October 22nd, 2012

Rent-Swapper MacShame Exposed

The original expenses scandal cost dozens of corrupt MPs their jobs, the worst offenders ended up behind bars. Now the rent-swapping sleaze that John Bercow is trying to cover up has been blown wide open. This morning Guido is listing the most shameless rent-swappers…

The usual suspects kept cropping up when Guido started digging around last week. Top of the pile was surprise, surprise Denis MacShane, outed in the Times this weekend. In addition to his property back in Rotherham – remember he rented his garage to himself on expenses for £125,000 – MacShame owns a £700,000 house in Pimlico just a few minutes walk from Parliament, which he rents out under the IPSA rules and then claims £1,450-a-month expenses to rent another home in London. Making cash off the back of the taxpayers when he has no reason to exploit the IPSA loophole except to enrich himself…

When The Times confronted him he claimed he had stopped doing it – convenient. We have some further questions for him, when did he stop the fiddle? Why can’t MacShame live in his posh Pimlico pad right next to Westminster? Why does millionaire MacShane have to bill the taxpayer rent for a house he doesn’t need to rent?

Because he is taking us for a ride. Again…


  1. 1
    Stan says:

    What an effing crook.

    Why isn’t he in prosion for the garage sting? Or the laptop fraud?

    They have no respect for us taxpayers – they rub this shit in our faces time and time again.



  2. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    I am hoping for strong and assured leadership from Ed Miliband over this.


  3. 3
    Man o' the People says:

    Is Nasty MacShame still taking the Labour whip? I remember turning into Parliament one day and seeing him sitting with Blears and Blunkett. What a trio.


  4. 4
    davidc says:

    next you will be telling us the pope is a catholic and that bears crap in the woods !!!!


  5. 7
    Ed Millibland says:

    This beggars belief and I demand a judge led enquiry


  6. 8
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    And still the idiots of Rotherham will vote him back into Parliament come the next election.


    • 12
      plebiscites R us says:

      the tattoorati will claim that McS is taking ‘them’ on at their own game – therefore its OK


    • 78
      pastimes says:

      If you rely on two inet “papers” serving the Rotherham area, all you’d find is McShane castigated by some random Aussie for telling the EDL to “eff orf”. Houses, rents, exs, garage, laptop don’t feature as of 16.17 today. Ill informed plebs make ill informed voters.


  7. 10
    Ever Hopeful says:

    Buy shares in piano wire and lamp post manufacturers. Apprentices needed by tumbrel maker.
    Eau lez barrikades mays ammies


  8. 11
    Margaret Moran says:

    Disgusting behaviour


  9. 13
    CCHQ says:

    This crisis will culminate with the Mo Farah public inquiry into the condition of Britain


    • 22
      Ed Moribund says:

      That’s it ..divert the news, spin the story. Pretend we aren’t guilty.

      Labour = good
      Tory = bad.

      That’s all the politics your little brain need to deal with.


  10. 15
    the poor bloody tax-payer says:

    call in the south yorkshire police


  11. 16
    Thick as pigshit voters and nonces of Rotherham says:

    Eee’s a good lad, our Denis, aye. Leave ‘im alone, aye, you bloody Southern Toffs, aye. Aa’ve always voted Labour me, aye, and me wife, and me Mam and me whippet, aye.


    • 26
      Hadrian should have built at Watford says:

      Have your pigeons flown away?


    • 73
      Rotherham Person says:

      That’s the trouble with central office placemen McS ain’t local, Tory boys watch out for the ones cchq have chosen for at the next election, more Gideons, Daves etc


  12. 18
    OnBenefits says:

    Wouldn’t an article about wife swapping be more interesting?


  13. 19
    Her Grace says:

    Now, now. You are all being beastly to McScam. It is quite possible that he can’t afford to live in the house – rates, staff costs etc, etc, etc.


  14. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Some day you will all realise that this has been going on for decades.

    It will never change.

    The politicians are there to make as much money as they can. It doesn’t matter what they preach to joe public, what’s important is the size of their bank balance and they don’t care how they get it either!

    Won’t you ever learn? You vote for them, so you actually ligitimise them.

