October 11th, 2011

Fox Trotting: A Meeting In Every Port


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Fox has to go.

    And i hope you accept my apology Guido?


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      Bill Bowden is the Greates Tosser ever ! says:



      • 6
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        Time for Foxy to Foxtrot Oscar – in what world does his relationship with Werritty even begin to look proper and above board?


        • 61
          Anonymous says:

          Even Fox is entitled to have a sex life!


          • John Hutton, the one true prophet, says:

            I’d like to defend him but this just looks like a continuation of New Liebour sleaze.

            New broom and all that, ‘pour encourager les autres’ he needs to walk the plank.

            Now Huhne, he should have walked the bloody plank months ago with an anvil round his scrawny neck but that’s for the Fib Dems I suppose.


          • W.W. says:

            Not at our expense.

            Sack him, sack him now.



          • Aunt Mat says:

            How many more Adam Werrittys are there?

            Is this the tip of the iceberg?

            Whole lot of shredding going on.


          • Did Foxy take his WIFE? He must spend most of his life traveling a way from home. Cant be much of a marriage that eh? I know my Wife would have at least wanted to meet up on one of the Trips for a bit of you know what, DID HIS or is she not that interested?


          • Aunt Mat says:

            From WIKI:

            Fox was quoted as saying “I’m actually quite liberal when it comes to sexual matters. I just don’t want the gays flaunting it in front of me, which is what they would do.”

            I hope that this statement clears up questions of his sexual disposition.


          • Jesme the unloved Fox says:

            My Liam is not a fudge packer, though he does like pillows, marmite, gardening in a hilly environment and musicals.


        • 95
          Aunt Mat says:

          I advise Fox to leave now.

          Does this give me the right to print “Advisor to Rt. Hon. Dr. Liam Fox MP” on my business card.

          I would like to know, because this could be a very nice little earner.


      • 9
        Bill Bowden is the Greatest Homosexual Tosser ever ! says:

        Do not give him oxygen


    • 4
      number54321 says:

      DO you never Sleep?


    • 7
      Petrol on the fire. says:

      Have to say that I wanted Fox to justify himself and prove his critics wrong. But he did not. He threw them even more meat.


      • 39
        Ken Clarke says:

        It seems to be throwing his meat around that’s got the gentleman into this pickle.
        Not that I’m suggesting Eric’s involved, you understand.


    • 66
      Me says:

      Yep. Treason, off with his head


    • 96
      Lord Lucan says:

      This kind of taxpayer-funded ass-banditry must stop!!!


  2. 2
    Toryboy says:

    Time for Fox to resign


    • 20
      Herman Van Rompuy says:

      And so perish all Eurosceptics. Muahaha!


      • 36
        Phoney Fox says:

        Fox is about as EUrosceptic as my dog. Sure he moans a bit about it, but he actually does nothing. Here boy, eurosceptic boy, ‘woof’! Good boy.


  3. 5
    Tachybaptus says:


  4. 8
    Mark Jones says:

    I agree – Fox should definitely go, and take his “flat mate” with him, but this time at his own expense!

    However, it has to still be said that Twatson, Milibollocks and Balls are complete wankers and I’d rather have Dr Fox in power than any of them!


    • 12
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      You are making the same mistake that all supporters of political parties make, Mark Jones, namely that we politicians are for the Party first and will criticise wrongdoing by anyone from any other Party even though we might be in a coalition. The reality is that we are for ourselves first, regardless of political Party and even more so if the criticised politician is a member of the Brotherhood. Additionally in my case, Katya’s trial starts this week. and if she is deported for spying, the media will start looking at me again, and, although I know, that as a member of the Brotherhood, I am safe within the system, if the press start investigating me and accusing me of being a Russian spy, I am going to need the support of Minister’s like Liam Fox. Boaz.



      • 100
        Former Naval Person says:

        Well said Handy. Here in Portsmouth we enjoy the gossip and look forward to the next instalment of the Katya saga. Funny thing that Liam Fox should have a friend called Werrity – he sounds like someone from a Dickens story – and we can appreciate that down here in Charles Dickens’ birthplace.


    • 25
      Quantatitive easing is theft says:

      How come Fox has a flat mate ?
      Surely a man in his position can afford a new bicycle pump.


  5. 10
    Well it's a thought says:

    So his feet were under the table soon after the green hornet took power, well I never, one would think we would have some serious security issues on this deal.


