June 1st, 2012

Ireland Votes 60% / 40% to Ratify Fiscal Treaty

Fear triumphed over anger and the Irish government won a mandate to ratify the EU Fiscal Treaty on a turnout of 50.6%.

Guido bought advertising across Ireland parodying the Yes side’s CEO-fronted campaign (above) and is a little worried that people took it literally and followed the “advice” of Goldman Sach’s Lloyd Blankfein to vote in favour of paying billions to Irish taxpayer bailed out bond holders. As is traditional in Ireland we may yet get another repeat referendum if France’s President Hollande renegotiates the terms all over again…


  1. 1
    Huh? says:

    So will the irish be talking german now?


    • 3
      Expat Geordie says:

      Bloody fools!


      • 50

        Well we wont have to wait long too see how much austerity the Irish will put up with before their economy breaks. FOOLS.
        Doing without is one thing but doing without to line the pockets and prop the mistakes of the Political Elite so they can get their gold plated pensions paid. All I can say is MUGS. The economy can’t be fixed as all of the Elite and their non commercial activity will have to STOP. Obviously NOT YET.


      • 103
        Johnny English says:

        They’re Erseholes.


    • 4
      Irish everywhere says:

      no but they must obey ze rules..otherwise the irish git running the keller down the road gets it.


    • 8
      Expat Geordie says:

      We used to call it “The Paddy Factor”, how the most intelligent and highly educated people in the British Isles occasionally come out with complete and utter crap and make the most stupid decisions based upon completely flawed logic.

      It’s enough to make you weep.


      • 22
        M says:

        doesnt say much for higher education either !


        • 179
          Forkbender says:

          Perhaps it is NOT the education that is at fault, the lack of normal common sense and application thereof, plus the overwhelming addiction to any “economic idea” that springs up from the US as the new saviour of the world, also the self interest of the monied few and their overwhelming drive for domination over anything, obviously they will try to persuade people to vote for what the few want.


          • Forkbender says:

            Motty Botty strikes again, no expletives and specific blame, just general comment, must have touched a raw nerve there.


      • 51

        Could be that the Election has been frauded up. If they get away with it in USA then What is to stop them in Ireland. It just sounds a bit strange when on Radio 5 they couldnt get a single person to say they where voting YES.


        • 56
          no more handouts says:

          when the Republic comes back with the begging bowl, the UK needs to say that they are on their own. The sponging fuckers have made their own bed, now let them lie in it. Why should our pensioners go without to line the pockets of those stupid hoors?


          • Handycock undercover Powerbroker says:

            What you plebs do not realise is that we powerful members of the Craft do not want the EU to disintegrate, it is not in our interests. Why do you think nothing has been done in the UK to take us out of this ludicrous political farce? Boaz.


          • Forkbender says:

            Strange you saying that but I remember Ireland and Iceland decided to leave the Sterling area (anyone old enough to remember that)


          • Expat Geordie says:

            I remember Ireland left in 1979 although I didn’t know that Iceland had ever been in it. I wonder how that would have worked out in 1970 when Irish T-shirt Jack Lynch was threatening to send troops north on a “rescue mission”.

            I suppose Iceland would have left the sterling area after the Cod Wars? Correct me if I’m wrong, please.


          • British Citizen says:

            Republic? It is British Ireland which are the spongers to the tune of an acknowledged £7 billion a year.


    • 26
      CheThe Biased BBC says:

      BBC R4 pm news round up just said 60% of the electorate voted yes.


      • 30
        CheThe Biased BBC with a greater IQ than Keith Vaz says:

        By the way the ball costs 5p.

        A bat and a ball costs one pound and ten pence. The bat is one pound more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

        Keith Vaz said the ball costs nothing.


        • 39
          If it's oily and obnoxious then I would name it Keith. says:

          To him it did.
          He claimed it on expenses with a new set of cushions.
          That’s right you media-oar, isn’t it?


      • 96
        Disgusted says:

        They’re repeating the same bullshit on the World Service.
        What a lying bunch of bastards.


      • 141
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        My son is called Che, I hope you aren’t taking the piss, or you will have visit from my boys. Boaz.


    • 73
      SAS NOB! says:

      Cameron!!!!! Eh??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 87
      Earnie Becclestone says:

      Isn’t it customary to hold a second referendum 12 – 18 months later to verify the result of the first plebiscite?


      • 108
        WVM says:



      • 160
        Anonymous says:

        Only if they get the answer to the first one wrong, then they have to do it again and again and again until they get it right. The EUSSR have one cardinal belief when it comes getting their own way – If at first you don’t succeed


    • 109
      David Rose says:

      Tom Chivers Beclowns himself!


