May’s Parting Gift to the Nation: Another New Quango

Theresa May’s last-minute attempts to create some sort of political legacy have taken another predictably tedious turn today. In between hobbling the economy with a trillion pound bill and desperately trying to get Phil Hammond to turn on the spending taps, she’s now identified another integral piece of her legacy that was missing. A new quango.

She’s even managed to come up with a classic Thick of It-style name, the “Office for Tackling Injustices” (OfTI). It won’t actually be doing any tackling or even recommending policy, its purpose is just to “collect evidence” on various demographic discrepancies. Something which is already done by a wide range of costly government bodies and shouty taxpayer-funded third sector organisations…

The ONS, with an operating budget of over £200 million a year, tweeted ethnicity pay gap data which they already collect this morning in a subtle dig at May’s announcement. Yet May’s still determined to waste more taxpayers’ money on another vanity project that’s redundant before it even starts…

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Untrustee-Worthy Entrustment

ConservativeHome regularly lists public vacancies in the hope that righties might apply for them and thus correct the severe pro-Left imbalance in the quangocracy. But is there any point if the selection panels are staffed by lefties?

Click here and you will see that Jackie Ashley, also known as, Mrs Andrew Marr, has been given a nice little quango job: acting as the ‘independent member’ of the panel choosing the next trustee of the Theatres Trust quango. On the Whitehall website there is a blank space under ‘political activity’ and ‘notes’. Is this entirely truthful?

Ashley was for years a nakedly pro-Labour columnist in the Guardian (her dad was a Labour MP). And is she really that interested in theatre? Our man in the stalls says: “I’ve never seen her at the theatre.” With Ashley on the selection panel, no Tory supporter need apply…

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