Brexit, Actually

This is a parody. A parody by the Prime Minister and it works. Probably the best ad of the campaign…

People’s Vote Campaign Ask Electoral Commission to Investigate Themselves

In a 4-dimensional-chess move no one saw coming, the People’s Vote campaign have written to the Electoral Commission asking that they be investigated over apparent dodgy donations.

A statement released to the press reads:

“The People’s Vote is asking the Electoral Commission to look into possible non-disclosure of donations under the organisation’s previous executive management.

The new interim management team, in place since beginning of November, has been conducting a fundamental review of the organisation’s systems, policies and processes.

In the course of this review we became extremely concerned donations may not have been declared to the Electoral Commission. We immediately made the Commission aware of this.”

Guido understands we are looking at six-figure donations undisclosed. The new People’s Vote regime under new campaign director Stuart Hand is upbeat, saying some 30 staff are toiling in Millbank Tower, that they have had £700,000 in donations since the election was called, at least a £100,000 of which has been funnelled to preferred candidates. That’s a lot of LibDem leaflets…

Former campaign director Patrick Heneghan is still “on a leave of absence” pending investigation of his alleged drunken cocaine and chill offers to young female staffers. As you do…

Where all this leaves former People’s Vote campaign chiefs James McGrory and Tom Baldwin is anyone’s guess. The Electoral Commission report will be interesting…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight

Sky Invests in Massive New Studios

Despite dire warnings about Brexit, Sky have unveiled plans to build a 32-acre TV and film studio in Elstree. A new dawn is breaking for Sky…

The huge development will be able to facilitate production of several films and TV shows at the same time, with 14 impressive sound stages; and will go ahead with the international backing of US media giants Comcast (Sky’s owner) and NBCUniversal. The Sky’s the limit…

Sky’s CEO Jeremy Darroch said of the development that “Sky Studios Elstree will play a pivotal role in bringing the wealth of UK and European talent and creativity to the world.” Not that you’d necessarily know that from Sky’s Brexit coverage…

Labour Realise Public Cares About Brexit

The BBC is reporting Labour woke up this morning, saw the results of YouGov’s MRP constituency poll and finally realised the British public care about Brexit. It seems like only yesterday Labour took Sky News to court for describing this as the ‘Brexit Election’…

The seismic poll – which projects the Tories winning a 68 majority – shocked Labour into realising the Lib Dems don’t pose as much of a threat as they originally thought, however whilst their attention has been based in the south, thousands of Labour-Tory switchers means Labour’s ‘red wall’ – stretching from the Midlands to the North East – crumbles; with the Tories set to take key seats like:

  • Wrexham
  • Crewe and Nantwich
  • Bassetlaw
  • Don Valley
  • Bishop Aukland
  • Darlington

In response to this dire news, Labour plan on bringing out the big guns and highlighting Ian Lavery (you know, household name Ian Lavery) who is apparently the only pro-Leave shadow cabinet member. If you live in a Leave Labour area, expect to see more Labour activists pretending to care on your doorstep soon…

Rudd Looking for New People’s Vote CEO

Roland Rudd’s disastrous handling of the whole People’s Vote saga does remind Guido of the spin-doctor paradox; why do they have such low reputations and invariably bad personal public images? Rudd has now tasked headhunters to find a new CEO for his People’s Vote campaign after the last one, Patrick Heneghan, was ousted amid allegations of him being a sex pest made by young female campaigners who said he had a penchant for drunkenly inviting them back to his place for cocaine.  This is the brief from the headhunters Attenti looking for a replacement:

PV Campaign Ltd (People’s Vote) is the holding name of the organisation that aims to unify the main pro-European organisations into a single legal entity and become the designated pro-European referendum campaign if such a referendum is called. The People’s Vote board currently comprises : Anne Weyman, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Richard Reed and Roland Rudd.

If the Conservatives fail to win a majority in the General Election, there will probably be a referendum. In that scenario, we must hit the ground running. We are therefore delighted to open the selection process to recruit a high calibre Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive will report to the Board and be responsible for building and leading a diverse, dynamic new organisation.

If the Tories win a majority, it is all over for Rudd’s campaign anyway…

How Long Will Labour’s Brexit Policy Actually Take?

While Corbyn couldn’t tell viewers of the debate last night how he’d vote in Labour’s proposed second referendum, even more Brexit confusion has been sparked this morning after Dawn Butler contradicted Corbyn’s claimed Brexit timetable on BBC Breakfast.

Corbyn claims 9 months; Dawn claims 6. Any Labour frontbenchers willing to haggle it down further? 

Femi Quits People’s Vote

When Guido reported on the dying days of the People’s Vote campaign yesterday, he overlooked another earth shattering moment that will strike at the very heart of every remainer in the country: Femi Oluwole has quit the People’s Vote campaign. A nation mourns…

Whilst it was thought two sub-campaign groups – For Our Future’s Sake (FFS) and Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) – had split from the umbrella group, it transpires not all of OFOC could face leaving the warm embrace of Milbank Tower.

Only three of OFOC’s number have disaffiliated, the most prominent of whom is Femi Oluwole, whose incessant tweeting most Guido readers will inevitably have come across at some point. Finally, Femi and Guido can agree on something: how useless the People’s Vote campaign is…

UPDATE: Despite being removed from the ‘Meet the Team‘ section of the OFOC website, Femi is now saying he is still a member of the organisation.

