Labour Respond to the Queen’s Speech

Responding to the Queen’s Speech, Labour’s John McDonnell acutely commented:

“This is more pomp and ceremony”

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McDonnell: I Own this Disaster
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McDonnell Stands By Anti-Semitic Poster

This morning on TV, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell showed an extraordinary lapse in judgement standing beside a Soviet poster depicting two hook-nosed ‘capitalists’ being crushed by Stalin’s five-year plan. Gordon Brown levels of self-awareness…

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McDonnell Admits Everyone Will Pay More Tax Under Labour
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McDonnell: I Won’t Stay Neutral in Labour’s Second Referendum
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Labour’s Plan to Make Britain Worst Place for Business in the G7

The middle-of-the-road IFS think tank has produced this chart showing that corporation tax will be higher in the UK than any other G7 country and higher than the average of OECD industrialised countries. That however is not the full story; the 7,000 largest companies will be part nationalised with 10% in the hands of Marxist McDonnell, unions will be restored to their 1970s status able once again to hold management to ransom, with strikes made easy for secondary picketing thugs and union agitators on the board. High earners will be taxed over half their income. Why would anyone invest in Britain?

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