Study: Eat Out To Help Out May Have Led to 17% Rise in Infections

A new study from the boffins at Warwick University has brought “the overall soundness” of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme into question, after it has found damning evidence not only did the scheme likely significantly increase infections, it did not lead to a sustained increase in activity in the sector. The paper noted that “mobility in restaurants and cafes dropped significantly from [the week EOTHO ended] again and does not recover.” The central finding of the research is that…

“The empirical estimates suggest that the EOHO scheme may be responsible for around 8 to 17% of all new detected COVID19 clusters emerging during August and into early September in the UK.

The paper suggests that EOTHO may have in fact have not achieved new economic activity either, as dining out became concentrated in the first half of the week, instead of spread along – perhaps simply moving meals that would have been ordered in any case. The paper suggests there was an “adverse effect of shifting and concentrating restaurant visits to earlier in the week, possibly increasing the infection risk even further as restaurants may have been at capacity or possibly even beyond capacity.” A counterproductive ‘free stuff’ scheme from the Government? Who would have guessed…

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Tory MPs Complaining Carlton Club Not Utilising Eat Out to Help Out

Guido is picking up grumbles from fusty Tory MPs that their traditional club – the Carlton – is not participating in the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme. As Parliament’s bars are yet to reopen, many Tories had been scarpering off to the St James’s-based club as a replacement. Now some may be looking elsewhere…

Guido was surprised to discover many of London’s top exclusive members’ clubs have signed up to the scheme. Including…

  • The East India Club
  • The Royal Automobile Club
  • The Fox Club
  • The Naval and Military Club
  • The Reform Club
  • The Travellers Club
  • The Athenaeum Club
  • The Lansdowne Club

Cheapskate Tory MPs can refer to the list above to further fleece the taxpayer in the comfort they are used to…

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