Labour Clear “Holocaust-Mongers” Candidate

Labour’s parliamentary candidate in the marginal seat of North Swindon Kate Linnegar has reportedly been let off, after an internal investigation concluded saying no further action will be taken.

Linnegar (who ran the Swindon People’s Assembly) had previously been forced to distance herself from a Swindon People’s Assembly Twitter account bearing her face which posted about the Rothschilds, Zion “scum” and “fake Jews”. Her own personal facebook account also defended suspended Labour activist Jackie Walker, and Hitler obsessive Ken Livingstone. She’s welcome back in Corbyn’s Labour Party…

Labour Parliamentary Candidate Posted About “Holocaust-Mongers”, Defended Jackie Walker

Earlier this week Labour’s parliamentary candidate in the marginal seat of North Swindon was forced to distance herself from a Twitter account which sent a string of shocking anti-Semitic tweets. Kate Linnegar denied all responsibility for the posts from a Swindon People’s Assembly account which used her face as the profile picture. Well, Guido has found some more posts on her personal Facebook page, which she definitely did post herself. The first link to an interview with Norman Finkelstein accuses moderate Labour MPs who criticised Naz Shah over her anti-Semitism scandal of being “Holocaust-mongers”, and defends Shah and Ken Livingstone.

The second link defends Jackie Walker, who was twice suspended by Labour for anti-Semitism:

Are Labour going to do anything about this clearly awful candidate in a key marginal?

Labour Parliamentary Candidate Distances Herself From Rothschilds, ‘Zion Scum’ and ‘Fake Jews’ Tweets

Labour’s newly selected parliamentary candidate in the marginal seat of North Swindon has been forced to distance herself from a Twitter account which posted about the Rothschilds, Zion “scum” and “fake Jews”. In April, Kate Linnegar was selected to fight the next election in a seat that is seen as a must-win if Labour is to have any chance of forming a government. Linnegar, a Corbynista who has been involved in local left-wing activism for years, ran the Swindon People’s Assembly. Her face is the profile picture for the group’s Twitter account. Though she denies any involvement with the following tweets…

The account bearing Linnegar’s face has ranted about the Rothschilds:

It posted about “fake Jews”:

It described pop star Zayn Malik as “another Zion slave”:

Some other pleasantries:

A South West Labour party spokesperson said: “Kate Linnegar has no involvement with these tweets or the running of this twitter account. Her image has been used in the profile picture without her consent.” Seems a very serious case of identity fraud, hope they catch the culprit…

Labour Drop Punchy Parliamentary Candidate

Last month Guido revealed the interesting social media activity of Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Welwyn Hatfield, Tara Mary Lyons. Tara had tweeted about punching Prince William, “dumb bitches” and “swinging a f**king punch”, among other things. Following Guido’s story, she has now been dropped as the candidate. The Sunday Times also has another story saying she owes nearly half a million quid to HMRC. When she isn’t turning the air blue on Twitter and talking about punching people, Tara spends her time tweeting about public services suffering from “Tory cuts”. Half a million quid would help a few services in Welwyn Hatfield…

Lewisham Labour Frontrunner Compared Palestine to Holocaust

The frontrunner to be Labour’s candidate in Lewisham East compared the Israel-Palestine conflict to the Holocaust, Guido can reveal. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, who is the bookies’ favourite and is being backed by Team Corbyn, equated Israel to the Nazis and claimed Palestinians were victims of a “genocide”. She wrote on her Facebook page on Holocaust Memorial Day last year: “Today is the day when we remember all those affected by the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur – I’m adding Palestinian to the list”. A very stupid comment, to say the least. Will the Corbynistas still stitch up the selection for her anyway?

Roll Call of Suspended Candidates

Good morning, it’s election day! Guido brings you the full roll call of candidates who have been suspended up and down the country over the last few weeks.

