Hepatitis Tory: ‘I’m Not Out of The Race’

Remember ‘hepatitis Tory’ Kamran Razzaq? He was suspended over a leaflet claiming Labour had brought the disease to his ward in Cradley. You’d just give up wouldn’t you?

Nope, here’s his latest missive insisting he’s still in the running:

“Suspension does not mean I’m out of the race despite what you have been told”

You can still vote for Kamran as an independent…

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Tory Candidate: Labour Give You Hepatitis

Back to Guido’s Candidate Watch series. Kamran Razzaq, who is the Tory council candidate in Cradley on Thursday, has put his name to this leaflet asking: “What have Labour delivered to this ward: Hepatitis”. Razzaq is a former Labour supporter who defected to the Tories under Ed Miliband. He’s also spelt “community” wrong. Apart from that…

UPDATE: He has been suspended.

Pic via @TheItTechnician
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