    It’s your choice, don’t fucking vote for any politician. You are just giving them licence to shaft you if you do!


    • 34
      Mili Senior says:

      I work very hard.


    • 43
      Ed Moribund says:

      Look..Mrs Moribund is going to vote for me. So are all the Labour party staffers and spads and MPs.. So are all the union reps and so are all my friends and family. {Not too sure about David though.}

      So if 100 vote for me and 99 vote for the others, I win.
      The problem with you system is…well..its naive bollocks of the first order, isn’t it?


    • 60
      Archer Karcher says:

      Not voting for any politician will leave you with the same corrupt motley crew, we have endured for decades.

      The answer is to vote different, break the LabLibCon stranglehold on democracy, vote different and screw the established troughing liars and crooks.


      • 76
        Anonymous says:

        Archer, the problem is none of them are “different”;the sole reason for getting elected to the HoC is for personal enrichment.Those that claim to want to
        “change things” very soon see the opportunities available to enrich themselves & go for it.
        They’re all the blo*dy same.


        • 82
          Tiger Tiger says:

          That’s all the system permits. There’s actually no work for MP’s. They are not allowed to think for themselves, not really allowed to propose legislation, forced to vote as directed. Debates are pointless as they don’t change the opinions of other MP’s, whose votes are in any case pledged to the party line. Becoming expert in some topic is pointless and viewed with suspicion – it might indicate a tendency to independent thought. Their staff do the re-directing of constituents queries to the right office in the bureaucracy. There’s nothing for them to do but boast and preen, gossip, lie, back stab, drink and think up new ways to cheat on expenses. No decent person would tolerate such a parasitical and demeaning existence. It’s an ecological niche for vermin.


      • 81
        Tiger Tiger says:

        After a very few years the new ‘clean’ politicians would be just as dirty as the old ones.


  15. 25
    webwrights says:

    £700,000 doesn’t buy you much in Pimlico. I think we should be having street-collections for this poor, misunderstood, unappreciated, selfless, altruistic, fine, upstanding member.


    • 74
      Loftus Road says:

      That house is in the posher bit of Pimlico known as ‘the grid’ and is worth well over £1 million. Well done Mr Mcshane!

      There is a large and much more affordable area in Pimlico called Churchill Gardens which of course our esteemed representatives do not wish to live in as it is frequented by plebs.

      Keep pushing this Guido.


  16. 28
    nellnewman says:

    ‘the usual suspects keep cropping up’ as in those who offended in the last expenses scandal are the ones offending now.

    That says two things – these people are inherently dishonest and will keep offending and having got exposed in the last expenses scandal they are remarkably dim to have become embroiled in another one so soon.

    So are we to understand that being dim and dishonest is a prerequisite to becoming an mp?


    • 45
      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (no relation) says:

      If the ones who are offending now also offended before, they’ve obviously survived the general election and feel (correctly) that their constituents don’t give a stuff about the ongoing theft.

      They’ve also seen Margaret Moran get off all charges simply saying that court appearances and subsequent punishment “would be upsetting” for her. “If she can pull a fast one like that,” thinks a crooked MP, “I can, too.”


      • 83
        Tiger Tiger says:

        Since much of the electorate is as crooked as their representatives, maybe the EU can save us by appointing the MP’s as well as the rulers!


    • 46
      Some Twat up north says:

      Yes Nell but a level of cunning is always an asset.


    • 47
      ed martin says:

      that and keeping mum about the shenanigans of others in the same game (cf City, BBC, police)


    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      Nell,if you haven’t understood it by now may I suggest you look at 76 above.
      The answer to the question you pose in your last sentence is YES.


  17. 31
    HoC Fat Thieving Pigs & We are not ashamed ! says:

    One nation…….One nation ………One nation……….One nation

    which is our very fat turkey we are colluding with EUSSR to strip to the

    bone in every way possible & of course all within the rules……….

    so Fcuk off Plebs get back to your slavery where you are going

    to stay & leave us to do, what we have always done….

    & fcuking screwed everyone of you…..


