September 19th, 2010

Nervousness in David Miliband’s Camp

After reading endless tips from Mike Smithson on to back Ed Miliband, Guido switched his bets on Friday. David Miliband’s implied probability of victory had already dropped from 75% to 65% by the time Guido shifted his money from one brother to the other. He is at the time of writing given a 59% chance of winning the leadership (40% for Ed Miliband). Given it is too close to call that could narrow to 50% / 50% soon. Both camps are of course claiming their internal polling numbers point to victory.

In the humiliation stakes punters reckon that despite Guido’s never-ending support, Ed Balls is still the favourite to to be eliminated in the first round. His odds on avoiding humiliation have improved, dropping from a 62% certainty down to a still not good 41%, with Diane Abbott on 35% and Burnham given 30% a chance of going out first. If you are reading this Sally Bercow, and still think Balls is going to win the leadership, a £5 bet will win you £1000.


  1. 1
    Martin Day says:

    It won’t matter which one wins, you get one of a pair of twisty faced inbred deluded arsehole.


  2. 2

    Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone the London dream ticket


  3. 4
    Albi Here says:

    Do we have to have pictures of those two ugly slimy has been gits,they can put you off your dinner,all the ones that are trying to become Liebour leader are tainted with serving Bliar and Brown and themselves but not the public,personally I don’t really care who get the job,as I won’t be voting for them or the NuConned us or the libsh*te hypocrites.


  4. 6

    Love the pic, it can be cropped for the next election whichever Milibrother wins.


  5. 9
    Ed Miliband's Press Officer says:

    Thank you so much Guido and feel free to join us in the celebrations in Manchester next saturday.
    We will set aside a crate of Guiness for you to savour


  6. 14
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    I would rather dine with Arthur Scargill or Bob Crow than either of this pair of self abusers
    They unionistas at least got their hands dirty through honest toil at some time in their lives
    Dont give a sh15t if they have prospered, they can be sacked by their members
    And if you needed a mate to join you in a fight would you you choose a Marxistband to stand with you?


    • 16
      the beast of clerkenwell says:

      and Boris could kick the arses of this pair, and have done


    • 328
      a commuter says:

      Boris should do Regan and sack the bastards and bring in new staff – who have previously been trained in preparation for the great changeover.

      Am sure commuters will put up with a few days of fuck ups (we’re used to it) while the changeover happens.

      Fuck Crowm and fuck the unions. I want a tube service that doesn’t break down at the slightest whim of a union.


    • 331
      a commuter says:

      Boris should do Regan and sack the bastards and bring in new staff – who have previously been trained in preparation for the great changeover.

      Am sure commuters will put up with a few days of fuck ups (we’re used to it) while the changeover happens.

      Fuck Crowm and fuck the unions. I want a tube service that doesn’t break down at the slightest whim of a bastard union.


  7. 17
  8. 19
    Rendition, Torture & War Apologist, David Miliband says:

    I am exhausted. I have spent the whole morning reading up the legalities on the Waterboarding of rival siblings.


  9. 20
    Pope says:

    I covered up thousands of cases of abuse. Heil Hitler!


  10. 22
    Anonymous says:

    The way the government is going any one in Labour can win a majority in the next election.

    You don’t even need a party leader, look at polls now.


  11. 23
    Ratsniffer says:

    The labour leadership contest shows on thing: the new generation of socialists were cast from the same mould. They are like Borg; they are cloned, then they assimilate others into their collective. They are devoid of charisma, humourless, with the taint of the Harmperson pursed lipped, finger wagging intolerance for any view which runs contrary to their own idiology. Except certain views of course, to which we must be culturaly sensitive. If it gets votes.

    So whoever wins, it continues a dull day in politics, the dawn of which was already heralded by Mr grey, dour, charisma-lite himself, Gordon Brown.


    • 140
      Anonymous says:

      Joyless socialism. You can see why it appeals to so many of the braindead.


    • 146
      Can't remember my moniker says:

      Joyless socialism. Where do all the real characters go? (Come to think of it, and talking of missing characters, where do all the comments go?)


