October 12th, 2010

Luvvies Line Pockets

In February 2005 Screen International reported that  the UK Film Council’s John Woodward had awarded “£11.5 million to Arts Alliance to manage UK digital Screen network”. The article is not online sadly, but it goes on to explain:

“Taking a huge step in creating the western world’s biggest digital cinema network, Government-backed support body UK Film Council has selected an offshoot of venture capitalist Arts Alliance to install a nationwide digital circuit of 250 screens. Under the £11.5m contract, Arts Alliance is to spearhead the installation, training, servicing and upgrades over an 18-month roll-out period and for a further four years.”

The British taxpayer paid the Arts Alliance’s set up and running costs and yet will see none of the profit. However it seems the Alliance are being generous in rewarding those that made the deal happen. Not the taxpayer, but instead former UK Film Council chief John Woodward. The man who negotiated and signed off the deal with the Arts Alliance has been given a job as their managing director now that the future of the UK Film Council is looking grim. A coincidence no doubt…


  1. 1
    Ken Loach says:

    I’m great.


    • 3
      Mr Ned says:

      The rotating door of corruption is well oiled by taxpayer’s money. More areas to CUT CUT CUT!!!


    • 5
      concrete pump says:

      No Ken, you’re a c*nt and your films suck balls.


      • 19
        Dick the Prick says:

        Seconded. I had an arty bird and she made me watch loads of them and it’s just scum. May as well watch Eastenders. Tosser.


    • 78
      the Establishment Rules OK says:

      What chance does the man in the Street have?

      Every Fucker with access to public money (MPs, BBC executives, ACPO, Quangos, Lawyers, BBC Luvvies, Polly Toynbe, The BBC, Defence contractors, BBC top talent, HS suppliers, BBC on location, the kinnock Dynasty, The house of Lords etc) have their fingers in the till ad are busy lining their own pockets.

      Taxation should be banned until this corruption is stamped out.


    • 119
      Alfred Hitchcock's Cock says:

      Woodward is one of these Labour quangocrats who ‘works’ in the film industry (and so can talk a good game at dinner parties and is always at Cannes), but has not got a clue about it and has never been in the private sector at all.

      He should be run out of town as a failure, but instead he gets a new fat salary to go with his healthy tax payer funded pension.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Trying to buy even more fuckin votes !


    • 4
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      To add , We need a full public inquiry into the last 13 years of spending, value for money and results and if need be a charge of treason against the Labour party for acting in the worst intrests of the country .


  3. 5
    Sunny disposition says:

    All these luvvies and their little hangers on make me puke. Let the arty farty bastards pay for their own film/plays. Do ‘em good to dip their hands into their own deep pockets, ad besides, anyone living outside London pays these divas and hardly ever manage to get down to the Smoke, as train fares, plus cost of tickets to theatres etc are well beyond the average person’s price range.


  4. 7
    pp says:

    I suppose I should be angry that money has been taken from me and my family and ended up in the pocket of yet another non-jobber waste of space… but I think its all a bit past that…

    Thinking it may be better just to lay face down naked in front of the building and let them park their bikes between my areas cheeks just like they really want.


    • 62

      No, there will be no defeatism here! Dream of the day when YOU forcibly make them lie down in front of YOUR house and YOU park YOUR bike (prefereably an effoff big dirt bike or a Harley) between the cheeks of THEIR arses.

      The dream gets even better if you imagine yourself taking your gentlmanly pleasure with their womenfolk as they lie proping up your hog.


  5. 8
    TonkaTom says:

    The adds on this site are getting annoying now.


  6. 9
  7. 10

    All aboard the Quango Gravy Train, 1st class tickets and champagne for everyone?


  8. 11
    TonkaTom says:

    Deadline Hollywood broke this story.


    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      Hollywood, Arts Council etc etc etc.

      Stuffed with lefties who would sooner slit your throat (with the help of their muzzie friends) than countenance the possibility of their pet projects being axed.


  9. 12
    13eastie says:

    And the BBC, not to be outdone in the league of QANGO managers swiping money off the tax-payer, has given its outgoing superfluous deputy director-general a redundancy package worth double his salary at almost £1m.

