September 14th, 2012

Guto Visits the Welsh Wizards

Some strange goings on over at the Plaid Cymru annual conference in Wales today. As Guido reported earlier they kicked things off promising to magic some growth by reducing oil usage, and now they have been graced by the presence of a somewhat unexpected guest:

As if that were not enough Plaid’s new leader Leanne Wood has given her maiden speech, telling conference goers:

Moving swiftly on…


  1. 1
    NOT Kebab Time says:

    Nice tie.


    • 35
      Kebab Time says:

      You don’t irritate me by beating me to first so I am not sure why you bother. I only need 7 more “firsts” to be the first one to 1000 firsts on this blog – a record you will not be able to beat.


      • 41
        Apply delay cream as instructed says:

        I bet cumming first has always been your problem.


      • 47
        I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

        How do you know you’ve had 993 ‘firsts’? Have you been keeping count?

        And didn’t the count get reset when you changed your moniker? So you’re really on about.. 20? 25? ;-)


      • 51
        W.W. says:

        “I only need 7 more “firsts” to be the first one to 1000 firsts on this blog”

        You are a truely sad individual.



      • 55
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        Forgive my asking but I expect I’m not the only one here who wonders…

        Do you have any sort of trade of occupation, or at you of independent means, or do you exist in some sort of institution?


      • 65
        JH says:

        Christ, we can’t say p*a but no one will block this stalker’s IP address.

        He’s like that annoying kid from school x 1000.


        • 82
          Kebab Time says:

          Please feel free to taker a full refund and fuck off it you dont lick it here


          • JH says:

            Mate, no matter how much you base your life around this site you don’t get to tell other people to leave.

            You’ve got your own blog – we all know that due to your incessant attempts to whore traffic from Guido – feel free to tell me to leave that, in the infinitesimally small possibility that I visit.

            I’ve never licked anything on this site, keep your Freudian slips to yourself. I like it here if that’s what you mean, despite your constant attempts to hijack it with your frenetic attention seeking.

            Thank you.


  2. 2
    ENGLAND says:

    Boris for PM !


  3. 3
    Thick as a Planck says:

    Glad I’m not made of Welsh wood.


  4. 4
    Gonk says:

    Isn’t that what Boris said.


  5. 5
    Schweizermag says:

    Well, well, well, boyo. I suppose he was hoping to get away undetected because he has a welsh accent, look you.


  6. 6
    Animal says:

    She’s might think she’s a visionary but it’s rather stretching things if she thinks she can read the male delegate’s minds!


  7. 7
    Thick as a Planck says:

    …her maiden speech, telling conference goers: Hopefully an intended pun G.


  8. 8
    W.W. says:


    Is that not the place thats such a shite hole they all started stringing themselves up a few years ago.

    I went once, a strange place, inhabited by strange people.



    • 12
      Thick as a Planck says:

      Don’t go to a chippy. They are still using rendered dinosaur fat.


    • 32
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      Unfair. They do boast some of the biggest shit holes in the UK (e.g. Merthyr Tydfil) but parts of Wales are very beautiful and the people are generally pleasant (except in the valleys and in the north – where they are mostly scousers).


      • 42
        W.W. says:

        I never said they weren’t pleasant, most where, but they where all a little odd.

        And I was working close to Bridgend, which is a complete hell hole.

        But by and large I liked most of the people down there.



        • 46
          Old Tory Bigot says:

          They can be ‘odd’ I’ll give you that.

          As for Bridgend. Well, you have to bear in mind that many of the natives of Bridgend have never even been to Cardiff.


          • Old Tory Bigot says:

            Oh, and they used to have a famous mental hospital there. Years ago the phrase “you’ll end up in Bridgend” was a common Welsh euphemism for going insane.


          • I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

            Bala is particularly interesting. Very pretty. Very deceptive. It’s OK I guess if you keep your car doors locked and try to avoid getting stopped at lights. By 7pm on a Saturday, the local kids were already decorating the pavement with vomit.


      • 114
        TomCatesby says:

        Add Blaenau Ffestiniog to your list of shite holes.


