March 30th, 2010

+ + + Libel Reform Blocked + + +

tom_wDetails are a little sketchy tonight, but Guido understands that there has been a last minute ambush of Jack Straw’s libel reform bill in the Select Committee on Statutory Instruments.

The ambush was apparently galvanised by Tom Watson, with the support of Chris Mullins, Peter Kilfoyle, Jim Sheridan and Julie Kirkbride.

It seems inexplicable, the reform carries widespread support across all parties. Cynics note that some of last minute opponents had in the past benefitted from Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFAs). Others point to the closeness to former speaker Michael Martin, who opposes the reforms in the Lords. Others note that some of the oppents have themselves been beneficiaries of CFAs . Solicitors Carter-Ruck are lobbying intensely against to keep the no-win-no-fee system. Carter-Ruck won £50,000 for Tom Watson on that basis. Coincidentally.

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Guido Fact : Carter-Ruck solicitors had a table at the Index on Censorship Awards.

UPDATE : Index on Censorship has more:


30 Mar 2010

A Statutory Instrument that would have reformed costs in English libel cases was stalled at committee stage tonight after several Labour MPs voted against their party whip to bock a reduction of lawyers’ success fees from a 100 per cent mark-up to 10 per cent. Chris Mullin, Peter Kilfoyle, Tom Watson and Jim Sheridan and Julie Kirkbride voted against the move. Watson and Kilfoyle have both taken advantage of Conditional Fee Agreements in past court cases. Conservative MPs abstained from the vote.

The proposal will now go to a full parliamentary vote.


  1. 1
    where the beeb sucks there suck I says:

    “Carter-Ruck won £50,000 for Tom Watson on that basis. Coincidentally.”

    I bet the fat fuck spent it all on pies.


    • 3
      Scandal of the Highest says:

      Julie Kirkbride, Tom Watson, Carter-Ruck ?

      Say no more.


      • 8
        GEORGIE PEORGIE says:

        We’re all suppressing free speech together.


        • 40
          ==REDACTED== says:

          What is former investigative journalist Chris Mullins doing in that role call of piggery ? He should be ashamed of himself.


          • Follow the money, Guido

            Gorbals Mick

            More to follow


          • UNITE in UNITY with NLP says:

            Labour MPs voted against their party whip to bock a reduction of lawyers’ success fees from a 100 per cent mark-up to 10 per cent. Chris Mullin, Peter Kilfoyle, Tom Watson and Jim Sheridan…


            Is that a typo for BLOCK, or for BACK? The missing letter flips the meaning.


        • 104
          you're not wrong Georgie says:

          Conservative MPs abstained from the vote.


          • Weygand says:

            Exactly – forget the finger pointing at the useless, self-serving present government and explain why the would-be ‘new brooms’ failed to strut their stuff.

            If you are looking to explain why this prostrate, crooked corpse of a government is still not in its grave – here is a hint at the explanation.


          • No change with Dave says:

            That’s why, as a member of the Conservative Party, I will be voting UKIP at the election.

            Me and lots of others.

            Cameron’s corrupt socialist scum-sucking vermin are.. socialist scum-sucking vermin.


          • Lightweight Cast Iron says:

            I want to vote Tory, but the current parliamentary troughers and the treasonous scum that pass for the Tory leadership have placed my cross firmly in the UKIP box.


          • Naked Gordon says:

            UKIP are a marginal party for over the hill, bulging eyed, red faced men who secretly fear the fading of their cardboard, sad way of looking at the world. A joke.

            Gordon is a fan if it’s any consolation.


        • 106
          Animal says:

          Interesting to see who was involved:
          Watson – Labour MP, tractor-tyred ‘man of the people’ who is strangely reluctant to be completely honest and open
          Kilfoyle – Labour MP, tractor-tyred ‘man of the people’ who is strangely reluctant to be honest and open. Oh, his website is offline. Surprised?
          Sheridan – Labour MP, tractor-tyred ‘man of the people’ who voted against MPs salaries being capped
          Mullin – Labour MP, balding ‘man of the people’ who puts his accountancy costs on expenses and doesn’t care as he is retiring with a nice wedge of cash
          Kirkbride – Con MP (emphasis on the con), keeps it all in the family. Nice.


          • Work with me. Come on, then all of you can blog it. Or start a blog

            “Gorbals Mick” + libel (and google it)




            “If you build it, they will come”


          • Les says:

            Stop being so fucking coy Holborn.
            If you have any solid stuff put it here and do it yourself before chastising others for not doing the same.


    • 10
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      Same old same old!!!


    • 11
      Scouse Git says:

      Usual suspects. Not one with a crimnal record, yet they have ALL done more to get on that record than most criminals have.


    • 35
      Devon and Cornwall Police says:

      Police accused of trespass after ‘burgling’ 50 homes… to show owners how insecure they are


      • 184
        No change with Dave says:

        It’s a blatant excuse for our police force Communist government’s uniformed militia police “service” to snoop around looking for thought-crimes. Or stuff to steal.

        We all now know what criminals have known for decades; The police in England are scum.

        What’s ‘Dave’ going to do about it? Oh.. silence..


        • 198
          Biro? says:

          Once asked a copper if he had a pen so I could write down his number. The fecker had storm trooped his way into my house uninvited searching for loud music. He told me he was going to stick his pen in my eye. Nice bloke? Not too bright i’d say.

