2 Days to Go


  • Trying to get the election back onto Brexit after bad NHS day yesterday
  • Campaign stunt of Boris driving through a ‘gridlock’ wall at the JCB factory
  • Release of Boris’s Love Actually parody last night
  •  Topline(s):
    • Tories need just 9 more seats


  • NHS day derailed by Guido’s leaked phone conversation between Jonathan Ashworth and a Tory friend
  • Released blueprint to revive steel industry
  • Corbyn on campaign trail in Bolton
  • Corbyn released viral ‘reading mean tweets’ video last night
  •  Topline(s):
    • It’s time to save our NHS


  • Attacking stagnating economic growth
  • Attacked Boris’s comments about EU migrants
  • Topline(s):
    • Human rights are under threat at this election.

Cut through

  • Jonathan Ashworth tapes

Latest polls:

SavantaComRes: CON: 43% (+1) LAB: 36% (-) LDEM: 12% (+1) BREX: 3% (-1)

PaddyPower Majority Odds (Yesterday’s in Brackets):

    • Tories: 1/3 (1/4)
    • No overall: 5/2 (7/2)
    • Labour: 33/1 (25/1)
    • Lib Dems: 500/1 (500/1)

Comedy Unleashed Tonight for the Banter

Unfortunately tonight’s Comedy Unleashed is sold out. Enjoy this clip instead. Team Guido will be there laughing almost as much as we were at Jon Ashworth’s “banter” this morning…

Labour Candidate In Student Town Accused of Calling Students a “Disease”

Labour’s incumbent candidate in the university city of Lincoln has been accused of insulting students in the city by three former Lincoln Student Union presidents. Impressive of a Labour candidate to alienate their core demographic…

Labour’s Karen Lee publicly denied disparaging students in a hustings last week but the students of the time, all former SU presidents and former Labour members are adamant she did.

Only thing that matters is who the voters believe…

Wetherspoons to Create 10,000 New Jobs

In well-timed #DespiteBrexit news, Tim Martin has announced he will be creating 10,000 jobs from a new £200 million investment in his pubs and hotels. Unfortunately, there aren’t any new pubs planned in Leicester South where Jonathan Ashworth will be wanting to drown his sorrows today…

The 10,000 jobs will be injected into mainly small and medium-sized towns, including:

  • Bourne in Lincolnshire
  • Waterford in Ireland
  • Hamilton in Scotland
  • Ely in Cambridgeshire
  • Diss in Norfolk
  • Felixstowe in Suffolk
  • Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire
  • Prestatyn in North Wales

Tory target seats?…

Buzzfeed Facing Being Struck Off

Last week, CityAM reported that Buzzfeed UK “is under fierce pressure from financial authorities for failing to produce its company accounts more than two months after the deadline.”

Government agency Companies House had lodged a proposal to strike Buzzfeed from the official register as its 2018 accounts, which were due by 30 September this year, have still not been filed. Today they were issued today with the official strike-off notice.

Why the accounts are over two months late being filed is not explained. According to City A.M. the company was “running at an unsustainable rate”. Buzzfeed’s accounts for 2017 showed a pre-tax loss of £1.9 million and the firm owed £7.7 million to creditors at the end of the year. It is very unusual to file accounts so late that the firm risks being struck off.

A statement from the company says

BuzzFeed UK Ltd. will be filing our 2018 financials by the end of the year. Earlier this quarter we concluded the global audit of BuzzFeed Inc. on time with no unusual findings.

We have great confidence in our global operations and are extremely pleased with the contribution they make to our wider company. This year saw us diversify our revenue putting us in an even better position than ever: launching shows like #What2Watch, selling products like spices with Schwartz and customisable Tasty cookbooks and putting rocket boosters behind our affiliate.

Which means the accounts for 2018 won’t be filed until 2020. The delay is only because of good news? Right?

Boris Breaks the Gridlock

Boris is clearly having a smashing time on the campaign trail…

Hat-tip: Paul Brand & Seb Payne

Corbynistas Call for Ashworth to be Sacked

Corbynistas don’t seem to be buying Ashworth’s story that he was only joking in the leaked recording Guido revealed this morning. The Labour leader’s army of online followers are clearly not at all happy with the behind closed doors disloyalty of the Shadow Health Secretary. The post-election bloodletting with be brutal…

Ashworth Confronted with Recording on Politics Live

Politics Live have been the first to confront Ashworth with Guido’s exclusive audio recording. Neither the panellists nor anyone else were buying his ‘banter’ excuse…

What Ashworth Says in Public Versus What he Says in Private

Guido caught up with Ashworth after his toe-curling Victoria Derbyshire interview, where he squirmed over our exclusive recordings from this morning.

Ashworth has been trying to maintain that the phone call was merely banter, so Guido thought it’d be good to compare and contrast what he was saying in private vs what he’s now claiming. He maintains he will be doing further media today, so tune into Politics Live at 12.00…

Ashworth Pulls Out of 5Live Interview

Ashworth pulls out of 5Live interview with Emma Barnett just minutes after emphatically telling Guido he will be doing more media interviews today

He’s still got Politics Live and LBC tonight booked in…

Ashworth Flounders Trying to Explain Guido Recording

Having just checked his phone before going on air to see Guido’s exclusive recording of him admitting Corbyn is a national security leak, and Labour are heading for a thrashing at the election, Ashworth was subjected to a toe-curling interview on Victoria Derbyshire. 

