Plaid Leader Adam Price Resigns After Party Bullying Report

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has finally quit after a damning internal report found a “toxic” culture of “harassment, bullying and misogyny” in the party. Reports emerged on Tuesday night that Price was set to stand down, although the party kept schtum until yesterday evening. Price is out, with a new leader set to be put in place by the summer… 

Despite initially claiming he’d be “abdicating [his] responsibility” to resign, Plaid published his resignation letter last night:

“We have driven the agenda for change in a way that no previous opposition party has dreamt of doing. The Cooperation Agreement was truly ground-breaking and has delivered life-changing benefits to our children, families and friends all over Wales.

Our core driver – independence for Wales – has broken the banks of mainstream politics and now many, from all parts and all parties, believe like we do that it is a matter of when and not if. My commitment to our vision of a nation transformed remains as strong as ever, and my energy for change undimmed.”

Paying the price…

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Senior Plaid Cymru Figure Fails to Back Adam Price Amid Reports of Resignation Plans

Adam Price is set to resign as the leader of Plaid Cymru, according to Nation.Cmru. It comes as the party continues to reel from the publication of a report which found Plaid had a “toxic” culture of “harassment, bullying and misogyny”. It also concluded there was a “lack of collective leadership and governance across the party”. Price initially apologised for the report. Yet just six days ago, he was insistent that he would not resign.

Nation.Cymru reports that Price wants to stand down immediately, whilst others want a more organised transition. His decision came about after an emergency meeting of the party’s Senedd group. Plaid Cymru are yet to respond to the reports.

Senedd Plaid group chair, Llyr Gruffydd appeared on ITV’s Sharp End last night and failed to support Price. After being asked if Price would be leader this time next week, Gruffydd said “I don’t have a crystal ball”. It looks like Adam’s political career will pay the ultimate Price.

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Damning Probe Slams Culture of “Harassment, Bullying and Misogyny” in Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has apologised after a damning investigation found a “toxic” culture of “harassment, bullying and misogyny” within the party had been ignored for years, with “too many instances of bad behaviour” going unchecked. The report offers a whopping 82 urgent recommendations for improvement, including a “review of governance structures within the party”. Despite all this, Price has insisted he won’t be resigning…

The report, commissioned by the party’s ruling committee and led by former Plaid politician Nerys Evans, says the so-called “party of Wales” has “failed to implement a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment“, with “a lack of collective leadership and governance across the party” allowing the problem to get worse in recent years. Price claims “walking away” after this failure of leadership would be “abdicating [his] responsibility” to fix the problem. Speaking to BBC Wales, Price said:

 “The assessment I’ve come to my responsibility now is to lean into this work and work with others across the party to get this right. By walking away, I wouldn’t be contributing to that. I would be abdicating my responsibility. [I want] to apologise to all those who have either experienced or witnessed unacceptable behaviour within the party”.

At least they got their pronouns correct…

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Plaid Leader Insists Prince of Wales Title “A Decision for Wales” as 20,000 Sign Angry Petition

While the Queen’s death might’ve postponed the football, it’s done little to cool temperatures over Welsh independence. With Prince William assuming the Prince of Wales role last week, thousands of furious Welsh nationalists have signed a petition demanding he be stripped of the title “out of respect for Wales” given its symbolism of “historical oppression“. Now Plaid leader – and Mark Drakeford’s right-hand man – Adam Price has waded in to pour fuel on the fire:

 “I welcome what the First Minister, Mark Drakeford, had to say on the question of an investiture. I’ve seen stories in the London press that an investiture is going to happen and I think that a line is crossed because that gives the Prince of Wales a quasi-official status in Welsh life. I think that’s a decision that we in Wales should make in a time when we’re living in a modern democratic Wales – it’s a decision we need to make here before any announcement is made […] I’m a republican, and there is sensitivity and pain around the [Prince of Wales] title for many of us…”

At the time of going to pixel, the petition has 21,673 signatures. For reference, it’s been 715 years since the first Prince of Wales was appointed by the English monarch…

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Gun-Toting Anti-English Plaid Councillor Surrenders Firearm

The anti-English Plaid Cymru councillor in Caerphilly has surrendered his gun to the police. South Wales Police opened an investigation into Councillor Jon Scriven shortly after Guido reported his questionable social media post on the 23rd August, which also prompted a swift apology from the councillor. Last night Guido was informed the investigation has now concluded.

South Wales Police say he had agreed to make an apology through the restorative justice process. The weapon seen in the post has also been handed over by the councillor and will be checked to ensure that no further offences were committed, before potentially being destroyed. Fair play to South Wales Police for concluding the investigation quickly and not letting it dragon…

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Plaid Cymru Councillor Threatens to Shoot English Visitors

Plaid Cymru councillor, Jon Scriven, has added border enforcement to his list of job responsibilities, alongside bin collection and potholes. In a since-deleted post on Facebook, Scriven was seen brandishing a firearm on a beach at Ogmore-by-Sea, and threatening to shoot any English people who might dare cross the channel. It was deleted yesterday after having been up for a fortnight.

Shortly after Guido called the Plaid Cymru press office, Scriven posted a hasty apology to Facebook for “any offence caused”. A classic…

Perhaps Councillor Scriven should think more Caerphilly about his social media content in future…


UPDATE: Plaid Cymru have now confirmed that Scriven has been suspended “pending investigation”.

UPDATE IIGuido has heard that Gwent Police have opened an investigation into hate crimes and firearms offences, following a referral from South Wales Police. This is clearly an over-the-top reaction to a bad taste joke. An apology should suffice. 

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