          Well, lets look at it this way. Iraq had a police force full of tradition, politics and bully boys much like our own. So we dismantled it and started again. Do you think Dave can dismantle our police and start again?


    • 238
      Anonymous says:

      If you want to be informed rather than buying an orchestrated rant watch the actual debate. Pretty interesting if you are into that sort of thing (paint drying watching exercise if you are not). More about access to justice for someone with limited means (most of us?) – on the occasion some murdochian organisation decides to call you a paedo with no justification or invades your private life to sell a few more rags – than trampling on free speech.
      Attacking the person rather than the arguments they make is cheap…


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Watson’s a Wanker.


    • 5

      and a Labour Friend Israel


      • 18
        Suck on my pork sausage says:

        The first halal online sex shop for married Muslim couples which complies with Sharia has been launched in Holland (where else)

        The site El Asira which avoids any porno nonsense appears to approach the subject of Sex for married couples in a respectful manner and judging by the number of hits it is getting seems already to be hugely popular. For those married Muslims curious about Halal sex the website is currently down presumably because the Server can’t cope with the demand.


      • 21
        nell says:

        twatson’s only a friend of anything so long as it brings him a benefit – what benefit does the israeli government bring him I wonder?


        • 25
          mohel says:

          It ain’t kosher that’s for sure.


        • 47
          Curious says:

          What the hell is a halal butt plug, and how is it different from a non halal one?


        • 65

          Free felafels for life?

          A Tesco and M&S discount?

          Got to be something in it for the fat troughing bastard.


          • Funambulist says:

            Was listening earlier to Joan Bakewell (Pinter’s ex-squeeze) on BBC R3 interviewing a ‘sharia banker’ for an hour. She bravely – for the Beeb! – brought up the subject of Islamic terrorism and the London bombings. He smoothly explained that it was all the violence was down to a ‘tiny minority of extremists’, and that the Koran speaks out against all forms of violence….Yeah right.

            She’s being doing these religious progs for decades so she must have read the Koran by now. WTF didn’t she say to him, “That’s funny, my copy of the Koran tells muslims it’s ok to kill and rape and enslave non-muslims on just about every page, you lying piece of shit!”

            Taquiya (lying to non-muslims for advantage) – it’s what the BBC is for!


          • Ah, the saintly Bakewell – ‘the thinking man’s crumpet’ as she used to be styled back in the 70s.

            Nice of you to inform us of the Islamic position on lying to non-believers – here, for comparison, is a link to an article discussing a book called ‘The Kings Torah’ which discusses rabbinical teachings relating to the treatment of those not of the Chosen.

            Funnily enough, it turns out that both ‘faiths’ have similar attitudes to outsiders.

            Me? I despise them all.


          • g1lgam3sh says:

            Taquiyya mostly works on those to dhimmi to get it


  3. 4
    Dark Lord says:

    What a devious and corrupt world we live in.


    • 199
      Biro? says:

      But strangely fun… After many, many years of in your face crusadery the impregnable fortress Crac du Chavalier fell to a Muslim bloke with a bit of paper saying do one.


  4. 6
    Jonan Dave says:

    Since jonan Dave claimed to be villa fan, the villa havent won a game, lost the league cup final, and were stuffed by chelsea…JONAN


  5. 7
    Jonan Dave says:

    Ever Since jonan Dave claimed to be villa fan, the villa havent won a game, lost the league cup final, and were stuffed by chelsea…JONAN


  6. 9
    charonqc says:

    I am genuinely shocked and angry.. this is just madness.


  7. 12
    Scientist Steve says:

    knob cheese


  8. 13
    Spartacus says:

    Give my regards to the overseas hosts that let you escape libel laws



  9. 15
    universal hiss says:

    Didn’t Private Eye have lots of trouble with this worthy team of lawyers? They are there fighting the cause of the little person at £5,000 a day.



  10. 16
    nell says:

    Libel Reform legislation opposed by twatson and juliekirkbride – that has to mean that just for once straw might have been trying to do something decent.

    We really do need a clear out of this Parliament of Whores don’t we?!!!


    • 20
      Granny Whiffs says:

      I bet you where real goer back in the day nell


      • 28
        nell says:

        I don’t mind the going, it’s the coming back.


        • 37
          nell says:

          This of course is not me but that’s OK!

          Would be good to post under one’s own moniker though wouldn’t it?

          I guess what’s really got the trolls going here is the phrase

          ‘Parliament of Whores’


          • Down with Brown! says:

            sockpuppets botherin you darlin?
            don’t worry I wll let them bugger me senseless for drugs


      • 33
        nell says:

        granny darling if you mean by a ‘goer’ someone who supports decency, honesty, hardwork, transparency, supporting mp’s and councillors who go into the job for what benefit they can bring to their community rather than from what benefits they can trough out of it and believing that going into a job in manufacturing or business that makes a profit and produces taxes to help support community , then yep I’m a ‘goer’ and proud of it!!


        • 39
          Granny Whiffs says:

          nell on a nightout


          • thick as thieves says:

            I am just about to get banned by the arch tory Guido Fawkes.
            Fawkes never gave a damn about the expenses scandal, he only used it as cover to act as a propagandist for the tories.
            now the general election is so close Guido is sweating like a rapist and the reader should expect no impariality from this place from here-on-in.
            Fawkes is a tory fifth columnist.
            end of story.
            still going to be a Labour win Guido and when that happens I will return to gloat.
            you lose, I win.


