March 30th, 2010

A Future Blair For All

The British public clearly have a longer memory than the Labour Party would like, even their own most loyal apparatchiks have mixed feelings about the return of Blair. Despite the billing that this was to be a swinging attack at Cameron, old Tony refused to personally attack his political heir: Dave. Instead he chose to meekly go after wonky Oliver Letwin about market forces in the public services – something New Labour was built on.

He also suggested that Labour had never used the “vacuous” slogan “time for a change“, Guido begs to differ and wonders what Tony’s good chum Obama would have to say about that. Looking more orange than even Peter Hain, Guido suspects we won’t be seeing much more of Blair in the run up to polling day – not with the 50% tax rate and everything. He’ll resist the temptation to upstage Brown, it would in any event tarnish his reputation as a thrice-proven election winner to be associated with Brown…


  1. 1
    George Bush's Poodle says:

    Woof woof!


    • 2

      We’re all trying to hide embarrassing tax status details together.


      • 12
        Lord Ashcroft says:

        yes we certainly are George, but don’t tell William


      • 31
        Mrs B says:

        Is this one of the day’s Tony’s allowed in the country without upsetting his non-dom status?


        • 55
          Anonymous says:

          He has to be out of the UK by 10 pm tonight .


        • 58
          Anonymous says:

          ….or the taxman cometh.


        • 80
          Hair heir says:

          I wonder if Dave Cameron will want a photo op with his hero?


          • Disaffected says:

            No, Dave needs to stay clear of mass murderers, expense cheats and liars who fcuk up the economy with psychopathic friends- press slugretary and Professor Moody (half wit who can’t add up). It’s best for Dave to stay with normal people.

            I saw Caroline Flint describe Blair as a “superstar” on the Politics Show at lunchtime- I wonder, how did she get nominated to be in the cabinet?? She greedily employs her hubby, like fatty Smith. McSlug needs to throw a phone or two her way to knock some sense into her. Then again, perhaps that is why she left? No mention on the BBC or Robinscum’s blog of the three pigs who went to market/court. I get confused between Byers, Hewitt and Hoon and the three snorters in court.

            Trust Brown’s judgment: Brown robbed everyone’s pension in 1997 and is now wondering what should be done to finance people in their old age- Brown won’t let you down. Brown sold our gold when it was at its lowest price costing the UK £7 billion pounds- Brown won’t let you down. Brown improperly financed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of people lost their lives because Brown did not provide enough money. Brown’s denied this in complete contrast to the evidence of military chiefs. He then realised he did not fund the wars properly and wrote to confirm he was wrong- Brown won’t let you down. Brown is the one who was given a good economy and now it is bankrupt- Brown won’t let you down. Brown still claims for a second home that he does not have, brown won’t let you down. Brown recently told the country- I won’t let you down. He cannot be trusted. Brown has let you down for 13 years, it is time for change, vote him out. Now Tony’s back perhaps we can invade Korea- or is there a financial reason why the UK should not??


          • Mr Ned says:

            “Now Tony’s back perhaps we can invade Korea- or is there a financial reason why the UK should not??”

            No we shouldn’t because Blair wants us to invade Iran instead. Or at least that is what he told the Chilcott inquiry. And it would be cheaper, because we could use the same documentation and just do a find and replace on the letter Q with the letter N.


          • No, Mr Ned – the claim that the Iranians gassed the Kurds would be totally unsupportable, as the US Army SSI report referenced in this article and this chronology makes absolutely clear.

            We’d have to go back to 1990s intelligence to try to pin that one on the Iranians, and since Chemical Ali was executed for the crime, that would surely be too much for the public to swallow.

            No – far better to base any attack on Iran on our usual position as proxies for Israel.


        • 87
          UNITE in UNITY with NLP says:

          The Doom’s just been on the radio talking about Tony in Sedgefield:

          “..he, like me, wunts….”

          He liked me, once. Not so much an election strategy as a howl of pain.


          • Disaffected says:

            You would have thought slotgob would join her husband in wishing McSlug well wouldn’t you? Was she in the back of the radio room calling McSlug a liar again??

            Vote for Tony, we could invade Korea and Iran at the same time on a shoe string budget compiled by Professor Moody with Bad Al smearing all those who dare to oppose them. Although I suspect Tony had a calling from God not to invade Korea on this occasion to protect his income.


        • 237
          Bishop Dosh says:

          Mrs B – Blair cannot acquire non dom status.

          But he can become ‘not ordinarily resident in the UK’. This means that he will not be taxed on his overseas earnings which comprise 90% of his income. For this reason he will spend most of the tax year, each tax year, roaming the world gorging at different troughs.

          Although he loves money, he loves Jesus and Cherie, too. Remeber him in your prayers.


        • 242
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          I had to turn the contrast down on the telly his orange tan was blinding me. I appreciate that hardcore NuLabourite like him but not many people like him in the masses and a vote loser more than a vote catcher me thinks. “A Future Fair For All” Who makes this shit up at Labour HQ they would not know fair if it bit them on the arse.


        • 264
          backwoodsman says:

          Under the new hardline IR ‘interpretation ‘ of the rules, just having retained ANY links in the UK, is sufficient for them to claim they can tax you. I would say that visiting the UK and actively campaigning for a UK based political party, in your former constituency, falls well within that definition. Lets see them applying the same ruling to all !


        • 330
          Get Smart says:

          I think 60 days before the tax”person” calls.
          He does nothing without payment wonder what he’s charging but don’t worry people Unite Union will be paying.


        • 343
          Rip Van Winkle says:

          93 days he’s got – not one day more.


          • Al Megrahi,s Doctor says:

            How embarrasing for Mr Brown, he must hav been sooo desperate to have had to call “SUPERTONE” out of retirement. What a comedown to have to ask the guy you got rid of to come and save your ass. But it’s too late gord… we know all about him now. You might aswell have got Bush over too! Just show’s there’s nothing he won’t try to hold on to his percived status. DESPERADOS the lot of them!!


