McDonnell’s Money Tree Found… in Venezuela

Jesus Yepez, an architect who lives in Caracas has found John McDonnell’s “money tree” in the street. The tree is made of almost worthless bolívares soberanos, since Venezuela’s hyperinflation means $1 is worth well over 5,000 bolívares soberanos. “Many people commented that that is what our currency has turned into: Monopoly money,” he told Business Insider. “It’s an ingenious protest for the insane inflation we’ve been experiencing.” The money tree is not a protest for John McDonnell, it is a policy…

UPDATE: $1 is actually worth 321,385.39 bolívares soberanos.

McDonnell: I Just Love Extinction Rebellion… They’re Brilliant

John McDonnell doing his best to outdo himself for most disingenuous comments on Marr this morning. Never mind the fact that Corbyn didn’t mention climate change once at PMQs over the last two years until a bunch of kids starting gluing themselves to things…

McDonnell’s Blatant Local Election Lie


McDonnell Joins Mao and Stalin On Stage

Fresh from his latest call for “revolution” earlier this week, John McDonnell – the man who will be running the economy if Labour win power – has now appeared on stage this afternoon at a rally in Trafalgar Square to speak under not one, but two, banners featuring mass-murdering communist dictators Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao. Just the 50 million deaths between them…

H/t James Bickerton

McDonnell Calls for Revolution

John McDonnell was back to doing what he loves best on Newsnight last night, calling for “revolution” on a programme marking the fortieth anniversary of Thatcher coming to power. The Tory attack line about Labour wanting to take the UK back to the 1970s may not have worked, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

The “transformation that we want” will start immediately, we know just how sharp the transformation will be from McDonnell’s private letter to the Treasury where he set out his plans for emergency spending powers and civil service re-education. McDonnell insists “we are in a hurry, because the issues are so desperate now.” Or because he and Corbyn are just about to turn 70…

McDonnell’s PPS Took Donation From Barclays

As Guido revealed last week, John McDonnell has been supporting Momentum’s illegal occupations of banks, particularly praising their campaign against Barclays on an organising call. His campaign against Barclays doesn’t seem to be supported by his own Parliamentary Private Secretary, Thelma Walker MP. She has taken a large donation from Barclays to run a conference in her constituency. It’s the only donation she has registered since she became an MP. How does Walker’s boss feel about her taking cash from the banking giant he’s calling for direct action against?

McDonnell Praises Climate Protestors ‘Direct Action’ Occupations of Banks

John McDonnell joined Momentum’s ‘urgent climate organising call’ last night along with with youth climate strikers. Momentum had advertised the call by sending out an excited email informing supporters that climate strike leader Greta Thunberg has “called for a general strike.” The UK hasn’t seen a general strike since 1926…

Alarmingly, the Shadow Chancellor praised “all the work people are doing on the ground at the moment” saying

“Direct action campaigns do work, we’ve demonstrated that time and time again, shifting the whole agenda, and we’ll be supporting all we possibly can.”

McDonnell specifically referenced Momentum’s occupation of Barclays branches, expressing support for “all the work people are doing on the ground” and presumably their calls to “ruin the economy.” The would be Chancellor supporting the illegal occupation of bank branches is a taste of the future. Chavez used the mobs to physically attack the private sector, smashing up businesses owned by regime opponents. We have been warned…

McDonnell’s LRC Accuses Jews of ‘Stabbing Labour in the Back’

The ‘Labour Representation Committee’, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s long-term faction of which he now serves as President, this week published an article attacking the Jewish Labour Movement entitled “JLM Stabs Labour in the Back.” A line echoing Goebbels…

The article seems to state that the concerns of Jewish people about racism are of no importance compared to austerity, denies the harassment of Luciana Berger, and claims that the Jewish members of Jewish Labour Movement are part of a conspiracy to bring the Labour Party into disrepute.

