Biden’s Unintelligible AMTRAK Anecdote:

Biden disrupted his and Boris’s press conference to tell this story about the US AMTRAK train service (transcript via @HugoGye):

“Oh, well, they should. I’ve traveled more on AMTRAK … If I were conductor I’d be number one in seniority … I’ve got to tell you a quick story, it’s got nothing to do with anything. When I was Vice President, the Secret Service didn’t like me traveling on AMTRAK because … the options .. but I insisted that I do it. And one day, they put in the newspaper, Biden travels …(inaudible number of) miles … And so I’m walking up to getting the train on that Friday. And a guy, who was the number three guy from New Jersey … grabbed me, “Joey baby!” I thought the secret service was gonna shoot him.

I said no no, he’s a friend it’s a joke. ‘Big deal! 1,300,000 miles on AMTRAK. I mean Air Force One. Do you know how many miles you’ve traveled on Amtrak? I said no, he said … retirement dinner, we worked it out. He said, 36 years in the Senate, X number of years at that point as Vice President, average 131 days a year. 357 miles a day Joey you traveled over 2 million miles, big deal! I thought they should name the road after me.”

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