    • 49
      Sunil Prasannan says:

      “A future Blair for all” is mine! MINE I tell you!

      Evidence? Well look no further!:


      • 94
        Acme Wheelbarrows LTD says:

        your all muppets. No change in gov no matter who it is,no change in pockets,soon you’ll need a wheelbarrow to buy a loaf,if you can find one for sale.Theres a class thats not upper or lower or middle and its called does no care for you or even consider you a human being,you are less than a slug to them,Go on vote again,and again and again ad infinitum,nothing will change for the better.Nothing will ever change for your class.they will always be the gov and you will always be the slugs,except there will be a large scale cull of you soon.


    • 118
      Life's a bitch says:

      Saw that he had been assassinated, then work up….


    • 122
      WAKE UP!!!! says:


    • 166
      Augustyn says:

      Is Tony a non-dom?


      • 204
        Jim says:

        Yes. His main residence is up Ariel Sharon’s giant arse.

        And how come none of the rats in Sedgefield tried to arrest the evil war criminal?


        • 245
          X. Fatboy says:

          Less room at that particular in now. In 2010, it was reported that he [Sharon] now weighs about 50 kilograms. (110 pounds) [Wikipedia] Still capable of domiciling several Sedgefield rats tho I would think.


          • ShoutsAtTheTV says:

            The guy goes off and ‘earns’ a £20m-a-year salary, spends precious little time in the UK (to avoid taxation) – then sends the UK taxpayer a £2m-a-year expenses claim for his personal security…

            Where’s your “means testing” now, Labour scum?


        • 335
          davidke says:

          Cos they weren’t allowed in.


        • 348
          Mr Ned says:

          It will take a small army of people to perform a citizen’s arrest on Blair. They will also have to arrest his personal security guards and the local police officer’s who wish to pervert the cause of justice by acting to prevent justice from being carried out.

          Besides, even IF they ever did get an arrest, he would be released without charge and the CPS would not touch the case with a barge pole. I mean he only had a few hundred thousand people unlawfully killed. It is not like he sold a goldfish to a 14 year old. That IS serious:

          That has lead to an elderly woman narrowly avoiding being sent to jail and having to wear an electronic tag.

          This country is ass-hat backwards!


    • 345
      Tony Blair Millionaire says:

      Hi Guys – sorry and all that – got to dash back to the old tax haven before Baroness Slot Gob realises I’m home!

      By the way….like the irony Guido….my mahogany permatan next to a slogan about being “fair”….nice one!


      • 389
        Anon says:

        And I hope that you die
        And that your death will come soon
        I’ll follow your casket
        In the pale afternoon.
        I’ll watch as you’re lowered
        Down to your death bed
        Then I’ll stand over your grave
        Until I’m sure that you’re dead.

        R. Zimmerman


    • 392
      Down With Brown! says:

      Hunt, lier, war criminal.


  2. 3
    The IMF is coming says:

    Swinging or swingeing attack/

    The future is bright, the future is orange


  3. 4
    Dark Lord says:

    War criminal.


  4. 5
    amongomous says:

    Someone should ask him why he doesn’t live here now its so fucking fantastic after 13 years of Liebore.


    • 19
      Anonymus says:

      I must say that even if I thought england was wonderful, and brilliant, and well run and all the things it might be in the mind of Gordon, I’d still want to go to america to milk millions off dim yanks


      • 93
        Hair heir says:

        That is his payoff for being a good poodle. Yo Blair!


        • 111
          Anonymus says:

          Seems very likely.

          On the other hand they might have dangled the keys to our nuclear weapons in the air and said “not until you’ve given us a kiss”. (or ‘aint you godda pruddy mouth’)


          • Hair heir says:

            They would always offer sweeties first, before bad cop made an introduction. Phoney and Cherie Antionette, being venal whores, would never turn a good offer down, they adore money more than anything.


        • 287
          John Thomas says:

          Please get the name correct, it is B’Liar.


    • 28
      Warcriminals for the many not the few says:

      the further he is from the Hague the better he likes it


    • 183
      smig says:

      Coz the postman kept delivering his CDs from Amazzon into his wife’s cakehole.


  5. 6
    Swiss Bob says:

    Very believable, if you’ve been suffering from Alzheimer’s the last thirteen years:

    YouTubed: A Future Fair for All: Poverty, unless you’re Tony ‘multi millionaire’ Blair.


    • 108
      Floating Voter says:


      1. Read “The Mirror”
      2. Read “The Guardian”
      3. Watch the BBC
      4. Still in a Job.
      5. Work in the public sector.
      6. House still worth Loads of money.
      7. Mortgage payments less than under “Tories”
      8. Interest rates less than under “Tories”
      9. Core labour supporter.

      Has there been any mention of Liam’s or Alistairs cut “more than Thatcher” in the Mirror or on the BBC news? Any mention of that on Maquires blog?


    • 155
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      Toe-curling, stomach-churning, nauseating bilge.

      I could feel tsunamic waves of nausea washing over my head, drowning me, drowning me….


  6. 7
    I hate new Labour says:

    I wish him a slow painful death. Seriously.

    He is pure scum. A greedy, self-serving, warmongering, american ass-kisser.


    • 20
      Ricky Martin says:

      Is he still a raving hetero?


      • 34
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Until it’s politically inconvenient.


      • 73
        I hate New Labour says:

        He’s whatever the guy that signs the cheques wants him to be…


        • 102
          The Dog Lover. says:

          He’s the guy we all new in school who never got into trouble, was willing to sell his friends down the swanny to save his own neck and was the teachers favourite. He’s led a charmed existence, he has worked but the smell of a brown noser never leaves. It will catch up with him one day if there is any justice to be had, maybe his being charged with war crimes in the future. I hope I’m still around to see it.


          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            Your right and I hope to be around also. Ms Flynt not sure if its i or y but either way on DP today said he was a Superstar. Unbelievable.


          • davidke says:

            His teachers said he was lazy and useless but had a great gift of the gab.