    • 245
      Bogeyman says:

      Very unfair on Harperson. I’m told she knows every verse of “All the housewives love a coalman” and sings it with gusto.

      She also tells the one about the Englishman, Scotsman and one-legged Irishman brilliantly.


  12. 25
    Ed Militant says:

    Rot in hell big bro.


    • 45
      fuck off u says:

      Shame you didn’t have the same idea when your party was in power and stamping all over the little people with all the fucking useless petty rules.


  13. 29
    Ed Militant says:

    Polls! Polls! Polls! Ask yourself truthfully. just how accurate are these polls? Remember Cleggmania and the exagerated popularity of Liberal Democrats during the election campaigne. Turned out to be tripe.


  14. 35
    Using my finger to point out the words says:

    You think that Sally Bercow can actually read?


  15. 39
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    These losers do realise that the leader will never be PM? This is just a contest for a Howard-style treadwater leader who can try to hold the fort for a couple of terms in opposition at the minimum. They are hoping that by then the retarded electorate will have largely forgotten what they just did to them for 13 years.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      Electorate has already forgotten the past, now it is only interested in getting out this bunch of idiots.


    • 96
      rocknrolla says:

      I love these two weirdos always saying we must move on and look to the future, just hoping we forget the destruction they brought on the country for 13 years. Neither will ever be PM, especially if David is nailed by the torture inquiry.


      • 181
        The Court of Public Opinion says:

        Its not just David – there’s a whole heap of shit being held back ready for unleashing on each of them. Not one has anything but a disastrous record in a disastrous government. The new leader will face a deluge like they’ve never known before: it will wash them down the sewer.


  16. 41
    Down with Brown! says:

    Balls to Labour.


  17. 42
    Now says:

    Bit of cheek standing in front of a poster wailing about the 80,s when they have just dragged us back into the 13th century by importing millions of immigrants that have sucessfully stuffed the NHS, schools, housing, and just about anything else you can think of.

    Labour have installed in me a serious loathing and hatred of politicians. Just recently I feel only punching one will relieve the tension.


  18. 53
    simone says:

    I really hope that Ed wins. It will consign Labour to perpetual opposition.


    • 55
      Rump says:

      It matters not jot who wins.
      Just look at the cantidates, point and laugh. They are all truly hopeless.


    • 57
      Anonymous says:

      You can hope but it will never happen as public hate the idiots we now have in power.

      Every thing is been cut except overseas budget, more power signed off to EU, immigration same as before (cuts will reduce people coming in by only 1.5%). Do you think people are going to like what this government is going?


  19. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Ed & Dave are a peculiar beast dreamed up many years ago in Doctor Do Little called the Push-me-pull-you, must be amusing to watch the beast, each end wanting go in its own direction, but not going anywhere for obvious reasons.


  20. 58
    Naomi Gummer says:

    Giz a job.


  21. 59
  22. 60
    streamfisher says:

    Bloody hell Guido! its like placing a bet at dog track, whose been nobbled this time? favourite trick was to feed the Greyhound a large pork pie just before the off but Prescott is not in the running for this one (after a stuffed rabbit). Its just not cricket.


  23. 66
    Albi Here says:

    Polly cow on tv from the Libsh*te conference in Liverpool,I thought she didn’t know there was a world outside the M25,the reputation of poor Liverpool has been dragged even lower by letting her out of her cage to attend.


  24. 68
    Nu Bee says:

    Wow! This blog is so fukking retarded …

    But the comments are a hoot.


  25. 72
    sally bercow says:

    Feed my lips!


  26. 76
    Annie says:

    This photo of the two brothers is still disturbing…

    They both look grey and very ill

    Terminal cancer or something

    Or perhaps that is the way a Labour Leader should look ?


  27. 80
    Anonymous says:

    A lot of us are eating halal meat and don’t even know it.—tells-public.html


  28. 83

    Ed Balls finds out that despite the promises, Gordon hasn’t the power to make him leader.