    • 185
      Anonymous says:

      Ireland is now under the Jackboot


    • 190
      Anonymous says:

      Ve have vays of making you skint


  2. 2
    *snork* says:


  3. 4
    Riverdance says:

    Amazing – the Irish have kicked themselves in the arse!


  4. 6
    Universal Hiss says:

    I cannot believe the stupidity of this.

    Is Ken Clarke an Irish person with 2,000 votes?

    More pain then. Good luck with that.

    You are all fucking fucked.


  5. 7
    Well it's a thought says:

    So does that now mean the immigrant ships will start to call into Irish ports or will the Irish immigrants jump on the ferries/trains/cars/planes going to Holland,Germany and France, interesting times ahead.


  6. 9
    Jonathan says:

    The result is hardly surprising. After all, the Irish are none too bright, as is well known. As Henry VII so aptly remarked of the bog dwellers :- “The Irish will crown apes next”. And in a manner of speaking so they have – by giving continuing power to the unelected monkeys in Brussels.


    • 42
      Anonymous says:

      Sadly, it all went wrong for Ireland when Paddy got the absurd idea that he could think for himself. Now they are whores for anyone.


    • 202
      British Citizen says:

      Didn’t Elizabeth Twdr become their queen so he was correct.


  7. 10
    Anonymous says:

    And did you really think you could influence the vote…?


  8. 11

    I expect the bubbles will also vote to remain in the EU.
    What choice do they have?


  9. 12
    Ed Miliband says:


    • 17
      Well it's a thought says:

      What’s he after a sirship or a lordship or he’s hoping the braindead lovies of the royals will vote for him and his trash party.


    • 21
      72 virgins says:

      And the moment you’re gone, we’ll turn Buckingham Palace into council flats.


    • 36
      Republican Lefty says:

      Eh? Lefties don’t do royalty. They take away their yachts and appoint people’s princesses.


    • 43
      Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II says:

      Naff orf.


    • 47
      *** says:

      Fuck off you cheap c’unt. At least go to crappy Clintons before they close down and get her a shitty card.

      Fuck off.


    • 54
      Order Ord says:

      I notice Blair’s two greatest regrets are scraping the Royal yacht and fox hunting. Quite Tony, upsetting her majesty is not the best way to get knighted. And if you do get selected be sure to wear some chain mail around your neck.


      • 88
        West Eltham Eddie says:

        Perhaps he could s crape the bottom of a new yacht, preferably without any equipment.


      • 101
        Barnacle Bill says:

        I also regret Bliar scraping the Royal yacht. I was hoping to keelhaul the bastard on it.


    • 104
      Raving Loon says:

      On behalf of the British people, piss off!


  10. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Vote early and vote often. Some things never change. Fuckwits.


  11. 14
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Stupid Irish c.unts. Now forever in the German pocket


  12. 15
    Fair and balanced says:

    I hardly think that your famous “bondholders” amount more than a small fraction of the first bailout of


    Not to speak of the huge net subsidies paid by Europe to Ireland since its accession to the EU

    A little less hysteria and a few more facts would go a long way on this blog


  13. 18
    Jack says:

    How much of this


    was for the bondholders then Guido?

    Try and be honest for once


  14. 19
    nellnewman says:

    turkeys voting for christmas comes to mind


    • 48
      annette curton says:

      Good job they haven’t been given the vote in Norfolk.


      • 60
        nellnewman says:

        Hmmm. EU vote in Norfolk?

        Well cameron promised one for the UK once but reneged. That has been the defining pattern of his premiership so far.

        I’m watching with interest to see whether he can now recover the lost ground by 2015.


        • 77
          Crouching Lettuce, Hidden Quisling says:

          I always value the views of population stakeholders like yourself, Nell.

          However, now is not the time for a referendum. It would be like breaking my cricket bat in half just as I am about to go onto the crease to bat for Britain’s place in the EU.


  15. 20
    SaltPetre says:

    When Ireland was told it could borrow free EU money for ‘development’ in the 90s/00s, it behaved like a teenage boy who just found out he has a willy.


  16. 23
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    OT but always relevant, Tom Chilvers writes about silly/lazy blogging:



  17. 24
    Fitz O'Madness says:

    Now now begorrah! Just because the dr*nke* fukwits have voted yes it does not mean that the incredibly well informed, intelligent and extremely sensible Irish Government will actually go ahead with the process of digging themselves an even deeper hole for themsleves (didn’t the Paddies used to be renowned for digging exceptionally deep holes all over the place?) .