          • Tesco is fucking the country says:

            My cousin was in the same class as Bliar at Fettes College. The only comments he’s made are that Tony had not a single original thought in his school career and that he was skilled at faking notes to bunk off games and PE.


      • 92
        the shadow cabinet says:

        yes he is as are we


    • 233
      Jim says:

      His daughter is a fat fucking pig who likes to hang about with shirt-lifters (when she’s not slashing at herself with razors).

      What a family of shit the Blair’s are.


    • 294
      Bring back hanging says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, I really couldn’t. Well said!


  7. 8
    English John says:

    Suprise to see Bliar out in daytime. Thought he lived in a coffin and only crawled out at dusk.


    • 16
      The IMF is coming says:

      Has to watch his 90 day limit, so probably just passing through.


      • 68
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Cardinal Blair needs to understand the reality of the biblical quote, ” A prophet is without honour in his own Country”. Will 90 days be enough?


        • 78
          Anonymous says:

          or indeed the one from proverbs about the dog “always returning to its own vomit “


        • 99
          50 Calibre says:

          Fancy going to all the trouble of joining the Catholic Church only to find that it is populated with child abusers and liars from the top to, if you’ll pardon the expression, the bottom.

          Bliar has previous on getting things monumentally wrong on so many fronts, it is only to be expected. Giving McTwat his support, albeit muted, may also fall into that category in the fullness of another 38 days.


        • 264
          Brown's a Tosser says:

          I’m sure it was 45 minutes. Oops sorry Tony I appreciate you are trying to bury that one.


  8. 8
    Blair's Manky Cod Piece says:

    Wonder how much he charged that that appearance


  9. 11
    Dougie says:



  10. 14
    Lainey says:

    Cameron is NOT ‘the Heir to Blair’. Blair was in tune with the British people and what they wanted in a leader Cameron is NOT. Take the Law and order issue Blair just attcked Cameron in his speech for being too Liberal in this area. In other words Blair says: Tories NOT right wing enough on Law and Order.


    • 22
      Gay Fawker says:

      Tony Blair – swoons and faints.


    • 24
      Dick the Prick says:

      Nurse, nurse quick, he’s had too many of the green ones


    • 115
      Floating Voter says:

      Blair was right there, very clever speech. He put his finger on what a lot of people are thinking…


    • 177
      Phil says:

      In case you had not noticed we have just had 13 years of Blairite Law & Order and Britain is awash with criminal vermin who are released from jail early because Labour did not build enough prisons.
      The Police do not target Yobs and low level crime which is the most annoying to the man in the street because it’s easier to chase motorists and tick more boxes.
      We have had Labour Liberal Law and order up to our fxxxing ears and Cherie Blair’s human rights jaunt has turned the judicial system into a charter for rogues and virtually wiped out vast swathes of english justice going back centuries.


      • 200
        TheDevineOne says:

        Keep her and her friends in work for the next few generations


      • 275
        Brown's a Tosser says:

        And Tony’s great idea ASBO’s ffs the man needs to walk some streets that I will list for him. That will put an end to him. What a complete asshole of the first order. Another Liebore politician grown rich representing to be something he is NOT.


      • 386
        Tesco is fucking the country says:

        Don’t forget the Somali gangs running parts of London with guns and knives. Some of these scumbags have actually given interviews to the mainstream press. I don’t remember Johnny M letting murderers in from East Africa in their hundreds. Nor Margaret. It’s still her fault, though, isn’t it, you lying Labour bastards?


      • 396
        revolting peasant says:

        Well said Phil.


  11. 15
    Dark Lord says:

    Polly Toynbee is currently singing Blair’s praises. Silly cow.


  12. 17
    Heir-to-Blair says:

    At a dinner with newspaper executives on the eve of his address, he took the comparison a step further. “I am the heir to Blair,” he said. If his hosts were in any doubt about what they had heard, Mr Cameron repeated the mantra. He also said that a Cameron Tory Government would not reverse all of the Blairite reforms in the public services.


  13. 18
    JohnnyA says:

    “manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation”.

    Gordon Brown, February 2008


    • 110
      Judge says:

      manifestos are not legal


      • 297
        Allan@Aberdeen says:

        The promises within an election manifesto are not binding upon the succeeding government. This was stated by a Judge when UKIP argued in Court that a statement by Labour in the previous electoral manifesto on a referendum on the Lisbon Pact of Steel was binding on the Labour government. The Judge had already done his Common Purpose courses and the outcome was not in doubt, but at least the air is cleared and anything can be written into a manifesto.


        • 327
          Hair heir says:

          Thus rendering ALL political Manifesto`s worthless pieces of paper.

          Of course they may be telling the truth, but what the hell, they could easily be packs of lies.
          Third way progressive types, don`t much care for elections and democracy, they prefer less awkward methods of governance.
          Just like the kind we have in the wonderful EU, you know show parliament to fool the plebs into thinking they have a say, selected rulers who ensure they do not.


  14. 21
    Baldemorts Butt Plug says:

    Polly Toynbee is currently sucking Tony’s cock and loving every minute of it


  15. 25
    Time for a quiet puke says:

    Don’t judge Labour on its past performance…


    • 37
      Thats News says:

      Hang on. Blair didn’t join the House of Lords, did he?

      I wonder if he is thinking of getting back in as Labour leader in the House of Comons?

      Quick by-election in a safe seat with previous MP booted to Lords or paid off. Then it is Blair back in the House and Brown consigned to oblivion…

      The Blair can re-build Labour to fight the next election. Simples!


      • 51
        jgm2 says:

        Yeah right. Blair is like Al Gore. He’s discovered a sweet little niche paying millions. All he has to do is climb in his LearJet and give the same after-dinner talk night after night.

        Why would he want to have the stress of starting another war or hounding some other scientist to death when he could get payed ten times as much and get a cracking tan at the same time?


        • 62
          But Dave loves Al Gore and Al Gore Loves Dave says:

          Mr Cameron said: “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth. Today, I want to tell the British people some uncomfortable truths. There is a price for progress in tackling climate change.”

          Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

          “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

          “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”


        • 114
          Mrs Kelly says:

          mfff mmf mmffm mf


        • 304
          Thats News says:

          Yes, but after a brief break to kick Brown in the nuts, he’d go back to his millionaire business interests!


        • 398
          revolting peasant says:

          He looks cancerous to me.


      • 57
        amongomous says:

        They’d have to clear a big area around westminster to accommodate all the protesters who want to hang him.


      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah think this might fly, after all was it not one of Labours pledges to abolish the house of commons ?


      • 142
        Hic hac hoc says:

        Blair is holding out for the Pope’s job. Look out for the smoke from Vatican’s chimney soon. St Cherie. Opus dei. It’s the next big war to be fought by delusional zealots.


        • 306
          Thats News says:

          He could become a priest, take holy orders. Even if he is married.


          • cant hunter says:

            No he was always an actor, that was the one career that he was suited for; did you notice his americanised accent in Sedgefield–Blair merely reflects the company that he gets into, for he has no character, really, of his own, he’s merely an impressionable juvenile reflecting the views and manners of others ( for him to accuse someone of being vacuous is a bit rich). A good actor yes, but a thespian all the same.


          • revolting peasant says:

            Less thespian.More dodgy used-car salesman.


  16. 29
    Lizzie says:

    In Britain it will be a “future free for all” everyone will need to take care of themselves the public coffers are empty. Blair looks like he is trying to keep up with “Perma-tan Pete”, must be all the freebees, Bahamas here we come.


  17. 32
    Dark Lord says:

    Guy Hands just said it is good to see Tony Blair give a speech he hasn’t been paid for.


    • 347
      Bring back hanging says:

      What makes you think he hasn’t been paid. Reckon it came out of Gorgons slush fund……….


  18. 33
    Jac says:

    I switched the BBC news channel off at that point. As usual they were politically incorrect with their live coverage of something I don’t believe to be news!

    Bliar is a disgrace to our country and his obsession with money shows how unworking man he truly is. Things can only get better, wasn’t that his slogan?
    From 1997 Labour Manifesto:

    “I want to renew faith in politics by being honest about the last 18 years. Some things the Conservatives got right. We will not change them. It is where they got things wrong that we will make change. We have no intention or desire to replace one set of dogmas by another. ”

    Talk about absolutely laughable now eh?


  19. 36
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    Pity nobody was in Sedgefield to do a citizen’s arrest, for war crimes…… where is Tatchell when he is needed??


  20. 39
    Tony Blair says:

    No one understands me in this country.
    I am respected and revered in every other place in the world.

    I can show how much I am loved: People (Ordinary poor people) pay £5000:00 to hear one of my speeches, they pay £400:00 to have their photo taken with me. That is how much I am loved. From California to Kazakhstan I am loved.

    And now I gave you a speech in the North Eastern part of your country, (For free ) and all I get is abuse.
    You are ungrateful and you don’t understand the real me.


  21. 42
    oldfella says:

    Rumour has it that we, the taxpayers, are paying the bill for Bliar’s tawdry excuse of a comment on life under fuckface Brown and his comrades. We are paying for the security, we are paying for the venue and we are paying for Bliar to open his gob.


    • 60
      T Bliar's Tax Avoidance and Investment Consultant says:

      I can assure you this is indeed the case, just as the taxpayer is paying for Labour’s election campaign.


    • 67
      The BBC says:

      You are also paying for our reporters and trucks parked outside


      • 71
        The Truth says:

        Yep, through our license fee we all paid to watch Blair FFS


      • 326
        BBC says:

        we got Clarkson to make a car that looked like a narrow boat and put it on the road without passing it as safe and with out insurance,we can do that you can’t


    • 86
      Susie says:

      Why hasn’t anyone noticed that Brown hasn’t gone to the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call an election? Why should the taxpayer pay for Blair’s security when he’s obviously campaigning on behalf of the Labour Party — i.e. they should be footing the bill?

      I think the Electoral Commission should step in and say this is blatant violation of the rules on how parties conduct themselves and demand Brown names the day… and so like Labour: to CHEAT even on the campaign trail!


    • 141
      Sir Everard Digby says:

      Ah the irony. The Cheshire Cat (for all he left as a legacy was the cheesy grin) fucked off to avoid tax and war crimes indictments. McRuin must have something deeply nasty on him,for the suntanned tosser to risk setting foot on these shores again.

      Then has the temerity to say how good life is here….how the fuck would he know?


    • 305
      Bob says:

      Blair makes me think of a fading matinée idol…

      He should be dansing in the afternoons for the ladies at the Odeon Hamersmith…

      They could give him tips as well…


  22. 47
    Anonymous says:

    The Government have today announced a Prosperity package for all hard working families in which an unparalled level of prosperity will see us all become rich beyond our wildest dreams.

    A government spokesharman said “this is soooooooo good that not only will all hard working families benefit, but so will those not in families nor even hard working. Everyones a winner.”

    Prime Minister Kim Jong Broon added”dont let the evil baby eating tories ruin this, cause if you vote for them it will be all your fault ”

    At time of press Details had still to be worked out on how this golden age would be be engineered but the Government said it would set up a quango to look into this and which is expected to sit around for at least 5 years before announcing their findings. See better than the “Do nothing Tories”

    Early indications are good though as the ideas have started to Flow in already with the Pupils of the London School recently seen singing praises to their local MP winning a national competition to find a new name for the country as part of The Governments Peoples re branding initiative.

    The PM exclusively announced earlier today that the winning name was “North Korea” and added “we are best when we are boldest…no more boom and bust “.


  23. 48
    Tony Blair Tells The Truth (That's a first!) says:

    Gordon Brown said we will be judged on our record.
    So we will have to lie about it and that is why I was brought in, I was born to lie.
    But that is not the reason I gave this speech today. I gave this speech to try to prove that I am not hated in this country and I can just breeze in on a cloud of spin and give a speech and have New Labour lackeys applaud me.
    It is all spin, lies and deceit.
    Of which I am a master and upon which I am relying to evade ending up dangling from the end of a rope, like Saddam Hussein.