  29. 85
    A Real Guardianista says:


    After all we have done to help Mandelbum, he is now using Guardianista as a dirty word…where would all the perverts be without our help ? And all those public sector scroungers like him with his EUSSR pension ?

    What has happened to Labour…

    I think they have gone mad…


  30. 89
    Farmer Giles says:

    It’s not been a good year for roast potatoes


  31. 90
    Jack says:

    Ed Mossad trashing the Election Manifesto he wrote FFS

    Are there any lies these people will not stoop to ?


    • 102
      If wishes were horses,beggars would ride says:

      No surprise is it ? After all you’ve got Labour ex-Cabinet Ministers queuing up to disaccoiates themselves from the last 13 years of Labour Government . Most also thought Brown was obstructive in government and his policies ultimately would result in economic disaster when he was Chancellor and also apparently thought Brown would be disastrous and bad for the country if allowed to become PM but not one seemed to have the courage to stop him.Miliband Senior apparently felt unable to follow Purnell into the wilderness and force Brown out and thereby at least allow Labour a chance at the election. So in answer to your question..not much it seems


    • 264
      Poor Bill says:

      They are not Mossad they are Marxist you prick.

      Murdering mad Marxist child killing scum.

      Their father was one of uncle Joe’s boys.

      Get a grip !


  32. 105
    TGF UKIP says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, Guido, but you friend Ed Balls but is going to poll a lot better than you think. He ain’t gonna win but he won’t come last and he will come a surprisingly respectable third.


    • 116

      Not very respectable though is it?
      He was supposed to win. At least to be in the Ed Miliband position of running a close second. Not in the embarrassing position of just clearing the political pygmies of Abott and Burnham.


    • 239
      smoggie says:

      He may become the kingmaker by delivering his postal votes to the brother of his choosing.


  33. 107
    POET says:

    Gordon Brown sucked my knob
    Then he gave me a million pound job
    Now he is married with a wife and
    I’m living the high life


  34. 108
    Rob says:

    I put a £25 bet on ed 4 weeks ago on betfair – if he wins i get £75 profit.


  35. 110
    POET says:

    Gordon Brown felched my bum
    While I sucked him off till he cum
    Then he flipped me round on the bed
    and did a shit on me head


  36. 111
    Labour poisoned the UK says:

    Who cares, they’re all of a similar calibre to Jonah Brown.


  37. 120
    nell says:

    So both the militwits finally came up with the same message this morning. Clegg was going to be wiped out at the LibDem Conference, by hostile delegates, this afternoon and thereafter, the LibDems would be deserting in their thousands to the militwit camp.

    Funny but cleggie got a standing ovation and the LibDems don’t much look like rats deserting a sinking ship.

    ‘10,000 LibDems to join davidmilliband’s labour party by Christmas’ claimed david.

    That’ll be another half baked idea that labour can’t deliver on.


  38. 123
    Fielding Mellish says:

    The Milibands are rubbish – it’s all a load of bananas


  39. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Now Dave and Clegg wants to give even more money to Pakistan! Seems they are more interested in Pakistan than UK.


  40. 126
    Indigo says:

    Truly, the Devil has the best lines.

    Did anyone catch Tony Blair on Radio 2 – @ShappiKhorsandi tweeted earlier today,

    Is anyone else listening to Tony Blair on R2? ‘The tyranny of protest’ he called the ‘excessive’ coverage of anti-war marches

    So as PM he could and did invade a sovereign country that was no threat to the West as a result of which hundreds of thousands died but, hey, y’know, the real tyrants are those anti-war protestors.

    You could not make it up.


    • 136
      Mr Ned says:

      shows how much of a fascist he really is. He tried his best to turn this country into a fascist dictatorship.


      • 139
        recent events says:

        If they had got in again this time, they would have made sure of that.


        • 158
          The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

          They have let in enough bottom-wagglers to ensure that, in time, Britain becomes an Islamofascist state. Isha’Allah! Appease them at all costs! Allahu Akbar!