    Anyone know when the Dublin Spring begins? I need to replenish my popcorn supplies.


  18. 29

    If i were going to Fiscal Union I would not be starting from Dublin.


    • 86
      Anonymous Misogynist says:

      IMF Begins Spain’s Schrodinger Bail Out


    • 125
      AC1 says:

      But you wouldn’t go for fiscal union anyway.


      • 131

        In a way the pound is fiscal union.

        As in the old Irish joke, which I have paraphrased, it all depends upon your starting point.

        Should Manchester have its own pound? Liverpool? Glasgow?


        • 156
          AC1 says:

          With modern technology, I don’t really see why not.


          • Splitting Eires says:

            Jolly good! So can we have our 7 million back then from the boggytrotters?


          • Splitting Eires says:

            Oops – billion …


          • I see a problem here despite technology.

            Say Liverpool has its own pound which, naturally, is immediately devalued. Where does its remit extend? City boundaries? Birkenhead and Wallasey? Bebington? Ellesmere Port?

            What pound will someone from Chester use A.) in Chester itself and B.) if they venture so much as 5 miles north west?

            Pandemonium and an interruption to free trade would ensue, exactly the opposite of what was intended. It might work if buying a car but for a pint of milk (or beer), packet of fags or any other minor purchases, it would become a nightmare.

            It is entirely the universality of currency within a recognised reasonably homogenous area that enables modern life to exist.

            The issue, as ever, is what are its borders? We have a seaboard to the UK that defines it rather cleanly for us. So we think that is good for us. But it is also bad. The government uses it to charge us vastly higher taxes on fuel, alcohol and other goods. The BBC uses it to extort licence fees in a way which would never be able to occur if we had so much as five miles of land border with the continent.

            So all the good we gain is pissed away by politicians holding us to ransom.


          • British Citizen says:

            Certainly not! British Ireland needs it to survive.


  19. 31
    Paddy S says:

    Honestly most Irish people sadly did it because they liked the “access to another bailout money”… Irish people put access to money over our national sovereignty ( I say this as proud Irish eurosceptic), tho most have a growing distrust of E.U. and lads look on the bright side 40% of irish people regardless of our Judas government still voted no… Oh and the euro is still fucked anyway!!!!!!1


    • 46
      Bratach na hÉireann says:

      Better haul down the Tricolour as you’re no longer an independent sovereign state.You’ve just voted to hand over the running of your economy and the setting of taxation to Berlin


      • 64
        no more handouts says:

        Sinn fein were all for that in the 40s. Now they are against it for some reason.


    • 79
      Slartibartfast says:

      Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s the same everywhere. People who can think beyond the next few months are always in a minority.


    • 205
      British Citizen says:

      Indeed. British Ireland separated in 1922 because they knew that they could not survive in the real world and needed a large purse to sponge off.


  20. 32
    M says:

    Went to a Greek island for holiday 8 years ago
    Went to same island a few weeks ago
    The diffrence = a dual carriage way

    Perhaps the money they borrow should go on infrastructure to sustain the salaries & pensions in the future instead of lining their own pockets & fucking the next generation up by getting them to pay for the holy fuck up


    • 45
      Fritter away Blue Flag says:

      It’s an EU development thing. Their favourite gift aid is roads and they usually award the contract to the Italians to build them. As a result Romania has ten times more roads on the books than it does on the maps.

      As long as the EU flag and a few words praising the EU are put up every kilometer the Eurocrats are
      happy to pay up.


      • 167
        Mal Content says:

        Yup got at least one of these EU roads to nowhere in Malawi too. Goes to the lake so the elite can get there quicker in their Mercs.


  21. 33
    anonymous says:

    we are all, mostly, except the wealthy and the elites, doomed – they are all fucking pig selfish fucking nazis



  22. 34
    So, the Micks bottle it again says:

    The only people in Europe with the balls to tell Europe to fuck off is the English.

    Shame we are ruled by the liblabcon traitors.

    Regime change. Guillotines. Coming soon.


    • 168
      Mal Content says:

      Guillotines is a nasty French tradition. Very messy too.

      We English prefer the more civilised ornate lamp posts and piano wire. The other benefit is you don’t have to keep sharpening the blade(s).


  23. 35
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    Pathetic. The old republicans must be spinning in their graves.


  24. 37
    Bob Geldof says:

    Give us your fookin’ bail out money!


  25. 38
    TGF UKIP says:

    Only a reversion to being essentially a vassal people, just that from now they’ll be vassals of Miss Piggy instead of the British Crown.