          • boomerang says:

            Tat only cares about his £5000 stake on a hung parliament, and fuck the country.


          • thick as thieves says:

            dozy cripple
            I put it all on Gordon winning so when I collect my cash I’ll be rich enough to buy arch tory Guido Fawkes website then I will return to gloat


          • nell says:

            Well you aint the real Tat. And the truth is, if that happened, and it won’t, none of us would be on here to support you so the website would be defunct.

            That collapse of support is what is happening to labour at the moment but they are in denial.

            Roll on May/June!!


          • universal hiss says:

            can I lick your scrotum nell ?


          • Troll Ope says:

            You can lick your own when I slice it off with a rusty razor blade you sla­g.


          • universal hiss says:

            awww diddums. the shitmuncher doesn’t like a taste of his own medicine
            you are a twatty kid who would probably isn’t even old enough to shave so wouldn’t know a razor blade if it slit your chin in a shaving accident spaz


        • 124
          Dodgy Dave says:

          Well said TAT. This site has become a Tory love in recently.

          Lest we not forget:

          CMD’s Tories have not once opposed Labour’s destruction of UK.
          No referendum on Lisbon (just like Labour).
          Standing ovation for Bliar on his resignation (ughh…)
          … and so on.

          All Tory supporters are living in dream land. They ain’t conservative any more. They’re a part of the grand NWO plan (which will fail).


          • Biro? says:

            Labour, Tory or civil war? Labour are guarenteed 100% to fuck the country. Tory can’t be worse, will be an improvement. Anarchy? Appealing but ultimtely counterproductive.


    • 30
      universal hiss says:

      You have a little follower Nell. How sweet.


  11. 19
    Good NEWS says:

    Here’s some GOOD NEWS

    Police hand eighth expenses file to prosecutors


  12. 24



    • 109
      Gavin Esslur is shameful and incompetent says:

      John ‘Banjoes’ Prescott on Newsnight demonstrates his understanding of the situation

      “I am delighted that Tony is back with Gordon Brown. Together they created the economic prosperity and social justice”


      • 120
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        Prescott actually said om Newsnight that Brown/Blair brought economic prosperity to the UK. What fucking planet does this guy live on? This whole fucking NuLabour experiment is conplere clusterfuck. In different times they would have been strung up and maybe just maybe people will see through their arrogance and send them into political oblivion. For that is what they deserve. These NuLabour so called do gooders make me so angry. Hypocritical sanctimonious bastards.


        • 206
          I kicked Brown's head on the rugby field says:

          “Brown/Blair brought economic prosperity to the UK”

          That’ll be like how Access/Visa brought economic prosperity to the products of the socialist education system.


      • 130
        Anonymous says:

        Economic properity for him and other sleaze ridden members.


  13. 26
    Dark Lord says:

    It all sucks

    Rename the BBC 10 O’ Clock News as – New Liebour news.

    Vote for no party as they are telling us zilch.

    All parties take voters for mugs.


  14. 27
    Barak Roomloya says:

    Being a thicko I didn’t know what a CFA is but have looked it up and it is the no-win-no-fee arrangement. And in UK it’s a Conditional Fee, not a Contingent Fee, which is for Yanks.


  15. 29
    West Bank House Builder says:

    No pizza for you goyim


  16. 31
    Dark Lord says:

    Actually too many voters are mugs and drones.


    • 207
      I kicked Brown's head on the rugby field says:

      I’ve always voted Labour and I’m not going to change now just because they’ve ruined the country. Gordon says he’s doing the right thing – it’s what people want.


  17. 36
    Anonymous says:

    This is a terrible development. It is so undemocratic. Can these people be targeted, to vote them out of office: Tom Watson, Chris Mullins, Peter Kilfoyle, Jim Sheridan and Julie Kirkbride.


  18. 38
    Osama Ya Mama says:

    ““““““““`\/`-\“`/-`\/“` joo deepsheets!


  19. 41
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Tom Watson should only be allowed in the chamber if he wins two seats.


  20. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone who thinks they’ll abolish or even amend CFA’s with their 100% uplift on fees is kidding themselves.

    The politicians recent rants about the freedom of speech being attacked by the libel lawyers is just spin. They don’t want nor ever will they alter the status quo because they know they’ll want their services to quell debate on their robbery of the public purse


  21. 48
    cynic says:

    Have you seen the BBCs report on Peter Robinson? After Irisgate Shaun Woodward declared Peter completely exonerated by an inquiry he had set up himself working to his own (unpublished) terms of reference.

    Now the BBC allege that a developer sold Robinson a ransom strip of land on a site beside his home for a £5.

    Robbo and wife then allegedly sold it on to another developer for £5 allowing them to unlock a residential development from which he stood to make megabucks. Strangely too, the BBC seem to allege that all these deals failed to be recorded in the register of member’s interest’s etc, The BBC also allege that interests weren’t declared in the local council when planning decisions were going through and estimate the true value of the £5 strip of land at £75k to £200k.

