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Emily Maitlis has once again gone on an anti-government retweet spree this morning. Apparently she hasn’t learned much from the four month investigation that concluded she’d broken BBC impartiality rules last time…

This time, Maitlis shared tweets from Rory Stewart and Independent journalist Anne Isaac, both of whom clearly express personal views on a minister’s character and on government policy: Stewart lays into Nadine Dorries for her “sheer tawdry Trumpian shabbiness“, while Isaac claims it’s “simply a fact” that the UK could open freeports within the EU. Guido highly doubts Maitlis plans to clarify how the UK ports are no longer governed by the Union Customs Code, or offer a counterpoint to Stewart’s attack on Dorries…

Here are the BBC’s impartiality rules as of October 2020 (the same rules Tim Davie promised to diligently enforce):  

“Nothing should appear on your personal social media accounts that undermine the perception of the BBC’s integrity or impartiality.

[…] Be wary of ‘revealed bias’, whether through likes or re-posting other posts, so that a bias becomes evident, and ‘inferred bias’ where a post is impartial but loose wording allows readers to infer a bias where there is none.

[…] Avoid ‘virtue signalling’ – retweets, likes or joining online campaigns to indicate a personal view, no matter how apparently worthy the cause.”

Maitlis has already been found guilty of breaking these rules twice. No doubt it’ll be another slap on the wrist, and in 6 months time we’ll be back here again…

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