    And from now onwards Herr Staines, you’re going to have to be very careful what you say. Miss Piggy knows where you live, you know!


  26. 40
    David Cameron says:

    Just what is a referendum?


    • 81
      Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

      You should know. You promised us one once. I think.


    • 127
      The Transparent Tosser in No 10 says:

      I say you jolly chaps! People say they can see right through me! What does that imply? Watt? Wattage


  27. 44
    Bono says:

    Gimmie $1.2 billion Facefuck.


    • 161
      BlowingWhistles says:

      Bono and Geldof ‘have been’ warned to do their political homework and if that they indeed haven’t been ‘used’ by the political circus masters as SELLebrities to sell political crap to the masses.

      How they gonna get out of their sucking up to Blush and Bliar? Who was using who you stupid but great musicians (Bono actually)?

      You’ve been warned Bono – stick to the music – keep your nose out of politics UNTIL you fully understand what you’re getting into.

      “One day” Birmingham.


  28. 49
    Order Order Shackle Dragger. says:

    So when are you selling up Guido? Paul Lewis’s money saving expert must have you thinking.


    • 61
      Order Order shackle dragger says:

      Apologies to Martin. I always confuse him with Paul. The radio just said MARTIN Lewis set up his web site for £100. That is cute, a proper rags to riches story.


  29. 52
    The EU says:

    You silly ingerlish! We are coming for you next!


  30. 53
    Ted Heath says:

    My legacy.


  31. 55
    Cynical says:

    Getting 30% of potential voters to outnumber those with an alternative point of view is hardly a mandate.


    • 71
      Jan says:

      According to Commisar Maire Geoghegan-Quinn the Irish have voted overwhelmingly for this treaty and will now be at the heart of Europe. Hahahahaha. That is the trouble with deluded Irish politicians. Because they have been given favoured status by the US they believe that they really matter. The No vote didn’t stand a chance. The only really honest person on tv has been a Russian economist called Constantin Gurdgiev.Not only is he rather tasty but he is the only person to talk any sense.All Irish politicians say is ‘ oh it’s great great and everyting here in Ireland is great…..


      • 83
        Anonymous says:

        My dear Irish friends- you have been so stupid.Did you know that Christine Lagarde and Jose Manuel Barruso who bang on about austerity pay little or no tax on their salaries.Billions are confiscated from ordinary taxpayers to rescue the wealthy and you have rolled over. May God help you.


        • 170
          Thik Mick O'Buggrit says:

          Bejasus, is dat right? Why didn’t nobody tell us all dis before we voted? Oi tink oil be off emmy graytin to America den. Oi gottun uncle in de shikago pleese force who moight be needing a hand. And I’d loike to be meetin dat O’maha feller. Oi tink he was originally from Cork.


  32. 57
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    So all those jokes about how thick the Irish are had some basis of truth then.


    • 65
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Same with jocks and northerners.


    • 116
      BlowingWhistles says:

      The real Joke perpetrated upon “all of the taxpaying people” across The UK & Ireland is that YET AGAIN – We have all been ‘divided and ruled’ into bitching amongst ourselves.

      Who thus is having the last laugh?

      It wasn’t any joe public in Ireland or England who ‘created the financial mess’ – It was the bankers in cahoots with their lobbyists who in turn neutered the political classes – and then the fourth estate (UK & Ire hacks) who duplicitously ‘sold on the blame game (inc the CDO’s’ to the unsuspecting)

      The banksters are blaming the public – for something that the banksters at every coprorate level created.

      Look at the Pension robbing. The Compliant Press Hacks – started blaming old Joe P – for the thefts …. saying old joe didn’t invest enough into the Schemes (Scams more like) in the first place – but hey ho the politicians’ pension funds have been ‘protected’ – hello … do please wake up to the duplicity and blame-mongering by those who profess to be on our side from across every political circus.

      More 2mro.


      • 120
        AC1 says:

        Oh dear.

        It’s Governments that need banks to create debt. They decided to get rid of reserves. They wanted as much debt as possible. They know that debt can cover up the damage done by transfer taxation.

        Let’s hope you read up on barter, money, credit & CDOs and get a grip.


        • 157
          BlowingWhistles says:

          And lets hope that you AC1 can do a ‘get’ on usury and it’s excesses and where Capitalism equals Communism.

          For example The film ‘Wall Street’ no need to repeat the mantra.
          When the corporate CEO’s manage to get governments (The States positioned fools) to do what they wish via lobbying!!! (for the racketeering & profiteering greedy) – The State do so because the State’s frontmen are the ultimate power crazed.