    Are all tax-payer-funded redundancies going to be compensated at a rate of two-years’ pay?


    • 137
      London person of indeterminate religious leanings says:

      Stop paying the licence fee and see how long they can do it.

      Let’s face, most telly is shite, even if you do have 200 channels to choose from.


  10. 16
    Ratsniffer says:

    Christ Guido what are you trying to do today? First you make my piles bleed with Pollytwaddle, and now this.

    Fuck it, I’m going to give up working, what’s the point? These cancerous quango bastards are all on a meal ticket, paid for by our taxes, I might as well just sign on the Nat King Cole and get some of my share back.


  11. 20
    Death Wish 17 says:

    Calm down dear! It’s just a commercial! I’m really a very good director. Oh, wait. That can’t be right.


  12. 21
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Fuckin Liverpool fans make me sick , Complain about being in debt but vote fuckin Labour , do they love there club more than there country ?


    • 30
      not the great game at all says:

      Footballers and their supporters are brain dead. Leave them to their petty and pointless shenanigans. Keeps them out the way of normal people.


      • 33
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Yeah but in Liverpool they will vote for anything with a red rosette on


      • 69
        concrete pump says:

        A little cruel, i’ll have you know the supporters in the Holmesdale (Palace) are very witty. It’s difficult to hear the wit above the swearing – but it’s there.


  13. 22
    Gordon Gekko says:


  14. 23
    Anonymous says:

    O/T – University fees. People in other countries accept they have to pay their own way through university. Any chance the UK media scum could do a compare and contrast how they do it in other countries? Thought not. Why do so many UK people expect as a right other people to pay for everything they want?


    • 31
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      “other countries” alert. Which ones? (apart from the USA)

      Ah, you don’t know and yet still go on to slag off the british people.

      Germany: varies, some regions don’t.
      France: very small fees that don’t reflect costs.
      Canada: depends where you live. From £2k


    • 57
      AC1 says:

      If people had to pay for their own education they might not treat it like 3-4 years of partying at other peoples expense, and the government might not treat it as a way of fiddling the unemployment stats.


    • 74
      Mike Hunt says:

      One of their main complaints is that the people making them pay got free university education AND free grants. Yes the world has changed but they do have a point.


      • 88
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Some of the current lot might not. Means testing of grants meant they were less common through the 80s, and loans came in for ayone who is under 41.


      • 116
        AC1 says:

        While the argument has some emotional attraction; two wrongs (letting both generations fund a lifestyle choice) don’t make a right.


  15. 25
    Steve Miliband says:

    No wonder luvvies love the left – a carousel of taxpayers money to grab. I sometimes question why all ‘performers’ almost exclusively support the Labour party, even if they are privately educated, stinking rich, profligate and middle class.


    • 29
      concrete pump says:

      Apparently, Wendy Richards (deceased) who used to be in Eastenders, was a staunch Tory and royalist. Consequently she was hated by nearly everyone on the set.


      • 36
        HappyUK says:

        Ah, that’s why. I often wondered why she was often the target of snide insinuations and accusations of prickliness.

        If there is one thing luvvies and middle class lefties despise, its working class Tories.


      • 90
        Mike Hunt says:

        She was a good sort and sadly missed.

        Shame there are not more like her.


      • 127
        ballymotebhoy says:

        Concrete(between the ears)Pump; I dont suppose it would have occured to you that the reason that the cast of Eastenders(allegedly)loathed Wendy Richards, is because they had seen her masquerading as an actress,and getting very overly paid for it(I know, thats saying a lot when you look at the standard of acting in Soapland) for years. A concrete post, or you had more acting talent than Wendy; saw her in a pub round the corner from Edgware Rd. tube station a good few years ago(very tired, as they say in luvvyland) how she could ever string two words together for a month after that session God only knows. Know wonder she got out of Middlesborough young and fast if she’d been spouting Tory cobblers up there.


  16. 26
    You're so ugly, you could be a modern art masterpiece says:


  17. 32
    gildedtumbril says:

    Cor blimey! It is core coruption. But then, all quangos are corrupt. That is why all should be destroyed.
    No one was to blame, lessons must be learned, it must never happen again and it is time to draw a line under it.