Brexit Party Critique of Boris’ Deal is Actually Theresa May’s Old Deal

The Brexit Party has sent out a briefing pack to its prospective parliamentary candidates, clearly written after the general election was legislated for on December 12. The document tries to provide a list of reasons why Boris’s new deal is unacceptable – reading these reasons closely reveals their central claim is based on the wrong document…

The only criticism made of the Political Declaration in the brief alleges that it commits the UK and EU to “build and improve on the single customs territory provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement”. Those words are from Theresa May’s Political Declaration and don’t appear anywhere in Boris’ deal. The words “customs territory” don’t appear in Article 23 of Boris’ Political Declaration or anywhere else in the document…

Boris’ deal removes May’s backstop and as a consequence removes references to its customs territory that Theresa May’s political declaration committed to “build on”. Boris’ deal explicitly ensures both parties will have “regulatory autonomy” and replaces May’s “single customs territory” with standard “customs arrangements” – the kind of which are in the Canada-EU FTA and the Japan-EU FTA

The Brexit Party’s central criticism of Boris’ deal that they are briefing to their candidates is based on the wrong deal. Looks like they’ve been reading the wrong document…

UPDATE: A Brexit Party spokesman tells Guido “Our detailed analysis of Boris’ deal is very publicly displayed on our website. If an out-of-date document referring to May’s deal was sent out it was an administrative error.”

Time Since We Didn’t Brexit

Channel 4 have received photographic evidence of what Guido confirmed on Friday – CCHQ have updated their clock to avoid embarrassment. 

Via Harriet Baldwin

Brexit Party Candidate Defects, Backs Tory MP

The Brexit Party candidate for Dudley South, Paul Brothwood, has quit the party and endorsed the local Conservative MP Mike Wood. The ex-UKIP councillor says he fears votes for the Brexit Party could help to elect a Labour-Lib Dem government. Since Nigel Farage threatened to stand in 600 seats nationally Brexit Party support as polled by YouGov has fallen from 13% to 7%. This, to paraphrase Mick Jagger, might not be the Brexit we want, it is the Brexit we need…

Sandbach’s Company in Receipt of Huge EU Payments

Political titan Antoinette Sandbach uses her maiden name in public life, choosing not to use her married name – Antoinette Sherratt. There’s nothing unusual in this, bar the fact she continues to use her maiden name in her capacity as company director of Hafodunos Farms Ltd.

Hafodunos Farms Ltd received £23,588.02 in EU subsidies for 2017, and £25,173.29 in EU subsidies for 2018, through the Common Agricultural Policy. Both payments would’ve given Sandbach a six-figure income from the taxpayer…

Feathering her big nest even more will be the £27,000 payout she will receive if she loses her seat. If she had just resigned without contesting, she would have left with no payout…

We Send the EU £398 Million a Week

On the day we were meant to leave the EU, new figures published by the ONS show Britain’s gross contributions to the EU have increased to a whopping £398 million-per-week. When excluding VAT & GNI adjustments, this is up by 8.5% from 2017 to 2018 (exclude VAT & GNI adjustments). Boris and Cummings have their new campaign slogan…

EU Grant ‘Flextension’ to 31 January 2020

New from Donald Tusk:

Third time lucky…[…] Read the rest


Top ERG Strategist Christopher Montgomery Leaves Group to Co-Edit New Magazine Full Time

ERG spartan strategist supremo Christopher Montgomery is leaving the group after three years to co-edit a new monthly print magazine called The Critic, which launches next week. Montgomery, who was previously Chief of Staff to the DUP, will be co-editing the new magazine pitched at the thinking right with Michael Mosbacher, who was until recently acting editor of Standpoint magazine.[…] Read the rest


Lammy Accidentally Realises the Benn Act Surrenders Sovereignty

Taking to his usual high-quality, intellectual Tweeting this morning, David Lammy moaned:

The very same David Lammy who voted for the Benn Act forcing Boris to ask for any extension the EU grants; who voted for the Letwin Amendment that closed a loophole of the Benn Act; and who eight days ago actively travelled to Brussels to beg the EU for a delay beyond October 31, is now claiming it’s Brexit’s fault that Britain has failed to take back control.[…] Read the rest


Sweary Lib Dem MEP Tries Retracting Email

Chris Davies MEP has been continuing the trend of his sweary ‘bollocks to Brexit’ Lib Dem MEP group, this time in an email in which he describes a group as “a bunch of lying duplicitous b*astards that spout greenwash”. To save the representative’s face, we’ve elected to keep schtum on who he was talking about…

The email was sent by the chair of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee yesterday, before attempting a Gmail recall four hours later.[…] Read the rest


When Guido Met Steve Bray…

Telly Guido tried to have a friendly chat with shouty Steve Bray, the ‘Stop Brexit’ man who interrupts every interview known to man. The story was going to be that the man is such an irritating staple outside Westminster he now has his own Uber pick up location.[…] Read the rest


Government’s Brexit Strategy Stalled

One of the Government’s digital ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ adverts has had an unfortunate digital error near City Hall in London. A pop-up reads that the program has “stopped working”Perhaps this is why the Government want a technical extension…

Hat-tip: Casmilus
[…] Read the rest


Super Choose-Day

Today will be the new crunch moment in the Brexit saga, with the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) starting its journey through Parliament. The Government thinks it has the votes to pass the WAB at second reading, meaning we can expect a quasi-meaningful vote at 7pm tonight with the bill’s second reading.[…] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

John Bercow finally makes his view on Brexit known.

“Brexit is the biggest mistake of this country after the war. I respect PM Johnson but Brexit doesn’t help us. It’s better to be part of the [EU] power bloc.”

What a surprise…


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