Trump’s Barking New Attack Ad

The Donald unleashes his attack dogs on Hillary…

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Trump On Women

Notable that this killer attack ad was funded by the Republican Our Principles PAC…

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Ted Cruz Rap Ad “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Clinton”

Don’tcha just love American attack ads…

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Cruz Attack Ad “Trump Action Figure”
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Ken Pushes New Zac Attack on Sadiq

This is the new Tory attack poster on Sadiq Khan released this morning, ramming home the line that Labour’s mayoral candidate is “Corbyn’s man in City Hall”. Sadiq nominated Corbyn for leader and has since been attempting an unconvincing differentiation strategy. So he won’t be thrilled to see Ken Livingstone has just helpfully parroted the very same Tory attack line in the Standard.

In an article headlined “London needs to vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of a better city”, Ken tells voters that “Corbyn has the right economic policy” and “he is the last chance we’ve got to create a fairer world”. The former London mayor agrees with Zac – Sadiq is Corbyn’s man in City Hall. Good news for Khan is at least Ken isn’t backing his old mate George Galloway…

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Tories Launch Corbyn Attack Video

As Corbyn refuses to speak to the media, the Tories let his words speak for themselves… 

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