        • 228
          Anonymous says:

          “If they (Lab)had got in again,they would have made sure of that (turned Britain into a fascist dictatorship”

          No-one must ever doubt the truth in this statement.New Labour are the biggest threat to our freedoms since the war.In the name of social justice and egalatarianism they would have ( and will attempt to do the same again if they ever regain office) remove as many freedoms from us as is possible.

          The best kind of social justice is social mobility and equality of opportunity. Note NewLabour failed ( on purpose ?) on both these counts-so it begs the question.What are their REAL motives ? I suspect control-ultimate control.

          This coalition has some some great things in a short period.Pupil premium , removed 850,000 of the poorest out of tax all together,restoration of the earnings link for pensions.ID cards going,databases going,trial without jury going.Political reforms.A resolouton to saving this countrys economy and restoring our much cherished liberties.I for one am grateful.If restoring freedom and a vibrant economy ,from which we all can prosper, isn’t a Liberal aspiration.Then I don’t know what is.


    • 143
      OrYourGrandaughtersWillWearHijab says:

      Hopefully they are not a threat now.


      • 154
        T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

        Gordon Brown, the Liebour Party and I turned the United Kingdom (sic) into a Third World Country. Everyone knows it but is too cowed by political correctness to openly admit it.

        The Pope’s aide said it, so it must be true.


        • 160
          EU Scrotebag Slavey Davey says:

          I won’t say it. I daren’t mention the “i” word. Labour might say nasty things about me.

          Best I keep shovelling money to the EU, and not make a fuss about anything. I’ll keep ignoring the British public. Yes, that’s the best thing. Yes.


      • 202
        Indigo says:

        You seem to be forgetting that the invasion of Iraq was like a blood transfusion for the movement known as Al Qaeda. They are our biggest threat, now. So much for Bush’s “we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here”.


  41. 127
    Edward the first out says:

    Yvette’s always complaining I come first, now she’s going to complain I came last!
    I get an endogenous growth in my loins and I just don’t know who to f**k. Yvette, The Labour Party or the country. I have to admit I’ve got a bit bored of doing the country, I’ve been at it for 13 years……it’s well and truly f**ked now thanks to me. Rest assured I’ll continue to deny it though!


  42. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Writings been on the wall for Bananaman for some weeks. Surprised you didn’t switch earlier and get better odds.


  43. 135
    Good to see some supporters says:

    So we’ll put you down as No vote then?


  44. 138
    Anonymous says:

    TheSpecial Relationship on TV.
    What a letdown – couldn’t they find ANYONE almost as ugly as Cherie the human letterbox to play her part ?


  45. 142
    RuthlessTaxEvasionClampdownMyArse says:

    Some people will believe anything


    • 196
      Off Shore Bank says:

      Pisspot tinpot country. How the fuck are you going to do that? No navy, no air force. military bogged down at the other side of the world. A mercenary army bought with tax evasion money would wipe you out. Now fuck off and dream on before we start to consider it.


    • 241
      smoggie says:

      Either the writer or Alexander (difficult to understand whose opinion it was) does not appreciate the difference between tax evasion and avoidance. I think everyone is entitled to minimise their tax bill by legitimate means.


  46. 144
    streamfisher says:

    Sherlock Holmes; The Strange Case of the Missing Posts… prequel to “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot”.


  47. 150
    crofter says:

    Just watching Charles Kennedy on Marr this am (sky+)- he looks and sounds d*unk as a s`*unk.


  48. 152
    Jimmy says:

    So whoever wins you can claim you predicted it.


  49. 153

    The Milibands: brothers that would fit right in on Easter Island.


  50. 156
    Missing Person Bureau says:

    Your help would be appreciated. Does anybody recognize or know this person?


  51. 161
    bird with small brain says:

    I’ve just realised that Ed Mil is Wallace’s younger brother – and in the wrong trousers, no doubt…


  52. 162
  53. 168
    Lord Cashcroft says:

    I want my money back! When i shelled out, it was in the expectation of owning a whole government, not a part of some cooked up dogs breakfast conditional on keeping a pack of hounds from getting shot on Exmoor. Christ on a bike, i feel like the football club owner who’s realised his multi million pound star centre forward has two club feet, and can’t put the ball past even a one eyed goalie.
    How much does a Labour party run out at?


