Tory Leadership Hopefuls: Who Are You?

We could be days away from a Tory leadership race if Theresa May loses a no confidence vote. The jostling for position on the Tory benches is becoming blatant. Leadership hopefuls are tapping up donors for support, assembling campaign teams and beaming as they glad-hand fellow MPs. With that in mind WPI Strategy commissioned a 2,000 head poll from Deltapoll with fieldwork done last week (25/26 March). They asked the public “Who would you recognise in the street?”

David Lidington would be recognised by 1 in 20 people – which seems on the high side. Liz Truss would be recognised by 1 in 14 people proving that not everyone is on Instagram. Dominic Raab will be disappointed that his brief profile raising period as Brexit Secretary means that 1 in 9 people claim they know his face. Then we get into potential leaders who do have some recognition with voters. Amber, Saj and Hunt are recognised by a quarter to a third of voters, Mogg (who is not running) and Gove are recognised by two fifths of voters. There is only one candidate who stands out with over three quarters of the public recognising him – Boris.

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Blue on Former Blue

The Commons was treated to a patch of blue on former blue this afternoon as Michael Gove made a gentle poke at Anna Soubry’s lengthy questioning. She hit back at him taking aim at Tory cuts to the Legal Aid… which she voted for…

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Boris Still Miles Ahead of Tory Leadership Rivals

The latest ConHome Tory leadership survey results are out, with Boris Johnson maintaining his commanding lead at the head of the pack. Boris sits comfortably on 26%, more than double his closest rival in Dominic Raab with 12%. Gove comes back in from the cold into third place after his barnstorming anti-Corbyn speech in Parliament last month.

The biggest surprise is much-vaunted contender Sajid Javid sliding down to fifth with only 7%. Outspoken Tory Remainers are even further behind, with Amber Rudd the highest ranked in 8th with just 4%. May is safe from a formal Tory challenge until December, but pressure for a more pro-Brexit leader will inevitably mount once the Article 50 process is finally over…

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Michael Gove’s Barnstorming Speech

Michael Gove closed the case for the Government last night with an absolute cracker of a speech. It is well worth a watch…

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Gove Tickles Labour’s “Testicular Nature”

Michael Gove tore into both the Speaker and the Labour Party from the dispatch box this afternoon during the Withdrawal Agreement debate. It’s well worth a watch…

“I know, Mr. Speaker, that there are some distinguished citizens in this country who have put on their cars a poster or sticker saying “bollocks to Brexit”, but we now know from Labour’s front bench, that their official Brexit position is bollocks.”

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Michael Gove on Mid-50s Swingers

Michael Gove told the Cabinet today that some MPs opposing May’s Brexit deal are

“like mid-50s swingers waiting for Scarlett Johansson to turn up…..”.

H/t Sam Coates 
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