Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Admits to Driving a Diesel Car

Before Extinction Rebellion’s brave foot soldiers continue saving the world by blocking ambulances and smashing windows, they might want to check whether their leader has any errands to run – as group co-founder Gail Bradbrook revealed on talkRadio that she still drives a diesel car. This is, of course, the same climate-saving hippie who flew 11,000 miles to Costa Rica on a luxury holiday to solve “a health issue”.

Speaking to host Cristo Foufas, Bradbook claimed that she “can’t afford” an electric vehicle, though she would happily accept a £5,000 donation to convert her diesel to an electric motor, and that her current car was “claimed to be […] really green” anyway. Apparently she has no choice other than to rely on a diesel to ferry her children to sports fixtures. Saving the planet can be so inconvenient. As always, do as I say, not as I do…

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Eco-Terrorist Attacking Department for Transport

Police are observing an eco-terrorist smashing the window above the entrance to the Department for Transport. Seems like this would be a good moment to engage the eco-terrorist with a taser. Rather than standing around watching him cost taxpayers thousands of pounds of damage. Weak.

UPDATE: A police negotiator is/was trying to negotiate him/her, to come down. The irony of them trying (and failing) to stop Department for Transport civil servants entering the Ministry is that they’re launching a plan to decarbonise transport today.

UPDATE II: We have identified the woman trying to smash the window as Dr. Gail Bradbrook – a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion who in 2016 took an 11,000-mile flight to Costa Rica for her luxury holiday. Now she’s campaigning to end airport expansion…

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