    • 176
      so its tinfoil if it works says:

      The anti christ came


    • 318
      JACK says:

      Brown’s record was described well by all three wannabe Chancellors last night (including Brown’s benighted Chancellor !)


      SAYS IT ALL…


  24. 52
    Johnny says says:

    Wonder what his appearance fee was this time…


  25. 64
    statechaos says:

    Let’s face it, just about anybody could upstage Gordon Brown.


  26. 69
    robbo says:

    His ex constituents of Sedgefield were too stoned on Methadrone to understand what he was talking about.
    I am quite suprised a working mans club can afford ‘straight kinda guy’ Tony’s fee.


    • 320
      JACK says:

      It is strange that Zanu Labour are banning these drugs now…

      I would have thought they would encourage them

      And encourage the British People to take them and forget this monster car crash NuLabour have created…


  27. 81
    Tony Blair's Constituency Agent says:

    More people died in the Falklands!
    Er, what about the 700,000 Iraqis who died?
    But we found mass graves with 500,000 Iraqis in them.
    Er, er, er um……….


    • 101
      HMS Malvinas says:

      I’ll see you in Puerto Stanley!


    • 123
      Dr Andy Burnham says:

      More died in Mid Staffs than the Falklands.Andy.X


    • 162
      Catflap says:

      At the time of the Falklands conflict Tony Benn called it “the last kicks of a dying empire” the prick.
      It was also a fucking rescue operation, thousands of British citizens were held against their will by a fascist junta.
      There were no indiginous people to be intimidated by a fucking gunboat.The Falklanders are our people with our passports who needed help.
      Socialist twat.


      • 226

        And now the poor Afghans are being held against their will by a fascist American Junta.
        Funny old world, isn’t it.


        • 292
          Ok smart ass says:

          Well they can go back to killing each other and taliban rule so they starve to death without world aid and do us all a favour then after we pull out.


          • Taliban says:



          • Taliban Spokesman says:

            And the first thing we will do when the American fascist Junta has buggered off is we will kick the Saudi Arabian terrorists, AlQaeda out.
            We are only putting up with those nutter on the basis that my enemy’s enemy is my friend but as soon as the Yanks withdraw we will kick AlQaeda out on their arse.
            And we would just like to add that no Afghan has ever attacked the British mainland.


          • Taliban Spokesman says:

            And the second thing we will do is eradicate the Opium crops in our country, as we did prior to being invaded by the fascist American Junta.
            Which is a sight better than those Americans who don’t give a damn whether Heroin is exported from Afghanistan, the CIA are probably making money out of it I suppose.


    • 180
      Mrs Kelly says:

      mmmf mf mmfm mff


  28. 83
    Dave the Heir to Blair says:

    Bloody hell Guido that Video shows Dave is Blair, more a clone than a heir though.


  29. 85
    khmer marron says:

    i didnt see the speech..did he mention that we used to indulge in 69?

    grdnon bwrnon


  30. 88
    .243 Win says:

    FFS. Pravda shilling this as “a surprise return to domestic politics”.

    Looking at Blair’s delivery it didn’t seem like he was convinced about the sheer crap he was spouting either.


    • 147
      The BBC are..... says:

      There is neither suprise the wanker has been called back in, or indeed suprise that the BBC pretend to be suprised.


  31. 89
    khmer marron says:

    tony used to cheer on jackie milburn……..

    shame he retired when tony was 3 years old!!!!!!!!


  32. 90
    Brown Hater. says:

    Blair can’t upset Dave he’s too keen on the ermine. Imagine it, Lord and Lady Blair? Who would have thunk it?

    Nothing’s too good for the workers!


  33. 98
    Red Baron says:

    Fuck me, Guido, you’re coming under sustained attack by The Slogger.

    Hun in the sun! Hun in the sun!


  34. 100
    Paul Fald says:

    Any public utterances from this disgraced former PM is NOT required, full stop !


  35. 105
    Johnny Free-Mason says:

    He didn’t think it vacuous when everyone said it was time for a change in 1997, but as his brains were airbrushed out years ago, I doubt he realises the word might as well have his initials embossed on it in 24 carat gold leaf. Hunt.


  36. 108
    adge says:

    I cannot understand why the press had to leave.


  37. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Is it true that Liebor have a poster of George Osborne saying: would you be happy if your daughter came home with this man? If so that’s ridiculous and just shows how desperate they are. Someone should make up a poster of Brown and Mandelslime saying: would you trust these men to babysit your children?


    • 132
      The truth seeker Gordon Brown Feb 2010 says:

      Gordon wants to hope posters dont appear saying Google the above.


      • 267
        hang on says:

        and your not going to do it though are you.that’s why your here inciting everyone else.if you have the courage of your convictions publish posters,printers are cheap.


        • 336
          hang on says:

          most of the posters on here are mine,don’t see any of yours shit house


          • The truth seeker Gordon Brown Feb 2010 says:

            Hand yourself in to the strathclyde police .Im sure they will be gentle with you if you wear a labour rosette.


      • 328
        The truth seeker Gordon Brown Feb 2010 says:

        You seem a tad touchy.Your not involved areyou?


    • 144
      Catflap says:

      A picture of Ed Balls with the same headline would be good.
      Bulging eyes and sweating like a priest in a playground.


      • 284
        Anonymous says:

        With his boy-wife wiping his brow ??


      • 314
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        Balls is often visiting schools. Does he have a CRB check every time?

        I heard on the radio recently that paediatric surgeons need one to travel to ‘off-base’ hospitals before they can operate on [obviously] ill children because some local Health Authorities will not recognise one that they haven’t originated; utterly bonkers of course, but hey, this is Britain, 2101.