Written by the Political Secretary of the group, Mick Brooks, the article goes on to claim that the Jewish Labour Movement is simply a front for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. The article rounds off by calling for the official representative body of Jews in Labour to be banned and disaffiliated from the Labour Party…

John McDonnell remains active as the President of the group, having written for it less than a week ago. He is listed as one of just nine people involved in running it on their website. We have contacted John McDonnell’s office for comment, at the time of going to pixel no response has been forthcoming. This is being done in McDonnell’s name

UPDATE 10 April: A spokesman for McDonnell told The Times: “John wants the JLM to continue to play a full role in the Labour Party. John has no day-to-day involvement in the operation of the LRC and is not responsible for its website or for posts on social media by its supporters.” He remains el Presidente of the Labour Representation Committee.

McDonnell’s Ten-Point Treasury Takeover Plan

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has written to the Treasury’s most senior civil servant, Sir Tom Scholar, to put the Treasury on notice of the radical changes he is planning for how it operates if he ever becomes Chancellor. Guido has obtained his own copy of the three-page letter setting out McDonnell’s 10-point plan to reshape the Treasury as the all-powerful instrument of his own economic ideology. Guido gives you a taste of the future that lies in store under our glorious Corbynite overlords:

The revolution will be swift, McDonnell wants an emergency budget passed “within no more than 10 weeks”. The Treasury is instructed to “plan for the necessary preliminary actions to be taken to ensure that spending in advance of Royal Assent is permissible” – he wants the civil service to enact his “urgent spending priorities as well as tax proposals” including a “National Investment Bank” before he has even secured full approval from Parliament. The centrist counter-revolutionaries will never see it coming…

A full civil service re-education programme will be implemented: “The Treasury will widen the range of economic theories and approaches in which its officials and those in the rest of the government are trained”. Those emergency spending powers will help them get their own copies of Mao’s Little Red Book in good time…

McDonnell plans to centralise more power under himself by introducing new versions of Brown’s Public Service Agreements scrapped by Osborne, which give the Treasury the power to impose “monitoring arrangements” and exercise much tighter control over individual Government Departments. He also wants the current 3-year Spending Reviews to be replaced by good old 5-year plans. They worked so well in Soviet Russia and Maoist China after all…

The Treasury will also be required to throw open “all its policy making processes, including Budgets and Spending Reviews” to “wide” and “meaningful” consultations with the public, “businesses, trade unions, civic organisations and relevant stakeholders.” Will Momentum be getting a seat at the table?

The obvious reason why this is not done is because the contents of the Budget are highly market-sensitive, it would cause absolute chaos with price moving leaks. Of course in McDonnell’s true Marxist utopia, all businesses would be owned by and all prices set by the state, so maybe this wouldn’t be an issue after all…

The letter makes clear the scale of Corbyn and McDonnell’s ambitions to fundamentally reshape the institutions of the state along their own ideological lines. Any moderate Labour MPs who are happily going along with it on the basis that it’s just a slightly stronger form of Milibandism are going to be in for a nasty shock…

Labour’s Laughable Law and Order Pitch

Jeremy Corbyn led his PMQs interrogation on the rising knife crime epidemic today, attacking the PM over reductions in police numbers. But Guido isn’t so sure that the Labour leadership’s newfound claims to be the best placed to secure law and order are accurate…

Just last month, Corbyn’s Labour Party voted against several measures that would have helped to combat the rising knife crime crisis. In the Lords, Labour voted against the introduction of Knife Crime Prevention Orders, which are designed to place curbs on those who routinely carry knives, and prevent gang escalation. In the Commons, they voted against an extra £970 million being made available to the police. Not a single Labour MP voted in favour…

Back in 2014, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell both voted against changing the law so anyone caught carrying a knife for a second time would face a custodial sentence. Corbyn said he would vote against the measure because it “looks tough”. Oh, and in 2005 the future Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said she wanted to dismantle the police…

 “We are not interested in reforming … the police, armed services, judiciary and monarchy. We are about dismantling them and replacing them with our own machinery of class rule.”

With a record like this it’s a brave move for Corbyn’s Labour now to be trying to portray themselves as the party of law and order…

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Shadow Policing Minister Louise Haigh has co-signed this letter to Theresa May today, saying:

“It was therefore remarkable to hear you claim again on Monday that “there is no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers”. Regrettably, this shows that you are in complete denial and senior officers across the country have said so.”