  18. 35
    concrete pump says:

    Proof that Hollywood is full of lefty wankers, Sean Penn bumming his hero Chavez:


  19. 37
    sandra in accounts says:

    This outrageous abuse of taxpayer money should be stopped.

    Why the hell should we pay for no return?

    Where are the REAL Conservatives?


  20. 39
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Dearie me … what happened to the bonfire of the quangos? Not to mention the abrupt death of the phoney charities.

    Try this one: Environment Agency: probably the biggest quango of the lot. Public assets being mismanged by a quango. Return it to the Public Sector, but with 1% of the budget. Let Councils manage and restore their rivers and coastline. Let Councils manage their floods, after all, they gave planning for housing development on floodplains. Surcharge the Planning Depts or fire the lot.

    I’ll bet Mr. Green can save a packet on Public money; but why should quangos have it is the first place?


  21. 42
    the old Dufflebag says:

    I’ve always found it strange that we have publicly funded film making..in an industry where enormous sums of money are spent and made surely it is an area we should let the marketplace fund not the taxpayer.

    The argument that british filmmakers are at an international disadvantage compared I expect to their giant american competitors is not a realistic reason given the movement of writers actors producers and financiers between the two. More likely it is to fund the continued cohesion of the technical crews resident here still dominated by union control.


    • 132
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Same goes for any publicly funded sport – including unreported tax and rates concessions etc.

      It’s simply an entertainment business which, if it can’t stand on its own feet commercially, should go bust. Whether that’s Liverpool Football Club, the pharmaceutical Olympics farce or any other so-called sporting activity – just another way for lots of crooks to line their pockets with public money.

      And then there’s the opera…….


  22. 43
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    • 45
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Got This from Lady Dales site , This MP wants to repeal the smoking ban


      • 46
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Modded ???? OK , Nuttall wants to scrap the Sm*king ban


        • 49
          bill it says:

          am sure there would be considerable support for such a repeal as the right of choice for each establishment to be smoking or not is surely the best way forward. The labour nannies justified the ban by saying that staff didn’t have a choice..but realistically they do have a choice when they take the job…simple question…’this is a smoking establishment do you object to working in a smoking environment ?’ yes or no. We all know smoking is bad for us and that it costs the NHS plenty to treat the consequences but so does alcohol but we don’t ban it.


          • Must get a pseudonym one day says:

            The cost to the NHS is less than half the tax-take from tobacco.
            The same government willingly spends a fortune on treating the effects of illegal drugs and HIV, when the sufferers are well aware of the causes and risks, yet pay no taxes on their chosen behaviour or a penny towards their treatment.

            Any government in a financial mess should be encouraging more people to smoke, not only for the immediate tax profit but also for the longer-term savings in pension and benefit payments due to premature deaths. That sort of puff is good for the country.


        • 50
          Sunny disposition says:

          I know the feeling Billy [as you know!]. I’ve been modded to death for no apparent reason!


  23. 47
    Sir William Waad says:

    This was supposed to allow cinemas to show low-budget interesting UK and European films instead of big-budget Hollywood rubbish. In the age of six-foot HD tellies this is a bit pointless. Why not just put these films on subcription channel 499? People go to the cinema mainly (i) to get away from their parents (ii) to snog other 16-year-olds (iii) to give the kids an outing or or (iii) to wallow in big sound and a big picture. The Art Movie is relevant to none of these aims.


  24. 48
    Voice of Reason says:

    And of course all these wealthy luvvies with children according to Ed Miliband should receive child benefit. Including Mark Byford who will walk away with £900,000 redundancy + child benefit.


    • 53
      sandra in accounts says:

      Marxist Byford gets £900,000?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



      • 134
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        That’s the BBC’s version of a cut – they make one waste-of-space redundant and, in the process, give him a parting gift of £900,000 plus a pension of over a quarter of a million a year. Some cut ! (Think I missed an ‘n’ out there).


  25. 52
    eek says:

    in other news prepare for the cuts:-

    from http://www.popbitch.com/board.html but I know the poster

    Sitting minding other peoples business on the Gerrards Cross to London train this morning – I happily read the briefing document of the Treasury man sitting beside me of rise in unemployment anticipated from upcoming Economic Review. 468,000 government jobs are going to go by 2014/15 and 112,000 London jobs will go (3% of total jobs). The “narrative” of the cutting is to try to blame Labour and not to allow any linkage with Thatcher cuts.