    • 174
      The Voters says:

      Go direct to the electorate, we are open to cash offers all day.cut them out


    • 197
      bob' the cuban' crow. says:

      I’ve got edmilitwit . charles’thesoak’kennedy and lembitopik in my pocket.

      The next government is mine!


    • 204

      “How much does a Labour Party run out at?”

      You could probably buy their overdraft for about 15 million – then just let the useless bastards die like they deserve to…


      • 207
        nell says:

        Last I heard it was £32million and growing!

        Financially they’re a disaster. Thanks to gordon!!


        • 217
          Brown is history says:

          nell you need to forget Brown ,its like The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre will be calling to see you.


        • 337
          Colonel Blimp. says:

          Which bank in it’s right mind would lend the Labour party anything?
          How the heck did an unprofitable enterprise producing nothing but penury and misery get a credit committee to okay these loans?


  54. 171
    The ConDems says:

    Give it a few months and you will all hate us with a vengeance.


  55. 180
    Florence Shiteinagale says:

    Its a terrible job being a nurse at sea in a force 10 when all the crew have the wildies


  56. 183
    Down with Brown! says:

    The Lib Dems aren’t letting Guido into the conference:


    • 190
      Snaggapus says:

      He lost his pass.


      • 200
        Ray Stybrow says:

        I thought he lost his heart to the starship stormtrooper from Rome.


        • 206
          Elizabeth I says:

          I was no fan of the visitor from Rome.

          But I do think he made a good impression and I’ll admit I do think he’s a much better, more genuine, person than I thought he was. And he has altered my perception of the catholic church in general for the better.

          It is a pity that bliar considers himself a son of the catholic faith because I am unable to think of him as anything but the ”devilincarnate”


          • Lickspittlewatch says:

            Nice piece of trolling worthy of Engineer.
            Many congratulations


          • labour dregs says:

            Engineer’s not a troll.

            Just someone who genuinely expresses a point of view .

            trolls are labour fools = straw & son , the fatty prescott & son, the even fattier damian or ugly whelan …………………

            Fact of life isn’t it? There is not a single person in the labour heirarchy that could be considered as charismatic or attractive in any sense of the word!!

            Let’s face it! Bin bags filled with nappy waste has more appeal than the current labour party / left wing union coalition!!


          • Can't remember my moniker says:

            Fuck off, Lickspittlewatch.


          • SNAP says:

            Snap, but then when there was no apology I changed from Catholic to Muslim.


          • Guidos Ghost Postings says:

            Thats because you are Guido.


          • Anonymous says:

            The Romanist Cult is exactly the most appropriate place for Blair and his horrible wife .


  57. 193
    Left Bollock Forward says:

    If the general election is anything to go by Balls will win by a 1000 votes.


  58. 205
    Doubled up in stitches says:

    The third world used to be a country but now is a Hunt is threatening the super rich off shore banks.


  59. 215
    Curious says:

    Why has that cow Joe Brand took to wearing a dish rag in her hair?


  60. 218
    Clearance Clarence says:

    Don’t loose your PSP on a plane. The safety Nazis will not be pleased.


  61. 219
    test says:



  62. 224
    Where is the Pope ? says:

    Has he gone ?


    • 227
      it's the bishop says:

      think so … you can come out now


    • 233
      a real labour con man says:

      Do you mean brown?

      He flew to America today .

      He’s going to talk to harvard students about economic prudence tomorrow.

      I can’t help thinking the Americans are a bit gullible if they think he is worth listening to!!!


  63. 225
    a liberal says:

    I wandered lonely in a crowd
    And someone stole my wallet


  64. 240
    Both Barrels says:

    I just blew the shit out of a fox


    • 247
      Anonymous says:

      If it was killed with one shot its actually very humane.The problem with shooting is many people are bad shots and the fox runs away wounded and left to die slowly.
      With the hounds the kill is certain( within 3 or 4 seconds).Overall much more humane.


      • 250
        Bushytail duster says:

        not much sign of a repeal yet.


