Boris Hints at TV Licence Reform

Speaking in the Brexit heartland of Sunderland this afternoon, the Prime Minister was asked about TV licence reform. While not making any explicit commitment, his answer pricked Guido’s ears – claiming he is “certainly looking at it”, and going on to say “you have to ask yourself whether that kind of approach to funding a media organisation still makes sense in the long term, giving the way other organisations manage to fund themselves.” Music to libertarian ears…

Who are the Papers Backing?

Guido brings you another rolling list, this time of who the papers are backing in the 2019 election. Stay tuned for rolling updates…


Express: So let’s put Boris behind the wheel, rev up the engine for Brexit Britain and power ahead to prosperity instead.”

Spectator: “Never in our country’s modern history has it been more important to vote — and vote Conservative.”

The Sun: vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, get Brexit over the line in January, finally defeat the Remain and second referendum campaigns and move on with our lives.”

Sunday Express: “Vote Tory if you really want to get Brexit done”

Sun on Sunday: Only Boris Johnson can stop Marxist Jeremy Corbyn leaving the Britain we love in ruins”

Sunday Telegraph:Vote Conservative to say ‘yes’ to Brexit and to reject Labour’s politics of hate

Sunday Times: Keep Mr Corbyn out at all costs. So vote Conservative”


Daily Mirror: it’s time to show Boris the boot and bring Labour back into power”

Morning Star: “A Labour victory on December 12 means Christmas has come early. A Labour government is a gift we give to ourselves.”

Sunday Mirror:Labour’s policies offer an alternative to despair, division and dysfunction.”

Lib Dem

Economist: “they are the only choice for anyone who rejects both the hard Brexit of the Conservatives and the hard-left plans of Labour.”


Financial Times: “To those candidates who share (internationalist, pro business and pro Europe) values – and are ready to fight for them – the FT lends its wholehearted support.”

The Observer:After a tawdry campaign of lies and racism, the choice is clear – anyone but Johnson”

None of the above

New Statesman: “we have resolved to endorse no party at this general election. As a publication that is beholden to no party or faction, that defends the intellectual traditions of scepticism, independence of thought, the spirit of criticism and a willingness to debate, we believe that voters deserve better”

The JC: “The JC has never, nor will it ever, endorse any candidate or party in an election. We are, above all, independent… Next week, there is one overriding imperative for our community: ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn does not become prime minister.”

Corbyn’s 1980s Socialist Newspaper Published Pro-Paedo Articles

Socialist Organiser – a newspaper very closely associated with Jeremy Corbyn – published pro-paedophilia articles in the 1980s, Guido can reveal. At the time of the articles’ publication the early 1980s, Corbyn was one of the most senior members of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory (SCLV). Socialist Organiser was their official newspaper.

Not only did Corbyn regularly write for the paper, he was also listed as a patron, and in December 1979 was elected to the number one spot on SCLV’s Steering Committee, topping the ballot. Socialist Organiser’s mailing address was the office of Hornsey constituency Labour party, where Corbyn served as chairman…

In January 1981, Socialist Organiser published an article by Gerry Byrne, entitled ‘Stop the PIE trial’, which called for the trial of four Executive Committee members of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange to be halted. The article described the proceedings as “a show trial, where what matters…is the creation of an atmosphere of hysteria, sensationalism, and a public cry for blood”. Corbyn remained closely associated with the paper for years after

It went on to complain that “digging up an ancient and arbitrary law in order to prevent paedophiles from communicating with each other is in no way a contribution to protecting children, or to dealing with paedophilia constructively and rationally”.

The following edition of Socialist Organiser saw a letter published which went even further. Les Hearn’s letter, entitled “Children’s sexuality”, was an openly pro-paedophilia piece. In it he claims “in this present offensive against paedophiles, the strength of the right lies in the widespread denial of children’s sexuality”.

He went on to write “If the Left is to associate itself with the demand for sexual freedom for the young…then it must take up and discuss the question of paedophilia, since if given a free choice on sexual matters many children might choose to have relationships with adults”.

Finally in the publication, Hearn called for “a full discussion on the Left and in the movements of oppressed groups on the question of child sexuality and whether/how the rights of children can be protected in sexual relationships with adults”.