          If CEO’s like those in Ireland openly agree to act for the State and ‘persuade’ the public in cahoots with the state by scaremongering the public into taking the EU yes pill – on the “premise” that it “could, may, might etc” be detrimental financially in the future for everyone to do otherwise – How sloven craven and beholden to the banks are the likes of Enda Kenny – and all of his counterparts throughout Europe.

          All of the politicals throughout Europe (and further beyond) have become the slaves of the lobbying of the banksters at arms length …

          What is it AC1 that you are in denial of – that you too have been a dupe for all of your life?


          • AC1 says:

            It’s you that is the dupe. The problem was and is caused by the states need for debt.

            You have fallen for the “it’s the banksters” silliness. Which is the narrative the MSM likes to inject into the weak minded.

            The detailed cause is far more interesting, and as taxation of work, investment, saving and spending was the cause of our problems, further bureaucratic control of banks lending or bureaucratically directed subsidies will only make things worse.


        • 194
          BlowingWhistles says:

          AC1 – when you can only pray to the FTSE or NYSE indicies – you are the one with the problem and the dupe.

          You appear to be so subsumed into the financial trickery – that you cannot ‘SEE’ any further beyond talking of the bankers and their excessive profiteering.

          If you fully understood the differences between Sarbanes-Oxley (USA) and the UK’s version of Corporate Governance The Derek Higgs Report (He’s dead now btw) which was ‘so over promoted’ by the likes of Digby Jones / Patricia Blewitt & a few other city types – Then one could entertain your ‘dismissivness'; but you preach from a position of being one who is in denial of the fact that The Usury practiced up to 2008 – had gone too far. The whole thing had to explode and it has.

          When there are no proper checks and balances on those at the corporate top then we do have a problem.

          Bundling up CDO’s and selling them on – was the problem – problem is the banksters got caught.

          BNP (Banke National de Paris) were at the thick of things but A Bummer over at the Blackmail – has swerved around the issue … why?

          Oh lets just blame the public as we always do when our schemes and scams get exposed.


  33. 59
    Mick and Mairead Philpott's solicitor says:

    My defendants only killed their children because of government cuts which meant they couldn’t buy them an XBox or Blu Ray player. That’s what these cuts have done to ordinary hard working families. It’s turning them against their will into murderers. They couldn’t bear to disappoint their kids so they decided it would be kinder to kill them but save themselves.


    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      Sorry to be a pussy but I don’t really think this is a joking matter.


      • 135
        Mick Tosspot says:

        Neither do I mate! I’m facing prison! I’m a good bloke! Except for the time I stabbed an ex 18 times and got a conviction for attempted murder.


  34. 63
    Irish everywhere says:

    bail out fund = yes vote…done deal


  35. 66
    Universal Hiss says:

    A tale of something or nothing.A couple of friends moved to a bog just west of Cork & bought a house massively overpriced at the height of the fairy land boom.

    They have both been unemployed for the last couple of years & of course they are in negative equity & will be for many years.

    They are the sort of fuck wits who voted yes as anything other for them would mean more rapid disaster rather than disaster just a bit further along.I’m sure there are many other English living there who went to dream the dream & are having a nightmare.


  36. 67
    Universal Hiss says:

    Oh dear moderated again at 6.42.

    Was it Cork,bog or English?


  37. 68
    Jimmy says:

    So to recap your recent election campaign interventions,

    Antony Calvert for Morley and Outwood
    Mark Clarke for Tooting
    Adeela Shafi for Bristol East
    Irish EU Referendum No campaign

    Anyone else beginning to detect a pattern here?


  38. 70
    Laurie loves Owen ... from behind ... with a strap on says:

    poor b’stards
    their great escape from having overlords lasted just 90 years … back under the thumb of a colonial power – this time ones without a sense of humour!

    Will the new national anthem be … Éireland, Éireland über alles?


  39. 72
    Sir William Waad says:

    Does this mean my family get Westmeath back?


  40. 74
    UKIPMAN says:

    Quiet right Guido. If people stop paying their debts, the schmucks are those who lent the greedy arseholes the money in the first place. The fact that socialists supported the No vote suggests that they expected that the leprechauns would somehow bail out the Irish people. Austerity or Leprechauns? That was the choice. A pot of gold rather than a magic money tree, eh?