      • 252
        Grauniadista anti-fox hunting brigade says:

        So cruel, fox hunting is barbaric.

        I am pleased that when Saint Tony got in most of the parliamentary business for the next few years was devoted to banning this awful sport.


        • 262
          Anonymous says:

          Saint Tone took £1 million from the P.A.L Political Animal Lobby and said foxhunting will be banned.BEFORE ANY EVIDENCE HAD BEEN COLLECTED !!!
          Also there is no independent peer reviewed and published evidence to to support the ban.Quite the opposite an ever growing respected group of specialists andinstitutions support foxhunting.Saint Tone had to use the Parliament Act to get the ban through the House.I think it was only the 4th time the Parliament Act had been used.It seems the chance to get his hands on £1 million quid and exact a bit of class war was irresistible.


      • 282
        Fuck Fox Hunters says:

        Yes and we can all have a good Laugh, good drink and good hard on during the process.


        • 296
          countryside dweller says:

          That’s right, stamp all over the way of life in the countryside. Infest your points of view upon people you know nothing about.

          You are more interested in killing country communities where people’s livelihoods have for centuries been left alone. It’s a way of life you neither understand nor respect.

          You are the vermin that needs hunting.


          • Anonymous says:

            Sounds like the defence in lieu of child abuse put up by the Catholic Church over their way of life etc


          • To some Incest is a way of life so what exactly is your fucking point ? says:

            Your way of life is fucking Barbaric, Do I make myslef clear on that !


          • countryside dweller says:

            You sound a hysterical type.

            Go back to CiF and have a circle jerk.

            ps. Your association of child abuse and fox hunting is truly bizarre.


  65. 251
    2012 says:

    you are all doomed


    • 288
      White Van Man says:

      Thanks Gordon, we’re already having to deal with your legacy.
      Please shuffle off and away to die silently in the highlands of Scotland without any fuss, that’s all we ask.


  66. 256
    • 271
      Cull the mongs says:

      Just those that voted the LibLabCon thieves back into Parliament would do for us.


    • 284
      White Van Man says:

      So true and so difficult to realise, it’s hard to stomach but there you have it!
      The real problem of the world IS over population, wake up people and smell the carbon dioxide off their breath. They want what you have already got and unfortunately they ain’t enough planet to go around!

      Here’s the trick, real environmentalist will ask for a drop in world population, the socialists ask for carbon taxes, more government and more laws.


      • 292
        Simples says:

        Hitler asked for a final solution.
        He, like you, was a visionary.


      • 309
        Anonymous says:

        Overpopulation is a Socialist myth. Its based on the Socialist perception that resources are finite as seen in the oft quoted expression “piece of the cake in actual fact Human resourcefulnes is infinite in its creativity and imagination which renders the cake also infinite.


  67. 261
    Pope is Bruno says:

    The Plop is really Bruno in disguise.


    • 277
      Alan Partridge says:

      Jesus wept, the guy is the personification of evil.

      Kiss my face.


      • 280
        The Papists PR campaign has failed because they covered up Child abuse, end of story. says:

        The man has Fuck all Charisma, Speaks like a drone yet according to SKY he won over the hearts of Britian. No he fucking well didnt !!!!!!


    • 281
      The Question that dare not speak its name( but perhaps explains why Peter tatchel et all are so ann says:

      Is the Pope a Poof ?


  68. 265
    Don't you DARE make fun of my Liebore Party and Gordo Brownie says:

    I wuv him. He makes my liddle Liebore winkie hard and go splooot splooot. Waaaaaaaaah! FROPSH!


  69. 266
    Urgent message for Keith Vaz says:

    One chicken tikka masala, one chicken dupiaza, one sag aloo, two pilau rice, two naan bread, a portion of popadums and chutney, and a cucumber raita. Cheers.


  70. 267
    Anonymous says:

    Well, whoever wins the labour leadership election, let’s hope they can understand the difference between tax evasion (illegal) and tax avoidance (legal, expected, valid, and moral), because Danny Alexander certainly doesn’t seem to understand it.

