Ed Davey Can’t Say why the Lib Dems did so Badly
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Ed Davey Lies about Lib Dem’s Historic Manifesto Support for EU Referendum

Appearing on Politics Live, Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Ed Davey, squirmed whilst trying to defend his party’s u-turn from wanting an in-out referendum to wanting to revoke Article 50 in the space of just 10 years. The Lib Dems are not having a great media round this morning…

Davey tried claiming the Lib Dems had not supported an EU referendum in their 2010 or 2015 manifesto, unfortunately however this is incorrect.

In 2010, Nick Clegg said the Lib Dems “remain committed to an in/out referendum”:

And again in 2015, the Lib Dem manifesto promised to go even further than the coalition’s law guaranteeing a referendum before any more sovereignty was transferred to the EU, saying the Lib Dems would ensure any referendum was in-out:

The Lib Dems simply cannot defend this undemocratic u-turn. 

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McDonald’s Admit Hated Paper Straws Can’t Even be Recycled

In an embarrassing internal memo that’s leaked worse than their new straws, McDonald’s have had to admit their hated paper straws cannot be recycled, making them far less eco-friendly than the fast food giant’s old “100% per cent recyclable” plastic straws. Perhaps they should have listened to experts before making the switch, rather than just doing a straw poll of lefty opinion…

Even former Climate Change secretary Ed Davey – who describes the Lib Dems as “the climate change party” – put out a disappointingly pun-free statement: “it really can’t be that difficult to replace plastic straws. People will be left wondering where this was just greenwash or a monumental cock-up”. It’s neither, it’s the inevitable consequence of replacing something that works perfectly well with something that would have been rejected 100 years ago for being too impractical…

A McDonald’s spokesperson who drew the short straw to explain the soggy PR mess came up with the limp excuse that the thickness of the strengthened paper straws means they cannot be processed by recycling plants, meaning they must be put in general waste bins and then burned. A petition for McDonald’s to bring back plastic straws now has over 50,000 signatures. Sadly Guido doubts this short-sighted change will be the last straw for woke policy-making…

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Jo Swinson Wins Liberal Democrat Leadership Election

Jo Swinson has comfortably beaten Ed Davey to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats. Swinson won with 47,900 votes to Davey’s 28,021 – 63% to 37%. The turnout was 72% with 76,429 votes cast out of a total of 106,075. Not quite the knife-edge 50:50 result that was being predicted by some…

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When Ed Balls Took Ed Davey’s History Notes And Never Gave Them Back

Ed Davey revealed to Nick Robinson on his Political Thinking podcast that Ed Balls, who was one year below him at Nottingham High School (other alumni include Ken Clarke and Geoff Hoon), borrowed his Medieval History A Level notes but never gave them back. Davey says he won’t hold it against Balls. Guido says give them back!

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Who Are You LibDem Leaders?

Only one in five LibDems can identify who the likely next leader. Only 1 in 12 normal people can guess who will lead the yellow party…

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