    • 61
      Rat's arse says:

      What do you mean ‘try to blame Labour’ eek? It WAS the Lieber bastards that bankrupted our country. Oh, and while I’m at it, you can tell you’re a Red and have no manners by referring to Mrs T as Thatcher. Get over it, McTw*t has gone, along with blood spattered BLiar – thank God.


      • 76
        Rat's arse says:

        OK then Guido the Moderater, I shall amend my blog as follows………..
        What do you mean ‘try to blame Lanour, eek? It WAS the Lieber b*stards who bakrupted our country. Oh, and while I’m at it, I can tell you’re a red as you have no manners and referred to Mra T as’Thatcher’. Get over it , McTw*t and blud spa**ered BLiar are gone – thank God!


    • 66
      AC1 says:

      These “jobs” are funded by tax, i.e. by depressing the economy and causing more unemployment than the job.

      You see what is important is not the job, it’s the OUTPUT of the job. Large numbers of those employed by extortion even have a negative output (e.g. elf’n’sefty)!


  26. 54
    Rat's arse says:

    Get rid of the lot of these over -hyped, overpaid bastards. Most are limp wr*sters anyway. ooooooooops, I feel a mod coming on.


  27. 56
    QWERTY says:

    The shits at the BBC have been bleating on about those evil Tories cutting luvvie money for the film council, yet when I asked them why the council can’t be funded out of the profits, there was no answer.

    Where is the tax payers cut of the profits from Slumdog? Where is the tax payers cut from the profits of Top gear that the BBC flogs overseas (it’s single biggest revenue earner)

    These luvvie c u n t s seem to think that the tax payer should be shelling out for their fucking lifestyles forever.



  28. 63
    Hugh Firtree Shitingstall says:

    about as funny as marcus brigstock


  29. 64

    Completelyoff topic, but does anyone know where the chuff is Gordon Brown?

    Is he in the local loonie bin yet?


  30. 65
    Ho hum says:

    It has always been a source of amusement to me that the biggest cheerleaders for the Left are often to most decadent greedy fuckers on the planet, namely those in the entertainment industry.


    • 115
      AC1 says:

      Narcissism is a core part of marxism (you think you can run other peoples lives better than they can) and narcissism is well known in the luvvie area.

      It rather obvious they’d expect that as they are better than the little people, they shouldn’t have to work for their money.


  31. 67
    Brain Drain Wayne says:

    public sector



  32. 73
    Sarah Tweet says:

    have been so head down reading, writing and editing so apologies but there has been no tweeting #startagaintwomorrow


    • 95
      simon r says:

      Piss off and die, tell someone who gives a shit you rancid lesbian bitch. You lost, now fuck off from public life and leave us alone to repair the damage your wanker of a ‘husband’ and his cronies caused.



  33. 75
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:



    If people enjoy sky tv then doesnt that mean the market works ?


    • 80
      Lefty luvies - they don't like it up 'em! says:

      What the likes of the beeb are really worried about is Murdoch establishing some sort of UK version of Fox News. Current rules supposedly prohibits non-impartial news, but it doesn’t seen to have stopped the leftist bleatings of Pravda. Now they fear that Murdoch might want to even up the scales a little.


  34. 77
    pete van man says:

    Isnt this blatant corruption?

    How can he give a private compnay taxpayers money with no return & then get a pucker high paid job with them?

    This stinks – to the little people like me who work 60 hour weeks just to keep above water this makes me extremely angry – MY hard earned taxes being squandered by these luvvies who then feather their nest with the investment I & millions more little people made.

    We need a feffing revolution – & burn the lefty luvvie set.

    Pissed off now.


  35. 79
    Anonymous says:

    It has always been a source of amusement to me that those most vocal in their support for the left are often those with the most decadent of lifestyles ie the entertainment industry. They are often the very essence of hypocricy.


