Emails Reveal Momentum Only Applied for Electoral Commission Registration After Guido Revelations

At 09:50 on October 30 Guido published a story pointing out that Momentum had already raised more money than allowed for non-party campaigners to spend on the general election without being registered with the Electoral Commission. Essentially being in non-compliance with the law. In 2017 the Electoral Commission levied the highest fine ever “on a non-party campaigner for not submitting a complete and accurate spending return during the 2017 election.”

They responded that this was a smear:

Emails obtained by Guido reveal our story that morning prompted panic at Momentum, making them scurry to make their application:

At 12:26 having now completed their online registration application they emailed the Electoral Commission plaintively asking them to confirm that they were now registered. At 16:19, having got no response, they again seek confirmation that their application – tendered only hours earlier – had been authorised. Bear in mind they had already started fundraising for the election…

As of last night, they are now aiming to raise a total of £300,000 and reckon they can get around the limits put on non-party campaigns:This is total nonsense. Momentum is brazenly flouting the rules – again – confident that they will merely have to pay fines afterwards. The Electoral Commission should go to court urgently and get an order to enforce the law. Any subsequent breach of the order would be a serious contempt of court and the consequences would be more than just a fine.

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Momentum Chief Doesn’t Trust Jon Ashworth

Speaking to Politico about how Corbyn’s team are using the same sophisticated election tactics as Bernie Sanders in the US, Momentum National Coordinator Laura Parker attacked Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth as ‘untrustworthy’.

Parker, talking about trust in politics, singled out Labour’s main man on health as someone who voters would “definitely” not have much faith in:

“”You trust your next-door neighbor talking about their hip replacement more than you’d trust me if I was on the telly talking about health spending — and definitely more than you’d trust [Shadow Health Secretary] Jonathan Ashworth,” Parker said.”

Is this an implicit admission that Labour’s bogus NHS claims aren’t being believed..?

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The Momentum Campaign Guide to Avoiding Difficult Questions

Momentum have released their guide to ‘Having Difficult Conversations on the Doorstep’. In comparison to Jewish Voice for Labour’s briefing on how to respond on the doorstep to claims of Labour antisemitism, it makes for pretty dull reading…

One interesting approach Momentum propose can be seen under point 6: ‘Pivot’. “If you can’t deal with their issue, link it to a national or local issue and try and have a conversation based on this.” Guido spots remarkable similarities to Corbyn’s approach dealing with the media…

The document also identifies “Common issues” on the doorstep, including:

  • The Labour Party has too many internal problems
  • Boris Johnson is a strong leader
  • Boris Johnson is a man of the people
  • I’m voting Lib Dem
  • Immigration
  • Trident
  • The Labour Party is anti-semitic
  • Corbyn supports terrorism
  • Labour has no clear position on Brexit
  • How are we going to pay for Labour policies?
  • Won’t this mean a tax on the middle classes?
  • But I believe in aspirations

If in doubt, refer to point 6…

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No Brexit Answers from Momentum

Momentum released a smug video this morning trying to claim Labour’s second renegotiation, second referendum Brexit policy was simple. Guido has some questions

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Vladimir Putin Donates to Momentum after Giving to People’s Vote

Back in May Guido noticed Vladimir Putin could donate to the People’s Vote campaign from a foreign country, now the generous Russian leader is back and has just given to Momentum. Carole is yet again critising the Brexit Party for accepting foreign donations via PayPal, whilst others this week have been going after the government for supposedly blocking a report about Russian interference in our elections, so Guido decided it was the right time to donate to Momentum from his home in Ireland, as Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin.

When Momentum asked why Vlad donated, he said: “To undermine Western security, disarm the British nuclear deterrent and hasten the break up of NATO”. They accepted his £3… 

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Tories Report Momentum to the Electoral Commission

Following Guido’s exclusive yesterday, the Electoral Commission put out a bland statement that they were “monitoring non-party campaigners“. Tory vice-chairman Paul Scully has now written to the Electoral Commission to raise their concerns about Momentum’s failure to register as a non-party campaigner for the upcoming election. In less than 12 hours, Momentum claimed they’ve already raised £100,000.

If a non-party campaigner intends to spend more than £20,000, the law requires that they should be registered with the Electoral Commission. Momentum have already been spending money over the last couple of months so could well have already committed a technical breach. The law clearly states that under Political Parties Elections Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) non-party campaigners are required to register with the Electoral Commission if they incur ‘controlled expenditure’ over a prescribed threshold during the ‘regulated period’ prior to an election. We are now in the regulated ‘long campaign’.

PPERA requires organisations to register with the Electoral Commission as a recognised party if they intend to spend more than £20,000 in England on ‘controlled expenditure’ during the ‘regulated period’ before an election. Guido has no doubt that Momentum are deliberately and intentionally flouting the law to avoid monitoring and transparency requirements. Moderate Labour MPs are convinced that Momentum would rather pay a £20,000 fine from the Electoral Commission then have it revealed that they are spending money to predominantly support their hard-left factional candidates…

UPDATE: The Electoral Commission say that Momentum have now submitted their non-party campaigner registration and they are reviewing it.

Guido is intrigued to know how Momentum will keep within the legal spending limits when they plan to raise £200,000…

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