Pat McFadden on Labour’s Proposed Large-Scale Borrowing
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Labour Blames Higher Taxes for Expected Weak GDP Growth

Gross domestic product (GDP) fell by a less than expected 0.2% in December 2021 to equal its pre-coronavirus pandemic level (February 2020). The consensus of economists was that GDP would fall 0.6%. Overall the UK economy recovered by 7.5% in 2021. The slight fall in December can be attributed to output in consumer-facing services falling by 3.0% in the month, mainly driven by a 3.7% fall in retail trade in the face of Omicron.

Pat McFadden, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, responding to this morning’s weak GDP figures is audacious:

“The reality is the way the Government runs our economy is trapping us in a high tax, low growth cycle. Despite government bluster, with their current plans our position is not expected to improve. The latest Bank of England forecast suggests that growth will slow to a crawl next year. That would be the slowest growth of any G7 economy. Rising taxes, rising prices, and a squeeze on wages and living standards sit squarely on the shoulders of the Conservatives.”

Even if the low-tax rhetoric of Labour lacks credibility, it highlights the strategic Tory mistake of putting up taxes on workers and destroying their unique selling point as the party of low taxes. Labour points out that the Bank of England is predicting anaemic GDP growth could be as low as 1.25% for next year. The Tories choosing the high tax, low growth path is an open goal for Labour…

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As Predicted, Labour Weaponises Rishi’s High-Tax Strategy

As was predicted a mile off, Labour has begun using the Tories’ own budget to undermine the low-tax USP of the Tories. Shadow Treasury Minister Pat McFadden has, perceptively, laid into the government, pointing out the Tories will no longer be able to credibly claim “tax cuts always magically lead to more revenues”. They can’t even bring out their loved “tax bombshell” posters at the next election…

Despite saying after the budget that now was not the right time for tax rises, Annelise Dodds is gloating about Rishi’s  corporation tax rise; “We welcome the Chancellor’s conversion to our point of view, but we can never get back the £95 billion lost to the Treasury over the last few years from this economically illiterate tax cut.”

Guido predicted in his podcast prior to the election that, economic arguments aside, the political consequences from a budget corporation tax rise would resonate for elections to come and would undermine the argument that lower taxes can bring in higher revenue.

Even George Osborne is being reluctantly critical:

“You are sending a message around the world that Britain is not a very enterprising place to do business”

Labour’s enjoying the ideological surrender that Rishi’s rejection of conservative principles embodies, McFadden was proclaiming the death of low tax Conservative principles last night “Thatchernomics and Osbornenomics, buried in full public view by Rishinomics. No more Laffer curves…”. We did try and warn Rishi…

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Labour MPs’ Damning Responses to Panorama

Is this the moment when Labour MPs finally stand up and do something about it? Or do they just go back to campaigning to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister anyway?

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McDonnell Told Activists to “Target” Journalists

Who’s responsible for winding up Labour lefties to the point where they boo and hiss the BBC’s political editor? This video of John McDonnell from 2013 is worth a watch –  he tells activists to take “direct action” to “target” journalists they don’t like. Even going as far as occupying newsrooms…

“I don’t think we should let the traditional media off the hook… Where there is a distorted report or an inaccurate report, or where there’s a non-report by the traditional media, we take direct action against it. Let me give you an example… the IWW union were running a campaign in London… The Guardian wouldn’t cover the story… so what the IWW workers did is they went over to the Guardian offices and occupied them and insisted that they meet the editor and insisted that some story was covered. The editor came down, very angry… but in the end they said ‘alright, we’ll start looking into the story again’… Those newspapers, those media sources that aren’t covering the stories, we’ve got to start targeting them and taking direct action against them…

[Another pressure group] weren’t getting any coverage of their demonstrations by the BBC, so a couple of weeks ago they went to the BBC headquarters and did a demonstration outside and threatened occupation, eventually getting involved in a dialogue with some of the journalists… Where the existing, traditional media are letting us down, we target them.”

Labour MPs Laura K

Labour MPs Wes Streeting, Chuka Umunna and Pat McFadden have all criticised the Laura K haters. Remember, Corbyn told Vice News the BBC “are obsessed with trying to damage Labour”. That’s why he smirked when his fans hissed at their pol ed…

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McFadden ‘Sacked For Saying West Not to Blame For Paris Attacks’

Sacked Shadow Europe minister Pat McFadden says Corbyn told him he was being fired “because of questions I asked about terrorism… following the Paris terrorist attacks”. This is the question McFadden asked:

“Can I ask the Prime Minister to reject the view that sees terrorist acts as always being a response or a reaction to what we in the West do? Does he agree with me that such an approach risks infantilising the terrorists and treating them as children when the truth is they are adults entirely responsible for what they do. No one forces them to kill innocent people in Paris or Beirut and unless we are clear about that we will fail even to be able to understand the threat we face let alone confront it and ultimately overcome it.”

So, according to McFadden at least, he lost his job because he made a point of refusing to blame the Paris attacks on the West. Corbyn’s people say it was because he was disloyal, which to be fair is not mutually exclusive. The Stop the War takeover over the Labour Party is complete…

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