William Wragg’s Simon Case Banter

John McDonnell asks Simon Case why he hasn’t initiated probe into claims Boris tried appointing Carrie to a Foreign Office job:

Simon Case: “Any investigation under the ministerial code can only be authorised by the PM”.
William Wragg: “Is he not keen?”

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John McDonnell Defends Comrade Sunak’s Inflationary Cash Splashing from Labour Criticism

If Tory MPs weren’t comfortable with Comrade Sunak’s £21 billion cost of living package announced last week, they should check out the bizarre through-the-looking-glass situation on Twitter this morning, as John McDonnell defends the Tory chancellor’s spending plans against attacks from Labour that it might cause greater inflation. Last night The Guardian was briefed that Labour is urging the OBR to assess the impact of Rishi’s spending splurge. It’s a fair criticism, just not from Labour who a week ago were hailing Rishinomics as proof they are “winning the battle of ideas”…

Owen Jones then led the charge pointing out how this opposition for the sake of opposition by Rachel Reeves paints Labour into a massive corner on spending. Jones tweeted, “This is reheated George Osborne-ism, not progressive politics.” Following in his steps this morning was Jeremy Corbyn’s former policy chief Andrew Fisher, who responded to the Guardian article with “WTAF?!”, while pointing out the Shadow Treasury Secretary, who wrote to the OBR, himself said Labour “welcomes [Rishi’s] announcements”. Tying himself into a knot the Scouts would be proud of…

Now John McDonnell – a man who, as the PM often reminds the Commons, was sacked by Ken Livingstone for being too left wing – has also leapt to the chancellor’s defence. McDonnell tweets:

Looks like both the Tories and Labour don’t have a clue what either they, or their opponents, stand for anymore…

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McDonnell Could Lose Labour Whip By End of Day

John McDonnell may be just hours away from losing the Labour whip, as Sir Keir is reportedly preparing to finally boot him from the party if he makes a scheduled appearance at a Stop The War rally this evening. A rally that’s also set to feature the (inevitable) appearance of the independent MP for Islington North, who admittedly has nothing left to lose by now…

It follows Sir Keir’s stern warning to his MPs on Monday that any member who draws a “false equivalence” between NATO and Russia would immediately be shown the door. Last week, Starmer also demanded all 11 Labour MPs who’d signed Stop the War’s letter withdraw their names for the sake of unifying the party in favour of NATO. Eventually, they all complied. Corbyn’s name is still on there, obviously.

McDonnell has so far refused to comment on whether he’s still planning to show up to the rally this evening. According to HuffPo, a Labour source said:

“If he goes, he’ll lose the whip. Any Labour MPs who speak at anything that is anti-Nato from now on are likely to be out.”

The event starts at 6.30 pm. The clock’s ticking…

UPDATE: McDonnell has told LabourList he’s pulling out of the event:

“I have seen all the speculation about my attendance at tonight’s Stop the War meeting and reports of threats if I do. My response is that people are dying on the streets of Ukrainian cities. This is not the time to be distracted by political arguments here […] Nothing is more important at this time. Nothing should distract us from that. So I won’t feed into that distraction by going tonight.”

Poor Jeremy’s been left high and dry…

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McDonnell’s Two Cents on Starmer’s Reshuffle

John McDonnell’s on Starmer’s reshuffle…

“People still don’t know what Labour stands for… there’s no point in being The Beatles if you don’t have songs”

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McDonnell U-Turns on Stand Against Cuban Human Rights Abuses

It looks like John McDonnell has backed down from a rare bout of sensible foreign policy opinion-having: having previously signed an EDM in support of Cuban human rights protests and the release of the country’s political prisoners, McDonnell has now withdrawn his support for the motion, without explanation. A real shame; it looked like McDonnell had finally come to his senses about the Cuban government’s mass violence against its own citizens. Apparently not.

The full text of the motion read:

That this House notes that the Cuban civil society movement, Archipiélago, has called for marches on the 15 November 2021 against violence, to demand that all Cubans’ rights are respected, for the release of political prisoners and for the solution to their differences via democratic and peaceful channels; further notes that the Cuban government has thus far denied the right of citizens to protest peacefully and continues to detain and imprison those who peacefully protested on 11 July 2021; and calls on the Cuban government to allow peaceful protest, release political prisoners and to engage in meaningful dialogue with Cuban civil society.”

Guido can’t imagine what’s upset McDonnell so much. Presumably acknowledging that a communist government imprisons those who campaign for democracy was too radical for the long-time Cuban shill
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Despite John McDonnell’s Plea, Momentum Still Paying Staff Below £15 Per Hour

Yesterday morning former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell went on Sky News to reignite Labour’s £15 minimum wage row. On the show, McDonnell argued that the Labour Party should give [a £15 minimum wage] commitment by the next election.” Yet McDonnell’s mates at Momentum are still advertising jobs that fail to pay staff anywhere near the proposed £15 per hour minimum for which they are campaigning…   

At the beginning of the month, Guido revealed that at least six jobs at Momentum paid less than McDonnell’s proposed minimum wage. Almost a month after Guido pointed out this hypocrisy, Momentum have advertised three new jobs – all of which still offer less than £15 per hour. The ‘Administration and Governance Officer’ role offers between £26,380-£30,020. The ‘Northern and Midlands Organiser’ role offers between £22,880 – £26,520 –  which according to McDonnell, is barely enough to live on. Finally, the ‘Head of Communicationsjob offers between £29,765 – £33,370, the lower end of which is still below the £15 minimum. Momentum can’t credibly campaign for businesses to pay a minimum wage that they don’t pay their own staff…

*Unions have long campaigned for paid breaks and holidays which means, annualised, £15 x 40 x 52 = £31,200.

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