      • 323
        Doctor Bill says:

        His eyes bulge because he has a serious thyroid problem…

        If he’s not careful his balls will fall off (no mun intended)


  38. 117
    Lomax says:

    Gordon has not been able to start any “real” wars like Blair so, instead, he is using Bliar in his battle to beat the Tories.

    Bliar is Gordo’s “Weapon of Mass Distraction”.


  39. 120
    well i never says:

    Meanwhile on planet earth, gay pop star announces that he’s, er……….gay.


  40. 136
    Pope von Ringstinger says:

    Anthony Wedgewood Booth Blair has now reached absolution for his war crimes by coming into the Catholic fold.
    It is you miserable sinners who will face the wrath of god for not finding forgiveness in your heart and for leading him into temptation with your filthy Lucre.



  41. 138
    simon r says:

    I assume that Labour paid for this venue and the organisation of what is a purely party political event. Should they also pay for the cost to the taxpayer for Blair’s security ?

    How can we find out how much that cost, and who can we make a complaint to.

    On a separate subject – I can see why Brown is delaying calling this election until the last minute, all this free publicity and support from BBC and Sky will have to end once that one eyed mong gets the courage to go to see Her Maj.


  42. 143
    Norman Tebbit says:

    Still no sign of a working majority for Cameron. Time is running out

    he has to inspire the electors to believe he would make a difference not over the trivialities of dress sense or political asylum for African homosexuals, but the management of the debt and spending crisis which threatens to overwhelm the country, our relationship with the EU, the crisis of unintegrated foreign communities, and the regulatory nightmares built on human rights and health safety legislation implemented by politically correct officials. There is material galore to bring voters out, but it has to be used with courage and flair.


  43. 146
  44. 149
    The BBC says:

    +++Breaking News+++

    Kevin Maguire on Sky has stated that the Tories are utter shite.


  45. 150
    the beast of clerkenwell says:

    Fuck all of this
    I want a verified photo of Sally Bercows front bottom,
    You WILL get a very nice 18ct Chronograph
    Seeing as how she has been fucked by just about everybody one of you Hoons must have one
    Mr Squeaker, send me one and even you get the watch
    I dont need a money shot just her flange ( non photoshopped)


  46. 152
    • 170
      Sir Wiliam Waad says:

      “The right to have children should be a marketable commodity, bought and traded by individuals but absolutely limited by the state.”

      —Kenneth Boulding, originator of the “Spaceship Earth”
      concept (as quoted by William Tucker in Progress and Privilege, 1982)

      “If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

      —Prince Phillip, World Wildlife Fund


      • 217
        Muckers says:

        handfull of muck sorts out world


      • 286
        DINK says:

        Well, it’s the elephant in the room that can’t be mentioned.

        Not to put too fine a point on it, AIDS and malaria are our friends. Or do you want every child born in Africa to breed a tribe of howling brats? The entire continent would be a Sahara in a century. Look at what they’ve done to the Malagasy forests.


        • 353
          We Must Rub The British People's Noses in Multiculturalism (© Labour Party 1997-2010) says:

          They can all come and breed over here. Soon the whole country will be like Victoria Station – it’s the right thing to do.


      • 352
        Vimeiro says:

        Prince P could always do a bit of hunting. That will control the population


  47. 156
    Sir Wiliam Waad says:

    I never really thought of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair as being Prime Minister. He always seemed to be a character actor doing a good impression of a Prime Minister. Brown, no question, he’s PM, a fact as certain as traffic jams on a wet Bank Holiday, but Blair is a fictional person in an upmarket TV series. The series has been cancelled, but he still comes back for Gala Editions and the special Christmas show.


    • 232
      Tony Blair says:

      Thank you Bill I knew I had a supporter on this site somewhere.

      Keep the faith



    • 244
      jgm2 says:

      Like the Fonz?


      • 270
        Pistorf says:

        Like the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show, but without the funny bits. Or the entertainment. Thirty years on, they’re still showing the repeats.


    • 272
      Out of the mouths says:

      “Mummy is that man the prime monster of Britain?”
      Iraqi kid 2003


    • 364

      A man called Chamberlain who did Prime Minister impressions spoke on the wireless; he said,

      “As from eleven o’clock we are at war with Germany”. (I loved the “we”).
      “War?” said Mother.
      “It must be something we said,” said Father.

      (From ‘Adolph Hitler – My Part in His Downfall’ by the sainted Spike Milligan)


  48. 158
    Augustyn says:

    Could it be that Tony is a non-dom?


  49. 172
    christy says:

    Bliar=Windrush,Firerush and now Bumsrush and you can also add Warrush.


  50. 178

    […] are quizzical about his reappearance too. Guido Fawkes, naturally. Peter Hoskin in the Spectator. Although the Jim Pickard in the Financial Times still […]


    • 213
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      1.I’ll spout Brown’s bullshit if you plant some WMD in Iraq and ‘find’ them.

      2. Pope Benedict resigns and I become Pope Pius Antonius I.


  51. 187
    Downing Tweet says:

    No10: The PM has welcomed expanded Post Office banking services:


  52. 194
    Brown is pathetic says:

    Given that he is happy to keep working, happy to spout his opinions all over the world, and happy to campaign for labour then can somebody please explain to me why he didn’t want to be Pm any longer?


    • 206
      God says:

      Oh believe me, he did! He was forced to resign and since then the lust for money has engulfed him!


  53. 196
    The Dirty Rat says:

    “Time for a change”

    Said Sarah to Gordon as she slipped a new nappy pad from her bag.


  54. 199
    God says:

    Dave must be laughing his little cotton socks off! Blair is universally despised as a liar and self serving hypocrite – he will lose more votes for Labour than Cameron could ever have hoped for. Keep him coming I say!!!


    • 218
      I hate New Labour says:

      Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the electorate.

      They fell for the snake oil salesman three times after all.


      • 257
        New Labour Liars says:

        Yes, but on those 3 occasions the floating voters only suspected that Mandelson and the rest wre lying bastards . This time , only the lone voice of
        Keviin Macguire will assert that the vile misrepresentations offered by the labour filth bear any resemblance to the truth .


