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Michael Gove at the launch of the Good Right:

“Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan sought to rescue capitalism from the corporatists, fought to extend the ownership of property to millions more, brought monopolistic nationalised industries into the private sector and unleashed enterprise.

They also – critically – stood implacably resolute against the spirit-destroying and soulless Communism which governed the lives of billions. 

Because of their determination to defeat – not just contain – communism, the Leninist system buckled and broke. The leadership of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan led to the liberation of billions – and not just from political tyranny but also from poverty.

The collapse of communism, the global spread of free enterprise, and the emergence of new democratic institutions guaranteeing the rule of law and property rights, led to the fastest growth in living standards and the greatest extension of opportunity the world has ever known. 

That is a Good the Right secured and a victory for progress Conservatives won.”

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