/a-bumper-list-of-the-tories-100-greatest-failures-since-2010/


  36. 190
    Roger the inheritance tax dodger says:

    Is this what Ralph Miliband did?


    • 193
      National Socialist says:

      RM was an anarchist who fled not just Eastern Europe but NS regulation. Just what were the NS trying to regulate. A race of people…or their predatory behaviour?

      Do you see any parallels with today!

      Arbeit Macht Frei ;)


    • 197
      And there's gratitude for you says:

      Not quite. Ralph Miliband bravely ran away from Belgium and settled in the UK, where he courageously hid from the Nazis, cowering under a table, whilst his comrades got slaughtered.

      His sons, Banana-boy Militwit and retardEd Militwit (“The Backstabber”) inherited their parasitic father’s worthless DNA and now reside here, trying to destroy the very country without which they wouldn’t exist.


      • 202
        Nick Griffin says:

        And what did Ralph’s co-tribesman, Jack Straw’s father do in the war…oh that’s it, I remember now…he was a CO……a Conscientous Objector.

        Birds of a feather…


  37. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Today is Freddie Starr’s birthday!


  38. 194
    Winnie the Pooh says:

    “I’ve never dropped one before,you?”


  39. 195

    America has Warned Cameron of Unfortunate consequences if he gives us a referendum on the EU
    Who the fuck are they to stick their nose in to our affairs ?The only reason they want us there is to keep an eye on Merkel and Hollande to make sure they dont get up to their old tricks


    • 200
      No secret: Lefty-cretin Obama hates Britain says:


      I don’t hear the good ol’ USA cretins offering to pay our annual £17billion membership fee.

      Or offering to take our place.


    • 201
      tabblenabble01 says:

      “Who the fuck are they to stick their nose in to our affairs”

      They’re kosher…you fuckwit!

      Look up the Morgnathau and Marshall Plans as the post WWII EU bulwarks
      against those evil one-nation-socialists of the USSR…who, until the fall of Berlin, were our steadfast ally.

      What happened, overnight, that turned this ally into the evil empire after 1945?

      Try thinking a bit..you fuckwit! (again!)


    • 217
      Patriot says:

      The Americans can start demonstrating the value of their ‘friendship’ by paying back the money they stole from BP when it was their firms that messed up in the gulf of Mexico and also by getting their corporations like google and starbucks to begin paying taxes here. Otherwise, they can go f*ck themselves.


    • 235
      Alice says:

      “America has warned Cameron”?

      As a matter of fact Philip Gordon, an assistant secretary for European affairs in the US State Department, was speaking to journalists!
      Does that make it official US policy?


    • 238
      Casual Observer says:

      It’s just socialist dictator speak warning a satellite state not to get out of line.

      Look carefully at what is going on in the US itself at present. They need an export market back, European Union fits the bill and it is better for business than multiple countries as it is cheaper to deal with the bloc.

      Cameron is in a real fix on this now. To be fair the UK should really be seriously eyeing up those countries in Europe which have been weakened by austerity for invasion.

      European defense spending is at record lows so we know they are militarily weak. They are politically unstable, so will be relatively easy to defeat from a propaganda perspective, in fact a war to liberate Spain / Portugal from austerity would likely be welcomed and would consolidate Gibraltar.

      The nutbars in North Africa have been publicly talking about similar action, and in order to consolidate power there the MB for instance may consider similar action which could cause a problem for UK security.


  40. 199
    Saffron says:

    Yes I understand what this coalition lot are trying to do,that is putting this land on the right track.
    The other side of the coin is they have left wing assholes stacked against them as there is no tomorrow.
    I won’t go into them as you all know who these barstewards are.
    Today we have seen the first attempt to rid us of the benefit culture crowd organised by LIEBOUR for political advantage.
    Hopefully this will lead to an end to this something for nothing society that this LIEBOUR bunch have generated for their own political ends.
    I for one hope that people will see through this asshole of a party at the next GE
    and not be conned by this lot of champagne so called socialists.


  41. 204
    O. Jones says:

    Rumours are that there are Westminster Tories prepared to vote against the section 30 order to secure legal referendum on Tuesday.


  42. 207
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Is andrew Marr dead yet – I hate that jug eared jumped up egotesticle f-wit know all pratt?


  43. 211
    Gay Pride Dave says:

    Gavin Essler

    David Grossman

    Both on NN tonight (I wonder where Emily is tonight?)

    Their tribe is just 0.5% of the population, roughly about the same % asthe Chinese population in the UK.

    Imagine a NN programme being solely presented by Chinese would surely seem very odd would it not?,


    • 236
      Alice says:

      Esler is a German name.
      Gavin Esler is Scottish. Born in Glasgow, and brought up in Edinburgh and Northern Ireland, his family are descended from German Protestant refugees who fled to safety in Scotland during the religious wars of the early 17th Century.


  44. 216
    Judge Dread says:

    Reading Crown Court Listings 9th January 2013

    Court 6 U20120475
    Price Vasiliki & Hunhe Christopher
    T20127076 Southwark Crown Court Case

    Details: For Mention – Case adjourned until 00:00 – 10:34
    For Mention – Resume – 10:45
    For Mention – Case adjourned until 00:00 – 11:30
    For Mention – Resume – 11:48
    For Mention – Case adjourned until 00:00 – 12:19
    For Mention – Resume – 12:52
    For Mention – Resume – 12:54
    For Mention – Case adjourned until 10:30 – 13:07


  45. 218
    Rolf? Surely not Rolf but 80's Berkshire must be Rolf 👹 says:


  46. 226
    Andrew Marr Stroked One Off says:



  47. 229
    Thatcher's currently lying in her own faeces and not even her own children visit her anymore says:

    So the next time you right wingers complain about jokes about Thatcher’s dementia or about celebrating her death and call others sick for making the jokes, I’ll remind you of the vile comments you’ve made revelling in Andrew Marr’s stroke. As so many of you are fond of saying, hopefully karma will give you a stroke too.


    • 233
      Casual Observer says:

      Karma is not about punishment.


    • 242
      worried resident says:

      Ooooh “vile” – you’ve shocked us all out of our complacency.
      Anyway, surely you’re not suggesting that A. Marr is in any way leftist? Isn’t he an unbiased BBC reporter?


  48. 230
    derek laud says:

    well bugger me


  49. 234
    Bill Cobbles says:

    I’ve arrived.


  50. 239
    Phil from Pentonville says:

    This morning for breakfast I will have two premium cumberland sausages plus one of your lightly poached eggs on a slice of buttered toast please .


  51. 246
  52. 248
    The Arse says:

    This man(?) is a total arse.


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