    • 222
      Harman's fusty fud (a plumbing expert) says:

      Maybe, that’s the idea from the puppet masters….
      The old punch and judy show was failing, so wheel out that rotten Mr Punch for us to boo at?


  55. 209
    oldfella says:

    very little of this in the media but the 3 MPs (Labour) have had their case held over until 4-6th May unless there is a GE when their legal reps will try to argue the matter should be dealt with in parliament and not the courts.

    exactly who is trying who here – I always thought the judge was in charge ….??

    the circus continues and will return sometime soon


  56. 221
    jgm2 says:

    90% of people are straight. Get over it.


  57. 224
    Mandelsons dripping spermy shit globules says:

    Tony was fantastic!he totally fooled the ordinary plebs in the street with his untruths.


  58. 225
    Penfold says:

    The whole posit and structure of NuLieBore was based on ”vacuous” slogans.
    Additionally we had B-Liar’s sound bite speeches which when deconstructed actually said nothing, committed the party to nothing and meant nothing.

    A pox and plague on their house.

    If NuLieBore get re-elected the people of this country will only have themselves to blame for the medicine that they will be fed, the high taxes they will suffer, the increased meddling in their daily lives, the further loss and erosion of civil liberties, the transfer of power to Brussels with unelected Commissars in control, and the loss of representation.


    • 298
      MI5 says:

      They were not “vacuous” slogans

      far worse than that



      Just stick that Kukri up their arse every time

      They have no answer…


  59. 228
    Postal Vote says:

    Blair is right: the ‘change’ slogan is vacuous.

    The slogan should have been: GIVING POWER BACK TO VOTERS.

    This captures lower taxes, fewer laws and rules amd more transparency.

    Perhaps an idea for over 5 years, but if Labour gets to do its Alternative Vote trick through giving Vince the treasury keys, the conservatives might as well decide to dissolve themselves as a party.


  60. 231
    Mark Oaten says:

    I thought you were singing ‘She Bangs the Drum’ but you were actually singing ‘He Bangs My Bum’.
    Perhaps we could do a duet?


  61. 234
    Anon says:

    This is not a gay dating site Ricky but if you hang around long enough you might hook up with AC1. He is gay too.


    • 259
      Tatwatcher says:

      Wahey! Tat’s got a bit of time off from his job as an usher in a gay cinema. Either that, or he’s been sacked for not being tight enough for the punters. did they complain about having to wave it around to get it to touch the sides, tat?


  62. 235
    Dick Robinson says:

    I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of the slimy orange toad.


  63. 239
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    The only thing the tories ever got right was their demon eyes poster. They should just run it again this time with the tagline “we told you so”.
    When Bliar in 1997 pranced around to “things could only get better” we didn’t realise it meant only for him and his disgusting wife.


  64. 243
    TheDevineOne says:

    I see the ring master is back to crack the whip in the big top ready for the future fair for all.


  65. 247
    The Dirty Rat says:

    The Labour Party.

    The genital warts on the UK’s private parts.


  66. 248
    Cardinal del Monte says:

    “Looking more orange than even Peter Hain, Guido suspects….”

    Has Guido fallen victim to a misrelated participle, or is his liver finally packing up?


  67. 256
    I hate New Labour says:

    This sums it up pretty well:

    “The richest ex PM in British history tells us why we should all vote Labour. £20,000,000 in his pockets, a fine socialist, and don’t forget something like $10,000,000 came from J P Morgan, that’s a bank if you didn’t know.

    I lost count of the number of times he re wrote history (lied) during his speech but admit it was a good speech, if you’re suffering a memory lapse covering the last thirteen years.

    Authoritarianism, ever increasing taxes, treason, broken manifesto promises, a bankrupted economy, 10,000,000 economically inactive, unemployed to you and me, 10,000,000 immigrants, many of them third world medievalists who hate the indigenous population and values of Britain and have been used by the Government as an excuse to keep the country in a ‘state of emergency’, something not seen since the Second World War.

    It ought to be a criminal offence to vote for Labour.”



  68. 260
    The Beast of Bercow says:



  69. 269
    Brown's Buggered Britain says:

    Tell ‘em the one about WMD Tony – you’ll have the electorate wettin’ ‘emselves.


  70. 271
    universal hiss says:

    The blessed Bliar seems to be on a continuious loop at the beeboids.

    It states it’s a news channel. I think that must be a mistake. The colour has gone all orange too. I can’t make myself turn the sound up either.

    Have I missed anything important?


    • 289
      nell says:

      I thought perhaps he was in training to become a belisha beacon – such a very strange shade of orange it must surely have come out of a bottle or is he hopefully suffering from some form of terminal jaundice.


  71. 274
    GEEDO FOX says:

    Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.


  72. 276
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Crikey !!! Teflon coating comes in orange now !


  73. 278
    nell says:

    So our tone gave his speech in Sedgefield in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. It clearly wasn’t delivered to anyone with a job then.! That leaves the welfare benefits and labour party troughers .

    And why deliver his speech at such an odd daytime weekday hour? Is it because he’s afraid to be on the streets of Britain in the dark?


    • 313
      Mr Plum says:

      I think it was the question time audience on tour.


    • 349
      Uncle Fester says:

      oh bloody hell Nell

      The audience to hear the majestic speech was an invited one. Most of them were able to walk around the corner. A couple had to get the bus. It’s Bliar’s family. His adopted family from Sedgefield. Other people call it incest!


  74. 280
    The Beast of Bercow says:

    Like Sallys legs my offer is as always wide open
    This isnt a joke
    Firstperson to contact me with a photo of Bercows wifes minge gets a gold watch worth well into a few £k
    A tits out shot will also do nicely but just a token cash payment
    I want to see and publish PINK


  75. 282
    The Biased Broad Casting Corporation says:

    Arctic Sea Ice Area now creeping above 1979-200 levels but no mention on the BBC who told us all the Ice would be gone within 10 years


    • 296
      jgm2 says:

      First they were caught rigging figures and suppressing ‘inconvenient’ data, then it was proven the gulf stream wasn’t grinding to a halt. Now the arctic ice is getting ahead of the average, following the clearly visible trend of increased coverage since 2007..