Who told the Today Programme in April last year: “We do not say that there is a direct correlation or a direct causal factor between the number of officers on the ground and the number[s] of crime”? Louise Haigh…

Ten Times Labour Snubbed the Jewish Labour Movement

The Jewish Labour Movement are holding an emergency meeting tomorrow to decide whether to end their 99-year affiliation with the Labour Party. Given the number of times they’ve been snubbed, marginalised or ignored by the Labour leadership, it’s sadly not a surprise…

  • In April last year, JLM wrote to Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby with 19 suggestions for a transparent investigations process. 11 months later they have still had no response.
  • JLM were due to hold an anti-Semitism training session at Labour Conference last year. They were forced to withdraw after Labour “censored” their material.
  • JLM have repeatedly offered formal training to the Labour NEC, NCC and Party Staff. Labour have repeatedly rejected their offer.
  • JLM requested a formal investigation into Pete Willsman last July. Instead Willsman was re-elected to Labour’s NEC.
  • JLM wrote to the Labour chief whip asking for action to be taken against Chris Williamson in August 2018. Six months later their letter had still not been responded to before Williamson was finally suspended.
  • Two JLM representatives believed they had been invited to attend Labour NEC’s Working Group on anti-Semitism last May. They were forced to stand outside and barred from entering the meeting.
  • After JLM were finally invited back, the Working Group presented three papers to Labour’s NEC including a new version of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism which they claimed JLM had signed off. They hadn’t.
  • Last month, they called for John McDonnell to step down as President of the Labour Representation Committee which claimed that anti-Semitism allegations were “propaganda” from the “ruling class”. McDonnell ignored them.
  • Given McDonnell’s failure to step down, JLM wrote to him asking him at least speak out against the anti-Semitism within the LRC at their conference last month. Instead, McDonnell gave a public defence of Jackie Walker.
  • Just last week, Corbyn told Labour MPs that he had reached out to JLM following Luciana Berger’s decision to quit the party. Corbyn was accused of a “deeply troubling” bid to “mislead” MPs after it turned out his office had literally only contacted JLM two minutes after Corbyn started his speech.

Tomorrow we will find out whether they’ve decided to end the affiliation that has stood since 1920…

McDonnell: Labour “Clearly” Has a Problem with Anti-Semitism

So when is the party going to start dealing with it properly?

McDonnell’s Second Referendum Dishonesty

A broad selection of apparently entirely unironic quotes from John McDonnell this morning about the importance of honesty in politics as he tries to defend Labour’s second referendum U-turn: “we’ve got to be honest with people”, “we’ve been straight with people”, “we’ve got to respect people’s views on this”. He’s right, “people have had enough of politicians who say one thing and actually do another”…

McDonnell: Strip Brits Who Fight for Israeli State of Citizenship

Just hours after Jeremy Corbyn said of ISIS bride Shamima Begum: “Taking somebody’s citizenship away is not the right thing to do. I think she should be brought back,” Guido can reveal the letter from John McDonnell to then Home Secretary Theresa May in July 2014 challenging her to strip any British citizens who served in the Israeli Defence Force of their British citizenship. McDonnell writes:

“Will you be warning any British citizens considering engagement with the IDF that, in line with established British Government practice (e.g. the deprivation of British citizenship from, to date, at least 40 UK passport holders who have been involved in the Syrian civil war), such engagement may put their British citizenship in jeopardy?”