  41. 75
    grobdj says:

    Yet another hole dug by Irishmen


  42. 76

    Sky news this morning indicated that early signs were that the NO camp had it The BBC were reporting from an area where NOT ONE person they could find voted for the yes camp , in fact they later said 91.3% voted NO
    This looks like a blatant case of a rigged vote to me !


    • 89
      grobdj says:

      When did Sky and the Beeb suddenly become accurate and impartial newsgatherers?

      Ipsos as of 19th April polled Yes 30%, No 23%, Undecided 39% and Will not Vote 8%

      If Undecideds did not bother to vote, the 60/40 result on a turnout of 51% is bang on


    • 114
      Joe says:

      Agreed, there’s been a clear case of rigging going on and it needs investigating.


  43. 80
    Engineer says:

    Pillocks. They’ve swallowed the lies again, haven’t they? Fight like dr*nkards in a tap-room for independence from Britain, then trot happily into slavery to Brussels and the ECB.

    Oh well, it was their choice – just don’t come moaning when the wheels fall off the Euro.


    • 92
      Smelly Helmet says:

      Tartan skirt wearers want independence from UK, but to be ruled by EU? Where’s the fucking logic there?


      • 97
        Wee Windy Eck says:

        The slogan used to be “Independence in Europe”… wtf?

        “Single in marriage”?

        “Wet in Dry”?

        “Black in White”?

        “Rice in Pea”?


      • 100
        Russian oligarch raping Russia says:

        I am negotiating to buy the Jocks as slaves

        When I rule Scotchland

        There will be no more whining


    • 94
      O'Reilly says:

      Also goes to show that referendums are not the be all and and end all in people power. The banks won the day.


    • 206
      British Citizen says:

      At least they rid themselves of the spongers in British Ireland.


  44. 85
    • 102
      joescotus says:

      sure as fuck wont see this on bbc news…and cought qt on i player victoria coren …what a vacuous khuuunt!


      • 195
        Marion the cat says:

        I would, in honour of her father of course, and to piss off David Mitchell.


  45. 90
    De Valera's condolences says:

    I don’t much like the EU but I like Gerry Adams even less. Well done Ireland


    • 93
      UKIPMAN says:

      And the socialists were calling it a vote against Austerity (or Austria). Stupid pricks. I wanted a NO vote but for totally different reasons.


      • 122
        Another UKIPMAN says:

        Marry, or get spiked – as they say – in haste, REPENT for as long as it takes to get your senses back. Are the Irish that thick?


    • 153
      The british taxpayer who kept him very wealthy for years says:

      Is Gerry Adams Irish? Who know?


  46. 95
    Marie_Kent says:

    The EU promised not to tax Guiness unless you drank 4.57 litres before lunch.


  47. 99

    Sо nеwbіе dіd nоt wrіtе Gυіdоgrаm аftеr аll – tоо drυnk.

    І hаd аn еxcееdіngly rіch frіеnd, whеn І wаs yоυng, whо υsеd tо оrdеr а tаxі tо tаkе hіm hоmе frоm hіs bаrn іn whіch hе hаd іnstаllеd а chυrch оrgаn аnd whіch thе cаthеdrаl оrgаnіst (аlsо а pіss аrtіst) υsеd tо plаy аll sоrts оf clаssіcаl stυff fоr υs. Whеn thе pυb shυt, wе wоυld аll rеpаіr thеrе wіth nυmеrоυs bоttlеs оf scоtch аnd оthеr spіrіts аnd drіnk υntіl аbоυt 4 а.m.

    Thе tаxі wоυld аrrіvе аt 2 а.m. аnd Dаvіd wоυld ply hіm wіth bооzе. Whеn іt cаmе tо tіmе fоr υs tо pаck υp, hе wоυld sаy tо thе tаxі drіvеr Yоυ аrе tоо pіssеd tо drіvе аnd drіvе hіmsеlf hоmе іn hіs оwn cаr. Gеnеrаlly hе wоυld hаvе drυnk twо оr thrее tіmеs whаt thе tаxі drіvеr wоυld hаvе hаd. Mоrе оftеn thаn nоt, hе wоυld drоp mе оff аnd оncе оr twіcе І drоvе hіm.

    Thіs wееk’s stоry оf thе Gυіdоgrаm rеmіnds mе оf thеsе lаtе 60s hаppеnіngs. Pоіntlеss fυn whеrе thе rаtіоnаlе оf аctіng sеnsіbly іs tυrnеd υpsіdе dоwn.


    • 106
      Universal Hiss says:

      Your comment was far more entertaining than mine.I’m still trying to figure out the mad mod bot.

      When it is unleashed the conversation has moved on. Pointless.