  6. 13
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Jim Murphy is full of synthetic outrage about breaking the Ministerial Code, but I thought that Labour were themselves quite relaxed about that sort of thing? Prescott, for example, was Deputy PM and shagged a junior Civil Servant in the office, in office hours – an extreme abuse of his office, ‘Ministerial Code’ blown out of the window, yet kept his title, salary, grace and favour home, and was elevated to the Lords. Murphy should wind his neck in.


    • 84
      Hunting the Fox says:

      He also played Croquet which in Labour circles is a far worse crime than shagging your (female)Diary Secretary


    • 110
      Trainee Typist says:

      The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
      The quick brown Fox jumps over the lazy dog.
      The quick white Fox jumps over the lazy dog.
      The quick white Fox jumps over the Labour dog.

      Damn! I’ll start again….


  7. 14
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Post lost in post, Have the union took over Order-Order?


  8. 15
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ok, So if he had shagged lots of woman at every port you would all be calling him a stud.

    The homophobia and smears and lies (Aides) bring sadness to me.

    Guido, Have a think and explain those cartoon comments please.


    • 44
      a psychiatrist writes says:

      What was that line again? “Feel free to take a full refund etc etc…”


    • 90
      Call me Infidel says:

      He didn’t shag lots of men he allegedly shagged one. This isn’t about homophobia dipstick this is about abuse of his position.


    • 98
      Lord Lucan says:

      Doesn’t being married fairly recently and cheating on your wife by having lots of bum-fun with your strapping young boy-chum seem untrustworthy? What about using your influence – in contradiction of MoD and ministerial guidelines – to benefit your boyfriend financially? Not make you unfit for office?


    • 121
      Rage Against the Political Elite says:

      Billy. Its Not about being Gay, Its about living a lie. That Lie can be used to Blackmail any Minister. If you hold power unfortunately you cant have things that you dont want in the public domain as this gives leverage to those who would want to control you.
      That is why Cabinets are full of people living a lie as the STATE uses it to muzzle them.


  9. 16
    Pure coincidence says:

    Israel, Bahrain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, DC, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Qatar, Spain and Florida.


  10. 17
    not a machine says:

    Classic Mcguire and Peirce

    One line today quoted the PM as saying “he wanted to bazooka the EU financial problem” he perhaps was refering to the fire power needed to fend of the contagion , but just in case hes adopted a more agressive approach to the whole dam thing , I will volunter to carry a flame thrower , to help cut those beurocratic expenses .

    Funny isnt it no one has suggested ,how a 50% cut in the EU budget may bring about instantanious growth to all EU contries and save the world , come on Van romphoy wadda yer say !


  11. 18
    The Brown terror is over says:

    Why did none of the MPs think to ask him WHY he is such a close friend of Adam Werritty?


    • 21
      Most MPs are very lonely says:

      Would they understand the reply? None of them know what real friendship is.


    • 41
      Bill Hague says:

      Aye, reckon you’re right there lad, there is something odd about a married man living with another man, while still married to a lavender lady. Of course sharing holidays, hotel rooms is and putting young male friends on the public payroll, is all above board ‘appen.


    • 51
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Theres two obvious answers.

      Heres a different one:
      Werrity’s companies were pretty damn lucrative-to pay out for all those air fares- weren’t they?


    • 71
      Me says:

      What valuable information does Werritty have on Fox, I wonder?


  12. 23
    Stick Insect says:

    Look, he made a mistake, and deserves a second chance.

    (Copyright: D. Cameron)


    • 26
      Quantatitive easing is theft says:

      How many second chances does he deserve, Mr Camewrong ?


    • 52
      Nemo says:

      Well all the Tories seem quite happy with his explanation, they did not feel that it was right to dig further, most gave their unqualified backing to Reynard, besides Dave gave him his backing.


      • 79
        Hunting the Fox says:

        That was before the increased number of “accompanied trips” was revealed by Dr Liam’s Civil Servants at MoD……..


  13. 24
    Portillo says:

    Christ, I take my hat off to Foxy! Even I wouldn’t have had the balls to have my bum boys around on so much company time!


  14. 27
    Lord Envious of Avarice says:

    Who paid the fares and hotels you should be asking me thinks!
    Money is clearly behind this.


  15. 29
    albacore says:

    Never mind Brer Fox, Brother Dave has bigger fish to fry.



