Read in Full: Philip Hammond’s Resignation Letter

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Hammond Threatens ‘Blue Momentum’

Tim Shipman’s story in the Sunday Times about Hammond threatening to launch a “Blue Momentum” is a giggle. Hammond apparently fancies himself as the Tory version of Jon Lansman.

A prize from the merchandising cupboard of a Guido mouse mat to whomever comes up with the best name for this new organisation. The Inert Tendency? The Blue Undertaking? Nonentum? 

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Hammond: I Could Back a Customs Union

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Phil Hammond: Curb Your Analysis

The ‘Cleverer than Thou’ former Chancellor toured Television and Radio studios during the Tory leadership election to lecture everyone about how much he understands EU politics. He earnestly told everyone who would listen that; a renegotiation was impossible, the backstop could not be removed, the EU would offer no concessions, and even that there would be no Commission to negotiate with in the first place. Guido thought he would remind everyone just how prescient the Remainers were…

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Stealth Death Tax Scrapped

The Government has scrapped Philip Hammond’s stealth death tax announced at the start of this year. His proposals saw grieving families whacked with a bill of up to £6,000 just for administering someone else’s estate, with house prices dragging ordinary families into big payment traps. Guido, the Taxpayers’ Alliance, the Daily Mail, and 1922 Committee members like Charles Walker and Graham Brady pushed back hard on this policy and now have won. James Roberts, Political Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, responded to the news by saying:

“It’s top news that the justice minister has been clearly been reading Guido and now put the final nail in the coffin for Hammond’s hated stealth death tax. Scrapping this ridiculous rise is exactly the kind of signal politicians should be sending that they don’t simply see death as an opportunity for a smash and grab on the family silver.”

Buried politically, along with Hammond’s political career…

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Only Five of the 21 Rebels Want to Return to Tory Fold

Only five of the 21 expelled Tory rebels still wish to return to the Conservative Party, according to a senior One Nation source. Namely, Amber Rudd, David Guake, Richard Benyon and Stephen and Philip Hammond. You couldn’t guess some of them want to return given how they’ve been behaving since losing the whip…

Whilst it was obvious some of the cohort – such as Sam Gyimah who is now a Lib Dem, and Rory Stewart who plans on standing as an independent – had given up on rejoining to Tory Party’s loving embrace, it was still assumed the majority of independent remainers would look at regaining the whip once Brexit is sorted. It’s also believed that only Rory has any chance of keeping his seat if standing as an independent…

In other wet Tory news, the Tory Reform Group held their one nation drinks reception yesterday, during which Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said multiple times “I am the law” and one member fainted. They’re truly dropping like flies…

UPDATE: A sign of further Tory independents to Lib Dem defections? Anne Milton and Guto Bebb spotted plotting with Phillip Lee and Sam Gyimah in PCH…

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