      Anyway,how come you are still alive?According to the death facilitators working in the NHS more than a couple of sweet sherries a week will kill you stone dead.


      • 121
        Joe says:

        According to my NHS doctor I died three years ago.


      • 132

        Thanks UH! Appreciated.

        I drank like a fish from the time I was 14 to my late 30s.

        Then I cut down rather and now only drink wine as a complement to food and one beer a week.

        Hopefully our host will improve his chances of longevity by becoming more catholic in his choice of beverage. He is approaching the age where he needs to take a bit more care.


  48. 105
    Raving Loon says:

    Do people actually have to be put in chains, whipped and forced to work in a field before they understand what is being done to them?


  49. 107
    UKIPMAN says:

    For a decade beginning in 1991, Argentina operated a currency board system, with an uncanny similarity to that of a monetary union. With the peso pegged at parity to the dollar, as in the first few years of the eurozone, strong growth and low inflation was experience. By the end of the 1990s, it was a tale of high debts, low investor and consumer confidence, and bank runs. The country attempted voluntary debt exchange, fiscal austerity and International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans – exactly what Greece is going through at the moment – none of which succeeded in restoring growth.

    After the IMF decided not to pay out a tranche of the bail-out funds, the Argentine government defaulted on its public debt on 23 December 2001. January 2002 saw the peso devalued and convertibility abandoned. In the end, a large devaluation proved to be the magic dust needed to achieve a sustainable recovery. While there were short-term costs, the devaluation led to GDP growth of 9% from 2003 to 2007.


    • 112
      David Rose says:

      Then they elected an idiotic marxist and the economy is now crashing again….


      • 124
        Innocent Bystander says:

        I thought Marx was brilliant, – so brilliant and persuasive that whole regimes came into being on his teachings. Or was that another putrid red herring?


      • 128
        Herman Van Rompuy Pumpy says:

        You are both correct but we are the Euro elites and we have big indestructible ideas that will stand the test of time and we know what is best for you all. The rules of economics or even physics simply don’t apply to us because we are totally invincible weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..


      • 129
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Cristina is charming – at least George Galloway thinks so!


      • 193
        Expat Geordie says:

        Yes but if she tries anything with the Falklands we put a tomahawk through her bedroom window and the Argies will be free again.

        Strange war the Falklands. The only war where both sides won and the only losers weren’t even taking part.

        Britain physically won.
        Argentina became a democracy, preventing thousands of people joining the ranks of the dissapéáred.
        The Soviet Union lost, as Maggie got re-elected in 1983 so Britain stayed in NATO and nuclear and NATO didn’t fall apart (all Labour policies). Had Labour won due to us losing the Falklands we would probably all be spéáking Russian by now.


  50. 118
    Der Oirish ar’ after their Independence so they are says:

    Arrr! An’ they’re gonna get der fuck all so they are begorrah an’ all so it is!


  51. 130
    Leveson can take his lefty wankfest and fook right off says:


    • 152
      Judge Dreadful says:

      A bit of a waste of breath there. Professional judges love regulations. They find liberty disorderly. Knowing nothing but the life of arguing abut regulation they are not usually amenable to upholding the liberty of the public. It takes juries and to some extent lay magistrates (who aren’t also local gov’t employees) to do that.


      • 158
        BlowingWhistles says:

        Listen judge dreadful – Judge dupe can tell you a few things.

        The Game and it is a game – when it comes to juries is that Judges and their lesser snakes on the ladder (The prosecution and defence barristards) ARE NOT exactly informing Juries that it is they who actually do control the proceedings. Juries are actually and very slowly but duplicitously given repetitive instructions such as that they cannot do this and that they cannot do that and that if they do x, y, or z they could find themselves behind bars … for contempt of court.

        The ruse is to make juries – to a single man or woman so scared of even daring to question the triparty (Judge, Defence & prosecution – all the legal hoodwinkers) of them, such that no individual jury member is ever brave enough to say – ” excuse me Mr Judge – but I know for a fact that you have been duplicitous and deceptive in what you and your colleagues have just stated and I move that this court be disbanded as a kangaroo court of no record” …

        There are no Politicians who dare to call the shot on the bent judicary … Think about that … and why don’t they call the shot – couldn’t it all be a game of deception?


