BBC Upholds Maitlis ‘Sneering’ Complaint

The BBC’s Complaints Unit has upheld a public complaint against Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, who was accused of “sneering and bullying” towards Rod Liddle. This could begin a very long slippery slope of complaints about Maitlis’s similarly high and mighty BBC colleagues…

The BBC found that Maitlis’s comments – which led to Liddle frustratingly yelling “get a grip, Emily!” during the broadcast – were too “persistent and personal” in her attacks on Liddle, and thereby “failed to be even-handed”. Is this a new dawn for the BBC enforcing neutrality? Guido doubts it…

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Maitlis Squirms Reading Out ‘BBC is Biased’ Live on Air

After the extent of the BBC’s Tory Leadership debate fiasco came to light throughout the day, presenter Emily Maitlis had to read out stinging criticism of the flawed show on Newsnight last night, all while looking at a picture of herself pointing at Boris Johnson. Awkward…

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Maitlis Shows Up Abbott

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott last night accused the BBC‘s Emily Maitlis of “reading from a Tory script” and “throwing Tory talking points at me.” Abbott was in for a bit of a rude awakening when Maitlis clapped back “that came from a Labour member who was in the hall.” Awkward…

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Maitlis on Pointless Syria Vote

Emily Maitlis sums up the pointlessness of the vote forced by the SNP on Syria last night with help from a confused Mark Lancaster:

Maitlis: “Mark Lancaster, would you like to appear on Newsnight tonight?”

Lancaster: “Well, I’m on Newsnight tonight…”

Maitlis: “Right, so it was a pointless question. In other words, you’re here. You’ve decided. That’s what’s happened all afternoon.”

Not sure Burgon got it…

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Maitlis & Stripper

Trying to imagine the SJW reaction if Huw Edwards tweeted a picture of himself with a Hooters Girl…

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Maitlis v The Mooch

Emily Maitlis interviews the new White House comms chief Anthony Scaramucci, who says he has no idea about chlorine chicken but there will “100%” be a UK-US trade deal. Worth a watch…

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