Suspended Tory candidates:

  • Matt Lynch in Hastings suspended over doubts over his claims to be a war veteran
  • George Stoakley in Fen Ditton suspended for joking about “a Jew in an attic”
  • Kamran Razzaq suspended for claiming Labour give you hepatitis
  • Karen Sunderland in Lewisham suspended for comparing Islam to Nazism
  • David Boston in Enfield suspended for saying bacon on your door handle protects from terrorists
  • Matthew Clarke in Stevenage suspended for saying gay people should face the death penalty
  • Nick Sundin in Newcastle suspended for Islamophobic tweets
  • Ian Robinson in Netherton suspended for sharing Britain First posts (he says he was hacked)
  • Mike Payne suspended in Yorkshire for calling Muslims parasites
  • Peter Handley in Oxford suspended for calling a colleague a cripple

Suspended Labour candidates:

  • Irfan Javed suspended in Stevenage for ranting about “Jew propaganda”
  • Sameh Habeeb in Northwood suspended for suggesting Jews control the media
  • Roy Smart in Tunbridge Wells suspended for questioning the Holocaust
  • Alan Bull suspended for post claiming the Holocaust was a hoax
  • Richard Taylor suspended for calling female Tory MPs “foul b*tches”
  • Pam Bromley in Rossendale suspended for alleged anti-Semitic posts
  • Claire Udy suspended for anti-Semitic tweets
  • Matthew Brown suspended in Yarborough for undisclosed reasons
  • David Walls in Newsham suspended for anti-Semitism
  • Mandy Richards suspended in Worcester for conspiracy theory posts
  • Jim Dempster in Dumfries suspended for Islamophobia
  • Lee Anderson in Ashfield suspended for alleged racism
  • Davie Machlachan suspended in South Lanarkshire for alleged racism

Labour have not suspended a host of other candidates who clearly breached party rules:

  • Dipu Ahad in Newcastle who spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Marks and Spencer
  • Sharon Hamilton in Leeds who has been accused of bullying
  • Tony Cottier in Bebington who called Jacob Rees-Mogg an “Opus Dei c**t”
  • Sam Gardner in Westminster who called Tories “c**ts” and told them to die
  • Jasmine Kennedy in Kirklees who tweeted about “dyke lesbian bitches”
  • Henry Fowler in Wandsworth who called Labour moderates “scum”
  • Paul Eustice in Worthing who accused Boris of carrying out the Salisbury attack
  • Elizabeth Hayden in Liverpool posted slurs about terror attacks
  • Barbara Hainsworth in Westminster who compared May to Hitler
  • Matthew Uberoi who admitted to voters that he was once jailed for a stock market scam
  • Kashif Raza who posted homophobic and sexist videos
  • Tara Lyans in Welywn Hatfield who tweeted about punching “b*tches” and Prince William
  • Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt in South Thanet who posted about the “Zionist sympathies” of Jewish MPs
  • Salim Mulla was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Ilyas Aziz was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Shah Hussain was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Miqdad Al-Nuaimi was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Andrew Slack was suspended as a councillor but then reinstated
  • Luke Cresswell was suspended as a councillor but then reinstated

On this evidence, it’s hard not to conclude that the parties have a very different approach to dealing with dodgy candidates…

Labour Candidate Ranted About “Jew Propaganda”

Another day, another anti-Semitic Labour candidate. Irfan Javed is Labour’s council candidate in Woodfield in Stevenage on Thursday. He has ranted on Facebook about “Jew propaganda” and commented: “I am just suspicious. This is what Jewish dominated western media usually does.” He has also compared Zionism to Nazism:

Suspended in 3, 2, 1…

UPDATE: He has been suspended.

“Jew in an Attic” Tory Candidate Suspended

Guido’s Candidate Watch series turns to the Tories today: CCHQ has suspended their Fen Ditton and Fulbourn council candidate George Stoakley over these somewhat ill-judged historic tweets. Keep sending ’em in to the Guido compliance unit here

Guido’s Candidate Watch on Daily Politics

Guido’s Candidate Watch stories were read out to the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury on today’s Daily Politics. You can read them all here. Stay tuned for more tomorrow…

Labour Ditch Mad Mandy as Worcester Candidate

Labour tell Guido they are dropping Mandy Richards as their candidate in Worcester. A spokesman says: “The NEC has not endorsed Mandy Richards as the Labour Party candidate for Worcester”. A Labour source says they have decided that, because Richards failed to disclose on her application form anything that had the potential to embarrass the party, she has displayed a displayed a lack of judgement that is not compatible with being a candidate. The selection of a parliamentary candidate for Worcester will be re-run. She’ll be on to her lawyers in no time…