      • 115
        TomCatesby says:

        ….Or, Abermaw(Barmouth to the likes of us) mostly Brummies!


        • 116
          TomCatesby says:

          Once went into a charity shop in Bala town, where a nice old local grannie volunteer said something to me in Welsh. Upon realising I was English she said.
          ‘Ah,you pushed us back to the sea and the mountains’. I thought she was holding me personally responsible, as it was 1600 years ago or thereabouts, I call that holding a grudge.


    • 36
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The place you refer to is Bridgend. The subject matter is the odd, strange and bizzare suicides – by many young people. The D Express referred to this matter and some shrink called Dr Tegwyn Williams – who appears to have been a ‘put up’ man to deflect somewhat away from the issue. (Move along nothing to see here!)

      So – what of the South Wales police investigations into this matter or even the Lynette White murder? Could they be hoping it all goes away for 23 years and more a la Hillsborough? Perhaps now that Guto is snooping around in Wales for his new paymaster – he might be reminded of what the Sun “Published” about Maverick flying vet – Maurice Kirk back in 2009 but that they failed to follow up the story – strangely enough?


  9. 9
    jgm2 says:

    If reducing oil usage would produce growth then Zimbabwe would be the richest country on earth.


    • 16
      JH says:

      If they printed money too they could be the richest country in the Universe.

      The only things Government seems proficient at growing is debt and senses of entitlement.


      • 101
        optional says:

        JH:: Do you think folks will dance on Ebagum’s grave when he finally gets round to popping his clogs? Medical science has a lot to answer for!


      • 111
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        this Thai green curry paste is brill. I think I’m going to try it with fish.


  10. 10
    Quote of the day says:

    OK Kate, that’s enough, put your top on now, I can see you’re getting chilly.


  11. 11
    Cameron's forehead shiner says:

    Snivelling left-headed dragon. How dare that… Welsh promise growth and prosperity for nothing more than a PRINCIPALITY. Gosh. My language I must desist


  12. 13
    jgm2 says:

    Now that they’ve wasted a lesson a week (or whatever) for the past 30 years learning to speak a foreign language (and not anything useful like Chinese or Spanish or French) – why is she speaking in English?


    • 26
      Rhonddablue says:

      Amazingly, she doesn’t speak Welsh. Must have sneaked in on a non-Welsh speaking quota or something. Mind you, we’ve had vegetarian Agriculture Ministers over here, so no great surprise really.


      • 30
        Wake up at the back there says:

        What’s wrong with vegetarian agriculture ministers? Who grows the vegetables?


        • 103
          optional says:



        • 112
          Rhonddablue says:

          Oh yes indeed, Wales is famous for its leek and onion production and I in no way associate it with the rearing of any kind of woolly livestock. To which a committed and militant vegetarian might in any case not devote her unbounded enthusiasm.


      • 58
        I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

        I think the best of them all was Barbara Castle, the Labour transport minister who had never driven a car.

        Although Vince Cable, the Business Secretary who has never run a business (nor, indeed, never really worked for one), must come a close second.


        • 69
          Old Tory Bigot says:

          I think Stephen Byers was another Sec of State for Transport who didn’t drive. Gordon Brown doesn’t drive (maybe due to his poor vision). I suppose some of us are just born to be chauffeured.


          • Anonymous says:

            Most of Labour have never actually worked.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Anonymous – Most of the Tories and Lib Dims have never actually worked themselves either. The tribal in-fighting by those who spin and throw for one against the other is all part of “The charade” – Are you a part of the charade – or haven’t you worked it out yet Neanderthal Anonymouse?


        • 117
          TomCatesby says:

          Not before Cameroon and Osborne surely?


  13. 14
    English through & through (but it don't mean much now!) says:

    What kind of name is Guto? Is he a johnny foreigner?


  14. 18
    annette curton says:

    The answer is staring them in the face, Wood burning stoves.


  15. 19
    the savant says:

    ” No varnish . No veneer. Just Wood” (?)

    As I recall from my misspent youth in Californaiii – ayy.

    “wood ” is the ” industry ” term for the achievement of male erectile function in a porn shoot .
    Nothing to do with the female body .