  36. 82
  37. 91
    Not a Bigot says:

    Hmmmm. Funny that you didn’t mention that it was an open competition between Arts Alliance Media (not Ats Alliance) and about 10 others including Dolby, NTL, BT etc. Also funny that you assume the money went into AAM’s pockets rather than to buy digital cinema equipment. The beneficiaries of lottery funds (not tax) were the small cinemas in the UK and not the group that installed and operated them. Funny also that you ignore the possiblity that the Head of the UKFC might just be an attractive propsect for a proflic investor in film related projects rather than the beneficiary of corruption. And funniest of all is the fact that the UKFC was actually one of the most decent and well run quangos that the Government now regrets axing. Ask anyone who actually knows what they are talking about.


    • 107
      Private Sector Peter says:

      fuck off, so the group that installed them did it for free?

      “Ask anyone who actually knows what they are talking about” obviously not you


    • 111
      13eastie says:

      13eastie’s Law: Overheads are NOT investment. Period.

      Like every Labour zombie, you cannot tell the difference between waste and investment.

      Q. What percentage of the UKFC’s expenditure went on overheads?
      A. Most of it. And most of these were salaries.

      Q. How much was actually “invested” in anything?
      A. Very little.

      Q. What was the return on the “investment”?
      A. Sweet FA.

      UKFC: a complete ukfc-up.

      National Lottery Good Causes: 40% of revenue sequestered by the Treasury under an Act of Parliament, 12% retained and 28% distributed (via another fuc£ing non-accountable QUANGO, obviously) by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The Lottery is a tax.


  38. 93
    Gordon Brown says:

    Who’ll play me in the film about my life, which will obviously be called The Greatest Leader Ever.


  39. 94
    Postman Johnson theme tune says:




  40. 96
  41. 100
    Imagine the jaws theme tune playing while reading this post says:

    Murdochs coming for the fucking beeb. The lefty twats pants have been peed.


  42. 105
    Rat's arse says:

    Just seen Po Po Pat in the Commons, looking like an aged teddyboy. He asked one asinine question and then mumbled some utter bollocks about nothing in particular. Can I have his pay for doing sod all?


  43. 108
    concrete pump says:

    Threads tailing off a bit Fawkes, any more on Hancock?


  44. 112
    Albi Here says:

    Watching parliament channel,what f*ckin planet is Denham on,it’s as if Lieboor have never had 13 years in power,it’s as if they never had anything to do with anything,jeez thos b*stards would make a fortune in selling.


  45. 122
    Jaded runner says:

    To be expected, Guido

    The man is a fully paid-up (with your money) member of the London media luvvy-elite. Defined by 100,000-plus salaries (paid for by public) rather than any actual creative achievements. Best buddies with some senior members of the BBC Trust and BBC-proper apparatchiks. Well known for relying on work experience (unpaid) and junior staff (underpaid) doing actual work.


  46. 123
    ballymotebhoy says:

    Rather interesting that there is no mention on the reported comments at the weekend,by Andrew Marr, about the participants, and standardsof blog sites.When he said they were “Spotty faced,pimply nosed.drunken angry young ?”Surely he was being far too polite.Because, asa newcomer to the marvels of the world of I.T.it seems to me that as I browse your blogsite,Guido, and I hope to God that I am wrong on this, that 95% of the correspondents are the progeny of their mothers/fathers brothers/sisters.And I also think Marr got it wrong when he said they were in the basements/bedrooms of their mothers houses;I think he meant that they were in, or trying to get into their mothers knickers; when they are’nt bloggng? on Guido’s site. But there again maybe I misread/misunderstood Marr.


    • 124
      tit says:

      speak for yourself …your analysis of guido bloggers makes me think you might have be the product of an obscure eugenics programme…you know the sort thats guaranteed to produce wankers.


    • 128
      pompa per calcestruzzo says:

      You’re a little bit mental, aren’t you Ballymotebhoy?

      Btw, my reply to your post the other day was held back, did you eventually read it?


    • 140
      Father Jack says:

      Step away from the choir-boy and put the semtex down.


  47. 129
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Love it…..jobs for the nobs!!!


  48. 139
    Looters/socialshits says:

    They’re just common-or-garden LOOTERS.

    We are living though the plot of Atlas Shrugged.


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