McDonnell Describes Starmer Election as “Defeatism” by Party Members, Hard Left Plot Regaining Control of Labour Policy

Left-wing author Leo Panitch’s digital launch of his new book “Search for Socialism” at the weekend featured luminaries of the Labour party’s new hard-left faction; John McDonnell, Zarah Sultana, Corbyn’s former adviser Andrew Murray and former head of strategic comms, James Schneider. Guido joined the Zoom…

John McDonnell had a lot to say on the recent leadership election result, describing the election of Sir Keir – whom he identifies as “a lawyer, white, middle–class, in a suit” – as “defeatism” on the part of the membership, and the result of the working classes’ ‘forelock-tugging’ mentality to the middle class, akin to the election of Tony Blair. Labour’s 500,000 overwhemingly middle-class members might feel somewhat insulted…

The group also used the book launch to plot about the tactics they plan on using to regain ‘leadership’ in the party, with Zarah Sultana – a leading proponent of the newly-revitalised Socialist Campaign Group – setting out:

“in the years ahead, the SCG has a huge role to play in terms of defending and advancing our socialist principles to give our class, anti-racist politics a voice in Parliament and nationally”

It is worth repeating that Zarah, along with the majority of the Labour Party’s supporters are now middle-class, that is why they lost so many traditional Labour seats. The weird and woke policies of the modern Labour Party are not too popular with the socially conservative working classes.  “Our class” is not the working class.

Son of a stockbroker and aristocrat Andrew Murray argued that Labour has to urgently “reconstitute working class politics” for Labour to win again, and son of a multi-millionaire property developer James Schneider agreed with the rest, saying the left need to stay within the party to “organise” – That’s the way that we will, with a pincer movement, get the leadership of the party to back the policies that we want”. Guido imagines Sir Keir will be only too proud to see his party’s hard-left refusing to respect an electorate’s decision…

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McDonnell: If Labour are Found to be Institutionally Antisemitic, “So Be It”

John McDonnell is clearly struggling without his old team of media advisers, as he told Sky News last night that if the Human Rights Commission find the Labour Party to be institutionally Antisemitic, “so be it”. His attitude to the never-ending Labour Party antisemitism saga came as he argued for the leaked 850-page report into Labour antisemitism to be given to the HRC in full, so they can see “warts and all”. You’d need multiple commissions to deal with this many warts…

The call to burden the HRC comes as Labour Staff in the GMB union passed a no-confidence motion in general secretary and chair of the Labour Party Jennie Formby, who put together the report designed to deflect from the Corbynistas, and who is ultimately responsible for the decision which resulted in the names of dozens of victims of antisemitism being put into the public domain. This is going to be a big obstacle to Sir Keir’s goal of ending party factionalism

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McDonnell on Leaked Labour Report: ‘Bullying, Racism & Sexism is Staggering’

McDonnell’s Socialist Campaign Group is driving a wedge between Labour’s hard left and the party’s new leadership in response to the leaked Antisemitism report. Labour’s former leadership duo have resisted speaking publicly about the document, written by their allies before their toppling from power. Until now…

Speaking to a video conference of Momentum’s new internal faction ‘Forward Momentum’, the former shadow chancellor said, “the recent leaked report has demonstrated just what we were up against. Even for me, even though we knew there was undermining taking place, even to me it’s pretty staggering”, claiming to have been ‘staggered’ at the “language used, the bullying, the racism and sexism”. 

McDonnell drove the wedge between the former and current Labour leadership further, claiming Sir Keir’s response – in the form of an investigation into how the document was leaked – does not go far enough, and arguing the main focus of any investigation “has got to be the substance of the report and the way in which people were abused and the undermining of the Jeremy Corbyn campaign to win that election in 2017.” Guido’s not sure an investigation drawing public attention to the content of the 850-page report will do the Labour Party any favours…

Read the full transcript of McDonnell’s comments in full below:

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Corbyn and 23 Fellow 70+ MPs to Self-Isolate

It’s expected that soon the Government will announce that every Briton over the age of 70 should self-isolate for “a very long time” to protect themselves from Coronavirus. Unfortunately for at least one prominent politician, they pass that threshold and therefore will also have to follow the advice. Jeremy Corbyn…

Corbyn isn’t the only one, with 23 fellow MPs also passing the 70-year age marker. Along with other MPs currently self-isolating, we would see 6.3% of MPs off work. Equivalent to 2,079,000 of the working population…

McDonnell – who is saved with his positively youthful 68 years of age – had already hinted everyone “should follow medical advice”; Corbyn, however, refused to commit, merely saying “I think we should ask people to isolate themselves if they have the symptoms in any form and if they are vulnerable.”

A Labour Party spokesman, however, has now confirmed to Guido that Corbyn will follow all advice in the event the Government tell all over-70s to self-isolate for months. A move that will undermine his attack line from the last few weeks that Boris is a “part-time Prime Minister”…

The full list of 70-year-old-plus MPs poised for lockdown:

  • Peter Bottomley
  • Barry Sheerman
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Roger Gale
  • Margaret Beckett
  • Bill Cash
  • George Howarth
  • David Davis
  • Margaret Hodge
  • Paul Beresford
  • John Spellar
  • Christopher Chope
  • Marie Rimmer
  • Greg Knight
  • David Evennett
  • Virendra Sharma (already in self-isolation)
  • Bob Stewart
  • Marion Fellows
  • Pauline Latham
  • Gordon Henderson
  • Jack Dromey
  • Clive Betts
  • Graham Stringer
  • Tony Lloyd
Hat-tip: James Heale
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John McDonnell Cancels Labour Leadership Announcement

Speaking to ITV, John McDonnell has said the event to announce the next Labour leader on April 4 will very likely have to be cancelled due to Coronavirus, and will now happen behind closed doors, either “through a TV event or social media”Don’t be surprised when Rebecca Long-Bailey now wins with 110% of the vote…

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McDonnelll Criticises Reported Plans to Scrap Entrepreneur Tax Relief

You’ve got a problem when a socialist can attack you on not being entrepreneur-friendly enough…

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