    Danny Alexander’s attitude seems to go like this:

    Danny: “don’t pay this tax….”

    You: “ok then.”

    (5 years pass)

    Danny: “You didn’t pay that tax that I told you not to pay, you evil shit. pay it now or go to jail”

    You: “Change the law if you want me to pay the tax going forwards. The tax I’ve already not paid stays not paid, if you want me to pay tax from the last 5 years that you’d told me not to pay, then I’ll see you in court you ignorant fucker.”

    The Treasury Chief Secretary doesn’t know the difference between evasion and avoidance. God help us all, the treasury’s starting to look even more negligent/ignorant than Gordon Brown.


    • 272
      Anonymous says:

      If you earned £5,000 last year, you wouldn’t have paid tax because you’d have been under the threshold of the lowest tax rate.

      Technically you’re guilty of tax avoidance.

      A 2 year old who’s got about 20 quid in their bank account from their unemployed mum as a bday present on their 1st birthday hasn’t paid tax on their 10p worth of interest; they’re guilty of tax avoidance too.

      You can’t retrospectively change the tax laws and then demand payment for historic years; the court will just laugh in Danny’s face and tell him to fuck off.

      He can close the loopholes and change the law, but the money lost through historic avoidance has gone forever; there’s no way they can (or should) ever get it back.


    • 289
      M'lud says:

      This is nothing new. The previous government and their (now rather embarrassed – ha ha ha) tax enforcer Hartnett have been peddling this line and trying to blur the distinction between evasion and avoidance for some considerable time now. Wholly uninterested in the question “so which particular tax not required by law do you want me to pay, and how much?”


      • 315
        Anonymous says:

        The BBC (and most people on their blogs with a few exceptions) also don’t understand the difference.
        Hopefully the tories will be clearer than the libdems about it in the months ahead, because saying that people who follow the law are evil and need to be stamped-on hard is not a good place to be.
        They’re basically saying that anyone who can afford an accountant should go to jail.


        • 321
          Anonymous says:

          Ashcroft had this problem too; the BBC constantly implying that he was guilty of evasion, whereas it was avoidance.
          If someone’s avoiding paying tax and is acting within the law in doing so, but you as a government think that someone in that situation should be paying tax, then the solution is simple: you change the law.
          It’s not fucking rocket science.
          If you allow the government to prosecute or attack people for acting within the law where their only grounds of attack/prosecution is that the law at the time is something they didn’t like and they don’t like that person, then you’re trading on very dangerous ground.

          If using that form of attack/prosecution then you’re basically putting the entire legal system in the bin and saying “if I don’t like you then I’ll send you to jail”


    • 319
      Anonymous says:

      Danny Alexander said: “Tax avoidance and evasion are unacceptable”

      His statement is like saying “driving a car is unacceptable and we will stop it from being legal, and we’ll imprison all those who have been driving cars at any time during the last 10 years” (on the grounds that some people who drive a car do so when drunk).

      He’s a fucking idiot, and the BBC are fucking idiots for not pointing this out to their listeners/readers and to the libdems.


    • 325
      Anonymous says:

      the definitions that I’ve seen are:

      “tax avoidance
      the minimization of tax liability by lawful methods

      tax evasion
      minimization of tax liability by illegal methods
      the nonpayment of taxes, as through the failure to report taxable income

      I knew that already, because I’m not a fucking idiot, but it’s nice to double-check and see it in black and white in every online dictionary that exists.

      Maybe Danny Alexander doesn’t own a dictionary, or have a connection to the web, or ever speak to anyone who understands basic tax rules or the law.


  71. 268
    The Lib Dems roll into town says:


  72. 276
    Guido is a Jesuit says:

    Thank fuck we can be spared the Popefest on Sky, Jesus you would almost think the the apostle Peter wasnt married, that the assumption of Mary , the fact that “Priests” took confession, that the Bishop Of Rome wasnt anything special till the edict of Constantine etc blah blah blah wasnt made up by the Romanists until around the 13th till the 18 thCentury. Oh yes I forgot the doctrine of the “Popes ex cathedria staements being infallible was added in the 19 th Century. These c unts make it up as they go along 1


  73. 279
    Voice of Treason says:

    Pope foock off back to the Vatcan you leader of the peedophiles. Sick to death of seeing you in the news. Foock off and don’t come back!


