Long-Bailey’s Rally

A clip from Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Liverpool rally – the footage from which has now been deleted by her team – is doing the rounds today in which one member accuses various Labour MPs of being Zionists, trying to topple Jeremy Corbyn, and being in the pocket of the Israeli lobby. Bingo!

The antisemitic calls are rightly being condemned and Becky’s failure to challenge any of the slurs head on has been noticed. In the words of Corbyn, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”…

One unfortunate coincidence is the venue picked by Long-Bailey – the Adelphi Hotel. According to the hotel’s website another political activist with an obsessive interest in Zionism worked there:


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Candidates’ Trans Confusion

The Labour leadership candidates have got themselves into a mess on trans issues. Nandy in particular has gone from taking the most extreme stance to denying she said what she said. Because of this, as a service to readers, Guido has produced a compilation of their positions. Confused? You will be…,

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Which Labour Leadership Contenders Identify as Zionists?

One of the hottest-button issues in the Labour Party right now concerns a territorial dispute over two thousand miles away. The Jewish Labour Movement hustings last night asked each of the candidates whether they would identify as a Zionist. Guido brings you the lowdown…


“I am a zionist”


“I don’t describe myself as a Zionist”


“I believe that Jewish people have the right to national self determination, that makes me a Zionist.”


“I suppose that makes me a Zionist”

Who would have guessed that Long-Bailey would be more willing to describe herself as a Zionist than Sir Keir QC…

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Did Becky Really Call out Antisemitism in Shadow Cabinet?

We are only half way through the Labour Leadership contest (seriously), and already the not-so-subtle attacks have started. On Newsnight’s debate last night, Emily Thornberry made a pointed remark about Rebecca Long-Bailey’s lack of commitment to tacking antisemitism within the Shadow Cabinet. Newsnight’s Katie Razzall had to step in…

ET “Keir and I were both in the Shadow Cabinet and would regularly, the two of us, call for regular reports to the Shadow Cabinet”

KR “Are you saying Becky… are you saying Rebecca didn’t”

ET “No I don’t think Rebecca did, but Keir and I did regularly.”

RL-B “Err, Rebecca did (nervous laugh) I think you’ll find…”

ET “Sorry I don’t remember.”


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Long-Bailey Video Stars ‘Holocaust Deniers’ Adviser

The latest campaign video from Momentum shows Rebecca Long-Bailey setting out the need to have a “positive vision of Britain can be post-Brexit”. It stars an audience member explaining how the Labour vote was split in both directions by Brexit. Neither Long-Bailey nor Momentum spotted that the member asking the question appears to be Maria Carroll – a former candidate who ran a secret Facebook group advising Holocaust-denying members how to beat charges of antisemitism. 

Carroll – who stood as Labour’s Camarthen East candidate in December – was revealed to be running the Facebook group, which contained Labour members who doubted the murder of six million Jews, and others who push the antisemitic trope of an international ‘Jewish conspiracy’. Becky may have signed the Board of Deputies’ pledge, but she’s still attracting these people… 

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Long-Bailey Calls for Ban on ’24/7 Work Culture’… Late Last Night

Rebecca Long-Bailey has called for an end to ’24/7 work culture’, where workers will be given the right to switch off digital devices outside their work hours to alleviate stress and anxiety. Journalists received the embargoed press release at 19:25 last night…

The Corbynista is channelling her inner Dolly Parton with this 9-5 policy, saying stronger unions will prevent time with friends and family being interrupted by emails or demands. Unfortunately for Becky, she is campaigning against a culture that isn’t widespread.

In addition to breaking her own policy by having her over-worked team send out the press release out-of-hours, Long-Bailey gave it a publication embargo of 08.30 this morning. Surely hacks can’t even be expected to read her policy until after 9…

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