    Even stranger the developer who sold it to the Robinsons was the late Fred Frazer – whom you may recall loaned the blessed Iris £25k to help fit out her lover’s cafe then wrote off the loan as a gift … you do when a local MP nips in for what in Ireland has become known as a ‘dig out’.

    Now this is a real missed opportunity. Given Mr Robinson’s evident Financial acumen he’s wasted in lil old Northern Ireland. At the very least surely he should be a Treasury Minister where his financial skills could solve the national debt crisis in a few days.

    And just why is Labour so supportive of and getting so close to the Democratic Unionist Party. It couldn’t be anything to do with the possibility of a hung parliament and their past support for Labour on 42 day detention?Anyway I am sure that their new friends in the DUP will go down very well with traditional Labour supporters who will just love:

    the campaign against the popes visit or as they so delicately put it ‘NO POPE HERE’

    as well as the belief that homosexuals are ill and can be cured (are you listening Peter – what a shame about all those wasted years when you could have been enjoying the love of a good woman)


  22. 51
    I am disturbed says:

    A man walks into a bar and takes a look around, he walks up to the barman and says “I can have sex with any woman i want to in here” the barman says “Really? how come” and the man replies “because i’m a rapist”


    • 54
      here's johnny says:

      I think I must be disturbed as well….I laughed.


    • 58
      I am disturbed says:

      A woman sits up in an hospital. a man walks up and talks to her. “well, after taking a look at your vagina, I have some bad news for you.” The girl says “really?” The guy smiles and says, “I’m not a gyneocologist”


  23. 53
    streamfisher says:

    Bleed the Freaks! (sorry just that mood tonight).


  24. 56
    Jimmy says:

    Do the reforms cover imaginary libel writs? If so, shouldn’t you declare an interest?

    “Carter-Ruck won £50,000 for Tom Watson on that basis. Coincidentally.”

    A libel solicitor leaving his client up on the deal? Whatever next?

    I suppose you get what you pay for.


  25. 57
    Agent 99 says:

    anyone seen this FFS !!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS. I tell you they will have to drag the man out by the feet and prise his fingers from the banisters to do it.

    Gordon Brown could lose and still be Prime Minister

    Gordon Brown could continue as Prime Minister for weeks even if he loses the election, under Whitehall proposals to prevent a run on the pound in the event of a hung parliament.


    • 62
      says it all says:

      Officials under the direction of Sir Gus O’Donnell


      • 69
        tim says:

        Perhaps Brown should refuse to call an election if there is a grave danger of upsetting the financial markets and causing a disastrous run on the pound?

        The country can not afford the chaos that a probable hung parliament would cause so why have an election?

        Brwon should just carry on as PM until the economy is back to normal again.


        • 126
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          Well that should suit him OK as it will take a generation to put this economy right.


        • 188
          Rip Van Winkle says:

          Normal again?? Do fuck off, it’s NEVER going back to normal, shithead, ‘cos ‘normal’ got us into this mess. You just don’t get it, do you Tim?


        • 237
          g1lgam3sh says:

          The Universe will die before that happens if he stays


      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        under the direction of Kim Jong Brown more like


    • 105
      Moley says:

      Instructions on how to form a Government in a hung Parliament with the pound in free fall, a gilt strike, a credit downgrade, and Brown’s negotiating skills.

      Let us hope it does not happen.


      • 133
        Mr Ned says:

        And a national strike with over a million people sponteneusly picketing Whitehall!!!!

        There is no way that Brown should be allowed to stay in power if he loses the vote!

        And I’ll just bet that the BBC would merely call such a situation ‘a quirk of our democracy’.

        Any law, statute or rule created by such a losing prime minister would NOT have the force of law as it would not be enacted by the government with the consent of the Governed!


  26. 59
    Last one for tonight says:

    A guy gets home late one night and his wife says: “Where have you been?”

    “I was out getting a tattoo.”

    “A tattoo? What kind of tattoo did you get?”

    “I got a hundred dollar bill on my penis.”

    “What the hell were you thinking? Why did you get a hundred dollar bill
    on your penis?”

    “Well, number one, I like to watch my money grow. number two, once in a
    while, I like to play with my money. And lastly, instead of you going
    out shopping, you can stay right here at home and blow a hundred bucks
    anytime you want!”


  27. 61
    stAsi says:

    must read

    more on the Hollie Greig issue

    Hey America knows about this, its been in the press in Australia,
    and the Palestine news named everyone last week

    so why have not heard of it on our news?


    • 76
      lol says:

      that’s not news! everyone already knows that scotch labour politicians are a load of pervs LOL


      • 225
        Boy Scout says:

        And police in Glasgow warned the former Labour leader of Glasgow City Council that he might be blackmailed because of his using cocaine – but they don’t take any action against him for being a cocaine user, nor do the City Council!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Clearly the Police had to rush off to look for honest Christians to arrest.


        • 228
          Sore Head says:

          Assault someone with a knife or a baseball bat – get a pat on the head, a Mars Bar and entry into a free draw for a holiday in Miami.
          Quote the Bible criticising homosexuality and it’s instant arrest followed by a £1,000 fine.


    • 83
      nutterwatch says:

      Google. Tin Foil Hat.


