Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Football Fantasy

Rebecca Long-Bailey – the sweetheart of McDonnell and other senior Labour figures lobbying for her to be the next Labour leader – has just put out this incredibly high production video on her Twitter account, along with her very own logo. Can’t fault the quality but it’s a brave time to launch the putsch…

At the start of the video, RLB says her mum claims she was “born to the sound of the roar of the Stretford end” – no doubt a lovely sentiment for a football fan. Unfortunately for Rebecca, she was born on the 22nd September 1979 – a day when Manchester United were playing an away game in Wolverhampton. Must have been difficult to hear the sound of the roar from a stadium 75 miles away…

McDonnell: Labour Would Block Government of National Unity, Won’t Block IndyRef2

Iain Dale’s Edinburgh Festival show continues to generate great news nuggets, last night it was the turn of John McDonnell who gift-wrapped two exquisite presents for Boris Johnson on the Edinburgh stage. McDonnell ruled out Labour supporting any sort of ‘national unity’ Government to try to stop No Deal that wasn’t led by Jeremy Corbyn. It wasn’t an off-the-cuff position, perennially rising star Rebecca Long-Bailey repeated the line last night as well…

This renders any Remainer plot to replace Boris with a ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister like Hilary Benn or Yvette Cooper following a vote of no confidence completely toothless, while it is highly unlikely that a majority of MPs would countenance Corbyn being PM, even temporarily to stop No Deal. Much as the vast majority of Tory Remainer MPs draw the line at Corbyn as PM being worse than no deal, there is nothing Corbyn wants to see less than another Blairite as Prime Minister…

McDonnell wasn’t finished handing Boris gifts, he also said that Labour “would not block” a second Scottish Indepedendence Referendum. Labour have tanked in Scotland since hard-left leader Richard Leonard took over. McDonnell now appears to be doing his best to finish them off…

Long-Bailey’s Leadership Eye-Roll

Guido suspects Rebecca Long-Bailey wasn’t the only one rolling her eyes at the prospect of her becoming Prime Minister…

Long-Bailey: Labour Aren’t Looking to Overturn the Referendum

Strong competition within the Shadow Cabinet this morning for most brazenly dishonest line on a second referendum…

Faiza Shaheen Caught Saying Sadiq’s Emission Tax is “Unfair” and Will Hit Poorest Hardest

Labour’s rising media star Faiza Shaheen has been recorded at an event calling Sadiq Khan’s new pollution tax “unfair” and warning that it will hit working class traders and families hardest. As much as Corbyn and Khan don’t get along, directly attacking one of his core policies can’t be the official Party Line…

Shaheen, Labour’s candidate to take on Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford and Woodford Green – not that the media normally bothers to mention that – was speaking at an event alongside fellow ‘rising star’ Rebecca Long-Bailey. At least she appears to have a better understanding of Labour’s damaging policies than the Shadow Business Secretary usually does:

“We have completely got the politics wrong in terms of the impact on inequalities… We didn’t think about the redistributional impacts for those at the poorer end who will have to switch their car.”

She is right, plumbers and carpenters with diesel vans or families with affordable diesel cars will be clobbered by Sadiq’s £12.50-a-day ULEZ charge. The ULEZ zone is set to be extended to the North and South Circulars in October 2021, just ahead of a provisional 2022 election. It just so happens that the North Circular runs right through Chingford and Woodford Green…

H/t Ross Lydall

Long Bailey: Labour To Back Second Referendum If Conference Does

Long-Bailey: Labour Have Lost the Faith of Jewish Community

Long-Bailey Endorses Momentum Candidate Who Posted Terror Attack Slurs

Guido is running an ongoing series introducing you to the latest raft of Corbynista candidates. Voting closes tonight in the Momentum National Coordinating Group, where Rebecca Long-Bailey has endorsed Elizabeth Hayden as the “perfect choice”. Becky and Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett are appearing on these flashy graphics to help Hayden get out the vote:

So, what are Hayden’s credentials to make her the “perfect choice” in the eyes of the Shadow Cabinet? Well, she was the subject of an official complaint from the Labour Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson when she posted this article which claimed “of course the timing of [the Manchester Arena attack] was highly beneficial” for the Tories:

Long-Bailey is a Manchester MP, which makes you wonder what her constituents would think…

Hayden tweeted during the Westminster terror attack that “righties saying it’s an Islamic extremist attack” made her laugh out loud:

And Hayden personally tried to stop Labour from carrying out an investigation into three of her local members accused of anti-Semitism. Hayden said Momentum supporters needed to come up with a “clear plan to stop the vote for an antisemitism investigation” at her Liverpool CLP. She seems nice…

Rebecca Long-Bailey Doesn’t Recognise Guardian, C4 and Newsnight Pol Eds

Rebecca Long-Bailey appeared unable to recognise the political editors of the Guardian, Channel 4 News and Newsnight as she called questions at Corbyn’s speech. Does she really not know their names? Or was she just pretending so she didn’t look too pally with the media in front of press-hating Labour supporters? For someone apparently unable to recognise journalists, she did a very good job at calling no one from the Sun, Mail or Telegraph…

Long-Bailey Aide Sports Stalinist Axe-Murder Badge

A member of Rebecca Long-Bailey’s parliamentary staff proudly sports a Stalinist badge as he embraces his communist pal at a hard-left rally. Alex Halligan (pictured right), a senior Momentum activist and employee of the Labour frontbencher, wore the badge which reads “Good Night Trotskyite” at last weekend’s Durham Miners’ Gala. The badge design shows a man threatening another with an ice pick, a reference to the assassination of Leon Trotsky, who was murdered with the implement in 1940. Halligan has his arm around George Waterhouse (pictured right), a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. A long-standing and vicious split exists on the far left between Trotskyites and Stalinists. Seems it also exists at the top of today’s Labour Party… 

Rebecca Long-Bailey: “We Want to Have Our Cake and Eat It”

Labour rising star crashes down to earth on the Sunday Politics…

Freedom-Hating Socialism is Back: Using Uber “Not Morally Acceptable”

This morning Guido was driven in an Uber by a student who liked the work because he could log on whenever he had spare time and whenever he liked. Choice, convenient for buyer and seller. Corbyn’s authoritarian Labour would run them off the road…

Labour Chaos Latest: Now Back Free Movement

As Guido reported this morning the Tories are all over the place on Brexit, though it’s worth looking at Labour’s shambles as well. On Monday Barry Gardiner and John McDonnell disagreed about staying in the single market. Today Rebecca Long-Bailey amusingly described the single market as a “moot point” and suggested she supports the continuation of free movement:

“We accept the fact that if we are going to have impediment-free access to the single market then there will have to be some element of free movement.”

Labour’s manifesto position, outlined by Corbyn during the campaign was: “clearly the free movement ends when we leave the European Union.Does Becky speak for herself or the Shadow Cabinet?

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Long-Bailey’s Busy Month

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Who Is Rebecca Long-Bailey?

Who is Rebecca Long-Bailey, the 37 year-old Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury who is being tipped as Jez’s successor? Last year in an interview on Sky News she refused to rule out the conspiracy theory that MI5 are working to destabilise Corbyn:

DERMOT MURNAGHAN: Can I just ask you lastly and rather briefly, Rebecca Long-Bailey, what do you make of this extraordinary claim from Len McClusky, or maybe you don’t think it’s extraordinary, that MI5 might be trying to destabilise Jeremy Corbyn?

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Labour Leadership Rumblings Latest

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