      Man that whole global warming thing is falling apart at the seams. It must be like how kids feel as it slowly dawns on that there is no Santa Clause or Tooth Fairy.

      Hahahahaha. The end of their second childhood and the Global-warming Fairy for the gullible muppets.

      They’ll probably all go off and become born-again fuckwits now.


    • 309
      jgm2 says:

      Seriously though – at what point do Monbiot and his co-traveller muppetariate of science-deniers throw in the towel and give it – ‘Okay – we were wrong – panic over…’?


      • 325
        Anonymus says:

        perhaps when theres actually some science facts rather than soundbites and cherry picking.


      • 333
        Claude Allegre says:

        When enough real scientists tell them that they are IMPOSTERS…

        Thousands of scientists are already saying it…




    • 319
      nell says:

      It won’t be long before we hear the professor jones’ of the UEA changing sides and saying that we are now approaching an Ice Age!


  76. 290
    A plague on their houses says:

    Blair speech – “Windbag’s Paradise”, clearly he’s not used the same scriptwriters as before because he did not charm the birds of the branches.


  77. 293
    Anonymous says:

    Check out the picture one more time – Tony gesturing towards the slogan “A Future Fair”

    Mis-spelling methinks.

    This slogan needs to be reposted above No10 upon 07th May 2010.

    It’ll then read ” A FuRNIture Fair”

    Goodbye Brown – may you rot in hell.


  78. 316
    Arthurgreenwood says:

    Have you noticed that since the Large Hadron Collider has gone into action Blair is back and so is the snow. I think we are in a parallel universe already.


  79. 356
    Jimmy says:

    Accept no substitutes.


  80. 358
    Anonymous says:

    Where doe3s Bliar pay his taxes? Is he a, god forbid, non-dom?

    Could Labour be employing a red Ashcroft? They couldn’t be so hypocritical, could they?


  81. 360
  82. 374
    hazelNuts says:

    looking at blairs face colour I think hazel blears has been sitting on it for several days


  83. 376
    HazelNuts says:

    hazels a ginger..but I don’t have proof ….yet


  84. 380
    Andy says:

    One of the [many] downsides of Tony Blair re-emerging on the scene is that it can only be a matter of time before his gopping, free-loader of a wife appears again. Cherie is one of the few women on the planet who makes Christine Bleakley’s mouth look small!


  85. 382
    I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

    Anything Tony Does I will do Later

    I will Do anything Tony Does too


  86. 390
    jolly says:

    my god hes got a nerve, worst liar in history,and hes back prob with stilletto for gordon


  87. 393
    Down With Brown! says:

    “It was good to hear make a speech someone else wasn’t paying for.”


  88. 395
    Real Voter says:

    Blair might be orange now, he might be unfeasibly rich, he might be a slippery lizard in a business suit, but there is no-one, absolutely no-one, on the British political scene today which can hold a candle to his ability to deliver a message.

    He might not believe it himself, he might not even like it himself, but he’s an unequalled class act at the business of delivery.

    Cameron as ‘heir to Blair’ ? He’s not even at the embryo stage.

    Watch and learn, ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave – watch and learn.


    • 402
      Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

      Yes, I am a real voter and Blair has delivered a message to me. The message is
      ” I am a war criminal, and I need to answer for my crimes in the Hague”


  89. 404
    david says:

    Oh Tony you old fart! We could hardly keep our face straight! The most amusing part of your speech was when, in your new pseudo-texan accent you impersonated ‘the man in the street’ in a toe-curling dropped-vowel, dropped word-ending, attempt to ingratiate himself with the happening generation. Who writes this stuff for you?


  90. 405
    david says:

    Real Voter says:
    March 30, 2010 at 8:52 pm
    Oh Tony you old fart! We could hardly keep our face straight! The most amusing part of your speech was when, in your new pseudo-texan accent you impersonated ‘the man in the street’ in a toe-curling dropped-vowel, dropped word-ending, attempt to ingratiate himself with the happening generation. Who writes this stuff for you?
    Smile and smirk at how easily he cons the smug and silly- just look at this naive reaction from ‘Real Voter’ – Real Idiot, more likely.
    Only or a child or a fool could be taken in by what Real Voter calls Tony’s ‘class act’ -crass act more likely!

    ‘Blair might be orange now, he might be unfeasibly rich, he might be a slippery lizard in a business suit, but there is no-one, absolutely no-one, on the British political scene today which can hold a candle to his ability to deliver a message.
    He might not believe it himself, he might not even like it himself, but he’s an unequalled class act at the business of delivery.Cameron as ‘heir to Blair’ ? He’s not even at the embryo stage.Watch and learn, ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave – watch and learn.’
    Real Voter -(Real xxxxxxx!!)


  91. 406
    pigs in space says:

    Proof positive that Blair is in fact a lizard of the chameleon family … his skin turned exactly the same shade of orange as the background.


  92. 407
    St George Guffaws says:

    Doesn’t matter, Brown could lose but it’s being rigged so he can stay, Darling too even if he loses his seat:

    Has the election campaign officially begun yet ? Been away . . .


  93. 409

    […] Then there’s Guido. He begs to differ with Mr Blair over his (Blair’s) denying using “time for a change”. […]


  94. 410
    KC says:

    his good chum Obama? are you high? Obama can’t stand blair or brown. They are synonomous with bu$h.


  95. 411
    snore says:

    I’m confused. This orange bastard Blair is out-oranging the original claimant to that august title, namely the freak Hain.

    Hain can be distingished in the oleaginous department when he puts his mind to it but Blair takes the biscuit .

    or as Jacob Richler once put it :

    “The memory of the food has long faded, happily, but the creepy, oleaginous waiter with the thick French accent will always endure.”

    thus Blair ———————–and an apology to French waiters.


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