  28. 63
    Gordon Brezhnev says:

    O/T but you will need more than a strait jacket and sedatives to get me out of Drowning Street……


    • 73
      rally round the govt says:

      Perhaps Brown should refuse to call an election if there is a grave danger of upsetting the financial markets and causing a disastrous run on the pound?
      The country can not afford the chaos that a probable hung parliament would cause so why have an election?
      Brown should just carry on as PM until the economy is back to normal again


      • 234
        giant bee says:

        Congratulations ! You win the coveted “Moron Of The Week” award, won in previous weeks by – you ! Dating right back to the week you first opened your mouth.

        The country cannot afford Gordon Brown. He must go. Anyone would be better – even you, deranged as you are.


  29. 67
    Labour planning a coup d'etat? says:

    This sounds extremely sinister. Moves are afoot to allow Gordon Brown to remain as prime minister even if he loses the next election:


    • 71
      BenM says:

      Brown should cancel the election until the economy is on firm ground again. All parties should agree with this if they truly have the interests of Britain at heart.


      • 82

        Are you for real, or just a sick satirist?

        The Labour Party will never get the economy on firm ground again – to do so would go against their basic principles of egalitarianism, meddling and control-freakery.

        If Brown even thinks of cancelling the election there will be civil war.


      • 125
        Madme Defarge says:

        Jesus Christ on a bike. Are you insane? Don’t give this shower any chance whatsoever to erode our freedoms any longer.

        You’ll have the Generals in Downing Street if this happens and quite bloody right too. The Civil Service may well be our best option if this scenario arises.

        Are you a Labour Troll?


    • 75

      No – it’s standard practice to allow the sitting PM to attempt to form a government if there is no majority party.

      The pound will go south, our credit rating likewise, but the gurning mentalist will still be allowed to try to persuade enough fools to join him to get a working majority.

      Remember the 70s? We had the same then, with the Lib-Lab pact in 77. Closely followed by the IMF and widespread strikes and disruption.


      • 84
        banana republic says:


        The crucial difference with this plan is that Brown will be allowed to remain as prime minister “for as long as he wants” even if the Tories are the largest party after the election.

        This is getting increasingly Stalinist. Brown is obviously conspiring, possibly with senior civil servants, to remain in power even if he loses the election.


        • 91
          tim says:

          Cancel the election for a few more months. We cannot risk a run on the pound that a hung parliament would bring.


          • Aunt Betsy Trotwood says:

            Hang on BenM…Tim these names are the same as the ones who bait everyone over on PB.

            Don’t feed the trolls folks!


        • 136
          Mr Ned says:

          The first past the post system may be a less than perfect system, but it is a he’ll of a lot better than the second past the post system.

          If brown loses the election and tries to remain in power, there will be civil war!!!


        • 155
          I am the egg man says:

          The crucial difference with this plan is that Brown will be allowed to remain as prime minister “for as long as he wants”

          Or until there is a vote of no confidence.


        • 196

          I read the article, and got precisely the opposite sense to that which you seem to have.

          The main change to current practise is that the Civil Service will be able to assist opposition parties with information while they are negotiating on policies during the formation of a coalition – this would be a good thing, as it would enable the smaller parties to see exactly how fucked the public finances are and how urgent it is to agree sensible policies with any minority Conservative administration.

          Otherwise, the situation is unchanged – the sitting PM has a couple of weeks to try to arrange a coalition, then if he does not, the main opposition gets a go at the same.

          It’s just more clear now what the position of the CS in the scheme of things would be, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

          As it says in large pink letters on the cover of the H2G2 – ‘Don’t Panic!’.


      • 88
        a reasonable suggestion says:

        Perhaps Gordon Brown should refuse to call an election if there is a grave danger of upsetting the financial markets and causing a disastrous run on the pound?. The country can not afford the chaos that a probable hung parliament would cause so why have an election? He should just carry on as PM until the economy is back to normal again


    • 89
      nell says:

      Don’t worry! gutlessgordon, in desperation, has brought tangoed tone back to be his mouthpiece and the polls are widening!

      What we really need is a photo op of twatson, kevan, bullyballs, gutlessgordon, aintbustingut, postmanpat, the strawman, wallywhelan and shriekingshriti ( and let’s not forget theeumillionairemandy) all together with the caption – “this is your government for the next five years” posted on billboards around Britain.


  30. 74
    Porky Pickles says:

    Hooray ! Porky Pickles is on Newsnight acting a cu nt as usual


  31. 79
    Martin Day says:

    “Don’t vote Conservative – it will dilute the UKIP vote.”


    • 103
      nell says:

      Don’t vote labour it will dilute the vote for decency and democracy and block a reduced parliament and reduced parliamentary expenses!


  32. 85
    Salford slim says:

    I dont wish to be ‘sizeist’

    but Eric Pickles is a big fat useless liability. How can the fat fuck look after the country when he cant look after himself/

    Get your jaws wired you fat fuck.


    • 96
      nell says:

      I feel sure you meant that comment to also be aimed at twatson and two jags and jacqui ………………..


      • 107
        Salford slim says:

        actually Nell I am offended every time tubby pickles appears. His shocker on question night started it for me.

        He is visually offensive.

        Get to the gym lardarse


        • 159
          nell says:

          Sweetie the really offensive politicians are jacquiesmith. margaretmoran, 2jagsprezza, aintbustingaut and twatson .