After Tom O’Carroll, of the Paedophile Information Exchange, was convicted, Socialist Organiser published an editorial defending him. O’Carroll joined the Labour Party in 2016 having been inspired by Corbyn, and was only expelled after a media outcry…

Channel 4 Smears Boris with False Quote

Channel 4 have been caught out smearing Boris – by mis-captioning his speech from yesterday and replacing the word ‘talent’ for ‘colour’. Is it any wonder the Tories are waging war with the propagandists…

Boris, speaking in Derbyshire, said he was “in favour of having people of talent come to this country”, however when Channel 4 uploaded the clip they claimed he said “people of colour” – listen for yourself above.

Boris uses the quote so often it could be considered his catchphrase (for example in this BBC interview), yet Channel 4 took it upon themselves to mislead thousands.

But that didn’t stop lefties immediately leaping on the smear, with 11,000 tweets about the quote at time of publication and other notable lefties like Lewis Goodall wasting no time in attacking the PM

UPDATE: Channel 4 have apologised for the mistake. Too little too late?…

UPDATE II: Senior Tory Source: “This shows why it has been impossible to cooperate with Channel 4 News, they are campaigners in this election – inventing the most damaging things possible to further their campaign against Brexit. ‘This sort of thing is why so many media organisations have collapsing audiences. We sadly do not expect the senior management at Channel 4 to take this terrible mistake seriously and we expect more of the same.”

Sky Invests in Massive New Studios

Despite dire warnings about Brexit, Sky have unveiled plans to build a 32-acre TV and film studio in Elstree. A new dawn is breaking for Sky…

The huge development will be able to facilitate production of several films and TV shows at the same time, with 14 impressive sound stages; and will go ahead with the international backing of US media giants Comcast (Sky’s owner) and NBCUniversal. The Sky’s the limit…

Sky’s CEO Jeremy Darroch said of the development that “Sky Studios Elstree will play a pivotal role in bringing the wealth of UK and European talent and creativity to the world.” Not that you’d necessarily know that from Sky’s Brexit coverage…

64% Think the BBC is Biased

64% of the public think the BBC is somewhat or greatly biased.

This includes 35% of Leavers, who think it is greatly biased. Conversely, 30% of Remainers think there is little to no bias on the BBC.

The BBC likes to boast that is the most trusted media organisation. Unfortunately people, perhaps wisely, don’t trust the media in general…

Nish Kumar Booed Off Stage

There was a tragedy yesterday at Park Lane’s swanky Grosvenor House, left-wing comedian Nish Kumar tried his student union calibrated Mash Report material out on a crowd of middle-aged cricket fans. The audience responded with boos, jeers and calls for him to leave when he riffed on Brexit.  A co-conspirator emails:

I’ve been at the Lord Taverners Christmas lunch (raising money for disabled kids to play sport).

Nish Kumar was booked as the comedian. He had a shocker. Kicked off with how sh*t Boris was at everything and then moved on to imperial British rule gags. He then praised former speaker Bercow (in audience). Moved on to why Brexit was a bad idea. We should have a second referendum as the only way out, because it had all gone badly. Everyone was thick. The audience were racist. The audience were disrespectful to Second World War dead.

Tried to recover with a half-arsed apology which was he was doing gig for free and if we all donated more the charity could pay a right wing comic Instead of him for free… Nearly £200,000 raised at the lunch.

Was being slow Clapped. Refused to leave stage until clapping ended otherwise they would have to continue for his fully allotted time… another 4 minutes.

Eventually the compere (someone he described as “dressed like he worked for the queen”) stepped on to the stage. Killed his mic and ushered him away.

During it all a bread roll was thrown.

A moments silence for the stage death of Nish Kumar…

Corbyn Made Multiple TV Appearances on Islam Channel after it was Slammed by Ofcom for Supporting Marital Rape

It has been uncovered that between 2013 and 2015 Corbyn made several appearances on Islam Channel, years after it had been censured by Ofcom for encouraging violence against women and advocating marital rape.