After confirming the recording is real, the Shadow Health Secretary tried passing off the conversation as “banter”. Not a great excuse given the lack of laughter from both parties during the chat…

Ashworth: Civil Service Machine Will Have to Move Quickly to Safeguard National Security from Corbyn

Guido has obtained an extraordinary recording of Jonathan Ashworth, the serving Shadow Health Minister, giving a candid appraisal of Corbyn and the Labour Party’s chances in this election. He is asked by a friendIf he got in would he be as bad as I suspect?”

“I don’t know, on the security stuff; I worked in No.10, I think the machine will pretty quickly move to safeguard security (I mean the civil service machine). But it’s not going to happen! I can’t see it happening!”

On the prospects for Labour nationally Ashworth tells his worried interlocutor:

“I’ve been going round these national places, it’s dire for Labour… it’s dire… it’s awful for them, and it’s the combination of Corbyn and Brexit….outside of the city seats… it’s abysmal out there… they can’t stand Corbyn and they think Labour’s blocked Brexit. I think middle-class graduates – remainy people – Labour’s doing well among… but not in big enough numbers to deny the Tories a majority.”

When Ashworth is told by his friend that he is trying to “work out what to put in the suitcase [if Corbyn comes to power]” Ashworth tries to reassure him

“I just can’t see it happening. It wouldn’t surprise me – for sake of argument – we held Canterbury because of sort of middle-class, Guardian-reading people, but then the Tories take Bolsover off of Labour it wouldn’t surprise me. The electoral map has being going topsy-turvey because of Brexit and Corbyn.”

On getting rid of Corbyn, Ashworth’s friend says that “Is there any reassurance you can give me as to what sensible Labour MPs could do to stop Corbyn?”

“No because we fucked it up; we fucked it up in 2016 when we went too early. People like me were internally saying ‘this isn’t the right moment’ but I got kind of ignored. But I don’t think we’re going to get there; In Mansfield, in Ashfield, it’s dire for the Labour Party up there, these traditional working areas.”

The friend asks about what would happen if the Tories win a majority government “how long would it take Labour to get its act back together and get rid of Corbyn?”

“That’s the thing that’s on our minds… I think things can change quickly; I think things change more quickly anyway now.”

Labour’s own Shadow Cabinet Health Minister hopes they lose and they can get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. In the event that Corbyn gets into Downing Street, he hopes the Civil Service machine would be able to safeguard national security from Prime Minister Corbyn. Has there ever been a situation where Labour frontbenchers hope their party loses because their leader is a risk to national security?

UPDATE: Boris comments on what Piers Morgan is describing as the “scoop of the election

Latest ICM Poll Puts Tory Lead Rolling Average Below 10%

The tight 6% lead from ICM yesterday for the Tories knocks the rolling average lead over according to Britain Elects down to 9.7%. Both Labour and the Tories appear to be plateauing. Frightening tightening…

Brexit, Actually

This is a parody. A parody by the Prime Minister and it works. Probably the best ad of the campaign…[…] Read the rest


3 Days to Go


  • Tour of Northern Labour targets and speech to factory workers in Sunderland
  • Promise to crack down on EU migration
  • Boris gaffe of seemingly refusing to acknowledge a photo of a boy sleeping on an NHS corridor floor
  •  Topline(s):
    • End the gridlock


  • Labour on the attack of boy sleeping on NHS floor story
  • McDonnell announces Labour’s first 100 days programme
  • Corbyn rally in Bristol
  •  Topline(s):
    • Boris Johnson isn’t a leader.
[…] Read the rest


Momentum Thugs Organising Cash Reward for Attack on Boris With Milkshakes

Boris was forced to call off a visit in hyper-marginal Bishop Auckland earlier today after a gang of Labour activists turned up to cause trouble, at least one of whom claimed to have “a milkshake ready and everything”.

A group of Labour Momentum activists has been organising in WhatsApp groups to attack the Prime Minister with a milkshake, Guido can reveal.[…] Read the rest


Hancock Mobbed by Labour Activists on Leeds Hospital Visit

Hancock was visiting the hospital in light of the reports dominating the news today of a boy with pneumonia having to sleep on the floor due to no free beds.

Labour are denying they paid for taxis to transport around 100 protestors to the hospital, however, the following Whatsapps sent to Guido disprove that:

The grotesque chaos of a Labour campaign hiring taxis to mob opponents…[…] Read the rest


Sexy Socialism?

[…] Read the rest


Labour Accused of Accepting Illegal Foreign Aid

Labour and Momentum have been accused of accepting illegal foreign donations during the election campaign, with the Tories reporting both to the electoral commission and demanding an urgent investigation. Read the letter in full here

Despite Labour constantly pointing their own fingers at supposed ‘dark money’ coming in from abroad to influence elections, new evidence shows Labour and Momentum have received support from the Bernie Sanders-supporting Democratic Socialists for America who have been running phone banking sessions for the party from five US states.[…] Read the rest


Corbyn’s Top 10 Anti-Semitic Incidents

A new anti-Corbyn campaign run by former Labour activists has launched today with a video listing just ten anti-Semitic incidents in Corbyn’s party. The group, called ‘Vote Corbyn Get Racism’ are on Twitter here[…] Read the rest


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