June 6th, 2012

End of Piers’ Show

When Piers Morgan began his gig at CNN he told us: “judge me after a year”. Well time is up and the viewers have spoken, with ratings for his beleaguered talk show plummeting by over 50% after twelve months. Over the last month Piers averaged just 395,000 viewers, even hitting an axe-worthy all-time low of 39,000 in the crucial 25-54 age group. His Jubilee coverage this weekend may have given him an undeserved upward ratings blip. It was so cringe-making it was the butt of jokes from Jon Stewart. 

And it isn’t just viewing figures that are cause for concern for Morgan and his bosses. With Jeremy Paxman royally landing him in it at Leveson last month it is expected that Piers will be recalled for a second chat with Brian and Mr Jay. This time he won’t get away with plugging his book via video-link.

A year ago Piers would never have thought he’d be fighting for his job on two fronts. Guido wonders whether it will be ratings or phone-hacking that forces CNN’s hand. Let’s judge it in a year’s time…


  1. 1
    Trust me says:

    I wont be shedding tears for Piers!


    • 3
      Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

      Are you sure that isn’t Tyres for Tara


      • 13

        For Queen and Country do not sack Piers Morgan as he might come to live here..

        The US have a precedent of keeping our talentless, car crash media whores like Sharon Osbourne, Billy Idol and Tracey Ullman. Perhaps we can permanently add Piers Morgan , Cheryl Cole, Jonathan Ross, Paddy McGuiness, Katie Price and the cast of TOWIE


    • 6
      Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

      Hang on a minute. Does Piers have Man Tits like Tony? He lived in London for quite a bit. That Estrogen has a lot to answer for.


    • 12

      He should do what Gordon did.
      Turn the graph so the anti clockwise until the Y axis becomes the X.

      Then everything looks amazing.
      If the US lobby are anything like the K one,they won’t even notice for 8 years.


      • 17

        Look at those typos. I’m like the grauniafgthd$


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      • 19
        Ed Balls says:

        Good idea. At the moment it looks like a graph of what Gordon and I would describe as negative Growth.


        • 35
          Durr... says:

          If Piers come home, will there be a charge waiting for him, and a prison stretch too I think.


        • 36
          Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

          A zero percent increase.


          • Pundit Too says:

            Half a million viewers. They pulled The Unit series when it went from 15 million to 10 million in 3.5 years. Piers Morgan was always living on borrowed time – much like the rest of his life.


    • 16
      Sue says:

      My advice is to dial G for Gordon. Having his great friend the man who saved the world on his show should do wonders for his ratings.


    • 44
      DiLDDO aka Dala'i Llama Ding Dong-Ommmmm says:

      I hacked into Piers Morgan’s mobile yesterday and listened to his messages. Bit of a waste of time really – all they were was:

      1) “You’re a Hunt”
      2) “You’re a Hunt”
      3) “You’re a Hunt”
      4) “You’re a Hunt”    

      Et cetera.


  2. 2
    Rage Against the Politcal Elite says:

    Even the American TV watchers are starting Wake up from the BULL SHIT


  3. 4
    Col Nut says:

    As slimeballs go he even rivals Keith Vaz.


  4. 5
    Camilla Parker-Starney says:

    He won’t be able to do the show from prison, that’s for sure.


    • 11
      Jannercide says:

      He’ll a good Human rights lawyer to argue that it is against his human rights and that he must be allowed to continue his show in prison.

      Guests will include Big Ron (who’s in with the wardens) Jimmy the snitch and The Two Sisters.

      I’d pay good money to watch it.


  5. 7

    if they need a new anchor, I’ve heard that ed balls is considered a bit of an anchor by almost everyone who’s ever met him.


  6. 8
    Tom Watson says:

    Why won’t Louise Mensch go out with me? Is it because she really wants to but is married and doesn’t want to be unfaithful? Or is it because I’m a fat greasy cock with all the charm of a a latrine? I guess I’ll have to just continue tweeting her every day under the guise of asking questions, when really I just want her to reply so I can wank off to it.