The broadcasting regulator also ruled the channel broke broadcasting code after describing women who wear perfume outside the home as “prostitutes”. All these cases happened well before Corbyn made his multiple appearances…

The Channel was also fined £30,000 in 2007 for similar breaches, which were described by a Quilliam Foundation report as “reactionary, intolerant messages”. 

According to his register of interests, unlike his multiple appearances on Iran’s State TV, Corbyn didn’t take a fee for his interviews. So keen was he to appear on the channel…

Hat-Tip @TheGolem

Marr’s Ranting Made Up 43% of his Boris Interview

The BBC is finding it tricky to pin down Boris for an Andrew Neil interview, so when the PM agreed to go on Andrew Marr, the veteran broadcaster had to try out his best Paxman impression to make sure the interview rivalled Corbyn’s disastrous Neil grilling. Unfortunately, it just ended in a lot of shouting and the public none the wiser…

Guido’s now had time to crunch the numbers and worked out that of the 6,068 words spoken in the interview, only 3,465 were from Boris; meaning 43% of the 30-minute interview was taken up by Marr’s incomprehensible ranting – including one moment where he felt it necessary to remind viewers a staggering 8 times in just over a minute that the Tories have been in power for 10 years. (Factcheck – the Tories have been in office for 9 years). He even had the audacity to accuse Boris of wasting time chuntering…

Try Hard Marr Keeps Interrupting Boris

Guardian’s CEO is a Sex Pest

David Pemsel is the CEO of The Guardian and a 51 year-old married man. Above are some of his texts to a twentysomething female colleague. He was about to transfer to become the CEO of the Premier League. Unfortunately now these texts have come to light that won’t be happening. According to one Guardian source “it is amazing really, the common consensus in Kings Place is that the only person he fancied in the whole building was himself.” Pemsel’s wife is not impressed about his attempts to play away either…

The Guardian itself has only a very curt report about the matter, saying only his Premier League transfer won’t be going ahead “following media disclosures”. No doubt they tell us the full story in due course…

Geography Quiz: Which Country’s Missing off Channel 4’s Map?

Something strange about the Channel 4 News ice block map. The show’s slogan is “ways to change the world” and with this map the change appears to be wiping one country off the face of the earth. Can readers guess which country?

Clue: it is a country from which Channel 4 News regularly reports…

Read in Full: The Tories’ Channel 4 Bias Complaint to Ofcom

Following their treatment over tonight’s absurd climate debate, Lee Cain has formally complained to OFCOM about channel 4’s bias. Read it in full here:

Boris Ignores Channel 4

There is a rumour going round that Channel 4 has commissioned an ice sculpture of Boris Johnson to melt in his absence during tonight’s televised debate on the “climate change emergency”. Channel 4 are getting very indignant that the PM is not going to do their show.[…] Read the rest


Dead Cat Doesn’t Bounce With Hacks

[…] Read the rest


Jewish Journalists ‘Not Helping’

Is Andrew Neil Jewish too?

UPDATE: Carole has deleted her account.[…] Read the rest


Momentum Prepare for “Truly Horrific” Corbyn/Brillo Interview

H/T to John Stevens for receiving Corbynites’ leaked plans to drown out the forthcoming 7pm Corbyn/Brillo interview, which they believe to be “truly horrific”. 

Are you sitting comfortably?…[…] Read the rest


Labour Comms Officer Was the Question Time Liar

Remember this guy? The gobby Question Time audience member who made the false claim that Harold Wilson remained neutral in the 1975 referendum, rather than ask a question on Question Time. Jeremy liked his contribution so much he tweeted it out:

[…] Read the rest


Goodall Finds Big Election Swing in Wrexham

Journalists are used to going round in circles when interviewing politicians, but Lewis Goodall took this to new heights yesterday by conducting an interview on a fairground ride. A real emotional roller coaster of a chat…

The absurd clip sees Lewis talking to an anti-Brexit 19-year-old – who was too young to vote in 2016 – about the forthcoming election.[…] Read the rest


Labour Audience Jeers BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg

Even after being explicitly told to be polite by Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Labour Party audience could not stop themselves from jeering at Laura Kuenssberg. Rebecca Long-Bailey promised a ‘gold star’ for a ‘well-behaved audience’ at Labour’s manifesto launch if they listened quietly.[…] Read the rest


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