Julian Lewis on “Strange” Decision to Remove the Whip

Julian Lewis responds following his sacking of the whip:

“In recent days, the official No 10 spokesman explicitly denied that the Government was seeking to ‘parachute’ a preferred candidate in to the chair, stating that it was a matter for the senior parliamentarians on the committee to decide. “It is therefore strange to have the whip removed for failing to vote for the Government’s preferred candidate.””

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Julian Lewis Loses Tory Whip

Tory MP of 23 years Julian Lewis has lost the whip for defying Number 10 in in successfully launching a bid to chair the powerful Security Committee in the Commons. The job had been expected to go to Chris Grayling with no contest, yet Lewis sewed up the Labour and SNP votes on the committee to mount an unexpected win. Number 10 will have a hard time if they want to claim this is about Brexit – Lewis is a member of the ERG and was a Brexit ‘Spartan’ on all three meaningful votes…

A senior Government source has said the highly unusual and ruthless move is “because he worked with Labour and other opposition MPs for his own advantage”. A clear warning shot to the rest of the Parliamentary Party, which is now down from 365 to 364 MPs…

Unafraid to go against the grain, Lewis was considered to be an ally of Bercow during his time as Speaker, having attempted to defend the controversial speaker against bullying accusations. He is one of the only MPs who still refuses to use email – his office can only be contacted by letter writing and phone calls

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Grayling’s Security Committee Chairmanship Bid Fails after Coup by Julian Lewis

Failing Grayling has lost his bid to become Chair of the prestigious Intelligence and Security Committee after a successful Labour-backed coup by MP Julian Lewis. Only Grayling could lose a rigged election…

A statement just released by the Cabinet office confirms Dr Julian Lewis’s election as Chair:

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC) today elected Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP as its Chairman.

You’ve got to give it to Grayling, at least he’s consistent…

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Email-Hating Tory Goes Postal Over Commons Closure

When Tory MP Julian Lewis heard the Commons is set to lose its Post Office based in Member’s Lobby, he was furious. He fired off a breathless missive to colleagues:

“By chance, I recently found out that we are due to lose our immensely useful Post Office Counter service in the Members’ Lobby. Almost as bad as the loss would be, is the failure properly to bring it to Members’ attention and to seek our
views before taking unilateral action.”

Lewis has asked MPs to sign his EDM, reading:

“That this House greatly values the service, over decades, of the Post Office Counter staff in the Members’ Lobby Post Office; views with concern the proposal to shut down the Counter service in that Office; regrets that Members have not had this properly drawn to their attention; and accordingly requires a proper consultation to be held, to which all Members are invited to contribute, before any such loss of service is implemented.

A co-conspirator reminds Guido Dr Lewis is the only MP who refuses to communicate with constituents via email. He sent his EDM round via email, though…

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Bercow Calls Patsy Julian Lewis to Praise His Treatment of Staff

Absurd spectacle in the Commons as John Bercow calls his pal Julian Lewis to make a patsy point of order asking the Speaker to confirm just how much his staff love him. Bercow takes the opportunity to say the “great majority” of his former staff left on good terms. As he and Lewis know, that isn’t the point. How many of Bercow’s former staff did not leave on good terms? And why? This is not the behaviour of an innocent man…

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“He Doesn’t Believe in Email” Committee Chair Incumbents Out of Date

Tomorrow MPs vote in the select committee chairmanship elections, always one of the more entertaining events of a new parliament. Eyes are on the Foreign Affairs and Defence select committees, where there is a feeling among many MPs that the incumbent chairs are too old, too stale, too outdated in their views and too out of touch with modern day politics.

65-year-old Julian Lewis, the current Defence committee chair, is old-fashioned both in his personal style and working methods. He doesn’t believe in email, is brusque with colleagues and at one meeting his behaviour over the agenda caused such consternation that staff were asked to leave the room. He is the Speaker’s closest friend and shares some of Bercow’s personality traits. His blinding hatred of David Cameron was petty. He will be 70 at the next election.

Crispin Blunt, the Foreign Affairs committee incumbent, aroused concerns when he demanded private investigators be brought in to find out who exposed his determination to water down criticism of the Saudis – an odd look in Britain in 2017 – and then had his report on Libya embarrassingly debunked. Blunt has been dubbed the “Corbynista candidate” by some Labour moderates who note his views align with Jezza on Israel and western foreign policy.

As the Tories lick their election wounds and discuss how to appeal to modern voters, tomorrow’s select committee elections provide a chance to see how serious they are…

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