Labour Candidate: Salisbury Poisoning “Arranged by Boris”

Another day, another crazy Labour candidate. Meet Paul Eustice, standing in Worthing, Sussex. Eustice reckons the Salisbury attack on the Skripals was arranged by the British Foreign Secretary – a line even stronger than the Kremlin’s. The thinking man’s Chris Williamson…

Labour Parliamentary Candidate: “I’m In The Mood to Beat Up Prince William”

Meet Labour’s newly selected parliamentary candidate in Welwyn Hatfield, Tara Lyons, who has told the world through social media that she’d like to “beat up” Prince William. She’s also fond of the word “b*tch” and threatens to “swing a f*cking punch”. Not one to get on the wrong side of…

Another stunning vetting fail by Labour. Keep sending in your candidates to watch… 

PICTURED: Corbyn With Conspiracy Candidate

Here is Jeremy Corbyn with ‘MI5 target’ Mandy Richards at an event in the Leader’s Office last year organised by Dawn Butler, who Richards says she used to work for. One is an eccentric leftie who subscribes to outlandish conspiracy theories and spent years campaigning against the British state and security services, the other is Mandy Richards…

Labour PPC: My Legal Battles With MI5, MI6 and Progress Were “All Above Board”

Mandy Richards, Labour’s prospective MP for Worcester, has insisted her legal battles with MI5, MI6, the Metropolitan Police, the British Army, Thames Water and her gas, electricity and broadband suppliers, Royal Mail, Hackney council, Progress, her GP and the freeholder of her flat “were all above board”.[…] Read the rest


Two More Labour Candidates Posted About “Illegal Sexuality” and “Jewish Money”

Guido’s Candidate Watch series is escalating quickly. After mad MI5 conspiracy theorist and Worcester Labour PPC Mandy Richards yesterday, it has emerged today that their candidate in Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes shared a Facebook video appearing to criticise homosexuals and women.[…] Read the rest


Oh Mandy: 7 Looniest Conspiracy Theories of Corbynista Candidate

Corbynista parliamentary candidate Mandy Richards is attracting a lot of attention for her somewhat idiosyncratic views on politics and the British state. Richards was selected by Labour to fight marginal Worcester (majority 2,500) despite the fact she is banned from bringing court cases without a judge’s approval after she made a string of vexatious (AKA bonkers) claims against MI5, the police and even Thames Water and Royal Mail. […] Read the rest


Labour Candidate Deletes Website and Twitter Account Amid Anti-Semitism Row

Yesterday Guido revealed Labour’s new parliamentary candidate in South Thanet Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt runs a ‘think tank’ which defended Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker and questioned the “Zionist sympathies” of Jewish MPs. Well, the think tank’s website – registered by Gordon-Nesbitt – has now been taken offline, and its Twitter account which sent the offending tweets has been deleted.[…] Read the rest


Labour Candidate’s Think Tank Defended Ken and Jackie Walker

Latest in Guido’s Candidate Watch series: Labour’s newly-selected parliamentary candidate in South Thanet runs a pro-Corbyn ‘think tank’ which repeatedly defended Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker during their anti-Semitism scandals and questioned the “Zionist sympathies” of John Bercow. Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, a socialist historian who wrote a book praising Castro, was selected in Thanet earlier this month after joining the Labour Party when Corbyn became leader.[…] Read the rest


Long-Bailey Endorses Momentum Candidate Who Posted Terror Attack Slurs

Guido is running an ongoing series introducing you to the latest raft of Corbynista candidates. Voting closes tonight in the Momentum National Coordinating Group, where Rebecca Long-Bailey has endorsed Elizabeth Hayden as the “perfect choice”. Becky and Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett are appearing on these flashy graphics to help Hayden get out the vote:

So, what are Hayden’s credentials to make her the “perfect choice” in the eyes of the Shadow Cabinet?[…] Read the rest


Momentum’s Wannabe MP on Waitrose “Scum”, “Sh*t Jobs”, Marxist “Class Fighters” and Royal “Scroungers”

Recess seems like as good a time as any for Guido to introduce you to some of Labour’s newly selected Corbynista parliamentary candidates. Meet Momentum-backed Jane Aitchison, who has been selected to fight Pudsey, where Tory MP Stuart Andrew has a majority of 331.[…] Read the rest


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