  16. 31
    Gordon Brown says:


  17. 34
    Jaded63 says:

    The last Tory politician to resign on a matter of principle was, I believe, Lord Carrington – and his resignation occurred around a quarter of a century ago.

    No Tory politician these days is concerned about matters of principle, and indeed one has to wonder whether they are even dimly aware of the meaning of the phrase. The Shadow Defence Secretary was perfectly correct in describing Fox’s conduct as ‘driving a coach and horses through the ministerial code.’ For that reason alone any decent Minister would resign, and no decent Tory backbencher would do anything but agree with the necessity for such a resignation.

    The conduct of Fox and the Tory backbenches, and indeed Cameron himself, is just appalling in the face of Fox’s utterly untenable position. The Tories can’t see it, but the public can – and the public can also see the immense damage this matter is doing to a party which has evidently forgotten nothing and learned nothing from the Westminster corruption scandals.


    • 49
      P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

      Hear, hear !!


    • 74
      Anonymous says:

      “The last Tory politician to resign on a matter of principle was, I believe, Lord Carrington”

      Carrington actually resigned because effectively either he had to or Thatcher had to.

      For some reason he felt that the person who had warned of the danger and was not responsible for the consequence should resign, and the ignorant, thick as pig shit cυnt who created the mess should not.


      • 80
        Captain Black says:

        Jonathan Aitken resigned on a matter of principle in 1995.

        The fact he was prepared to commit perjury to back up this principle is unfortunate.


      • 123
        Reality Check says:

        And you are a vile misogynist who is clearly frightened to death of clever, powerful women.


  18. 35
    Mark Jones says:

    Twatson’s resigned a few times, but not on matter of principle though, on pure self-serving fatty unionised motives!

    Then again, he did land Liebour with Brown, and hell as it was to get though 2007-2010 it’s meant Liebour are in the dustbin now!

    Good riddance


  19. 37
    Anonymous says:

    The neverending saga of the Conservative’s Neverending Family values.


  20. 42
    Cottager of Fulham says:

    With regard to WerrittyGate, I assume Fox is not pushing back anymore…….


  21. 43
    hmmmm says:

    it is about time that we had a law to increase the representation of heterosexuals in the cabinet. They must be a minority by now. A bit of positive discrimination is in order please.


  22. 45
    Knob Jockey says:

    Don’t tell me that Toenails was “spluttering” !

    After frequenting al these bums for 20 years…(and saying nothing)

    Or perhaps it’s because the truth is coming out despite the Lobby coverups for 25 years…!


  23. 46
    Mandy and his blue suede shoes says:

    He does’t fox trop like I do with my Duchesses


  24. 47
    Gone to earth says:

    Liked Jeff Randall’s comment(last night on Sky)when that MOD had released details of Fox’s 70 plus meetings with Mr W in exotic places…..” Seventy Times !!!! I haven’t spoken to my wife THAT many times and I’m MARRIED ! What CAN he mean ??

    This is getting to be like a Carry on Film……..


  25. 54
    The Truth says:

    He’s a beard!


  26. 56
    Tom Badwind says:

    Has anyone else noticed the good Dr’s odd gait, as if he’s walking tentatively on ice ??

    It’s a kind of Fox’s glacial mince.


  27. 57
    Dr Foxy Fox says:

    It’s funny how my civil servants never noticed, isn’t it?


    • 62
      R.U.Shaw says:

      Until he started making them redundant…..


      • 87
        Well it's a thought says:

        It’s suprising what skeletons jump out of the cupboards when your thinking of making uncivil servants redundant.


        • 125
          Slug Balancer says:

          How can they be so stupid as to think that no-one is ever going to stop, question, and eventually realise that something is not right? Does the power go to their heads, and they think that because they are ministers, no-one will dare question them as to what is going on?


  28. 59
    Anonymous says:

    It looks like Fox is being stalked by this guy.


  29. 64
    Nemo says:

    The Wikipedia article on Liam Fox is worth reading and does throw a a little light on himself, worth reading, I know people can alter the entries as Guido knows and everything written is not necessarily true, but does throw light on the matter. Must say good of him to rise from relatively humble beginnings to becoming a doctor as for MP, it’s the votes that do it.


    • 65
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      My word. A politician that hasn’t got a degree in bollocks. Although they must have been on the syllabus.