          Why?? Because they’ve troughed more money from the taxpayers for no public benefit than any other mp’s, of any colour, in the House of Whores!


          • Disgwaceful! Sweetie says:


          • Salford slim says:

            Christ. They offend me more than you will ever know.

            Pickles on question time was as offensive as the most offensive thing ever in the unverse. With fat on.

            A wise man once told me “never ever employ a fatty” He was bang on the money.


          • Turnip Taliban says:

            poor nell lives in a world of fantasy where the Conservatives weren’t caught noses in the trough squealing as happily as the Labour piggies


          • Unsworth says:

            @ Salford Slim

            Remember Julius Caesar.


  33. 86
    Total Anarchy Please says:

    I’m voting for labour for one reason and one reason only to see true anarchy

    Pound Collapse
    Interest rates at 30%
    Wiemar Republic style printing banknotes every hour
    Food will run out
    Riots on the streets


  34. 87
    D L George says:

    No one watching newsnight?

    Great scrap between Prescot, Pickles and Hune.

    They started with a graphic of Blair coming out of a coffin calling him the undead.


    • 92
      BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

      Esler was out of his depth, the whole thing turned into a 4-way shouting match. I was awarding myself bonus points everytime “Ashcroft” got shouted Prescott.


    • 138
      Brown's a Tosser says:

      How the hell did Prescott get from a ships lacky into politics and then on to Deputy Prime Minister. The man is dinosaur with nothing to say other than Ashcroft. What did he add to the debate – nothing. Obviously NuLabour focus groups have highlighted the Ashcroft affair. Unfortunately the talking points memo of last week was not copied to poor old 2 jags with his mock tudor beams. What a complete low life trougher.


  35. 90
    Toe_Knee's_Newnight says:

    Mr Pies: “He’s the man that makes the difference”

    Mr Pickles: “The betrayal of the British People”

    Summary: The difference he’s made is to betray the British People

    (Good and Stalwart attack by Pickles – Keep up the good work!)


    • 99
      Porky Pickles says:

      Who ate all the Pies ?
      Who ate all the Pies ?
      you fat bastard, you fat bastard
      You ate all the Pies


  36. 94
    Eric Pickles says:

    Ashcroft might very well be correct

    “It is worth reminding ourselves of something. This is what friends of the Conservative party have got for five years of “detoxifying” insults, sustained political cowardice and a leadership-led abandonment of every issue of grassroots importance. This is all that has been achieved by those Tory backbenchers who have silently gone along with the Cameronians only because they thought it would finally gain them power.

    “Cameron and his colleagues have spent the last five years assiduously antagonising everyone who should be well disposed towards them and attempting to woo those who would never like them. They have been chasing unimportant and ungettable endorsements from Martin Day while alienating their sympathisers. I recently spent an unhappy evening with a senior Tory who dismissed one potentially friendly institution after another. The City’s criticisms of Osborne? “Who cares about the City?” he asked. The Telegraph’s criticisms of Cameron? “I don’t bother with the Telegraph any more.” And so on.

    “If the Cameron clique had spent more time listening to their friends they might be preparing for power. As it is, they deserve to lose.”


  37. 98
    tim says:

    Gordon Brown should delay the election to avoid the risk of a run on the pound. He could call one when the economy has fully recovered in a year or so’s time.


    • 102
      delay the election says:

      If the Tories really were patriotic they would agree with that suggestion but they are too busy talking down the economy and trying to cause a sterling crisis to care.


      • 108
        national unity says:

        To get us through this crisis we need a government of national unity with Gordon Brown remaining as prime minister to give us the stability we need and to assure the financial markets and with Vince Cable as chancellor bringing his wisdom and experience to the situation.

        If the Tories refuse to coperate for the good of the country then everyone will realise they are only out for themselves.


        • 111
          phil says:

          The Tories are trying to talk down the economy. We need Brown and Vince Cable in charge of a govt of national unity to get us through the crisis.


          • Mark says:

            Cameron and Osborne are the enemy within. We can’t afford the risk of them taking over the country.


          • nell says:

            Of course we do.

            gordon can then keep our troops in Afghanistan without helicopters, ridgebacks, body armour, IED protection.

            At home he can create more non jobs for real nappy officers, eat more fruits administrators, pram wheel counters (remember them?), officers for suffolk jugglers, ( yes for real!), diversity officers, equality officers, climate change officers, eat more veg officers, elf&safety don’t clear your path’s in snow officers……

            Yep we really need gutlessgordon in power for another five years …………………


          • To the barricades... says:

            What’s occurring here? A mass attack on Guido’s blog by Labour stalwarts. Getting worried boys?

            Tone’s appearance doesn’t seem to have wow’d anyone very much – apart from the Jaffa tinged hue of his splendid tan – must be the rays emitted from his wallet when it flashes open.


          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            Tony has just been contact by Coppertone and ask to be their face for 2010 – 2011 fee to be £250,000 together with royalties of course.


          • Slime Alert says:


            No. YOu are trying to deny democracy you evil lefty.


          • WMD says:

            Cameron can then keep our troops in the Afghanistan and I don’t care because I’m a Warmonger who loves splashing about in the blood of dead troops to exploit their slaughter.

            Yep we really need the Heir to Bliar in power to do as his master did.


