September 6th, 2012

Shapps Tie Was No Lie

Guido called BS on Grant Shapps’ claim yesterday on the Daily Politics that his tie cost £4, but low and behold the new Tory Chairman has published the receipt:

This sartorial butchery shows just how much the party has changed.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    £4 for tie.

    Is it on expenses tho?


  2. 2
    Cast Iron Cameron says:

    Just a quick reminder. This year there will be hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Britain. And this will be repeated every year. Statistics show they will have much larger families than indigenous British families. This will result in millions of outsiders every decade. I am intensely relaxed about this.


    • 7
      P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

      I’m not so intensely relaxed about Balls’ plan to introduce a Wealth Tax unless, of course, former Liebour apparatchiks are exempt.

      I mean, my £ 8million mansion and Tony’s portfolio of 10 houses wouldn’t be involved in Ed’s State appropriation of wealth, would it ?


      • 9
        Tony Blair, war criminal and millionaire says:

        You just need some “charities” to funnel it through old boy. Of course anyone representing a charity today needs first class travel, 5* hotels, huge speaking fees -it’s the life we deserve for modernising Britain and moving forward the ethnic cleansing of the British.

        Only last week I trousered £150,000 from some African charity. Should help in the battle against Cherie’s mastercard spending sprees.


    • 21
      Gonk says:

      The Office of the National Censor in conjunction with the BBC has banned discussion on this subject. Oh and Labour Debt.


  3. 3
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Dave’s stuff is probably handmade in England. Grant’s is almost certainly China sweatshopped.


  4. 4
    johnwardmedway says:

    Shapps at the Shops – whatever will the next scoop be…?


  5. 5
    Peter says:

    Interesting that Shapps has the time to dig a receipt out and publish it online, but not the time to do his job, learn about the industry he was paid to be minister of and find out how much it costs to build a house? (see )

    Little wonder the country is in the state it is!


  6. 6
    SP4BS says:

    Right. so you want to jugde the conservative party by how much they pay for ties. Doesn’t sound very butch worrying about the quality of a man’s tie.


  7. 10
    Steve Miliband says:

    Get knotted


  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    How far have we have fallen as a country that a wealthy person has to pretend that he’s “down with the people” by buying a cheap tie. Would have more respect if he’d just bought a nice silk tie from M&S for £20.

    Why are they all ashamed that they’ve got money? We should be aspiring to better ourselves not make ourselves poorer!


  9. 18
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Oh please what a load of tosh. Will claim it as expenses anyway. MP buys a tie for £4 and this is an indicator of how the Tory party has change….LOL

    Errrrr quick look at ipsa shows that Grant Shapps made following claim.

    Welwyn Garden City to Woodhall Community Centre by Taxi = less than one mile.

    Why didn’t he walk !!!!!!

    Claim Ref. No. 0000173895
    MP Grant Shapps
    Financial Year 2012-13
    Expense Category Travel
    Expense Type Taxi MP Staff
    Amount Claimed £4.50
    Amount Paid £4.50
    Amount Not Paid £0.00
    Amount Repaid N/A
    Status Paid
    Date 27/04/2012
    Journey – Welwyn Garden City Station to Woodhall Community Centre
    Details – Taxi was taken as no other means of transport was available


    • 22
      Moussa Koussa says:

      Errrrr and he also claims travel, parking and lunch expenses for his intern…every day !!!!!!!

      £25 A DAY, EVERY WORKING DAY !!!!


    • 25
      Desk Topiarist says:

      How much less than a mile. Let’s say it is 9/10ths of a mile and would take him 15 to 20 minutes to get there, assuming he knows the way. Assuming he is paid more than £13.50 an hour, spending that time stolling about is probably dead time, unless this is his first visit to a garden city and needs to see what one looks like, whereas a two minute cab ride gets him to where he needs to be and he can get on wih his job.

      On the other hand, if it is only about 100 yards away, then taking a taxi is a bit lazy.


      • 37
        Really? says:

        I live one mile from my own town centre and when it’s peeing down, snowing, or I am short for time, will often get a cab into town. So what?


        • 40
          Moussa Koussa says:

          LOL……..Did you pay for the Taxi “Really”…or did you get the rest of all to pay for it.

          I suggest you look at Mr Shapps Expenses, very fond of Taxi’s.


      • 41
        Moussa Koussa says:

        errrrrrr “Straws – Clutching – at”


        • 54

          Mr Shapps. in common with all other MP’s, takes taxis on short trips to avoid being accosted by foot-scrapings with a grudge, MK. When an MP is subject to attempted murder or pelted with eggs by any moron who wants 15 seconds of fame on the Telly, it’s a matter of making yourself a hard target..


  10. 19
    Desk Topiarist says:



  11. 23

    How times have changed.

    Four years ago we were talking about how Gordon was going to squander another squillion pounds on his client voters.

    Today we are talking about how the Conservative Party Co-Chairman spent £4 on a tie, and managed to recall the fact on live TV.


  12. 26
    Jan says:

    I am more surprised that whoever wrote this piece does not know the difference between LOW AND BEHOLD AND LO AND BEHOLD


  13. 27
    Hey Lordy, pick a bale of cotton. says:

    Good God – it’s “Lo & behold”, NOT “Low and behold.


  14. 28
    Moussa Koussa says:

    LOL Day Break Dave on Day Break again. You couldnt make it up.


  15. 31
    Hey Lordy, pick a bale of cotton. says:

    Oops – sorry @ Jan: our posts crossed.


  16. 36
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    Great. He has now given me the last 4 digits of his credit card number so I can steal his identity and defraud him

    Where would we criminals be without twats like this


    • 45
      Grudge says:

      Not for nothing is he known as Grant 1234 Shapps.

      He claimed that someone had hacked into his website and posted scurrilous statements in his name.

      He admitted that his password was 1234.

      He was an IT security consultant at the time.


  17. 38
    a non says:

    Grant. A man after my own heart. Probably wears the junk tie for the public’s benefit and uses the silk ones to hold up his strides when ploughing the property in his Rolls.
    Tough at the top to appear normal these days.


  18. 42
    Trevor from Treherbert says:

    Let us all hope and pray that whilst he is party chairman there is the same openness and attention to detail with regard to all accounts .


  19. 43
    Moussa Koussa says:

    His £200 tie was bought under Michael Green.

    Using a pseudonym to conduct business. Well Dodgy.


  20. 44
    KJ says:

    Well, he is Jewish. Careful with his (our?) money.


  21. 47
    Alex says:

    So shouldn’t Guido apoogise? Be honourable…


  22. 48
    Jimbo says:

    Shapps bought his tie from M&S, made in China, so glad that he is helping our economy, why could’nt he have bought one made in this Country ? he is a disgrace, just like his boss and virtually all of the other idiot selfish politicians.


  23. 50
    Jimmy says:

    “low and behold”

    The GCSE problem is worse than I thought.


    • 53
      Freddie Fraudster says:

      Spelling doesn’t matter. Research by educationalists has proved that they just learn the word shapes and the spellings emerge organically in their heads when they want to write a word.

      Just the way that Gordon managed the economy


  24. 52
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    Wonder does Bryant buy his Y fronts there as well? Soooo sexy


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