Government’s Socialist Spending Brings Momentum to Brink of Bankruptcy

Co-conspirators will struggle not to laugh as Guido reports Momentum is facing financial peril, partly due to the inflation crisis largely caused by the sort of government spending they wanted Jeremy Corbyn to pursue.

An email sent to supporters this morning from Nadia Whittome warns that the far-left campaign group has been “hit hard by soaring inflation”. Nothing a sharp dose of Thatcherite monetarism wouldn’t solve…

The begging letter from Momentum warns that without emergency help from supporters, they “won’t be able to continue what it does.” Which these days primarily consists of tweeting ‘things would be better if Corbyn had won’.

Despite Momentum seeing the real-world damaging effects of government overspending, Nadia Whittome warns that “socialist ideas have never been more necessary or popular.” In the same breath, she implies the main proponents of such a fiscal plan are on the brink of no longer being a “financially stable organisation”. Addicts always desire more of that which is killing them…

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Labour Intervenes Over Nadia Whittome’s Offensive Rishi Tweet

Hard-left Corbyn fan girl MP Nadia Whittome was condemned by Wes Streeting on Newsnight last night for a tweet she posted after Rishi Sunak was confirmed as the new Tory leader and PM-designate. Whittome explained to her followers that Rishi is effectively so rich he is no longer Asian in the eyes of the left.

Streeting told Newsnight, “I think she’s done the right thing and deleted it… I think that’s a matter for Keir and I’m sure it’s no coincidence the tweet’s been deleted.”

“I’ll put it this way: there are children in my constituency this evening who turned on the news to see someone who looked like them about to become our country’s Prime Minister. I think that’s a wonderful thing.”

Angela Rayner also told PA “I think it’s really important actually today to see our politicians, I’ve said this many times as a working class girl with an accent from Manchester, for our politicians to represent and for people to see themselves within our senior politicians.”

Labour officials gave Nadia a stern word and told her to delete the tweet, rather than realising of her own volition it was a bad look. She’s yet to apologise. For the hard left, anti-racism only applies to fellow comrades…

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Nadia Whittome Schooled During Politics Live “NHS Privatisation” Debate

The usual deranged loony left line on the Tories’ supposed ‘privatisation’ of the NHS didn’t land well for Nadia Whittome on Politics Live this morning. Asked to explain her tweet that the government’s “pushing through a Bill that would further privatise [the NHS]” with the new health and social care reforms, Whittome claimed it was the result of allowing private bodies to sit on new integrated care boards. Unfortunately that claim was quickly debunked by Dave West, the Health Service Journal’s Deputy Editor, who actually knew what he was talking about:

“This Bill, if anything, as some other Labour MPs who have been following this closely and know a lot about the health service have made the point, this Bill if anything brings an end to contestability and the internal market in the NHS… under the existing law brought in by the coalition government in 2012, there [sic] are quite substantial – the most requirements there’s ever been on the NHS to tender services out to potential bidders in the private sector. This will bring an end to that.”

Every single claim Whittome made about the Bill was shot down, as if she was at an under-prepared university interview. Whittome eventually insisted that she didn’t “want to get bogged down in a discussion about privatisation”…

Danny Finkelstein pointed out the absurdity that she was the one ‘bogging down’ the debate in the first place…

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WATCH: Tory MPs Take Fight to Nadia’s TikTok Turf

It looks like Marco Longhi and Lee Anderson have decided it’s long past time Tory MPs capitalised on the TikTok comedy frontier…

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Nadia’s Shell Shock Shows Politicians Need Life Experience

Up until perhaps the 1990s, parliament’s benches were filled on the Labour side with union veterans, people who had previous professional careers in the public sector or law. Likewise on the Tory benches you would find pin-striped captains of industry, City grandees, retired colonels, country squires and plenty of lawyers. There were exceptions, and even some women, on the whole though members of parliament tended to have some life experience, which comes with ups and downs, knocks and triumphs. That changed as political careers vectored from Oxford University, a job at party HQ learning about the cynical machinery of politics, or at a campaign or a think tank, followed by a spell as a special adviser before being parachuted into a constituency. Cameron becoming Tory leader aged 40 exemplified the potential youthful path to power…

This is not a good thing; Guido always advises young people intent on a career in politics to go and do something else for a decade, something productive. Guido has no insight into what ails the youngest MP in parliament, Nadia Whittome, such that she needs to take a break from parliament due to PTSD. Parliament may be daunting though nothing akin to the trenches of the First World War. The shells lobbed on social media may ruin your day, they don’t kill. The human mind however can be fragile and politics is a contact sport, which social media makes feel like a 24/7 activity. Taking a break may help one gain more perspective. Having more years of life experience outside the political crucible might just give aspiring politicians more much-needed perspective.

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Prospect of Covid Passports and ‘No Jab, No Job’ Brings Unity to Question Time

Rare scenes of civil liberty unity on Question Time last night as every panellist came out against domestic covid passports, and a forced requirement by employees for workers to have the vaccine; with the far-left Nadia Whittome, hardline-centrist Layla Moran and CRG chair Mark Harper all opposing the floated measure for different reasons:

  • Layla Moran: “Out of the question”, citing people being able to take time off to get the vaccine; “I am a liberal and my view is you can trust individuals to do the right thing, and in this case actually what you’re asking them to do is divulge medical data as well. I don’t think that’s right”
  • Mark Harper: “It’s particularly ironic that I’ve heard it being argued as a way to get the economy re-opened, well the reality is younger people will be the last people to be vaccinated, they’re the ones that have been damaged most by the economic dislocation from Covid, we’d be in a ridiculous position where  we’d be re-opening the economy, and younger people would be the people shut out as older people were able to go back out again”
  • Nadia Whittome: What the government has actually said on ‘no jab, no job’ is that’s up to employers – now this is absolutely wrong… they need to intervene to legislate against this, we cannot have a situation where employers are able to have a blank cheque to exploit workers in this way”

The founder and CEO of the Oakman Inns chain, also on the panel, said he would be “deeply uncomfortable” with enforcing the principle of ‘no jab, no job’ for his employees. It seems Covid has met a rival pandemic that’s spreading even more rapidly: common sense…

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