Rashford’s BBC Publicist

When Tim Davie took the helm of the BBC two months ago, he told his reporters, “If you want to be an opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media, then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC,” going on to threaten stars they will be taken “off Twitter” for breaking impartiality rules.

With this in mind, Davie may want to take a look at the feed of BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent, who has long overstepped the mark from reporting to campaigning on behalf of Marcus Rashford, actively promoting his government attacks and statements, as well as being the first person Marcus goes to for interviews.

It’s a miracle for Marcus he’s managed to run everything through a top BBC reporter for months now…

Rashford’s slick and professional campaign comms have been commented on – especially his ability to eloquently and magnanimously oppose verbal attacks on Tory MPs just minutes after the end of a football match yesterday. In June it was reported Rashford had been signed up by Jay Z-founded PR agency Roc Nation. Guido thinks it’s remarkable for a BBC reporter to be so publicly chummy with Rashford’s director of brand strategy, Kelly Hogarth, with whom she’s mutual friends on Instagram…

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Read in Full: Tory MPs Write to New BBC Director General, Say Corporation is “Fundamentally Failing” in its Biased Output

As mentioned in the Sunday Telegraphthe new BBC’s Director-General – set to start work on the 1st September – has received a blunt letter signed by 14 new Tory MPs, accusing the BBC of “Fundamentally Failing… to ensure that the diverse perspectives and interests of the public and audiences… are taken into account”. Correctly going onto observe, “because of these and others… an increasing number of ordinary citizens no longer wish to fund the BBC nor watch it…

They also single out Lewis Goodall and Rianna Croxford as examples of the lack of “impartiality in BBC reporting and commentary… without equivalent Conservative representation”. They also cite the infamous Panorama ‘expert-activist’ saga. They’re clearly fans of Guido…

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Goodall Breaks BBC Ban on Journalists Writing About Political Controversies

Lots of rumblings after the New Statesman unveiled their frontpage cover story about the government’s exam “ineptitude”, with graphics accusing the government of lying and describing them as having created a “lost generation”. The furore was sparked because the inflammatory headline was above Lewis Goodall’s byline – who despite consistently acting like an independent comment writer, currently remains the BBC’s supposedly impartial Newsnight policy editor. Downing Street sources detest him as a hostile opponent.

Back in 2007, the BBC banned Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis after one solitary outing in the Spectator the weekly right-of-centre rival to the Statesman, with the corporation saying “Emily should never have been given permission to become a contributing editor to the Spectator, or any other magazine.” At the time, the Guardian reported:

“After the Hutton inquiry, BBC journalists were banned from writing about political and controversial events in newspapers or magazines.”

The single most controversial issue in politics this week has been the government’s inept handling of the exam grades issue, the very issue that is the cover story in the Statesman under Lewis Goodall’s byline. How can we trust Goodall to be impartial on television on Newsnight when by day he writes for a left-of-centre magazine on the controversial issue of the moment? The only difference Guido can see with the Maitlis case is the different political slants of the Spectator and the New Statesman. The BBC’s press office has been contacted for an explanation and has yet to respond…

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Bias Analysed: 96.8%* of Maitlis Tweets Anti-Boris

Following the embarrassing apology the BBC eventually gave over the partisan and inaccurate opening monologue to Wednesday’s Newsnight, Guido decided to dig deeper into the institutional problem with the BBC’s flagship show. Trawling through the last 100 tweets and retweets of top presenter Emily Maitlis, Guido found just one that could arguably be positive about Boris (a retweet of New Statesman journalist Stephen Bush criticising Labour’s education policy), whereas 31 criticises the PM. Meaning 96.8% of tweets which were not neutral were anti-Boris.  Many of those classed as “neutral” included editorialised criticism of Donald Trump… 

Guido’s research did not pick up a single retweet of a centre-right commentator, although there were many retweets of commentators and journalists from left-wing newspapers, as well as left-wing campaign accounts, from Joe Politics to the UK Labour Party. This is before getting started on former Labour activist Lewis Goodall…

It’s now being reported the BBC has hired former executive Richard Sambrook to review how it maintains impartiality on social media as the corporation becomes increasingly concerned their left-wing reporters are “discrediting” the corporation. The BBC can pay Sambrook for the service, or Guido and his co-conspirators will continue to do it for free…

*96.875% (31/32) of her last 100 tweets that expressed a pro or anti-Boris stance were anti-Boris.
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BBC Compare Brexit to Drugs Epidemic

In a broadcast that will do little to assuage the accusations of bias, the Beeb thought it was perfectly appropriate to compare Stoke-on-Trent voting for Brexit, with a local drug epidemic.

Introducing a set of interviews with young people, the presenter said

At times there can be a perception that most of the headlines surrounding Stoke-on-Trent have a negative connotation, whether it be Brexit or the drug ‘monkey dust

Before launching into a title sequence intercutting footage of news presenters saying the city voted for Brexit, with headlines about a “lethal £2 drug” that caused people to jump off rooves. People said Brexit was a leap in the dark, but that comparison is overly extreme…

H/t Julian Druker
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BBC Presenter to Boris: Let’s See Who’s In the Job the Longest

BBC presenter Steph McGovern – who compered Boris’s Rotherham speech – slipped in a snide remark as Boris left the stage, saying:

“For the record, I am a girly swot and I’m proud of it… let’s see who’s in the job the longest”

This will be picked up…

UPDATE: McGovern apologises

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