  18. 33
    Call me Dave says:

    Watching Boris in Mayor’s question time. Regardless of politics. He’s playing with the rest if them. Master class


  19. 36
    Confederation of Landlords masquerading as MP's says:



  20. 37
    Anonymous says:

    The German leader threatens Cameron.

    Have we seen this before?


    But we know he marches his troops to the top of the hill,(just like Blair), then he marches them back down again!

    If only we could rely on a strong, intelligent, statesmanlike, Prime Minister.

    May be one day eh?


  21. 39
    BBC Pedo Ring says:

    Now then now then.


  22. 40
    ToonBert... says:

    Chop off ‘is knob, the knob !


  23. 42
    Some Twat up north says:

    650 people in Westminster stand up and chant (all together now) ‘We’re All In This Together’


  24. 48
    BBC bummers trying to cover up Jimmy Savile's kiddie fiddling says:

    Not interesting. Have you not got any Tories? Then we’ll run it as our top story. It’s not like there is anything else to report today is there?


  25. 50
    Almost Anonymous says:

    Tired out Brucie to take a break!!

    Why do I jump to the conclusion ……….Savile Inquiry?


  26. 51
    Talentless comedian says:

    I have never even been near the BBC.


    • 55
      BBC Commissioning Editor using the list of 15 regular left wing "comedians" to poke fun at Tories says:

      Fuck me ! That can’t be true you seem to be appearing on every bloody show on BBC TV and radio


  27. 52
    Owen Jones says:

    I can have his job. I was born in sunny Shef!


  28. 58
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Somehow I don’t expect this fraud against the taxpayer will be looked down on by the gutter press as much as calling a policeman pleb or even the 40 year culture of child abuse at the BBC. The two highest sins in this country seem to be racism, and class. The same kind of people who seek to get rid of racism (and even perceived racism) are the same kind of people who seek to create class warfare. If its wrong to call someone black or pleb why is it acceptable to call someone white or a toff.


  29. 59
  30. 61
    Anonymous says:

    As soon as I heard of the current rent scam I wrote down a few names of the favourites to be on the list of shame. Of course Dennis was there. He never disappoints! Whenever there is the chance of making a dishonest bob or two from the taxpayer he is there.

    Can someone tell me why it is usually the Labour MPs caught with their hands in the cookie jar?


    • 68
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Expect Vaz and Handycock to make an appearance as well.

      Fat Jacqui must be gutted to be missing out on the chance to fill her boots.


    • 85
      Tiger Tiger says:

      Because they are usually the most blatant and hypocritical thieves. Remember, ‘the working class can kiss my a r s e, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last.’


  31. 69
    Attila the Huhne says:



  32. 70
    Rupert my Hero says:

    I am unable to understand why we are electing these sleaze balls, they are manipulating a system they created for their own benefit, Parliament needs an independent regularity body because it seems to be failing to monitor it’s own excesses, then why not Parliament itself…. Bercow is not up to the Job and in light of his past performance, should resign,. Since they appear to feel that every other body needs to be regulated then there must be a higher independent authority to control these excesses… Parliament is hemorrhaging Millions at a time when the country is suffering cutback of a size never experienced before.
    Cameron has shown himself to be a complete Wuss, someone has to clean up the Parliamentary System,
    We can waste untold cash on Government and yet deny a Soldiers Pension, made redundant with a few days to go before Retirement,
    Any Party that includes legislation to really clean up Parliament, gets my vote


    • 75
      Rotherham Person says:

      “a time when the country is suffering cutback of a size never experienced before” if that is true where is all that increased borrowing going, it must have gone somewhere


    • 86
      Tiger Tiger says:

      We need a Cromwell! Oh sorry, these days even the generals are on the take.


  33. 79
    keredybretsa says:

    Another Dishonourable whatsinnitforme trougher hopefully to bite the dust soon. Or he will find a new expenses fiddle. Close one door and the next door opens.


  34. 87
    treetop says:

    Harriet Harman was keen to play the class card and say that we shouldn’t have a system that requires you to be a millionaire to be an MP. It does appear that you should comfortably be one when you leave however !! All courtesy of the taxpayer of course.


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