  74. 290
    White Van Man says:

    Hey has someone remembered to pay Herman Van Rompuy our £45 million today, I’d hate to let him down as he has a terrible temper?


  75. 293
    To all catholics upset about criticism of the Nazi pope says:

    Shut the fuck up. Thanks.


  76. 295
    The Manhatten Project says:

    j gm2, N ell, E ngineer( to a lesser extent) and most of the anti scottish postings on here are a manifestation G uido F aux ala P aul S taines in his quest to split the United Kingdom and bring its constituent parts under the yoke of Rome.

    For proof of this, ask yourself this question. Why were none of these “characters” on here during election night ? Could it be because their originator G uido S taines was elsewhere that night ?


  77. 301
    caesars wife says:

    Everytime I hear the shifting movements of the Labour leadership contest , I just cant help but think how much time its bought them to introduce the new , new soundbites , its like watching a criminal identity parade being run past an unsure victim “I think it was 2 although it could have been 4 imnot really sure it was foggy offcier” Eversince the safe seats project seemed to have worked I have felt cheated by justice , if they were a board of directors they would be facing charges . As for Robinsons “Nick Clegg faces tough questions” whatever happend to impenetratable answers , his party may be angry in what Nick has described as “growing pains” CW ponders if it isnt more “pangs of anguish” at being forced to come off the fence on the socialist clap trap hedgemoney Andrew Pierce has interesting article in DM in which he says Nick was forced to admit privately to himself before poling day that harsh cuts would be needed, so goodness knows if there manifesto has instantly become a collectors item . David Steel moots exit strategy (must have looked at the entrails and declared Labour finished or revisted his famous conference speech when leader) yet the lib dem bashing does little good as its head is being stretched from its body , yet the papal visits leaves a national feeling of hope , can the misguided lib dems see the light or is the canarie to be substitued for the dead parrot .
    The soundbites out lib dem lips from the past look a bit like they still hope for a future that is as spurrious as Labours was , it is however there conference time and there choice , democracy is such a beautiful thing


    • 304
      What we all think but darent say says:

      Oh Fuck another borefest from c aesrs wife. Why cant you post in succinct English for Fucks sake !!!!


      • 308
        caesars wife says:

        Its somthing to with realising text structure is dumbing down and makes people post brain dead responses more often and degradation of polite thought .
        The fabians love it .


        • 310
          What we all think but darent say says:

          Writing paragraphs would be a start then we could progress to sentences. Are you a product of Labours educational system ? If so I will make allowances. Then again you might be George Laird.


  78. 303
    Hardtalk says:

    Is it acceptable to ask if the P ope is a p oof ?


  79. 307
    Labour Pride says:

    Comrades, we’re on our way back to power.


  80. 329
    albacore says:

    That’s a wild photo of Beaker and Jug Ears (up there at the top) that you keep showing, Fawkes.
    Presumably it’s a promotional picture, slanted to bolster Labour’s street cred to the now generation.
    So, why is the colour washed out, as in a hooky ’80s pirate video; and why do they both look as though they’ve had their noses busted?
    Just asking.


  81. 334
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    Why do they never wear their yarmulkes in public?


  82. 335
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    How to peel a banana:-
    One skin, two, skin, three skin, foreskin!


  83. 336
    Colonel Blimp. says:

    Which one is which?


  84. 339
    DWMF says:

    Did anyone watch the Hitchcock film “Rope” last night, namely the first 10 minutes? The two murderers looked and sounded just the Milli boys, after strangling their victim who could/should have been Ed Balls. [I wish!]


  85. 340
    Circus Tipriot says:

    To go from a 75% lead to losing during 3 days would be unprecedented in UK politics.
    I wonder, is there an Irish element in this election, along the old Gaelic and/or Islamic lines of ‘vote early, often, and even if you’re dead’?


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