McDonnell states that he wrote the letter in response to this article by Robert Fisk, calling for any Brits who volunteered for the IDF to be questioned by police when they returned from Israel. McDonnell went much further, suggesting that Brits volunteering for the IDF should be classed as “terrorists” as well as being deprived of their citizenship. The hard left just can’t get over their Israel obsession…

Incredibly, the letter was still publicly posted on McDonnell’s website until at least June 2017, almost two years after he became Shadow Chancellor. McDonnell has since deleted the letter, but the internet never forgets

Corbyn’s position on Begum’s citizenship is deeply unpopular with the public but did at least appear principled – it is looking a lot less principled now that it emerges that his right hand man was in favour of stripping Brits of their citizenship for fighting for the UK’s main ally in the Middle East. McDonnell’s position appears to be that Britons with dual Israeli nationality fighting to defend the Israeli state should be stripped of their nationality yet their Islamic State terrorist enemies in the same position should not…

Read McDonnell’s letter in full below:

Continue reading

McDonnell: Labour Not Ruthless Enough On Anti-Semitism

You don’t say

McDonnell Doubles Down

Astonishingly John McDonnell has told ITV News that he would give the same answer again if asked whether he thinks Churchill was a hero or a villain. He answered with two words, “Tonypandy. Villain.”

Now he has expanded on his answer a little…

“Undoubtedly a hero during the second world war but also look at the other aspects of his life as well, and Tonypandy was a disgrace, you know, sending the troops in, killing a miner, trying to break a strike.”

Does McDonnell really think that the events at Tonypandy (with Churchill’s role in escalations hotly disputed) outweighs leading the liberation of half of Europe from Nazi oppression..?

Red Len: Second Referendum Threatens “Democratic Fabric” of the UK

Len McCluskey has come out with the most robust line yet from someone close to the Labour leader against a second referendum, telling Peston that trying to “deflect away” from the result of the 2016 referendum “would threaten the whole democratic fabric on which we operate”.

Meanwhile John McDonnell was busy doing the opposite and talking up the possibility of a second referendum last night, when he wasn’t attacking Churchill. A deliberate two-pronged strategy from Corbyn’s inner circle or signs of genuine splits emerging?

McDonnell Brands Churchill a Villain

Last night at a Politico event at the Institute for Government, the Shadow Chancellor branded Winston Churchill, who was last decade voted in a nationwide BBC poll as ‘the greatest Briton’, a villain.

McDonnell, an admirer of Mao Zedong who is happy to address Stalinists, cited Churchill’s decision as Home Secretary in 1910 to allow the army to be sent to the Welsh town of Tonypandy to reinforce the police against mineworkers engaged in violent riots. The Shadow Chancellor seems to be taking a leaf out of the Kim Jong Un sympathising Green MSP Ross Greer’s book…

Sir Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, told the Telegraph “Frankly it’s a very foolish and stupid thing to say. I think my grandfather’s reputation can withstand a publicity-seeking assault from a third-rate, Poundland Lenin.”

Labour Member Leading Berger Deselection Attempt is Israel Conspiracist Who Called Her “Disruptive Zionist”

Labour’s anti-Semitism problem has risen to the fore again with Labour members in Luciana Berger’s Liverpool Wavertree constituency tabling a motion of no confidence against her. Incredibly, John McDonnell has responded by pointing the finger of blame at Berger herself, eliciting disbelief from other senior Labour figures. Chuka branded it “totally unacceptable” and Shadow Cabinet Minister Angela Rayner has given Berger her “full support”. Labour’s official responses so far have been woeful…

It now emerges that the local Labour member who proposed one of the (two) no confidence motions, Kenneth Campbell, goes on regular rants about “traitorous Blairites” on Facebook, saying it is “about time [Berger] was exposed for the disruptive Zionist she is” and even claiming that Israel supports ISIS. In another rant he menacingly said that Laura Kuenssberg’s days are “nearing there [sic] end”:

When is Labour going to get serious about rooting out the rot of anti-Semitism that has infested the party?

H/t Harry’s Place

UPDATE: Both motions of no-confidence have been withdrawn by the local Labour Party and the extraordinary meeting has been cancelled…

McDonnell Teams Up With Anti-Semitic Rapper to Defend Maduro

Earlier this week John McDonnell teamed up with rapper ‘Lowkey’ to support what they call “dialogue” rather than “regime change” in Venezuela. The left’s classic tactic for standing up for murderous dictators without explicitly supporting them. All that “dialogue” has yielded so far is widespread suffering and a refugee crisis on the scale of Syria…

But who is ‘Lowkey’?[…] Read the rest


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