    Now if she were to have referred to herself as a fluffer girl … whole diffrent
    ” ball ” game.


    • 33
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pornography Terminology Service says:

      She might give some men the “wood,” if they’re fetishists for what the porn industry calls “wifey” types. She’ll probably bypass “MILF” and go straight to “mature,” though. We do keep abreast, you might say, of all the niches in porn; we have to stay on top of things, as the actress told the bishop…


  16. 20
    Chukwit says:

    I am supporting a Union led takeover of Take That

    Union Members really are the best singers in this county


  17. 21
  18. 22
    Steve Miliband says:



  19. 24
    DZ says:

    Chuka Umunna ‏@ChukaUmunna
    We’re not in a recession because of the rights our constituents have at work – its cos of the govt’s failed economic plan

    Hmmm……….Chuka is a weapons grade fuckwitt


    • 56
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      Plus the fact that digging the Nation out of the shit which Libor left is going to take many years.

      Remember the immortal words, ‘There’s no money left’, uttered by their Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne ??


      • 63
        I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

        That was then, it’s different now. Dave’s giving away £13 billion in foreign aid this year, so there’s obviously plenty of money left.

        But it’s money well spent: Dave gives Afríca billions, Afrícans show their appreciation by burning down our embassies.


      • 64
        I hate the m o der a tion here so much it hurts says:

        That was then, it’s different now. So different, in fact, that Dave’s giving away £13 billion in foreign aid this year, so there’s obviously plenty of money left.

        But it’s money well spent: Dave gives Afrí-ca billions, Afrí-cans show their appreciation by burning down our embassies.


        • 104
          optional says:

          But I distinctly remember Chukka at his smarmiest on the telly last night telling us that giving the employers more rights to get rid of feckless workers will crash the economy.

          Oh, and can we apply that principle to feckless and useless MPs too?


  20. 25
    PPeople says:

    You cannot argue with Chuka because he is just too thick


  21. 29
    Ordinary Hardworking family man says:

    The scandal of Manchester children going hungry because their families can’t afford decent food is revealed by the M.E.N. today.

    A damning report shows that 42 per cent of the city’s youngsters are now living below the poverty line – double the national rate.

    “Unbelievable” as in ” I don’t believe it “


    • 34
      Manc scum says:

      Poverty line = not having a five foot wide TV and the latest must-have trainers (not that any of the fuckers ever run anywhere).


      • 40
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        True that. I’ve always found it amusing that the non-working classes favour track suits, football shirts, trainers, but most of them would probably die of heart failure if they had to run for a bus.


      • 76
        Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

        Why do you always go on about giant plasmas as a sign of people’s wealth, or lack of it?
        These things are cheap as chips second-hand. Alternatively the said TV could be stolen. And I don’t suppose these people pay their TV licence, as we don’t have detector vans any more do we?


      • 77
        Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

        And the trainers will have been nicked off Wythenshawe market.


    • 53
      Benny Fitz-Clements says:

      Is it cos Libor threw our borders wide open to all-comers thereby casualising work and driving wages right down so hard-working Brits were better off on benefits ?


    • 93
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      It doesn’t happen here. Everyone makes sure they get their full benefit entitlement plus more.


  22. 37
    Peter Bone says:

    Mr & Mrs send their regards to all the bloggers on this site.


  23. 57
    JH says:


    No violent mass protests whatsoever expected at publication of this image.


  24. 62

    Plaid Cymru are lost in the Woods and remain but a splinter group in UK politics.


  25. 71
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    That silly Wood woman from Plaid wants Wales to turn greener.

    I am not with her.

    I don’t like sprouts and neither does anyone else in my family .


  26. 73 says:

    Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange


  27. 79
    Peter Grimes says:

    Leanne Wood is a bit of a plank, surely, judging by her tv persona!


  28. 85
    keredybretsa says:

    Is this a woodpecker or……I know woodrot!


  29. 106
    'Gator says:

    New Plaid leader Leanne Wood: “What you see is what you get. No varnish, no veneer, just Wood.”

    Yes, two planks thereof, somewhat short.


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