  30. 67
    Missed Dave's Big Speech says:

    When does the mass deportation of immigrants commence?


    • 72
      Well it's a thought says:

      When we have a blue moon, when pigs are seen flying around parliament, we know pigs trough there, but none have been seen flying .


    • 76
      Dave Master Bullshitter says:

      RFLMAO…….about the same time as that EU Rewferendum mate !!!


    • 77
      Mustapha ben Effit says:

      I have no fear. I will still be here when this government falls. And so will my 6 wives and 27 children.


  31. 70
    nell says:

    Another politician hanging on by his fingernails!

    How long is this one going to draw out the misery before belatedly finding his honour and integrity and resigning?

    I had hoped we were done with all this sort of self-serving sleaze when labour slunk off into the hinterland in 2010!


    • 82
      anon says:

      well nell, you know what thought did …….


    • 86
      Benjamin_The_Donkey says:

      Look at this and be cynical. If Fox had resigned yesterday, colleagues would have said that “he did the honourable thing”, and “he still has a future”, etc. Cameron did not give his “full support”, but encouraged Fox to continue – for now. By the time this has dragged on for another couple of weeks, with more revelations, Fox will have as much of a political future as Neil Hamilton.

      So, Cameron encourages a political rival to destroy himself completely, but then claims credit for not “rushing to judgement”.


  32. 78
    Benjamin_The_Donkey says:

    Last week was dominated by one political cat story. This week another one: “Dr Fox gives his cat a mite too much cream.” ;-D


  33. 83
    Jess The Dog says:

    Fox needs to go!

    I don’t dislike him or find his political views particularly objectionable, but this is a gross failure on his part, as a holder of public office. Is he in a relationship with Mr Werritty? I don’t really care! Some people may care: his wife, and the gay rights lobby, given Fox’s voting record, but this is not an issue. What is an issue is Mr Werritty’s backdoor key to the Ministry of Defence, which wouldn’t be an issue if Werritty was a payroll adviser….his unfettered and unofficial access at all levels is doubly unacceptable, when compounded with his history of commercial interests, including the promotion of US industry.

    Fox presided over the SDSR, Strategic Defence and Security Review, which saw the scrapping of two key British capabilities: ASTOR/Sentinel (delivered under cost!) and Nimrod MRA4, the latter of which was delivered by the British aerospace industry. This will create two capability gaps …. will Britain gap-fill by buying or leasing from the United States as for the C-17? Will Werritty line his pockets by brokering such a deal? Highly unlikely … but these are the sort of questions that would be asked of such a relationship, and a ministerial appointment cannot survive this questioning.


  34. 89
    Stephen Ward says:

    Liam Fox is the new Profumo. Dave should bite the bullet and sack him now, rather than leave it to the media to milk the story to its last drop over the weeks and months to come.


  35. 92
    Slobberdown Menob says:

    I think Ive found a great picture for the caption competition!
    courtesy of the guardian no less.


    My caption is … Werritty says…. “come on stop being a tease, either swallow or spit it out.”


  36. 97
    Chuck Fadanoid says:

    Fox is surely a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZmfCQh0mS4

    Classic case of a smart man shitting in his own nest. As Mr Thompson once said…


  37. 99
    MajorFrustration says:

    In the good old days of politics a minister acting in a similar manner to Fox would have resigned but these days there is no honour. Dave just cannot see the harm this issue is doing to the Torys and his leadership.


  38. 101
    The Bromsgrove Watch says:

    We should not single out Fox from the quagmire of the Tory Party – he is better than most of his colleagues, both morally and politically. Cameron has helped to cover up far worse cases than this, and his approach seems to be whether the culprit is a Cameroon or not.

    If Fox goes, 80% of the Cabinet should go.


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Keep Fox! As they are all corrupt and immoral, what doe it matter.


    • 106
      Anonymous says:

      On the scale of badness, Fox is at the top of the mild end, so he should be one of the last to go. The bottom end, including Cameron, should go first.


  39. 103
    Front bench cubicle club says:

    It’s not just expenses and dodgy business deals, the worst thing about limp-wristed bottom feeders like Fox is the way he stands up in parliament and vehemently attacks gay rights legislation.

    Hypocrisy is the crime.

    As for that other bottom feeder Werrity, he should get a fucking job and stop sponging off the Tory party and the tax payer.