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    “It was so cringe-making it was the butt of jokes from Jon Stewart”

    How lucky Jon has never heard of you, Greedo.


    • 18
      Tuscan Tony says:

      Next week: Jon deconstructs Rich & Mark and takes a wry look at Neo’s efforts with spelling and punctuation.


      • 28
        annette curton says:

        See also: Insane blog modbot program tries to take control of the universe, experts believe memory chip accidentally soaked in Guinness.


    • 23
      Jon Stewart says:

      I have certainly heard of the excellent Guido, but who the fuck are you?


  8. 14
    Lovely jub-ilee! says:

    Did the government use the jubilee to sneak out/bury any bad news? Surely something was slipped by during those four days.


  9. 14
    Piss Organ says:

    Isn’t that graph upside down ??

    Or is it a graph of my sh8re tips after I’d pumped and dumped ??


  10. 19
    Everybody Hates Morgan says:


    • 27
      Parsons Was Oh So Long Ago says:

      Now that has me feeling almost sorry for one of the least funny people on the British ‘comedy’ scene.


      • 38
        Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

        You have to admire his chutzpah for going out in public with his hair looking like that. What a 24 carat plonker he really is.


  11. 21
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Ever noticed how the cabbage patch doll-faced c**t is so needy he Tweets his spectacularly incisive views about pretty much every trending topic on Twitter be it Joey Barton or the price of beans?
    His cock comparing competition with that other risible self-publicist ‘Alan’ Sugar being particularly cringeworthy.
    Surely now even Piers himself pinches himself every morning and wonders how he manged to blag this gig so far.
    Oblivion’s gonna smart him like a MF, and it truly couldn’t happen to a nicer fake war photograph publisher.


    • 26
      Piss Organ says:

      I maybe a total twat but I’m a very, very wealthy total twat.


    • 30

      Shan’t shed a tear either – slimy, unprincipled, self-important twat.

      Get SiCo to bang his ring for a couple more million.


    • 48
      Expat Geordie says:

      So how many people died because he published those fake photos? Think that we can get he arrested as a war criminal? After all, if Naomi Campbell can be a star witness in a war crimes trial then I don’t forsee any problems apart from grabbing him.


  12. 25
    Ego Trip says:


  13. 29
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Piers should hand that graph over to the University of Norfolk, you know the ones who prattle out the bollocks over climate change, they will have that graph rising faster than a Cath0lics cock in a boys changing room.


  14. 31
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    God forbid Piers had been in the States, covering the Big Story there, the recall election in the State of Wisconsin, an attempt to remove a Republican (in the US sense of the word!) Governor whose hard-line bargaining stance with State-employee unions in the name of austerity measures earned him the opprobrium of all the professional Lefties in the media there and sparked a nationwide funding dr!ve by his Democratic opponent. (The Republican won by a greater margin than when he was initially elected, in a larger turnout than he got then.)

    Instead, CNN says, let’s get the Brit to jizz his pants over some “pomp and ceremony” that, frankly, he probably felt he had to shill for in order to justify his presence at. Like his presence lent any “gravitas” to the coverage! More like “gravy sandwich”!


    • 41
      Johnny Prescott DPM deceased eh passed eg past says:

      Gravy sandwich – now your talking my language.


  15. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Why have they got a pic of Twatson in Nat.Acc. Helpline Ad? I always thought that creature was a mobile Dog Faeces.


  16. 42
    Try this Piers says:


  17. 43
    Spank Sinatra says:

    I shall most certainly enjoy his evidence. One wonders if he will be reminded that he is on oath.


  18. 49
    Clarence says:

    Piers will look like smoking hot beaver in San Quentin. Will Celia understand?


  19. 51
    Moron says:

    Moron will be giving Cowell’s knob a polish.


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