      • 110
        BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

        These “elections” are evidently dangerous things. That’s probably why Gordon tends to avoid them. It’s for the stability of the economy and is the right thing to do.


        • 112
          we can't take the risk says:

          It’s only the Tories who want an election. The vast majority of people just want stability and we won’t get that with a hung parliament.


          • Gordon Brown says:

            It’s up to me if we have an election or not and I haven’t made up my mind whether to have one or not yet, but if we do have one and I lose then I will be staying on as prime minister because it’s the right thing to do.


        • 150
          Gordon Brown says:

          we cannot have elections when there
          is an air of uncertainty…will not
          pander to populism.

          Its the right thing to do.


    • 129
      Moley says:

      “Delay the election to avoid a run on the pound?”

      I cannot think of any act better calculated to cause an instant economic catastrophe.

      It would be Lehmans going bust on a national scale.


    • 147
      South of the M4 says:

      Hung parliament, bollocks. Brown staying, bollocks. All spin shit. The markets are not worried about a hung parliament – they are worried about any influence that Brown may have on the economy. All this is utter spin drivel by a bunch of losers. They just need to be ignored. Tossers.


  38. 101
    Vote For Old Holborn says:

    I’m not being paid to say this


  39. 114
    Salford slim says:

    Off topic but the FSA have unleashed the final RDR paper.

    Financial advice for the great unwashed is officially a thing of the past.


  40. 117
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Shouldn’t they have declared their interest?


  41. 118
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have decided to make myself Prime Minister For Life.

    Because it’s the right thing to do.


    • 119
      John says:

      It’s no laughing matter anymore.


      • 131
        nell says:

        After tangoedtone’s performance today I think gutlessgordon may be moving towards a c++++aucescu moment!


        • 144
          Groucho says:

          I didn’t see it. Was he in full on, looking into the middle distance, ‘hand of history is on our shoulders’ mode?

          The fact that Brown has brought the lying, warmongering shyster back to strengthen their election campaign speaks volumes


        • 230
          Unsworth says:

          Anyone else notice Blair’s peculiar accent at the beginning of his speech? Almost Middle Eastern American. Very strange.


    • 143
      Mental Health Act says:

      Pretty soon I will be the only one with a vote.


  42. 127
    Beeboyed says:

    How much does Gavin Essler get from the BBC poll tax?


    • 135
      nell says:

      The Beeboid Tax in support of this Parliament of Whores!!!

      How many £Millions is it in Total each year?!!

      And how unwisely is most of it frittered away as the Beeb slavishly supports this failed labour government?

      Time to bring it all to an end hopefully on May 6 or June 3 if gordon really can’t bring himself to be a man and call a proper election until the last moment!


      • 158
        Beeboyed says:

        The witch Wark was at Edinburgh University while Brown was the Rector.I have long suspected a monstous and intimate relationship between the two.


      • 177
        Grannie Whiff parps her delusional fuckwittery says:

        Mr Cameron stressed that he supported the BBC

        He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

        He added that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”


  43. 132
    Hynagogic Orchestra says:

    What a bunch of lying, pathetic, bullying, stupid, troughing twats.


  44. 137
    khmer marron says:

    cause a run on the pound?>

    my dear- kon- stit- yew -wents………..

    i have already cut the pound from $2,10 to $1.48 and the Euro from around Eu 1.45 down to 1.07……….

    therefore making lots of money……for all those poor countries outside the UK!


  45. 139
    farnboro says:

    Keep up, Guido. It’s nothing to do with the Select Committee on Statutory Instruments.

    A separate delegated legislation committee has debated the order and voted against the motion “That the Committee has considered the instrument”. This is no big deal and doesn’t affect the procedure for passing the order in the Commons.

    The motion to approve the order would have had to be formally approved by the House by a vote, whatever the outcome of the vote in committee. That vote is still scheduled to take place next Tuesday: if there’s an objection to the motion then, the vote will take place on Wednesday.


  46. 141
    tony and gordon-lovers again says:

    o/t….just had the misfortune to see a clip of the ultra hoon herself,miranda blair,on the tv….

    still talking bollocks……..gordon acted decisively??????

    talk about trying to re-write history.they really do take us for fools…… tony doesnt remember the queues of people outside of NORTHERN ROCK???

    DOESNT remember gordon brown hob nobbing with the toffs that he hates at a cocktail party in the city (how ironic for a commie)and convinced victor blank (another toff friend) to totally fuck up lloyds bank by taking over hbos?

    northern rock?
    halifax,bank of scotland?
    bradford + bingley?
    royal bk of scotland?

    none of this was seen by the FSA…
    and whos’ baby was that?
    yep…….gurning gordon …….

    still all it cost was £billions and thousands of jobs……

    did you see the way Blairs eye darted around the room?

    like a lizard……….


  47. 145
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I find it very hard to believe that nobody has a photo of Bercows wifes twa t


  48. 149
    John Boy Walton says:

    Night ma Night pa


  49. 154
    Robert Mugabe says:

    Keep up the good work, Gordon.


  50. 161
  51. 166
    nazi nell uses zyklon b says:

    The only remedy for followers like twatson, kevan or whelan, the sort of political troughing vermin that are on here tonight is rat poison , preferably one that leads to a long slow death.