        • 171
          Your Friendly Neighbourhood Legal Research Service says:

          There’s an expression for what you are talking about:


          That being the power of the jury to say to the Court, Parliament, and the world that if there is a choice between finding a defendant liable on the facts hence punishable, when the statute sought to be enforced is a bad one, versus declining to enforce the statute and finding for the defendant, they would rather opt for the latter course. However, enactments against protection of defendants from Double Jeopardy render this act of the jury a symbolic one, and not conclusive, if the Crown is bound and determined to get around it and the Criminal Justice Act of 2003 allows retrial. (Of course, if the Crown cannot be arsed to go through the process again, like the Feds in US v Edwards on the hung-jury counts, obviously the defendant is a provisionally-free individual as a practical matter.)


          • BlowingWhistles says:

            Yes quite.

            But there is a lateral thinking issue here – what if … in a live jury trial and with the benefit of the net and people not affiliated or suborned ‘under’ the media laws – who reported the facts of the trial on a daily basis … kept the legal-types confined from doing wrong / mis-informing the jury members?

            Has this already been done in the UK? Is it something that the Press decline to mention for some or other reason? Who knows? Maybe Murdoch knows; maybe the enterprising Captain Kirk knows.

            Off down the pub now for a beer with ollie.


  52. 134
    Anonymous says:

    Alkie Campbell hosting HIGNFY.
    Usually compulsive viewing, but not tonight.


  53. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Have just been informed by my kids that I should have watched HIGNFY because :”Hislop was on the ball and made Campbell look like a twat,”
    and “Campbell isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is”.


    • 143
      I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:



    • 144
      dubious patois says:

      T’was a good ‘un


    • 146
      cunning linguist says:

      That’s the beauty of having thirty-something kids living at home:

      They speak the same language.


    • 147
      cunning linguist (with thanks to the modbot) says:

      That’s the beauty of having thirty-something children living at home:

      They speak the same language as us.


    • 148
      cunning linguist (with thanks to the modbot) says:

      FUCK IT. I’ve done it again, FFS. Here goes:

      That’s the beauty of having thirty-something children living at home:

      They spe@k the same language as us.


    • 150
      Universal Hiss says:

      I would have thought anyone with a brain cell could make that Hunt look like a twat.


    • 174
      He knew he was totally shafted...... says:

      Agreed Hislop and Noble totally ripped Campbell a new arsehole with Merton putting in the occasional boot as Alastair was on the deck…….Campbell resorted to blowing into a sheeps bladder at the end in fustration and also told Noble to shut the fuck up !!!. At one stage Merton said to him… ” I bet you regret saying yes now !”


      • 198
        Anonymous says:

        The kids aren’t thirty-something, they’re late teens.
        It’s quite comforting to know that even teenage boys recognise that Campbell is a complete twat.


      • 199
        don't make me laugh says:

        Why does Campbell think anyone cares that he plays the f***ing bagpipes?


  54. 142
    I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:



  55. 149
    Socialist Workers Party, Stop the War coalition, CND and other leftie groups says:

    Sorry for not condemning the massacres of civilians in Syria but since they’re not being perpetrated by Is ra el, we have nothing to say. Do let us know if that changes. Till then, no comment.


  56. 151
    Inky Stubbs, EC1 says:

    I must admit I hadn’t given this Jubilee malarky much thought until this evening but now I’m feeling quite up for it.
    On Sunday, I just have to make sure I move the motor out the mews before they close it at 11am for the street party and I should make it to The Cock Inn for midday as usual.


  57. 159
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:


  58. 162
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Pork ribs anyone?


  59. 175
    anonymous says:

    as british people wake up to a four day weekend of continued exploitation, they may realise their true position as subjects of a dynastic monarchy with no ‘real’ rights other than to be good subjects of an unelected and unwanted queen

    what a right fucking mess we are in


    • 200
      don't be a tw*t all your life says:

      Yeah we could be living in a successful progressive country without a monarchy like Iran,North Korea or Yemen.


    • 208
      British Citizen says:

      It is a 365 day weekend in British Ireland normally but this Jubilee Year it is a 366 day weekend owing to it being a Leap Year.


  60. 176
    Synic says:

    Manufacturing has declined again. Better create some more Social services Diversity Co-Ordinator Jobs and tell Sir Merv. to Q.E. another £100bn. Problem solved.


  61. 177
    Anonymous says:

    It was the Guido wot lost it then wos it?


  62. 184
    MB. says:

    I am sure I heard someone interviewed on the PM programme who said they voted Yes because they knew that if the No side won when the referendum would just be held again and again until they gave the “right” answer in true EU style.


  63. 189
    road to surfdom says:

    yo dudes! is this the way to the beach?


  64. 191
    Penfold says:

    Ahh, that’s the German Banks bailed out then.

    But why ask the Irish Free Staters?


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