  40. 107
    Boss Tweed says:

    Just as well Fox isn’t married to Huhne’s ex. She’d know how to dob in a gay love rat.


  41. 109

    What’s curious about the print-out is that Werrity is mentioned in several places as NOT being present. Why would that be?


  42. 111
    Bugler Bert says:

    In view of the fact that the Liebour Party is well catered for in the gay scene; one has to ask why are they getting their knickers in an almighty twist over the peccadillos of Liam Fox? As the LP is well known for its habit of “burying” bad news, I was minded to search for the shit – it did not take long; on page two of today’s Daily Telegraph there is the reason “20 MPs to be named in the latest round of the Expenses scandal……..”


  43. 114
    The front bench cubicle club says:

    The tory party always promotes its bottom feeders and whey sippers far above their ability so as to pretend it’s not anti gay.

    The labour party dislikes its gays even more, but there are so many of them in the party they have no choice.

    The lib dem party is entirely made up of them .


  44. 115
    gildedtumbril says:

    The house of conmen consists of 650 shysters, charlatans, scumbags and scalliwags, all of whom appear to be scoundrels.
    What is euphemistically referred to as ‘the upper house’ contains 792 identical scum. Notice I make no mention of deviancy or foreign origin.
    They all, to a man, and beard or dyke need remedial treatment and/or re-education.
    I recommend tarring, feathering, hanging, drawing and quartering then head on pike on Westminster bridge. Pour encourager etc.


  45. 116
    Cream Puff says:

    I think everyone is missing the point including the press, especially the press in fact!
    So journalists and Nick Robinson were totally unware of Liam Fox’s travel plans. They actually didnt realise he had travelled to all these places? Come on, either our press are idiots or they are not doing their job right.
    Secondly to layer that thought in, they were not area that Liam Fox had his best freind in tow AND that his best freind attended , took part and in some cases arranged the meetings. Frankly if I were a Newspaper proprietor or a TV executive I would be hauling in my political editors and asking them what the fuck is going on. The biggest story in political terms with potential implications and it was left to a video being posted of Sri Lankan TV, I ask you, how do these editors justify their salaries??. Or has it,as is likely that they have grown lazy and just work from the politiocal party /government press breifings?
    Thirdly, what I have not seen so far is the following
    1. How does Adam Werritty earn money? simple question, he spends all the time arranging and accompanying Liam Fox and has cards printed to state he is Liam Fox’s advisor. So I presume he is getting paid
    2. Who pays for the travel of Adam Werritty, does he pay for himself or Liam Fox privately or is it the taxpayer?, In addition, who paid for the stationery, that is the cards handed out by Adam Werritty, himself?, Liam Fox privately? or the Taxpayer?
    3. If Adam Werritty pays for his own travel, accomadation and stationery, how does he recover these costs? Is it Liam Fox privately or the Taxpayer?
    Finally why havn’t the press made the obvious connection with ‘The Atlantic Bridge’
    the so called charity that Adam Werritty ran out of Liam Fox’s office that Liam Fox was a member as well as Malcolm Rifkind (who bounce up yesterday in the Hof C to support Liam Fox) and links to David Cameron and other Tory MP’s as well as Maggie Thatcher (or did the press think it was a concidence that Thatcher turned up at Fox’s 50th birthday bash)


  46. 118
    Cream Puff says:

    Some required reading



    The Atlantic Bridge’s principal staff include Catherine Bray (US Executive Director), Adam Werritty (UK Executive Director) and Kara Watt (Operations Director).
    The reason why Liam Fox hasnt been made to resign or be fires is he knows more and the risl to the Tories is to great, all roads lead to and through the Atlantic Bridge organisation


  47. 119
    Cream Puff says:


    Interesting address for The Atlantic Bridge entry


  48. 120
    Cream Puff says:

    Oh dear
    The Atlantic Bride that was supposed to be a charity, by the charity commission revoked its charity status


    So where does the money come from?


  49. 122
    Cream Puff says:

    Tories cant pretend not to be aware or know about Atlantic Bridge



    • 126
      Anonymous says:

      tories are well aware of the Atlantic Bridge.Osborne,gove and Hague have all been on its advisory panel.Also one of its directors now works in no10 (kath fall) as an advisor whilst another one of Camerons staff,his press secretary, used to work for atlantic bridge! So the tentacles from this organisation are everywhere.


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