  52. 171
    Labour whores in BBC make-up says:

    O/T. Campbell will be shedding a tear or two now his hero princess Tony is back in town. He is an honourable man. The Labour Asylum is now officially opened.


  53. 180
    Moley says:

    The BBC are soliciting contributions to pay for billboards opposing BBC cuts to be placed outside their various offices.

    Send your e mails here.

    Moley has already replied.


  54. 181
    Bargain Basement Smearing says:

    And no-one tengentially linked to the Conservative Party by ever being a member or a councillor has ever been convicted of the same type of crimes have they ?

    Pitifully desperate stuff.


  55. 183
    Lord Vitalographcroft says:

    The cause of all the countries with Lord Ashcroft.


  56. 187
    Lord Vitalographcroft says:

    All the countries problems are caused by Lord Ashcroft. Apologies for previous comments, too many spliffs.


  57. 190

    watched a police programme tonight
    they raided an asian curry house in manchester
    looking for stolen passports they turned the place upside down finding nothing
    i thought well you could hide a couple of passports anywhere
    then they went into the suspended ceiling they found 740 brand new blank shrink wrapped british passports
    for fucks sake these had come straight from the passport office
    just proving that anyone who wants to get in this country can for a couple of grand
    25years ago my mates wife worked at HMSO where they printed the pages of our passports
    i remember him telling me that if one page was missing at the end of the day
    that everybody had to stay and search the factory untill it turned up
    nobody could leave untill it was found
    and found it would be !
    the factory also had police on the gates 24/7 as well
    how fucking times have changed !


  58. 191

    Brown absolutley fucking hated (tangoBlair) now blair is sucking his cock !
    WHY ? there must be money involved
    ie blairs non dom tax status or public funds being diverted to blair
    he’s not in this for love
    the bastards up to something !


  59. 193
    Ron Vibbentrop says:

    Reform and British politics are very uneasy bedfellows. The vermin fight tooth and nail to ensure that priviledge and cronyism remains.


  60. 195
    Phoney '3rd Way' 'Pumpkin' face Bliar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

    I am very, very rich.

    And I owe it all to Noo_Lie_Bore.

    You could be rich too if you become one of the elite in Noo_Lie_Bore.

    For I founded the ‘Party of the Poor’ – (Yeah – right!) – on the founding principles of

    PC bullshit
    empty gestures
    cultivation of trash celebs
    ‘Cool’ Britannia
    a belief that you can fool all the people most of the time
    funny money

    and so on.

    And Gorgon carries on my work.

    So Trust me – I’m a straight kinda guy.


  61. 203
  62. 204
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    Mullin a self serving two faced little weasel !!


  63. 205
    Angry at Brown says:


    Brown could stay on as PM even if he loses

    contingency plans being drawn up if hung parliament

    all for the needs of the economy/ city

    what about the needs of the people?

    vote tory and get Brown out


  64. 208
    The Admiral says:

    The thought of Gordoom “hanging on” fills us all with dread. Can not be allowed at any cost. Meltdown would immediately follow…


    • 219
      albacore says:

      Smoke and mirrors and the stench of rats.
      The whole point of the Lib/Lab/Con trick was to bring the country to a state of collapse.
      Today Brown will pontificate, finally, about immigration.
      Watch the Tories and the Liberals close ranks with him.


  65. 209
  66. 212
  67. 216
    Down With Brown! says:

    Lots of speculation in the papers that McDoom is trying to tinker with the constitution to hang on as PM.

    Only one safe way to kick the Hunt out for good. Vote against Labour in your constituency.


    • 218
      Heir-to-Blair Tony Cameron says:

      and replace him with Blair 2.0 ?
      fuck that


      • 221
        Mr Plum says:

        If he is Blair 2 how come he does not get any support from the beeb or loony left media


      • 222
        The Warning is there for everybody if they choose to look says:

        There needs to be clear majority in the next Parliament for either Labour or preferably Conservative. The risks for the UK of having a “Hung Parliament” are very dire and will have MAJOR economic consequences indeed requiring immediate interest rate rises and massive massive spending cuts resulting in a reduction in front-line services and rise in unemployment

        Nobody should be in any doubt that in the event of the UK having a “Hung parliament” on 7 May(if the election is 6 May)the exchanges and markets will go into freefall………


  68. 223
    The Admiral says:

    Given how reliant everyone was on Aunty Beeb in 1945 is it any wonder Churchill was undermined by Labour, even then?…


  69. 227
    There's Something Even Worse You May Not Be Aware of says:

    It gets worse.

    The Government is now proposing that liabilities arising from an award for libel or slander will not be released on discharge from bankruptcy.

    In plain language, this means that if you are the victim of a libel action and get a massive award made against you which so far exceeds your assets or ability to pay it that you have to go bankrupt, even after all your estate is taken from you and divvied up among your creditors, you will still never be free from the libel award and the buggers will be able to pursue you and take successive shirts off your back to the end of your days.

    This appalling proposal is buried in an innocuous and technical sounding document called “Proposals for amendment to Insolvency Act 1986 and Companies Director Act 1986″ issued by the Insolvency Service (which still calls itself “A BERR Service” – good to see they’re using up all their old stationery) on 18 March.


  70. 233

    B-liar is desperate to hang on to his old contacts
    it’s a nice little earner
    and remember he was “mentioned in dispatches “


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